New Year, New You: How 2016 can be your best hair moment yet!

Amping up your hair game doesn’t have to involve loads of money, time in the salon or learning tricky ‘dos… as the experts from Green People, evo and KEVIN.MURPHY reveal, keeping locks luscious this year is simply a matter of sorting fact from fiction!

Washing hair everyday destroys its natural oils

evo: It’s like this – there are shampoos and there are shampoos. Ensure that you are using the correct shampoo for you and your hair’s needs. Use a shampoo with a gentle surfactant as this will cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping the hair and scalp. Also avoid products that contain any nasties.
KEVIN.MURPHY: It doesn’t destroy natural oils, it makes your scalp produce more. Hair needs a small amount of oil to balance the pH of the scalp.
Green People: If you have dry hair, you probably only need to wash it once or twice a week.

Using elastic bands as a hair tie causes breakage

Green People: Use hair pins with smooth ends and hair ties without the metal joins, as these will be kinder to your hair than the sharp and scratchy alternatives.

Blow-drying results in damage

KEVIN.MURPHY: Only if you don’t put a heat protectant product on to the hair.
Green People: Gently towel-dry your hair and squeeze with the folds of the towel rather than rub – and let it drip dry instead of blow-drying.

Ponytails are bad for your hair

KEVIN.MURPHY: Only if you put your hair in a ponytail when it is wet as it can break the elasticity of the hair
Green People: Tight up-dos can also lead to hair damage and even hair loss, as hairs are stretched and become much more fragile. Instead go for a loose braid or messy bun. It is worth noting that everyone will develop damage and split ends eventually if they don’t have their hair cut, no matter how well they treat it.  Have your hair trimmed regularly!

Never go more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour

KEVIN.MURPHY: This is true if you still want your hair to look natural. If you want something more extreme, go for it!

Brushing wet hair gives split ends

Green People: Don’t brush your hair whilst it is very wet as it is at its most delicate – use a wide-toothed comb instead. Far too often we brush without thinking of the damage we are doing to our hair. The sun can leave hair dry and brittle, so show it some love when you de-tangle. Always start by brushing the ends of your hair, as this will stop knots from clumping together and make it much easier to comb through. Brushing in the shower with a wide toothed wooden comb with the help of your conditioner is also a great way to minimise brush related breakage, as knots will just slip away making haircare pain-free. Also, eat plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, supplement your diet with omega-3 fatty acids, mineral-rich seaweed or kelp and drink plenty of water. This will help your hair to grow stronger and be less likely to split.

Blasting hair with cold water after washing closes the follicle and leaves it shiny

evo: Reading through an old battered copy of Hairdressers Journal there was an article on the famous London hairdresser, Leonard Lewis, who looked after Bianca Jagger and it was said that she would have her hair rinsed in cold water for up to thirty minutes after the shampoo. When asked what difference it made to the hair, Leonard answered “not a lot” but it was what she wanted. So there you have it!

Avoid sleeping with your hair wet

evo: Back in the dark ages when everyone had to have poker straight glossy hair to be socially accepted, it would not help to sleep with wet hair as the hair would dry in an unruly manner, resulting in more of a tousled, gorilla-has-dragged-me-around-the-room look. Nowadays you can get away with it!

Don’t curl or straighten your hair everyday

Green People: Heat styling can be one of the most damaging things for your hair, so in the summer months avoid excess heat in your haircare routine in favour of more natural styles.

Stress causes greys

evo: I checked in with Dr Steve on this. He says grey hair happens because each follicle has colour pigments in it, which in turn produce melanin and pheomelanin. These two together create our own personal colour (through blending black, dark brown and reddish-yellow) but simply get tired and stop producing colour. In turn, we go grey! The truth is, we don’t know why this happens, so we can’t blame it on anything in particular.

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