Matching Your Favourite Lip Shade To A Lip Liner

If you're not a lip liner girl, I get it. I wasn't either. I thought lip liner was reserved for that overlined look, and just wasn't necessary for my more natural style of makeup. That is, until I was given a red lip liner and decided to give it a go.

Later that night, I was out at a bar with my sister and she commented that my lippy looked really nice. Actually her exact words were, "Your red lipstick usually looks really messy. I didn't want to tell you. It looks so much better with the liner." She pulled up a photo from an event where I'm wearing red lipstick, and she zoomed in really close on my mouth. "See how messy it is?"

Thanks sis, I really could've used that information sooner 🤦

Do I Really Need to Use a Lip Liner?

You don't have to use a lip liner, but as someone that went almost 30 years without using one, I can tell you it's a total game-changer.

  • A lip liner will define and shape your lips to make them look fuller

  • Lip liners act as a primer to boost colour and the longevity of your lipstick

  • Liners help your lipstick adhere to your lips better without bleeding or feathering

  • You can fill out those hard to reach places like the corners of your mouth

  • I suggest also using a lip primer like M.A.C's Prep + Prime Lip to smooth and prep your lips

The hardest part for me has been choosing the right lip liner shade to match my lipstick colour. So I reached out to the team at M.A.C Cosmetics to get the perfect liner to match three of their bestselling shades.

m.a.c bestselling lipstick shades with matching lip linerm.a.c bestselling lipstick shades with matching lip liner

M.A.C's Most Popular Lipstick Shades

Seven of our top 10 bestselling lipsticks at Adore Beauty are M.A.C lipsticks. Their Matte Lipstick is our #1 bestseller. Why? Matte lipstick is notorious for being uncomfortable, drying and cracking, even crumbling on lips. But M.A.C has created an uber-comfortable, matte formula with anti-feathering technology that gives you bold, lasting colour with a creamy, rich texture. And the best news about M.A.C lipsticks is that they recently had a price drop to $30.


1. Velvet Teddy Lipstick with Boldly Bare Lip Pencil

Velvet Teddy is definitely the most popular shade around Adore HQ. We recently asked everyone in our office what their holy grail lipstick was and 90% of Adore Beauty staffers chose Velvet Teddy. It's a deep-tone beige and a great neutral colour for any occasion. The lip liner we've used with this lipstick is Boldly Bare, which is a nude, rosey brown.

Forever Repurchasing


MAC Velvet teddy is a holy grail for me. I sheer out the formula on my lips for a more nude look or swipe it heavier for a deep nude. The formula is very buildable and I feel like it doesn’t highlight any dry bits. Love it!

mac lipstick velvet teddymac lipstick velvet teddy

2. Mehr Lipstick with Soar Lip Pencil

I'm personally more of a pink lippy girl, so this is my favourite M.A.C lipstick and liner duo. Mehr is a blue-based pink lipstick, which we've matched to the M.A.C liner is Soar, which is a mid-tone pinkish browny shade.

Best Lipstick


I have Mehr and Velvet Teddy and whirl! All three colors are a splendid matte shade. Velvet Teddy is a matte that aims a lot more on the beige-brown and gives much more to my type of lips and complexion. Mehr is a beautiful shade of antique rose soiled with some beige. While Whirl is a beautiful shade of brownish nude. Mac lipsticks are the best and amazing range of shades. There's a color for eve...
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mac mehr lipstickmac mehr lipstick

3. Ruby Woo Lipstick with Ruby Woo Lip Pencil

Ruby Woo is one of M.A.C's most iconic shades and is part of their Retro Matte lipstick collection, which has intense, highly pigmented colour with an ultra-matte finish and long-wearing formula for up to eight hours. And to make things really easy, the lip pencil to match is also called Ruby Woo.

Ruby Woo


This was the first Mac lipstick I bought (in Ruby Woo) and it's always been one of my favourites. I love the matte finish and the shade of red is really classic and beautiful. Lasts a long time.

ruby woo retro matte mac lipstickruby woo retro matte mac lipstick