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M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip 1.7g

4.2 of 54 reviews


4 instalments of $8.50


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4 instalments of $8.50


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Give lips a head start with M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip. This colourless base perfectly prepares the lips for other products and enhances wear time. Prep + Prime Lip adds light moisture while smoothing and refining, and helps reduce lipstick feathering and bleeding.

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GREAT - 76% recommend

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4.2 of 54 reviews

76% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Game changer


I could not believe I hadn’t used a lip primer up until now! Literally makes your lipstick glide on and stay on! So hydrating for dry lips, can’t recommend enough.

Most Helpful Criticism



Good smoother and lippy applies well after
  1. No difference to me


    I don’t feel like my lipstick stays on any longer/better at all which I’m pretty disappointed in. I’m also using a Mac matte lipstick and don’t find a difference.

  2. Smooth primer


    I like this primer but don’t love it. It goes on smooth but I feel like it doesn’t make my lipstick stay on for as long as I would like.
  3. Game changer


    I could not believe I hadn’t used a lip primer up until now! Literally makes your lipstick glide on and stay on! So hydrating for dry lips, can’t recommend enough.
  4. Great product


    Great product that is easy to use, keeping the lipstick in place. Using us reduces the need to reapply the lipstick.
  5. Makes things easier


    Especially for matte lipsticks, this product is great for smoothing out your lips and preventing dryness/feathering, makes everything look much smoother. Seems to make them last longer as well
  6. Lip colour stays on


    This lip primer feels smooth & soft on the lips & it makes your lipstick last. It did prevent bleeding into the fine lines around lips for most lip colours except glosses.
  7. You never knew you needed this until now


    As a raging Mac lipstick fan I can’t believe I’d never tried this before. Perfectly primes lips and helps my lip liner and lipstick last the distance!
  8. Definitely makes your lipstick look better


    I have never owned another lip primer so I can’t really compare to other products - this was my first one purchased and it did such a good job, I’ve never strayed!

    Really helps with evening out the lips and moisturising the lips before applying lipstick. Especially good for matte finishes.
  9. Good base for lipstick


    This is a good base, especially for darker shades as it makes it easier to remove by providing a barrier. Helps with bleeding and staying power. I did however notice my lips cracked about halfway into the day when using this with a matte lipstick, I'm unsure though if the primer caused this or other elements.
  10. It’s alright


    I found this okay... definitely don’t need it. Lip balm does the trick just fine..
  11. great smoothing primer


    great for lips that have a lot of creases or wrinkles, it smoothes them out before you apply your lipstick
  12. Makes a huge difference!!!!


    I could not believe I hadn’t used lip primer till now! Literally makes your lipstick glide on and stay on! So hydrating and lush.
  13. Not impressive for the price


    I've had this product for quite a while and unfortunately don't find it very good value for money. It definitely does help dry-textured MAC lipsticks go on smoothly, however it feels quite drying and powdery on the lips itself (sort of like silicone primer on the face). I don't find the lipsticks wear better after using this. I think a moisturising lip balm would definitely be better choice for a primer, this is a bit pointless.
  14. Who knew lip primer was a thing?!?


    I bought this on a whim. It’s great, it really seems to extend the longevity of my lipstick. I really recommend this product for those of us with vanishing lipstick!
  15. It works! Amazing product!


    I put it on when I start to get ready, by the time I finish everything else, my lips would be ready for lipstick! How amazing! I don't take it off before applying lip products though.
  16. lip prepping!


    lip prepping before applying lipstick is everything! helps reduce bleeds! helps keep lipstick on all day!
  17. It somehow works???!!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Preface: I'm not the biggest fan of primers - I'm sure they work for some, but they never seem to work for me. And, primers for specific areas just make me roll my eyes - somehow we've been using lipstick for decades without this type of product just fine, surely a primer for specific areas is unnecessary????

    Actually, this is great! I would describe it as feeling like a comfortable matte balm, it's not sticky or greasy but creates the slightest tackiness that helps product grip.

    It has a slightly sweet, almost cocoa-butter taste that isn't aggressively vanilla-y the way that some MAC products can be.

    This does really help prep the lips, which shocked me!
  18. Great combination with any Lipstick


    I pair this lip prep and prime with all my Mac lipsticks and love how hydrating it makes my lips before my lipstick application. Would recommend to anyone looking for a lip primer.
  19. hydrates and smooths lips


    I have quite dry lips and find that this product works well to hydrate and smooth out the lips before applying lipstick (especially matte). Also helps lipstick to stay on for longer.
  20. Lip base


    Love this to create a nice base especially when I use liquid lipsticks. It prevents it from sinking into the lines on my lips.
  21. cant do a solid lip without it


    this is an absolute must
    its a beautiful primer that makes your lips a matte finish perfect to apply a long lasting lip

    i find there is a real difference in the days i don't use this
    i absolutely love it and definitely recommend it if you, like me love to rock a soild red lip
  22. I don’t know about this product...


