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M.A.C Cosmetics 217S Blending Brush

4.6 of 25 reviews


$11.50 x 4

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$11.50 x 4

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M.A.C Cosmetics 217S Blending Brush

M.A.C Cosmetics 217S Blending Brush

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4.6 of 25 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best blending brush EVER
LOVE this brush! Been using it for 5 years and haven't had any issues with it! Blends like a dream, perfect for using in the crease.
  1. Best blending brush EVER

    LOVE this brush! Been using it for 5 years and haven't had any issues with it! Blends like a dream, perfect for using in the crease.
  2. Great to blend with

    I have always loved MAC makeup brushes. They are such great quality and are definitely worth the money. This brush is great for blending out eye shadows. This brush is a necessity.
  3. Invest in this brush

    Worth the money hands down! I use this for everything. I have added multiple to my brush collection over the years. Does not shed and blends shadows beautifully!
  4. Love!!

    I absolutely adore this eyeshadow brush. It’s great for blending colors into your crease and doesn’t shed at all. Definitely worth the money.
  5. The best blending brush!

    The M.A.C 217S Eye Blending Brush has acquired a cult status in the beauty world as being a go-to brush for blending out crease colours, smokey eyes, etc. And its reign is well deserved! I have been using my 217 for about 5-6 years now and it’s still on the go. Yes, it has some fraying and is slightly stained as it has white bristles, but it still does its job which is an impressive feat as it's my (super well-loved) go-to blending brush. I actually like the fact that it has white bristles as it means you know exactly when it’s dirty and needs a good clean. This brush blends out any colour and any formula of eyeshadow so seamlessly and easily. I honestly think if there's one eye brush you need and is worth investing in to add to your collection, it's this one!
  6. Blends perfectly

    I love this brush! It blends so effortlessly.
    I used to have a blending brush that was quite stiff and scratchy so my eye area always got quite red after using this.
    This is soft but firm enough to blend eyeshadow and not just run over it.
    It doesn't shed, is great quality and lasts for years.
    It washes and dries well and looks as good as new each time.
    I would highly recommend this, a great blending brush makes all the difference.
  7. Most versatile brush

    i LOVE this brush, I have three, and use them so often. Really versatile, long lasting, good quality and reasonably priced.
  8. had it for years

    i couldnt live without this brush!! i use it every day
  9. Eyes on the prize

    An essential to perfecting the shadow game! Great control of the brush and super easy to clean
  10. Not the Best

    I was disappointed in this compared to my old #217. I know they made the move to synthetic hair but the quality could be better as its at the same price point as the old brushes.
  11. Alright

    Some MAC brushed are a hit and some a miss. This is in the middle, its not lasted amazingly, but it really is super lovely and soft.
  12. Versatile eye brush

    I've owned my MAC 217 for many, many years. I use a solid brush soap, which leaves it soft and looking brand new even after all this time. You can do an entire eye look with just this one brush, whether you want to pack on colour or blend out. Great shape and a great size. There's a reason this brush is so popular - it's just fantastic. Highly recommend it.
  13. Doesnt live up to the hype

    Maybe its just me or I didnt clean and care for this brush properly, but I really didnt find that it lasted the time that MAC claims.
    I have found the same thing with many of my MAC brushes and when taking them back the girls usually say its usual wear or improper cleaning and that there is no issue. But I have had this brush for probably 1 year and cleaned it with MAC brush cleaner regularly and its literally black and has lost all its fluffiness it looks like a few tiny strands of brush hair that often shed and are wirey and itchy.
    I have had my zoeva brushes the same time and they are in perfect condition so its a bit worrying considering the price difference.
  14. Must have!

    An essential to perfect shadow game!
  15. 10/10

    Favourite Mac brush or any brush for that matter. It feathers out and blends shadow beautifully, works wonders in the crease and I have also used it as a concealer brush for lightly blending under the eyes and blemishes. Versatile and a must have
  16. Blends like heaven

    This brush is quite expensive, but I do think that its quite sturdy, and holds up really well (have had mine for over a year). It blends shadows and pigments really nicely even though the brush hairs are synthetic
  17. Fav MAC brush

    This is definitely my favourite and most used brush from MAC, a must for eyeshadow application. Very useful brush. For a natural day time look, this is the only brush I need. I use this to sweep a base shadow all over my lid, then I use this to blend a deeper brown shade on the outer corner of my eyes for a bit more definition. Definitely a must in everyone's makeup case.
  18. Holy Grail

    My favourite MAC brush! I have small eyes so this is the perfect size to shade and blend with through the crease.
  19. Great

    Just the softest nicest go-to brush for blending out you'll ever get (at this price point). There's a reason makeup artists always rave about this one. I use it first as a transition and add a little extra colour for the crease and it's great for mixing shades. I have about 3 that I rotate because I always need one between brush cleans.
  20. Best crease brush

    Popular for a reason! It's so good - blends your crease really smoothly and it makes my eyeshadow look great. Definitely recommend
  21. Worth it

    So definable expensive but totes worth it. Works great.
  22. The Perfect Eye Brush

    This brush is a classic, and for good reason. It blends creases with ease and saves me so much time!
  23. Perfect size

    Great size for getting into the crease. Blends effortlessly and love the tapered end
  24. Great

    One of the best blending brushes I have in my collection!
  25. My fave eye brush

    This is the one brush I have continually used for over 10 years.. I have probably bought at least 7 over the years... It is the best brush ever! You can achieve any eye look with it. I use 3 of this brush when doing an eyeshadow look. Blends out eye shadow seamlessly!
  26. My favourite eye brush, hands down!

    So for me there isn't really something I can compare this to, because this IS the eyeshadow brush that I compare things to. I own literally three of these, two of them 217 from before they became synthetic, and one the new 217S being the new synthetic bristle brush.

    The size, shape and density remain the same, but on the skin, the new synthetic bristles are softer. I don't find there to be a difference in performance at all.

    I love this brush for blending and for placement, though as I'm a simple makeup kind of person, I most often use this to sweep and blend out the one colour I'm wearing my lid. This is also a must have for those who prefer a defined crease.
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