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Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner 2g

4.2 of 51 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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Amazingly easy to use, Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner draws a gorgeous line on the lid, creating perfect definition.

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GREAT - 75% recommend

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Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner Reviews

4.2 of 51 reviews

75% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Very pigmented and has a precise felt tip. I can do that perfect liner look. Also waterproof.

Most Helpful Criticism

Very pigmented, but difficult to remove

Sarah L

I’m a liquid eyeliner addict! Was excited to try this one, I grabbed the Babylon Brown. Firstly, the brown is quite dark on application, not far from black to be honest. This was refreshing, as a lot of brown liquid liners like Clinique are too pale or translucent, but be aware it’s very bold! Whilst the tip is sharp and easy to get a defined line, I did struggle to draw over the same spot without it getting stuck. Also found it very long lasting, in fact almost impossible to remove it all at times even with cleansing oil and eye makeup remover. If you are looking for a very dark brown that lasts all day and you are an expert with application, you’ll probably love it. Think I’ll stick to my Stila one for now until I find better!
  1. Good


    Good colour payoff and doesn't smudge.
  2. great


    Very pigmented and has a precise felt tip. I can do that perfect liner look. Also waterproof.
  3. ran out very quickly


    I like this product, the colour is nice and pigmented and the application smooth but it just ran out super quickly that I can't justify the price
  4. Very pigmented, but difficult to remove

    Sarah L

    I’m a liquid eyeliner addict! Was excited to try this one, I grabbed the Babylon Brown. Firstly, the brown is quite dark on application, not far from black to be honest. This was refreshing, as a lot of brown liquid liners like Clinique are too pale or translucent, but be aware it’s very bold! Whilst the tip is sharp and easy to get a defined line, I did struggle to draw over the same spot wi...
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  5. If the lid stayed on it would be a fave


    I have no complaints about the actual product. It stays on it is easy to use and all round great eyeliner but the lid popped off just sitting in my makeup bag and so it dried out. I renewed it using rubbing alcohol but then it just kept happening. The lead just doesn't stay firmly on and that made it a very expensive purchase for half a dozen uses. Fix the lid and I would repurchase.
  6. Smooth and defined


    I don't use liquid eyeliner much and I'm not great at applying it - but if I'm going to try it's with this one! It's so soft and easy to use. The texture of the tip and the product itself is dark and smooth - big fan.
  7. obsessed


    Got rid of all my other liners after using this, not only is it better for your eyes, it really does deliver. The pigment is very black, matte and long lasting- everything I want in a liner. Thanks eye of horus!
  8. amazing product


    this eyeliner is sooo nice, it doesn't peel or flake part way through the day, and doesn't smudge
  9. Pen coating comes off


    Great eyeliner, easy to apply and lasts - but I wouldn’t buy it again as the exterior of the pen comes off on your hand in bits of black, gold and silver... which then ends up on your face, all over your makeup bag, all over your other makeup.
  10. Perfect


    I had thought that stilla liquid eyeliner was the best iquid eyeliner on the market and have been a long time user. But i thought I would try something new. I am very pleased with this product.

    This is a rich and highly pigmented liquid eyeliner. Unlike a lot of liquid eyeliners this one does not fade to a chalky black after long wear. The applicator is very fine which is gre...
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  11. Works well


    My mum got me this product as she loves this brand, I was surprised to see the product does work well but needs shaking at times to keep it dark
  12. love it


    amazing, dries super matte
  13. Not the best


    I really truly wanted to love this liquid liner, as much as I love their mascara and pencil liner. Unfortunately the applicator barely gives forth any product unless you shake the pen very very hard, even then the product distributes everywhete except the tip. When I did get product out finally,it dried up way to quickly go work with. I will be sticking to the Kat Vin D tattoo liner instead
  14. Doesn't smudge


    I bought this in black and was dubious about a liquid liner on my over 40's eyes. This was so easy to use and didn't make me look like a panda. Didn't smudge, lasted all day, easy to remove with an oil cleanser and I have to say I'm a convert.
  15. Easy application


