The Easiest Products To Use If You Suck At Eyeshadow

Apart from contouring, I think nailing eyeshadow application is the technique most people struggle to master. No matter how many tutorials you watch, for some reason, it just doesn't turn out the same way on yourself (and that one time you do nail it, the only place you're going is the supermarket).

But what exactly is it about eyeshadow that's so tricky? Is it the brushes you're using? Is it the lack of pigment in the powders? Are you not using an eye primer? Luckily, I've got a little experience in this area, so let's find out.

What Are Some Techniques To Get Eyeshadow Right?

Use an eye primer: this gives powders something to adhere to and creates a barrier particularly between oily lids and the products, preventing creasing and fading.

Opt for quality brushes: high quality brushes not only allow you to pick up the right amount of product and disperse it evenly, but they're also essential for getting a seamless blend.

Hold your brushes properly: holding your brush at the end of the handle (away from the bristles) gives you the most control over your application. Holding it too far down the handle can result in heavy-handed application.

Blend, blend, blend: even when you think you've blended enough, keep blending. One of my favourite shadow blending brushes is the M.A.C 217 (a makeup artist cult product).

And If You Want The Easy Way Out...

Some of us just aren't cut out for complicated makeup techniques and hours of blending, so these are my top products picks for no-fuss eyeshadows that are basically foolproof.

This long-wearing liquid eyeshadow combines the smooth texture of a liquid, pigment of a powder and wear of an ink. It's super easy to swipe on with the doe foot applicator, and lasts for up to 16 hours on eyes. It can be used as a single shadow, eye base, eye topper or liner, and comes in matte and shimmer finishes. The shades are also to die for.

I am obsessed with M.A.C's Paint Pot in the shade Groundwork. I often wear this neutral taupe shade alone as an eyeshadow to give my eyes more dimension without looking too "done". The other Paint Pot shades are generally used as eye primers.

Another super easy product you can just glide onto the lids and go. No brushes required here, just apply directly from the stick and blend out the edges with the warmth of your fingertips. My favourite shades in this product are Lots o' Latte and Fuller Fudge. The creamy formula is layerable and long-wearing.

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