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Real Techniques Setting Brush

4.8 of 145 reviews


4 instalments of $4.25

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4 instalments of $4.25

Or 4 instalments of $4.25 with LEARN MORE

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Control your setting powder, highlight or contour. Real Techniques Setting Brush gives a soft, blended finish for a perfect look, whether you need a photography-ready finish or you want to look naturally beautiful all day long.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Real Techniques Setting Brush Reviews

4.8 of 145 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Using this with a loose setting powder. I actually like the way it made my makeup set. I was using a fuller stigma brush prior to this, but I was wasting a lot of the product that wasn’t needed. This brush size is picking up just the right amount for my forehead and nose area. Good buy for sure.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great entry level brush


When I was just getting into makeup I bought a lot of Real Techniques brushes. They are wonderful beginner/entry level brushes. I used this brush for touch ups mostly, and it was the type of brush I could have in a mini makeup kit in my purse and take with me everywhere for touch ups. It is the perfect size/shape because I could touch up my oily skin with face powder, then reapply some blush, bronze, highlight if I wanted. This was during my twenties.

Now I'm in my 30s and my skin and makeup style has changed a lot since I bought this brush 5 years ago. I rarely reach for it anymore. The bristles are just not thin and soft enough for what I need in a makeup brush. I have decided to invest in some higher quality (read: expensive) makeup brushes. I find this brush is just a bit too rough on my skin/makeup - i'm really prone to my makeup lifting/becoming disrupted and I find this brush does that. When i go to apply blush/bronze/highlight with it, it disrupts and moves the foundation underneath. I also find it picks up/applies powder a bit too heavy for what I like now. I really prefer a lighter wash of colours nowadays.

I highly recommend this and all Real Techniques brushes for people starting out in makeup and getting the hang of makeup brushes. If you use a lot of powders on your skin and don't have problems with your foundation lifting, this could be an excellent choice for you.
  1. Satisfied


    Using this with a loose setting powder. I actually like the way it made my makeup set. I was using a fuller stigma brush prior to this, but I was wasting a lot of the product that wasn’t needed. This brush size is picking up just the right amount for my forehead and nose area. Good buy for sure.
  2. Love this brush


    This brush is perfect for setting my undereyes and I also enjoy using it for highlighter and blush. It feels beautiful on the skin! So glad I picked it up.
  3. Great quality and mulit-use!


    So glad I picked up this brush, it's absolutely perfect for setting your concealer and applying highlighter. Love the super soft bristles too!
  4. High quality brush


    I use this for a natural highlighter look daily, the brush is so soft and great for blending gently for that delicate 'lit from within' look. Would also be perfect for applying setting powder to specific spots on the face (e.g. under the eyes).
  5. Amazing


    Good shape for setting everywhere including the under eyes and it is soft and doesn't shed even after couple years.
  6. Effective and Multipurpose


    This brush gives a lovely diffused effect with highlighter and never applies setting powder too heavily, also the perfect size for the undereye area. I bought two just because off how effective it is for both purposes. It also looks much nicer than many other affordable brushes trim other companies.
  7. Amazing for highlighter


    So easy to apply with this brush, it is 100% worth the money and so affordable!
  8. Perfect setting brush


    This brush is the perfect shape and size for setting around the contours of the face. It has soft bristles and holds up to washing. I use it for chin, nose and undereye areas, it's especially well suited to the undereyes. Highly recommend.
  9. Perfect for highlighter


    I use this brush to apply my highlighter and its the perfect size and density. Works well with both powder and cream highlighters.
  10. great brush


    Super soft, and perfect size for under the eyes. can be used as a highlighter brush also. ive used this brush in so many areas of my face and it works well. also great for collar bone contour or highlight
  11. Great value


    Perfect for my highlight! Great value brush :)
  12. Great brush!


    The perfect multipurpose brush!! :)
  13. great brush


    really good for the under eye area
  14. Good brush


    I love this brush for powder under eye area and apply highlight. Good quality brush and good price.
  15. Fav brush of all time?


    This might be my favourite makeup brush of all time! I use to apply powder under my eyes and any little areas I need to keep shine free. It’s a great size and super soft.
  16. Awesome brush for cream products


    I love this brush! I have one in pro makeup kit as well as one for myself.
    It's a great size for all areas of the face. I use it to apply concealer or foundation and then cream or liquid blush, highlight. You can easily contour with it too!
    Have the brush already with a little product on it helps it to glide over the face.
    I also use it to set with powder too. It's a great multi-...
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  17. Great entry level brush


    When I was just getting into makeup I bought a lot of Real Techniques brushes. They are wonderful beginner/entry level brushes. I used this brush for touch ups mostly, and it was the type of brush I could have in a mini makeup kit in my purse and take with me everywhere for touch ups. It is the perfect size/shape because I could touch up my oily skin with face powder, then reapply some blush, bro...
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  18. Such a good brush


    I use this brush for everything!!!! It's the perfect size and texture :))
  19. Very useful


    This brush is great. It can be used to apply any powder products on the face. It’s not too big but just big enough for areas like under the eyes or around the nose. A great value product.
  20. The best!!