    I really don’t see how this is any different from a lip balm? It didn’t do a whole lot in terms of how long my lip products lasted. In saying all that I used it all and really enjoyed it but really wouldn’t repurchase as it wasn’t anything outstanding! Probably give this a miss :(
  23. It’s a bit pricey for what it is


    This is a bit pricey. I don’t think it helps my lipstick last but it helps stop my lips drying out.
  24. love it but too expensive


    This is my favourite to wear under any lip look as it's not at all glossy but just hydrating and gripping. I just wish it was cheaper as I go through it so quickly!
  25. Gets the job done


    I do like this product, its hydrating and gives a great base for my lipstick however it is pricy for what it does..
  26. Pretty essential to use under their lipsticks


    Pretty essential to use under their lipsticks. Quite well priced and lasts.
  27. Works well under lipstick, but over priced


    This primer works well under Mac Matte lipstick, it just seems to create the perfect base for the lipstick to sit on. I think it's too expensive for what it is though.
  28. Perfect under Matt lippy!


    I have recently started investing in MAC Matt Lipsticks and really needed a good lip primer. This one is a good buy. It’s smooths out my lips and really compliments my Matt lipstick. It blends easily into the lips and helps my lipstick last so much longer. It’s not sticky or tacky. A simple great hydrating lip primer worth your investment.
  29. Smooth and hydrating


    Keeps my lipstick on all day and hydrates too. Perfect for under matte lipsticks, stops it from sitting in the fine lines on my lips
  30. Will never go without this again


    I purchased this to help with a particular liquid lip product, and have fallen in love with it on its own as a product. Anyone that loves a good lip colour needs this in their bag! It is super hydrating, prevents feathering from lip gloss, cream lipstick, or liquid lipstick. It stops matte lips from settling into lip lines, and it hydrates the lips sufficiently even when worn all day - after 7 days of use in a row with matte lip, I didn't need to use a lip scrub once, which is incredibly unusual. I think you receive a great amount of product for the price and it will last a long time - you don't need to apply much to achieve the desired results!
  31. Does the job


    I do like this product, its hydrating and gives a great base for my lipstick however it is pricy for what it does..
  32. For Mattes


    I need to wear this under Mac Matte lipsticks otherwise I can literally only have it on for an hour before I'm reaching of the tissues, under others I haven't noticed a difference but definitely helps under a matte to prevent cracking and drying.
  33. Does what it says it does


    I have been using this primer for over 5 years. It helps protect my lips under matte lipsticks, easy to glide on and moisturises as well. I've yet to try other primers but I like this one so will keep on using it.
  34. Must Have


    This keeps the lips hydrated and prolongs the lipstick wear. I use this primer with every lipstick for a smoother application.
  35. GREAT


    Love this, does an amazing job at moisturising and preparing your lips for lipstick. Its not a huge tube thats the only downside, if you use lippy daily.
  36. Doesn't do much


    I was looking for a lip primer to wear under matte lipstick to create a smooth base and avoid them drying out my lips too much, as I already have dryness. This product just didn't seem to do too much. Maybe a little smoother...maybe... But didn't create much of a barrier and didn't help my lipstick last longer. There are better and cheaper lip primers out there - I wouldn't bother with this one to be honest.
  37. Good for matte lippies


    I really like this one for when I use matte lippies. Definitely pricey but I like it.
  38. Great product


    This helped my lip colour stay in place and not bleed into my lip wrinkles
  39. Glorified lip balm


    The product feels nice on the skin, it does condition the lips for lipstick but i have difficulty seeing how this is any different from a regular lip balm - the packaging is luxurious but i don't feel like this justifies the price tag, so wouldn't personally be repurchasing.
  40. Don't bother


    I don't feel this made much of a difference to the longevity or look and feel of my lipstick application and wear. This is a relatively pricey item for something that made no real noticeable difference. It's not particularly hydrating either.
  41. Unsure

    Kylie Q

    I’m really unsure as to whether this product works any better than a balm.
  42. Pretty good


    This does a good job of prepping my lips and does make my lipstick stay on for longer, however it's not a necessary product that everyone needs
  43. A must have


    If i'm wearing a matte lipstick by Mac I need to have this underneath, it has a lovely silky feel and helps combat the chalky feeling you can use from matte lipsticks.
  44. Would Recommend


    I actually love this. It keeps lipsticks on so much longer. I also find that when using it under liquid lipsticks it prevents cracking and that dry feeling.
  45. Disappointed


    This product is a little disappointing - nice thought in theory, but a sugar lip scrub and paw paw the day before does a better job at priming lips for lipstick! Sorry Mac - would not recommend.
  46. Not very effective


    You definitely need to prep your lips before applying this. It doesn't moisturise or smooth lips at all.
    It's a very thin balm that only glides over lips that are already smooth.
    I don't feel it made any difference to the longevity of my lip products.
    It looks nice and is easy to use but I prefer to use a lip balm for my dry lips. This doesn't do anything for me.


    This is such an amazing lip primer. I absolutely love the scent its so amazing i can not get enough. It made my lipstick last so long aswell! Very good!
  48. Burned


    I don't know what it is about this product but every time I applied it, my lips burned and I could feel a cold sore approaching.
  49. Waste of money


    Didn't find this helped the application or wear of my lipstick at all compared to without. Disappointing!
  50. Good base


    This is a really good base for lipstick, especially matte ones.
  51. Lipstick goes on much nicer!


    Apply this before you start your makeup and let it do its thing while you apply makeup. When you go to apply liner and lipstick, it will apply much nicer!
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