I Used to Get Mean Comments About My Makeup - Now, My Features Are 'Trending'

kaydee kyle-taylorkaydee kyle-taylor

You might recognise Kaydee Kyle-Taylor (@ithinksheafreak) as a First Nations Makeup Artist. The proud Wakka Wakka, Birri Gubba and Ngati Porou, Ngati Kahungunu woman is also lending her voice to the Global Shades campaign calling for inclusivity in the beauty industry through acquiring all globally available complexion shades. Keep scrolling for Kaydee's letter to her younger self...


To young Kaydee,

I am writing to you at the ripe old age of 24 (almost 25, our favourite number).

There are some things I want to tell you about how the next few years are going to play out. No need to worry, because spoiler: our life is incredible.

I wake up every morning looking around our apartment - some days, in disbelief of the life we've created for ourselves.

When you grow up, you'll turn the curiosity for makeup you found as a tomboy looking for a way to express yourself through your artistic lens into a career. It's pretty cool how you've taken your skills off the canvas and turned it into a job.

You’re a chameleon. You suit everything. So continue to explore and use that to your advantage. And just like everything else you do, you'll personalise it, represent and stand out from the rest.

We're ticking off our goals along the way, and everything you dream about happens and more. Like, way more!

Part of that comes from having to be resourceful, like how you used to use colourful eye makeup and bright lipsticks to cover up the terrible ‘casket ready’ foundation shades available to you.

You went about your day without questioning the lack of inclusive makeup shades because, unfortunately, Black, Indigenous and people of colour like us are conditioned to feel inherently excluded and under-catered for within society.

Somehow, you always have and always will continue to make the most of things and dig for the positives in life.

(A note on the shade range thing, don't worry too much because it's slowly getting sorted. But we're not there yet. Will update you soon though lol, you can watch this video in the meantime if you're feeling alone.)

And you won't believe it, but your blue mascara and colourful lipstick choices are now ‘trendy’... which is frustrating because I know you're navigating your way through back-handed compliments and straight up mean comments about the way you look.

Those fragile people are scared by the confidence you harness and how you wield it to lift yourself and others up. Forget about them. Being yourself will attract negative glares, comments and experience, but it will also bring so much good.

And so, you should know, there is a very long and painful journey ahead of you to get to where we are today. With every positive, there will be negatives to balance you out and test your capabilities.

kaydee kyle-taylorkaydee kyle-taylor

Job interview after job interview, you'll be rejected in so many ways. Even at beauty school, and by the very industry you become trained and qualified in. Later, you'll learn these experiences were pushing you to realise you were made for something bigger and better.

Not only will you create space for yourself to make your mark in the beauty industry, but you'll continue to keep your culture and community at the forefront of everything you do.

And slowly but surely, by working to close the gap of representation, you'll become the person you searched for as a young Aboriginal/Maori girl in the world of social media and beauty.

You are that Beautiful Blak Curve Boss Woman. Lead, and they will follow and be inspired. I can't wait to see what we achieve next.

So, What's My Global Shades Foundation?

What: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF15 - A medium to full-coverage foundation that delivers a velvety, soft matte finish that'll last all day.

Why I love it:

Something I specifically look out for when I try new foundations for myself, my kit, and especially for BIPOC skin tones, is how well the colour stays true to itself after a period of time and with oxidisation.

The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation SPF15 (wearing shade 07 Sable) got the tick of approval from me.

kaydee kyle-taylorkaydee kyle-taylor

This foundation offers great coverage with only a small amount of product. It was like having the full coverage look without the layered cakey or heavy feeling.

I also wanted to test out the application and coverage by applying one side with a sponge and the other with a foundation brush, and both blended beautifully.

If you have dry to combination skin, I recommend popping on a hydrating primer or lotion before applying the foundation. The finish is more on the matte side, which is great if you have oily skin or are wanting a long-lasting foundation.

Global ShadesGlobal Shades

If you believe beauty in Australia should include everyone, sign our Global Shades digital petition today. Show your support by joining us at globalshades.org, and share your story or this YouTube video using the hashtag #StockAllShades.

Together, let’s commit to elevating the voices of Black, Indigenous and people of colour.

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