    I have so many Real Techniques brushes but this is the one I reach for the most. It’s a great size and is super versatile. I use it for just about everything, foundation, blush, setting, highlighter. Definitely my holy grail brush!
  21. Great brush


    I love the quality of this brush, can normally find it on sale as well so it’s a really good price. I use this brush to set my concealer under my eyes and it’s also fantastic for highlighting. Great price great brush great quality
  22. Multi Use


    I finally purchased this cos they changed It from that horrific hot pink colour before and I now have a few of these! So multi purpose, I use it to apply primer, concealer, sometimes foundation, cream cheek products and powder products as well. Great so for many things! I just wish the RT brand made brushes with skinnier handles cos they take up so much space which they don't need to.
  23. Great for setting and highlighting


    This brush size is the perfect size for precise application of setting powder and highlighting! Its soft bristles blends powder well giving a lovely seamless finish
  24. Creates a great finish


    Great finishing brush. Picks up just the right amount of powder and is small enough to allow you to apply it just to the areas you want.
  25. Versatile brush

    RT setting brush

    I really enjoy this brush. I use to use it for highlighter but now use it to set the Undereye. Lovely and soft. RT are a good mid range brush brand
  26. An all time fav


    This is one of my all time favourite brushes. It’s the perfect highlighting brush, and I also really love it personally to add loose powder under my eye to set my concealer!
  27. Favourite Brush!


    I really love this brush. It's a great all around brush for highlighting and concealing. The bristles are super soft and easy to clean.
  28. My favourite brush


    I love this brush so much I have three of them... they’re so versatile to use for concealer, powder, highlighter, any cream product and the smaller size makes it easy to blend smaller areas. I’ve had mine for years and it’s still in perfect condition, they just need to be taken care of when washing them.
  29. heaps good


    The best brush! so soft and feels lovely on the skin. Does wonders!
  30. Great brush


    I love RT brushes, they are high quality and quite affordable. This one I use every single time I do my makeup. I use it specifically to apply my undereye powder concealer and also to set my eyeshadow primer. It can get a bit scratchy after a few years of washing though.
  31. super sized super soft


    This brush is petite, super soft, and fits well on all the contours of my face, especially the under eye area.
  32. Love!


    This is the best brush for setting your under eyes or smaller areas of your face with powder! It's so soft and the perfect size and shape for maximum control. It also works beautifully to apply highlighter!
  33. So soft and fluffy


    This is a great setting brush! I love using this to set under my eyes as well as applying highlighter!!
  34. The perfect brush to apply powder highlighter!


    I use this brush to apply my powder highlighter and it blends the highlighter perfectly! It is also the perfect size to apply highlighter to all the necessary contours.
  35. Nice


    I love using this to set my under eyes and I also use it to apply my highlighter. Does a great job
  36. Best under eye setting brush


    I love this brush and wont use any other. I've tried many but always come back to this one!
    It picks up enough product, but also blends it so well.
  37. Amazing!


    This is a great brush, I love using it as a highlighter and using it to set under eye concealer.
  38. very effective for highlighter


    it is by far the best brush to apply highlighter with. very convenient for dusting lose shimmers and baked highlighters on the face. soft brush
  39. Great


    This works really well at setting powder on my under eyes
  40. so soft


    i use this brush for highlighter and it’s great, super soft and works like a treat !! and really good quality for the price
  41. Love all my real techniques brushes!


    I love all my RT brushes, including this brush. It works as a wonderful setting brush! The bristles are nice and soft and works great!
  42. Perfect highlighter brush


    This is one of my all time favourite brushes. It’s the perfect highlighting brush, and I also really love it personally to add loose powder under my eye to set my concealer!
  43. A multi-tasking must-have.


    I have a bunch of Real Techniques brushes, but I think this is the one I reach for the most. As others have said, it's the perfect size and shape for setting concealer under the eyes, and the bristles are very soft.