    I do like this eyeliner, and had high expectations after reading reviews.. It applies well and is very black. Though it seems to take a while to set and smudges after an hour or so even when priming my eyes, so I've needed to set with an eye shadow. I might just have a bad liner, so I would rebuy just because it's dark and easy to use.
  16. Beautiful

    Chele Pagno

    This product quite amazing. I was a little unsure about it at the beginning but after one use I'm completely in love with it. Stays on the whole day without an eye primer. Does not smudge, bleed or flake. The colour is true black, so no need to go over it again and again, unlike some eyeliners. Super easy to use pen style. Ladies this is one product you will not regret spending money on.
  17. Pretty good


    Tip takes a bit of getting used to but it dries very quickly and stays on all day.
  18. great tip


    Overall love this eyeliner. The brown is a beatify shade that really makes blue eyes pop & the formulation is long lasting provided you dont touch your eyes too much. Lasts a night out but not a festival. That being said its the best eyeliner Ive used that isn't a chemical bomb full of bad ingredients Great brush. Cons- found it is running out quite quickly.
  19. Great liner


    I bought this to try something different. It is a great liner and glides on easily. It stays in place and I found that it didn't take too long to dry. It did not budge all day. Great liner!
  20. Not too bad, nice colour


    Good for the price, i got the brown colour & it looks good once its on but it's not the easiest to use if you don't have a really steady hand.
  21. Nice and easy


    I bought this as I had run out of my liquid eyeliner Shwing by The Balm and wanted to try something new. I do like this liner however I find I get the same results plus ease of application with the Shwing which is around $8 cheaper. I can't fault this product, however, in any way and I will continue to use it till it runs out.
  22. Fool proof eyeliner


    This liner really is fool proof easy to work with the felt tip as it flexs with your movement it is fantastic for creating that seamless winged liner. Does not smudge or fade throughout the day,
  23. Great pigmentation and lasts all day


    I’m not one to use liquid eyeliner everyday but I wanted to make sure I got something that didn’t fade and had strong pigmentation. This product ticks those boxes, it also comes off with ease when it’s time to remove it.
  24. WOW just wow


    Firstly I have to admit, I am not the most talented when it comes to winged eyeliner. Quite frankly I suck at it.
    Sooo when I decided to try the EOH Liquid Define Line, I didn’t have much hope that my skills improved however after trying it the first time, we’ll, if I can create the perfect winged line then we all can with this clever tool.
    Expect it to last all night without smudgin...
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  25. Highly Pigmented Great for Sensitive Eyes


    I bought this wonderful liquid liner after falling in love with the Goddess mascara and the eye pencil. It is very easy to apply, highly pigmented and doesn't sting or irritate the eyes, I especially have an issue with liquid liners due to sensitive eyes and this liquid liner did not disappoint. Great product
  26. pigmented but flimsy


    I find this eyeliner very pigmented but the tip isn't firm or very pointed so it requires a lot of precision and a steady hand, especially if you are doing a wing
  27. Best To Date


    I love the eye of horus products. This liner in particular is one of my faves very easy to use for the un-experienced make up artist, it doesn't smudge and I love that it is natural.
  28. Brilliant Eye Liner


    I've tried so many different liquid eyeliners but find that this one is perfect. It's not too runny and goes on smoothly. It's not irritating either and is perfect for my sensitive skin.
  29. Good but not the best


    I like this liner, but you kind of need a steady hand to apply it, especially if you want to do a precise wing liner/cat eye.
  30. Great price and colour defintion


    I have recommended this product to my girlfriends because a) great price point for what it does and b) the colour depth is awesome.
  31. Pigmented, Does not budge and easy


    This is my second Eye of Horus product, most of these other brand liner pens tend to fade away at the end of the day.This was stayed dark and in place all day long. It was easy to use and the pen was very fine. Love it
  32. Hard to use


    Didn't really like this as I found it hard to use and have used other better ones so probably wouldn't repurchase this
  33. nice product


    The product itself is good, I'm just not a fan of liquid eyeliner. I have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses, so this one is a bit of a let down. I'm still finding my eyes a bit irritated although not as much as if I wear other brands.
  34. Smooth and easy application


    This eyeliner is so easy to use! It's felt tip and smooth application makes doing a wing super easy. The first day I wore it 10 hours at work and it did not budge. Would definitely recommend!
  35. worse than so many cheaper options


    I bought this because of all the good reviews but I'm sorry to say that this is the worst eyeliner I have ever used! Yes, it gives you the most precised line and all, but it crease and smudge especially in the water line. And..it is not long lasting. At least compare to the ones I used before. As a make up artist and even for personal use I do not recommend it.
  36. Long lasting liner


    This liner is great and doesn't budge once dried. I love using the brown liner for a softer look
  37. Awesome!


