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M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Pencil 3g

4.7 of 150 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50


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4 instalments of $7.50


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Shape, define and enhance your lips with M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Pencil. With a smooth, creamy texture, these lip pencils are perfect for both lining and filling in the lips. Wear alone or under other lip products for enhanced pigmentation and staying power.

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4.7 of 150 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The perfect peachy nude


I love this shade it is perfect for everyday look and for special event make ups. It is creamy and glides onto the lip.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


I purchased Ruby Woo, and while I love the colour I've found it's really bleeding on my skin. I have extremely oily skin and open pores all over my face (not just t-zone), so maybe this is a contributing factor. It's a bummer, I would've stuck with asap's lip liner if there wasn't only one colour in stock!
  1. The perfect peachy nude


    I love this shade it is perfect for everyday look and for special event make ups. It is creamy and glides onto the lip.
  2. Very nice!


    I really like the MAC lip pencil, they aren't my favourite but they are very nice. I have a few shades and I find them to be beautiful. The formula is quite dry so it is good to get a nice and precise line on your lips but sometimes I wish it was more of a creamier formula.
  3. OG lip liners


    Amazing lip liners, pair perfectly with the lipsticks
    Great range to suit all skin tones
  4. Great quality liner


    This Mac lip pencil is great for lining the lips. It works really well with a complimentary Mac lipstick shade. It creates a lovely lip look. Such great quality liner.
  5. great lipliners


    Ive got to say the lip pencil whirl and the Mac lipstick velvet teddy are amazing combination. I love those two together. These pencil last forever even tho I almost use it everyday
  6. Lasting


    This lasts a long time even when the lipstick is kind of wearing of. Glides well on lips too.
  7. cool product


    very good for filling in lips before applying Mac lipsticks, helps lipstick to stay longer
  8. Best lip liners


    I have multiple shades of these liners, and absolutely love them. They stop my lipstick from moving and feathering, are lovely and creamy, and easy to apply. Great range of shades too. Easy to use to create a neat line.
  9. Love love love


    I absolutely love mac lip pencils, they work so well with ensuring your lipstick doesn't crack & can even be worn alone with just lip balm on top of them due to they're strength in colour!
  10. Not for me


    I purchased Ruby Woo, and while I love the colour I've found it's really bleeding on my skin. I have extremely oily skin and open pores all over my face (not just t-zone), so maybe this is a contributing factor. It's a bummer, I would've stuck with asap's lip liner if there wasn't only one colour in stock!
  11. Holy grail!


    This lip liner is the holy grail of all lip liners. Super smooth and creamy application, lasts hours and colours are pigmented and stunning!
  12. Boldly Bare


    It glides on so easily, and the colour is a reddish brown that’s not too dark or harsh for my skin tone. I think Boldly Bare is a colour that would look good on everyone.
  13. nice


    I think lip liners are very important makeup products. It makes the lipstick last a little longer. I really like the mac ones. I really love whirl
  14. Essential


    Essential step on the makeup routine for defined lips
  15. Fully functional lip pencil


    Package was crushed on arrival but pencil was not damaged and as it is for myself I was not bothered by this.
    Brand new the pencil was crazy sharp and I had to blunt it down a bit less it slice my lips off. Texture was soft and did not have to be warmed prior to use. The colour was a poor choice on my part and I should have chosen a warmer-pinker colour.
    I bought it as a colour match...
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  16. great lipliners


    They feel so buttery and creamy. It makes my lips look more fuller and more defined! I probably have most shades in the lip liner .
  17. Not pigmented enough


    I really need a good pigmented lip pencil and Mac usually does the job but the shade subculture is far too light and hardly pigmented at all . maybe on brighter younger more supple lips it would be ok , but I prefer the shade Spice or some of the deeper nudes .
  18. Perfect Nude


    Boldly Bare is the perfect pinky nude, great with a matte or gloss, easy to apply and doesn't transfer off easily.
  19. Great colour range!