    It's neither too dense nor too spare for dispersing a fine mist of powder, and for this reason I also use this brush for highlighting powder, contour under the cheekbones...
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  44. good brush


    The brush is good. Blends well but isnt so amazing. Good for everyday,natural looks
  45. Great


    I use this under the eyes to set with powder and it works great
  46. THE best under eye setting brush


    This is the perfect under eye setting brush! I have like 4 backups of this just because. It is the perfect size and spreads product and powder perfectly. Cannot be without!
  47. Recommend for under the eyes


    It was smaller than I expected but the brush works well for applying and setting powder under the eyes. Great size for travel or to keep in your handbag,
  48. Obsessed with this brush

    I buy too much makeup

    As someone who owns many very expensive brushes and brush sets, I can confidently say this is one of the best brushes out there. It's soft, the shape and size are perfect, it doesn't shed, it cleans well. I'm obsessed.

    This brush is the perfect size, shape and texture for setting under eyes, and a light finish of powder on selected spots around the t zone. It can also be used for all-...
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  49. Best setting brush


    I use this to set my concealer with powder and it works perfectly. I wouldn’t consider any other brush for the job.
  50. PERFECT Highlight brush


    I have had this brush for years now and is the best highlight brush I have tried since buying it! Would also be great for setting under eye area.
  51. One of my favourites


    One of my favourite brushes. I actually have a few in my collection. Great for setting under the eyes, and also a good size for highlighter. Good quality and doesn't shed.
  52. Your under eye's best friend


    The shape and size of this brush is absolutely amazing for SETTING your under eyes. Super soft and great for brushing away any powder from baking. HIGHLY recommend
  53. Favourite Brush!


    This is my current favourite brush to set the make up. I have dry skin, so I definitely do not want to powder my whole face. Therefore, I really like the fact that the brush has a small head which means that I can be precise with my powder application. It is the perfect size to set the under eye concealer!
  54. must have for the kit


    super soft bristles and picks up product beautifully. I use it for setting powder under eyes and nose but also for highlight too as it packs it on perfectly
  55. My favourite brush


    I use this brush to set my eyelids and under eye area with powder. No other brush compares to this one.
  56. Perfect size for under-eyes!

    Zara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I loooove this brush for setting the under-eyes! It also the perfect size and density to set those areas of the face that you don't want to be shiny. I've been using it for around a month now and I've had 1-2 bristles fall out but that's completely normal for a brand new brush! Plus it's pink and cute so it's a win-win.
  57. Love this brush, and can't beat it for the price.

    Emma C

    I use this product daily and don't know how I ever lived without it. I love a satin-to-dewy foundation so this is perfect for applying pressed powder to only where I need it (i.e. setting under eye concealer or across the oily t-zone). I also use it to blend and buff out the edges of my eyeshadow, or to smooth our any eye shadow creasing after a day of wear. It's petite size also makes it easy to ...
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  58. The best for everything but setting


    This is one of my favorite brushes despite that fact that I use it for everything other than setting. I own two (one for my powders, one for creams/liquids) and use it for concealer, highlighter, cream contours, priming and sometimes moisturisers mixed with oils. Definitely one to have in your collection, they wash up really well too.
  59. Highlight Fav


    I use this brush for highlighter and have done for years now, love it!
  60. My secret to Foolproof highlighting


    I loved this brush so much I bought two! One for my liquid highlighter and one for powder. It just glides the product onto your skin helping achieve foolproof application. Also great if your using a setting powder under your eyes or contouring the nose with a powder or cream product. Cleans really well with Dr Bronners Castille Soap. Love this brush!
  61. Great brush!


    I bought this for setting my under eye area and now I'm going to purchase another one for applying my highlighter. It is very soft, picks up product well and after I clean it, it is as good as new. Amazing value for money!
  62. Amazing brush


    Purchased this brush to travel with as I didn’t want to take my good brushes and wow this brush is so soft and amazing to use .
  63. Great brush!


    Very affordable and blends product out so well!
  64. great brush


    This brush is the perfect size for setting under eye concealer. It can also be used to highlight the top of your cheekbones. I would recommend using it with any loose powders. It also easy to wash and dries in no time.
  65. Great value


    I love the Real Techniques brushes. Great quality for a relatively low price. This brush is nice and soft.
  66. soft and perfect size


    Multi-purpose brush, perfect for under eye setting, highlighting or even a big fluffy crease brush to blend out eyeshadow.
    Need this in your life
  67. Versatile & effective


    This brush can be used to set the under eyes & to apply highlighter. This brush only picks up very small amounts of product so you may need to apply a few layers to get the desired coverage. He brush head his small & precise that you can get a very neat application.
    The packaging claims it can be used with liquids but I have only tried powders. Like all real techniques brushes you will exper...
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  68. Perfect size


    Perfect size for using to set baking powder under eye area!
  69. Best


    This is the best setting brush. I wish there was a version that wasn’t fluorescent pink- but it works very well.
  70. So good!


