The Trend That Involves Taking A Razor To Your Brows

There’s another beauty trend to add to your ‘to master’ list.

The makeup equivalent of an upper face lift (or a real one - don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon!), the "fox eye" or "fox brow" human version has been gaining traction thanks to the likes of Instagram kryptonite Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

So...What Actually Is It?

Also known as the straight eyebrow trend thanks to the particular brow shape needed to accentuate the look, the sharp yet smouldering look is TikTok trending too - with over 10 million views and counting on the hashtag.

“It’s an effect really about sweeping the eye upwards and outwards,” explains makeup artist Chantelle Baker.

“It really focuses on the outer corner of the eyes in order to create that ‘lifted’ effect.”

There are a few ways to achieve the look, depending on how committed you are. That includes clever makeup techniques, non-surgical tweakments and even surgical options. Eek - not sure we're prepared to go that far.

Time to pick your level.

Level 1: Recreating With Makeup

While, like any makeup trend, this look is free game for anyone, Chantelle says it is more easily executed on those with more almond eye shapes. 

And while there is some, erm, disagreement on whether the results of some celebs show off are the power of makeup or something a little more permanent, Chantelle talked us through how to achieve the look with makeup.

You’ll need:

1. Take your chosen eye pencil. From the middle of your eyelid, sweep a line right out to the outer corner, then shade it in from your lash line.

2. Using a tapered or angled brush, sweep the colour out to create an elongated wing. If you need guidance, Chantelle recommends using sticky tape, angling it to the tip of your ear for a super sharp line.

3. Add more shape with your pencil, carefully blending out for a smokey finish.

4. Using a liquid liner or a pot liner with a brush, draw a wing from ⅔ of the way out. It’s focussing on the outer shape and outer corner that gives that wide-eyed effect.

5. Finish with mascara or false lashes for extra oomph. Cut in a half and use the outer half for greater effect.

For best results, she recommends sticking to matte tones and using creamy, smudgy pencils or kohl which give you a bit more control over eyeshadow - although that works well too. 

If you don’t have almond-shaped eyes, follow your own shape. Use the tip of your ear as your guiding point to aim for. Lining the inner v corner of the eye helps to elongate the eye. And be sure to sweep up rather than out.

Level 2: Take A Razor To Your Brows

You may have seen videos on Instagram or TikTok of another feature of this trend: shaved eyebrows.

After seeing the look on Bella Hadid, beauty content creator Maddie Edwards decided to give it a go herself, using a face defuzzer to slightly straighten her brow tips before going in with makeup.

“Sometimes if the outer half of your brows come down too far, it works against the angular look for fox eyes - so I said goodbye to the tails of my brows!” she explains.

The final results? Gorgeous. 

“It was so effective! I’ll definitely do it again - although not for everyday because I hardly even recognised myself when I looked in the mirror,” she says.

However, it’s important to note the brow step is not for the faint-hearted - or beginner.

“Honestly? They’re still recovering and it’s not great. It’s really hard to tell which hairs are strays and which are meant to be there! It was worth it though.”

Level 3: Non-Surgical & Surgical Options

According to cosmetic nurse and founder of Face by SM, Sanja Maria, the lifted brow look is growing in popularity amongst a younger demographic.

“The ‘foxy eye’ has become a popular reference thanks to Kendall, Bella and Kylie etc among the 21-35 year olds,” she says.

Botox can be placed in the crow's feet and forehead to achieve a more lifted look for a non-surgical option.

The next step up is a thread lift. An upper facelift alternative, instead of surgically removing any loose skin, a cosmetic surgeon stitches it up instead for a lifted and tightened effect. Yes, this is surgical.

“The thread lift has become quite a popular way to go with most threads lasting about six - 12 months,” says Sanja.

“You need to make sure you are not just making a decision in the short term or because of the hype of a trend or a celebrity that’s currently popular,” says Sanja.

For me? I think I'll stick to just recreating Bella and Kendall's sultry fox eye with makeup... but don't be surprised if you see me walking around with half my eyebrows shaved off either.

Disclaimer: The celebrity images embedded in this article are used as an example to illustrate a technique only.