    I own this lip liner in multiple colours as I find the staying power to be wonderful. I love how buttery and easy to apply these are, and it really helps make your lips fuller and more defined! There are also so many options to pick from which is amazing!
  20. Good lipliner


    I like to use MAC lip liner before using my lipstick. It does help with the longevity of my lipstick, and my lipstick does not smudge as much during the day. It is not too drying and does not tug on skin when applying. I love the wide range of colours as well.
  21. Perfect colour


    The consistency and colour is perfect to use with so many lipsticks and so easy to blend
  22. Love this lip pencil


    I love Mac lip pencils, I have them in a range of colours. They're easy to apply, great colours and they stay on. I use a little bit of lip balm then use them all over my lips (not just as a liner) and will sometimes add a lipstick over the top to give a deeper colour.
  23. Pretty colour but slightly dry - #boldly bare


    Looks like a more orangey- fall shade swatched but on the lips becomes a nice MLBB nude colour. Needs a bit of warming up on the hands then applies very smoothly on the lips. Colour is versatile however formula is more on the drier side so overall it was okay.
  24. Pretty colour but slightly dry


    Looks like a more orangey- fall shade swatched but on the lips becomes a nice MLBB nude colour. Needs a bit of warming up on the hands then applies very smoothly on the lips. Colour is versatile however formula is more on the drier side so overall it was okay.
  25. Great


    I bought the Ruby Woo shade to go with my MAC red satin lipstick. I have always loved MAC products and this one did not disappoint. The colours go together perfectly and the quality is great.
  26. Gods gift


    Whirl is the best colour in the world, period. And it lasts.
  27. Amazing


    One of the best lip pencils I have ever used! So smooth and buttery!
  28. Subculture


    A really nice nudey pink lip liner, almost identical to my lip colour so good for over lining the lips and I can put any lipstick on top of it to extend it's staying power. Really good quality and pigmented. This one has a very very slight shimmer and is a beautiful colour.
  29. Great product


    Easy to apply lipliner, last ages and can generally find a shade to match multiple lipsticks
  30. Love love love!


    I have a few of these pencils, my favourite is Spice - such a lovely shade especially on tanned skin. I love how easy these are to apply and the lasting power. I sometimes use these as the lipstick shade and find that it last well on the lips. I am not a massive lip liner fan but these definitely make a difference to the lips.
  31. Suits most pinkisg nude shades


    Not sure why I bought this as I never wear lip liner. Good colour that suits most nudes and pinks. I would suggest trying before you buy.
  32. Don't buy anything else


    I've purchased other lip pencils in the past and still never reach for them as much as I reach for my MAC ones. I've got about 12 different MAC liners now (some in duplicate colours) and they seem to be my most used time and time again.
  33. Amazing


    They match the lipsticks so well and last an incredibly long time! My go to lip liners
  34. My go to


    Couldn’t recommend this product enough! I’m pretty lazy so having this guy on hand allows me to line my lips for any shade of lipstick. It’s smooth and creamy and looks great on its own too.
  35. Go to nude lip liner


    Love this lip liner, it blends so nicely with different kinds of nude shades so its really versatile wether you go for a pinky nude or more beigey nude!
  36. Perfect pencil


    These are fantastic lip pencils! Such a great range of colours and they glide on so smoothly and last for hours
  37. So smooth


    These glide onto the lips like butter. Amazing!
  38. lip love


    must have & must use prior to any lipstick application. my fav colour is dirty rose. Sometime i just use pencil and then apply my lip balm over the top. Last a long time
  39. Love it


    I love Mac lip liners there long lasting, whirl is my everyday go to
  40. Good quality


    I have this in Spice, which is slightly darker than Velvet Teddy lipstick. Slightly darker than I was expecting, I like to wear this on its own all over the lip with a balm over the top. It lasts surprisingly well! The pencil is longer than I'd expected and it's a great texture to line the lips. I'm hesitant to spend this much on a lipliner and have usually used chemist brands but I think I've bee...
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  41. Fave


    Love Mac lip pencils. These are the perfect texture, they don't need sharpening every time you use them
  42. great for long wear make up


    Last for a very long time! its a bit rough when you apply it, its hard but other than that its perfect.
  43. Love this!


    Mac lip liners go on so smoothly and are long lasting! I got the shade soar to go with Mehr lipstick and it’s perfect!
  44. Whirl


    Love this lip liner in the shade whirl, this is the second time I have purchased this. It gives a nice natural defined shape to the lips and wears well. I use this to line the outside of the lips and i use a lip balm in the middle for a fuller pout.
  45. Love it


    Really love this, easy to apply and easy to sharpen. I find a lot of pencils break when sharpened which frustrates me as I feel like its wasted.
  46. Exactly what I wanted.


