Khloé Kardashian Won't Leave The House Without Wearing This Mascara

Sometimes I ask myself whether I've written too many articles about the Kardashian-Jenner's. Then I move on and continue to investigate topics like Kendall's go-to foundation and Kim's bargain retinol serum. If you haven't succumbed yet, come and join us in the Kardashian-Jenner fan club. It's fun here, and there's strictly no hate or name-calling.

Anyway, onto my latest discovery: Khloé Kardashian's favourite mascara. If you haven't seen it yet, Khloé appeared in Vogue's latest Beauty Secrets segment, and shared some of her must-have products she uses when doing her own makeup.

Tell Me More:

Alongside some M.A.C cult classics and affordable Real Technique's brushes (the 203 Rebel Edge Brush and Setting Brush to be precise), Khloé stated that she never leaves the house without her Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara. Funnily enough, this was the first mascara I bought when I started at Adore over three and a half year ago, and it's still a favourite of mine (just look at Khloé's lashes to understand why).

  • The formula volumises, defines, lifts AND lengthens lashes for a wide-open appearance

  • The specially designed cone-shaped wand precisely coats even hard to reach lashes

  • A unique patented complex gives the lashes a shiny finish (instead of a flat matte finish)

  • This mascara has a lightweight formula that doesn't weigh down finer, sparser lashes

  • The formula isn't clumpy or flaky & is also available in a waterproof formula

Mascara Mistakes You Might Be Making:

It often starts off as love at first use, then after a couple of months, the mascara you thought was 'the one' starts to betray you. It gets flaky, or starts smudging and you can't quite work out where it all went wrong. Here are some hot tips:

Your mascara has expired. As a general rule, if you use your mascara every day, you should be replacing it every 3 months, even if there's still some left in the tube. A lot of bacteria can build up on mascara wands that you don't want near your eyes, and the formulas dry out rather quickly (which may explain the flakiness).

You're pumping air into the tube. Whatever you do, don't pump your mascara wand into the tube. This causes your mascara to dry out much quicker than it should. Instead, try swirling the wand around the tube to pick up the formula on the wand. This should prevent your mascara from prematurely drying out.

You're going for the wrong formula. A lot of people with oilier lids complain about every mascara they use smudging or causing panda eyes. Tubing mascaras are great for oilier lids as they form a 'tube' around each lash which prevents transferring. And they're easily washed off with warm water, unlike some waterproof formulas.



Love this so much!!! Makes my lashes so long and curled, I don't even need to use a eyelash curler! So nice and light on my lashes and gives them a full volume effect!

Worth the $$


I have naturally long lashes and I find this mascara to be great for lifting and separating my lashes. No clumping, easy to apply and quick to dry.

One of my faves


Absolutely love this mascara and have been through quite a few. Budge-proof and makes your lashes look so full and separated. Perfect for those with heavy straight lashes.