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Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Volumising Mascara - Blackest Black 9.6ml

4.6 of 55 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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Want the look of lifted lashes without a trip to the salon? Introducing Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Volumising Mascara. You’ll have long, lush lashes in no time at all, with a double-curved brush and fibre-infused formula that lifts, thickens, and lengthens lashes from root to tip.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Volumising Mascara - Blackest Black Reviews

4.6 of 55 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this


I love that Adore stocks Maybelline and I also love this mascara. I am onto my 3rd tube now and it just works every time. Easy to use and is such a deep black colour. Love it!

Most Helpful Criticism

Just ok


I had downward facing fine lashes, so I need a mascara that curls as well as volumises & lengthens. The results weren’t terrible, you get what you pay for...
  1. One of the best drug store Mascaras


    I'd heard a lot of good things about this mascara and was really excited to try it as a cheaper alternative to my usual. I found that the first couple of times I used it, it distributed too much product. I would recommended wiping the brush down with a tissue on first use to remove excess. Other then that I'm really happy with it, great volume and okay lengthening!
  2. Love this


    I love that Adore stocks Maybelline and I also love this mascara. I am onto my 3rd tube now and it just works every time. Easy to use and is such a deep black colour. Love it!
  3. great value


    decided to give this a go after listening to the pod cast. i rate it im used to using more expensive mascara and why ? they dont last long enough to be spending a lot of money on this mascara is great value gives me full lashes no flaking at all and lasts all day what more do you want
  4. The BEST


    This mascara really does curl like a lash lift! I don’t think I will ever try another mascara again and I’ve tried A LOT! Also this formula washes off easily, good for my 40 year old skin.
  5. Just ok


    I had downward facing fine lashes, so I need a mascara that curls as well as volumises & lengthens. The results weren’t terrible, you get what you pay for...
  6. Can't fault this mascara


    It lengthens, volumises and doesn't clump - even when the product was at the end of its use. Great price point so really can't fault it. My go-to mascara for every day use and events.
  7. HG status


    Of all the mascaras I've ever tried, this one remains my favourite. It lifts my lashes and makes them look amazing. It's also really well priced so it's a product I just keep coming back to!
  8. Great value for money


    I've always loved the original falsies and the lash lift is even better. I feel like you don't need to use too much to get a good result. Definitely a great go-to mascara!
  9. Love this


    A really awesome cheap mascara. I see some pretty awesome results with this product. I’m always impressed with how they look after using it. Give it a go if you’re thinking about it!
  10. Wonderful


    verified purchaser
    This Mascara catches each hair individually, does not clump and you can layer it up easily for a thicker looking lash. Highly recommend! As good as benefit mascara.
  11. My favourite


    Definitely give a lash lift in one application, so easy to use. I love it.
  12. The perfect mascara


    This is my favourite mascara, it can be hard to find a good quality affordable mascara but this one does the job. I have repurchased this multiple times! It lengthens and doesn't clump. The perfect mascara
  13. Lash Lift in a mascara


    I usually get regular lash lifts in salon. However due to restrictions and salons being closed it wasnt possible. I purchased this mascara and it will now be a regular purchase for me. It lifts and lengthens lashes and gives me a wide awake look.
  14. The name says it all!


    This little tube does exactly what it says: gives you super long black curled lashes! This is my new go to. Washes off easily and surprisingly keeps my lashes curled all day. Fab price too!
  15. It’s as good as everyone says!

    Elle H

    My new favourite mascara. I don’t have dark, long or curly lashes but you’d never know when I wear this mascara! It’s everything!
  16. Amazing


    Gives a good volume, doesn't go flaky and doesn't give me spidery lashes.
  17. The best affordable mascara!!

    Brooklyn - Adore Beauty Staff

    This is an amazing one for sure! reminds me of benefit bad gal bang on a budget! definitely a must-have for me not too dramatic but still gives you everything you want in a mascara.
    Big bold and beautiful -just like me ^_^
  18. Awesome


    I do love these mascaras. I usually get a new one every time it runs out. This is great! My lashes look super full and really long, yay!
  19. Okay


    This mascara was okay, slightly volumised and lengthened my lashes. However I found that it was quite clumpy.
  20. not for me


    I don't have much eyelashes to start off with, so i am really in need for one that will do the magic. tried this one, gave me the extensions and a little bit of fullness.
  21. It works!


    it really is worth the hype! I was totally "influenced" and I was not disappointed. I normally use tubular mascara but this is great if you want the false lash look
  22. Good


    I love the applicator and it is non-clumpy and doesn't make my sensitive eyes water and provides a good volume.
  23. Great cheap mascara!


    This mascara is sooo good for the price! It makes my lashes look super long and black. Last the whole day as well and doesn’t have much drop out
  24. Good for length and lift but not curl

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is a solid mascara, especially if your natural lashes have a bit of a curl already - mine are pretty straight and stayed fairly straight with this.

    It gave my lashes nice separation, length and lift, but didn't really do anything in terms of curling, and if I wanted lots of volume I'd layer it with something else.

    I did get a bit of transfer under my eyes but I tend ...
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  25. Good


    For the price, it is an amazing mascara, it lengthens and doesn't clump and it is easy to take off without losing lashes.
  26. Lovely!


    Greta mascara, so black. Really lengthens my short lashes
  27. A great Mascara, good price not so lash lift


    I really like this mascara and the price, it covers well and you can build up the volume as much as you like without overly clumping etc but I'm not sure about any lift I have seen, Id buy again just because its a nice mascara.
  28. Ok


    Volumising but not clumpy. Lasts all day and makes my lashes look beautiful.
  29. volume


    I like this mascara a lot for building volume and long lashes, the big fluffy brush reminds me of benefit bad gal
  30. Amazing


    This is a great mascara, does what it says but i find the brush too large to easily apply the mascara with.
  31. Better than $100 mascara


    I have tried many expensive mascaras in my time, and this one trumps all of them. Not clumpy, not hard to apply and just the perfect consistency. My new holy grail mascara
  32. The Best!