    I’ve wanted to try lining my lips for a plumper and fuller look for a while now. This lip liner went on so so smoothly it did not bleed and colour matched to your lip or lipstick gives you that “bigger lip” look. I love mine!
  47. The best lip liners!!


    Soar and whirl are my favourite to create a natural, plump and full lip!! Can make my lips look 10x bigger naturally. Perfection!
  48. Soar is my holy grail


    I use the lip pencil in soar and it is the perfect pinky nude colour. It goes on so smooth and is very long-lasting. Love it.
  49. Perfect Nude Lip


    I love this lip liner it applies really easily and is the perfect nude. I have fair skin and struggle to find nudes that suit however this colour suits me perfectly!
  50. Top notch


    Some of my fav lip pencils. The quality is reliable and the colour range is gorgeous. Very creamy and smooth pigment which lasts very long on the lips. Love it!
  51. Long lasting lip pencil


    I have several of these. The colours are great and the pencil is soft enough to fill my lips as well as outline them. Definitely stops my lipstick feathering.
  52. Great product


    This lip liner is easy to use, a good thickness and isn’t drying. It matches the lipstick nicely and is a great go to option
  53. Favorite


    Love the lip pencil. I have a few to match with my lipstick. It’s long lasting and not too drying. Definitely my favorite.
  54. Can always rely on it to apply well & look great!


    I love this lipliner. I bought it in subculture underground pink to wear with MAC lipstick in honeylove, and the two go perfectly. By applying the lipliner, my lipstick stays on about 5 times longer and I can eat without it coming off! The lipliner goes on really smooth and is quite forgiving when it comes to outlining lips - I always find the lines look straighter than I thought they would. I wou...
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  55. Love them!


    I seriously love all MAC lipliners - they go on smoothly and dont dry your lips!
  56. Great


    Great liner. Lasts a long time and doesn’t just break off. Very creamy formula that’s is easy to use and doesn’t smudge
  57. Great liner that lasts


    I have this lip liner in many different shades to go with my MAC lipsticks. This is a great liner that really lasts the distance and doesn’t bleed.
  58. Colours are perfect!


    Colours are very true to the image which I was impressed with and work so well with the matching lipsticks! Definitely makes the lippys last longer.
  59. Defining fullness of lips!


    I have this lip pencil in Subculture underground pink, I love how it defines my lips enhancing the fullness of them, great, defining, lasting and divine pencil!
  60. would recommend


    they're very creamy and glide on the lips. last a long time! i use them as just lipstick sometimes.
  61. if you're buying a single lip pencil this is it!


    this lip pencil in subculture is one of the only lip pencils I own. It is the perfect barely there pink which you can use with nearly all of your lipsticks to stop them bleeding outside your lip line. I also pair this with tinted lip balms to look a little more put together :)
  62. Hard


    These pencils seem a little firm to me. Great colours and lasts well however prefer the wind up version of mac pencils
  63. Love 'Spice'


    Use 'spice' everyday, works under almost every lipstick colour and keeps it in place all day long
  64. My favourite lip liners


    They are so creamy and long lasting
  65. Great lip pencil


    Love MAC lipliners. Very long lasting and easy to apply. I have over 10 of these lip pencils and find that they match so well with all of my lipsticks.
  66. Natural


    l have this lip liner in a few shades. My favourite shade is subculture. It is such a natural colour, I use it under lipstick or on its own. When I use it on its own I line my lips and then fill them in. Using my finger or a brush I blend out the product for a really natural feathered look. It can sometimes be a bit drying however. So make sure to keep your lips hydrated!
  67. Holds lipstick in place for hours


    Love this lip pencil to use with my Mac lipstick. Suits a lot of shades really well and helps to keep my lipstick in place all night.
  68. perfect lip liner


    I love the texture and consistency of these. Favourite nude is stripdown!
  69. Love the consistency!


