Dear Little Ruchi, Your Beautiful Brown Skin Is Not a Burden

ruchi pageruchi page

You might recognise Ruchi Page @ruchipage as the Indian Australian writer, content creator and beauty influencer championing confidence and inclusion in your Instagram feed. Ruchi is also lending her voice to the Global Shades campaign calling for inclusivity in the beauty industry through acquiring all globally available complexion shades. Keep scrolling for Ruchi's letter to her younger self...


Dear little Ruchi, 

There are many moments in your life right now that are filled with confusion, curiosity and questions. You're learning to understand what shapes your identity and what makes you.

Take a breath, who YOU are does not need to be decided in one day.

Along this journey of self-understanding, you will soon learn the feelings of discomfort about your skin colour and its value in your daily life are not lonely thoughts. In fact, there is an entire army of brown-skinned girls and boys just like you feeling and questioning the same thing.

ruchi pageruchi page

This is just the beginning. And eventually, togetherness will be the building blocks that shape strength and pride.

I want you to know the usual faces in magazines, on television and in movies you consume are about to change. The world you know will begin to diversify and a sense of belonging and self-appreciation will flood through.

As you grow into yourself and learn more about the need for representation, you will soon realise voices like yours are beginning to be heard. People are beginning to be seen. People like you. Those feelings of vulnerability will be used to challenge society’s expectations of what it means to belong.

You have spent far too long accepting the beauty industry for its colourism. It’s now time for the beauty industry to start accepting you in your entirety.

Remember when you wanted to try that foundation that only came in five shades and none of them suited, but you wanted it so bad that you bought it anyway?

What about the time you saved your money and travelled an hour and a half to a popular beauty counter, only to be turned away because they couldn’t cater for your skin tone? Or when you wanted to try a bronzer for the first time, but the deepest shade was too light to add warmth to your skin?

Remember when people would tell you, “but you don’t need foundation, you’ve got brown skin"? They were attempting to comfort you, but all it did was confine and limit you even further.

These are the memories that will fuel the fire to step up, stand with the Black, Indigenous and people of colour community and demand to be acknowledged. 

You can watch more of Ruchi's story in her Global Shades video below...

Trust me, there's a glimmer of light at what seems like a never-ending tunnel.

There are people in charge of brands who understand your worth and want to create a new industry where the BIPOC community are of significance.

You are wanted, welcomed and understood.

Your brown skin is not a burden.

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ruchi pageruchi page

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