    This is my all time favourite setting brush for under eyes! It is the perfect size and so soft!
  71. So fluffy


    So fluffy and soft! I use this for highlighting and I absolutely adore it. Such a great quality brush
  72. Good highlighter brush


    Love this brush for applying highlighter. It picks up a good amount of product and is a nice shape to apply smaller amounts of makeup.
  73. Great for setting powder


    Perfect for using with powder especially under the eyes! I haven't found a brush that does this better. It picks up the smallest amount so you can build coverage or use to just blot away oil that has appeared throughout the day.
  74. PERFECT setting brush for powder


    It has super soft bristles and small enough that I don’t tend to over apply powder and get a cakey look, still looking glowy but not greasy with my makeup feeling set.
  75. Great all rounder!


    I’m very new to make up, but I love the way this brush applies highlighter. It doesn’t pick up too much product but gives heaps of payoff when applying. Great for beginners. :)
  76. great little brush


    I love this brand.
    i use this partucular brush for highlighter / setting under eyes / and sometimes blush depending on what im doing with my makeup.
    definitely a universal brand and quality is up there..
    I only ever used napoleon brushes but i do not mind real techniques..
  77. Cult favourite


    I love this brush for setting my under eye concealer. Been a real techniques fan for years. There brushes are amazing
  78. Super soft


    I used this brush for a long time to set my under eye concealer. It's super soft and the perfect size to fit under the eye area. However... over time I realised that because the bristles are synthetic, the bristles aren't as fine as natural hair, and no matter how gentle I was when powdering my under eye area, the brush would pick up concealer and lessen my coverage. I have dark under eye circles,...
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  79. My go to for setting under eyes


    This is my number one go to brush for setting my makeup under eyes! Lovely soft bristles!!
  80. Lovely brush for the price


    Super soft, feels lovely on the skin, really good quality for the price. I'm using it for setting powder (under eyes, around nose, all over the face) and it's the perfect size.
  81. Loving my new brush


    Works great! Noticed an improvement in my eye make up with using this brush
  82. Cream or powder favourite


    Bought this brush on a whim and so glad I did. I use it whether I'm applying creams or powders, and love it especially for highlighter.



  84. For highlighters


    this brush is great for applying highlighters and also to apply powder under eyes. its size is just so perfect that it gets under the eye area and sets the powder.
  85. Does the job


    Like most RT brushes, this is a good quality brush. I use it mostly for setting my undereye and my eyelid primer and it does the job well. After some 3 or so years, however, it has started to feel a bit scratchy so it might not be as long lasting as their other brushes.
  86. Great brush!


    I use this to set under my eyes and my eyelids. It's a great brush that can be used to highlight also. I clean my brushes quite a lot and this one comes back to life after I clean it! No stray fibres, very soft too. I'm going to purchase another one, so I'm sold!
  87. Favourite setting and highlighting brush!


    This is my favourite setting brush for baking underneath my eyes and highlighting! The bristles are super soft and easily glides the product onto my face. I highly recommend this to anyone!
  88. versatile


    amazing brush that can be used for multiple things. perfect for highlighting aswell as setting the face or dusting of a bake.
  89. Perfect for highlighters


    I use this as my highlighter brush, it’s so soft and works so well it would also work perfectly as an under eye setting brush
  90. most versatile brush


    i use this brush only to do my makeup in most days. i use this to set my face, put on blush and highlighter. fast and convenient! i love it
  91. So fluffy


    The only brushes I’ll use! They are so fluffy and soft and work so well with makeup applications
  92. Love It


    I use this brush for with setting powder to set my eyelids and under eyes. Also use it for highlighter. It's the perfect size and shape
  93. Great for multiple uses!


    I own multiple of this brush because it is so vesatile! I love it for setting under the eyes, but I also find it to be the best highlighter brush!
  94. Love love love!


    I love this little brush
  95. Great Brush


    I love all of the Real Techniques Brushes. For the price, they are very good quality. This brush is great for dusting highlighter, or for baking.
  96. Great Brush


    I use this brush to dust away my setting powder from underneath my eyes, works well and super soft bristles. Also works really well with highlighter.
  97. Very nice brush


    This brush really is awesome for highlighting and also setting powder under the eyes as it’s precise. After applying highlight on my cheekbones though, I still prefer to use my finger to make sure the highlighter is blended well and looks natural as the brush is too soft to blend it into the skin.
  98. Great highlight brush


    This brush is the perfect side and shape for dusting a little shimmer along the cheekbones and nose. Picks up a lot of product and disperses it evenly. Super soft too.
  99. Perfect for Highlighting


    I use the brush for applying highlight. It's a great size with nice, soft bristles, perfect for precision application of highlighter!
  100. love it


    I've tried a few different brushes for highlighting but this is the best, it grabs the powder well and distributes evenly where ever I put it, can't recommend highly enough, remember to shake the excess off before using
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