    One of the best lip pencils on the market. I personally love subcultured as goes with heaps of different lippys!
  70. good


    good lip pencil that matches almost exactly to some of the lipstick colours. helps my lipstick to stay put and lasts for hours
  71. Really good


    Really pigmented and creamy. Stay on for ages and look really good!
  72. A makeup staple


    You can’t go wrong with MAC lip pencils. The variety means you can find one for every lipstick shade and sun tone. They are long-wearing and I find that the product really starts to work best after the first time you sharpen it.
  73. Huge shade range


    Lovely creamy lip lines in a huge range of shades, from nudes to bright colours. I find that they don't budge over the day once applied, and they are comfortable on the lips. The pencils sharpen easily.
  74. Whirl lipliner


    Absolutely love this colour paired with either velvet teddy or faux lipstick. It’s the perfect colour on my pale skin. Will absolutely repurchase when I run out.
  75. It worked so well as a liner


    amazing lip liner but literally just to line my lips. too drying to use it all over your lips and it last so long!
  76. One of the best


    Strip down is my favourite from this line. It lasts hours especially when I pair it with Mac lipsticks. I can eat a whole meal and still have it looking decent by the end. It’s not too dry and not too wet; perfect consistency
  77. Winner


    This is kind of shameful to admit but this was my very first mac purchase - and I am a girl who loves makeup let me assure you! I bought it in the shade stripdown and it’s a really great colour for overlining your lips. Top with a nude lipstick or gloss and you’re ready to smolder lol. The formula is the perfect creamy consistency and I love how long the actual pencil is - it’ll probably last fore...
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  78. Beautiful colour to suit all


    Great pencil, applies easily and beautiful colour
  79. So creamy


    so creamy, goes on like a dream, i pair it with my face mac liquid lipsticks and it helps makes a pretty colour gradient and helps me with a cleaner application of lipsticks.
  80. Amazing Lip Liners


    My favourite lip liners! So many colours and the formula is great!
  81. Best lip liner


    This is the best lip liner and it’s so great they have so many shades to suit your lipstick. Great stay power. Love it.
  82. holy grail


    only lipliners I use. Mostly use them as all over colour for longer lasting matte lip looks without the heavy yucky feel of most matte lips. favourites are subculture and spice, very natural MLBB look.
  83. My Go-To


    I've used MAC lip pencils for close to 8 years and they're the only ones I'll ever buy. They've got a fantastic colour selection and they're creamy enough to not look dry, but not so creamy that they come right off the lip. I love wearing them over the entire lip topped with some balm.
  84. Favourite lip pencils!


    I haven’t bought a MAC lip pencil that’s disappointed. They are so creamy and glide on with ease! They have great colour payoff and ideal for longevity of your lipstick.
  85. Addicted


    Amazing, long lasting and great pigment. I use boldly bare with chapstick for a natural, every day look
  86. Love


    I love MAC lip pencils. I have tried so many different brands but nothing compares to MAC. Are they a bit pricey? Perhaps, but they last and look so good on! Favourite has to be stripdown have been using this colour for more than 5 years. Other favs are subculture, whirl, boldly bare, plum and mahogany. Easy to apply and super long lasting!!
  87. Amazing quality but pricey


    If you have the money to spend on these liners you absolutely cannot go wrong! Long wearing & amazing shade range. The only downfall to them is the price tag
  88. Great allrounder


    Really good pencil. Goes on smoothly and stays on. Colour really versatile. Love Mac lip pencils!
  89. long lasting, good colour range


    I love how durable mac lip pencils are, the colour range is incredible too. Well priced for the quality. I repurchase in various shades regularly.
  90. Favourite lippy


    This is my favourite lip liner “stripdown” sits perfect and a colour that matches any nude lipstick
  91. Long lasting


    I use this liner in conjunction with Mac lipsticks. I find it lasts a long time when on. It a litttle bit over priced but worth a try.
  92. Smooth, stunning colour range, long lasting!


    I have this lipliner in the shade Stripdown after seeing so many makeup artists on Instagram use this. It pairs perfectly with nearly every MAC lipstick I own from Honey Love to My Tweedy - all the nudes. It also looks incredible if you line and fill in your lips with it and pop a clear or nude toned gloss on top. It’s easy for precise application and feels creamy on. Love!
  93. perfect


    The "underground pink" colour is so close to my natural lip colour. It's great to define my lips when wearing a neutral gloss or balm and makes my lipstick wear better, regardless of the colour. It's a nice creamy texture, applies well and doesn't dry my lips. I don't see myself with any other lip pencil, it's perfect.
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