    I feel super lucky to have tried this mascara on a whim and now it'll be my go to for life! For the price it does a great job. I found it to lengthen my lashes nicely with a more natural look. It doesn't clump and I've found it doesn't transfer onto my eyelids like a few other brands can.
  33. Amazing Mascara


    This mascara is so amazing. It really lifts my very straight lashes and lasts all day. I use it everyday for work. So happy with this Maybelline Mascara.
  34. It's fine


    I'm on the hunt for a new, non expensive, mascara and decided to try this one. It's pretty good but can be a bit clumpy. It tends to make my lashes look more stringy/singular than bushy but it does add nice colour and looks good when applied carefully. For the price it's not bad. Just a simple, black mascara.
  35. Nice mascara


    Lengthens and volumizes. It does get a little clumpy if you layer too much.
  36. New favourite!


    My new years resolution was to be more on top of my eye health, including throwing away mascara after 3 months, no exceptions! Decided the best way to help with this is to switch to using sightly more affordable mascara, so that if the tube wasn't empty by 3 months I couldn't talk myself out of keeping it due to cost. After hearing about this mascara on the podcast I had to try it and it really do...
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  37. Not bad


    Pretty good for its price - and works well in adding length to your lashes. Although it made my lashes quite clumpy and I have to use a spooly to remove the clumps.
  38. So glad I stumbled across this


    This is my new favorite mascara. Very volumising but doesn’t transfer. Great value for money
  39. NEW FAVE!


    Best mascara ever!!! Forget expensive ones, this is all you need. Actually volumizes so much!
  40. Volumising


    Maybelline mascaras never let me down, this one makes my lashes so voluminous don’t even need falsies
  41. Very Impressed


    I love that this mascara does not clump. Lashes are longer and more defined. As a bonus it comes off easy at the end of the day!
  42. Not bad


    I’ve tried so many mascaras over the years and this one is good but not amazing. It lengthens and volumising but after several swipes can’t start to become clumpy as the formula is quite wet.

    May work a little better I’m a week or two when the formula dries down that slight bit.
  43. great


    This is a great volumising and I feel like I get that lifted eyelash look. There's no clumping, smearing when i apply this mascara
  44. The best, affordable Mascara


    The best, affordable Mascara. Looks great on.
  45. super thick


    so thick and volumising on straight heavy lashes
  46. Maybelline does it again


    Big fan of maybelline mascaras and this one is very thickening and volumising without being clumpy
  47. fantastic results


    Great results for a great price - lashes are curled and lifted. TIP: I use a curler for optimal results.
  48. GREAT for volume

    Bec (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Love this mascara, it’s my new go to. The brush is big and fluffy and really coats the lashes well. The formula itself is really good for volume, I can get about two coats before it starts to clump but two coats is heaps for thick, big eye lashes . It’s a great price too, no brainer for me.
  49. MAYBELLINE- THE MASTERS OF MASCARA- Nice brush - Great thickness


    I will never look past a Maybelline mascara, I am very loyal to this brand because of the quality.
    It's consistently great, this new falsie lash lift is awesome!!!

  50. New fav!

    Hannah - Adore Beauty Staff

    I've been a big fan of mascaras from Maybelline for a while and this one did not disappoint. It layers well without getting hard and custy. It's super blackkk and makes the lashes look so voluminous. It's a must try if you're on the market for a new goodie :)
  51. Great results

    Kristy (adore Beauty)

    I really enjoy this mascara - it gives my lashes the appearance of being thicker and longer, while still not looking over the top.

    A great mascara for a great price!
  52. Surprising!

    Brooklyn - Adore Beauty Staff

    I am shocked at how good this is! almost a benefit bad gal bang dupe! .. Almost!
    Love Love Love!
  53. beautiful mascara


    This is very volumising and lifting mascara. It does not clump, smear or flake on my lashes.
  54. Wonder Mascara !

    Anika (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Love this mascara, genuinely makes my lashes look like they have had a lift and it lasts the whole day without smudging !
  55. New Fave Mascara

    Nicole - Staff

    I usually go for a waterproof mascara as I find they hold a curl better, you know, less panda eyes...BUT this is great! It holds a curl really well, no smudging and has the added bonus of being easy to remove at the end of the day, no scrubbing here!
  56. Ouf

    Melissa (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This mascara does what it says, it actually made my lashes look like I managed to put on falsies (which I will never be able to do btw).

    It's thickening and lengthening in the best ways, without making my lashes look like clumpy spider legs.

    Another classic Maybelline mascara, will never use any other brand.
  57. Better than...better than sex?

    Liz - Adore Beauty Staff Member

    This REALLY reminds me of Too Faced Better Than Sex, but SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. It's got a very similar brush, which allows me to get right to the root of my lashes, as well as right into the corners of my lashes for length, definition and volume. Bonza!
  58. My latest go-to mascara


    I have been really liking this mascara! It coats every lash really well without weighing them down. I would definitely recommend to anyone that likes fluffy, full lashes.
  59. No clumps


    Such a good mascara. Goes on nicely and makes my lashes look much longer. Doesn't leave them clumpy and messy.
  60. my go-to


    Versatile and easy to apply - one coat for natural, two or more for dramatic. It glides on and doesn't clump. Love it! x
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