    I really love how once this dries, it doesn't budge! I love using it to achieve the wing liner look.
  38. Wings


    I use this for a really dark and black wing look. Love that I can get it so beautiful with this.
  39. Bad liquid eyeliner and not worth the price


    I've been using liquid eyeliners for years and was looking for something with more natural ingredients. I was really let down with this product! It is difficult to use and wears away after a few hours despite me using primers and a setting spray. Won't repurchase this one.
  40. Had high hopes, severely disappointed.


    I mainly use gel liners but needed a pen for the quick jobs and I thought this would be my best bet. I don't like my maybelline eyeliners as theyre not as matte as I'd have hoped, I researched and saw reviews which is why I chose this product.

    It is just not as pigmented as I would like, feels quite dry and it looks sheer and just...no.
  41. Didn't meet expectations

    Sassy M

    Based on other reviews and the beauty award this liner won, I had high hopes. Unfortunately there is nothing special about this eye liner. I bought this (in the brown shade) to replace a fully used and much cheaper Maybelline liner (hyper wing) and this isn't half as good. After a few hours it leaves smudge marks above my eye lids. It wears off and does not stay put. The application isn't as smoot...
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  42. Easy to use


    I wear this everyday and love how easy to apply it is. The brush tip is very precise and the liquid dries quickly so there are no smudges or mess. It usually lasts the whole day but is easy to touch up when required.
  43. Sticky


    This eyeliner is not quite working for me. Around lunch time it starts to get sticky against my eyelid every time I blink. It also doesn't last all day on me. I do have very oily eyelids and often have similar problems with other eyeliners. I do like the tip, it's precise and stays sharp. The brown colour is fun for a change and has a nice matte finish. Overall, I don't hate it but certainly don't...
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  44. Perfect match


    I use Eye of Horus mascara which I love. I actually find that the mascara works even better with this matching eyeliner (I have no idea how!) I have sensitive eyes but this doesn’t flare them up. The tip is just right - not too hard and not to soft. It’s reasonably priced, natural ingredients and not tested on animals. Winning!
  45. This will ruin other eyeliners for you


    If you're worried about using a felt tip pen like I was, relax. This one is not like the others. It deposits color consistently even when using the very finest point of the tip. You don't need to use pressure, just gently glide like a brush liner. The color goes on intensely, not 'faded' like other felt tip liners.

    After buying this for the first time, I will not be using my old liner...
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  46. Seriously long lasting


    I bought this because I didn't believe that this eyeliner could be as good as reviewed!

    I was wrong. This is brilliant! Not only is this easy to apply and brilliantly long-lasting, but it is also relatively easy to remove. The black is a definite black and it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes.

    So much better than either my Revlon or Jane Iredale liquid liners.
  47. Great


    I have this eyeliner in brown and love it. Easy to apply and stays on well.
  48. Finally found the one!


    This is by far the best eyeliner I have purchased
    A true black, easy to apply and doesn’t bleed, and stays ‘sharp’.
  49. Very good eye liner


    Has the little felt tip and in often hard-to-get brown so it ticks all the boxes for me.
  50. Best liquid eye liner on the market


    Since discovering the EOH liquid eye liner i have never been able to find another liquid eye liner that even compares. The tip is the perfect shape making it easy to apply. The colour is perfect and lasts all day and night. This is by far my favourite make up product ever!
  51. A winner in my book

    Sarah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm picky with my liquid eye liner, and I've tried a tonne of them. This one has some great staying power and a highly pigmented strong black. A winner in my books.
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