How-To: Build The Ultimate Brush Wardrobe

Something that has always baffled me when it comes to makeup, is what brushes I should be using for what. In recent times I just gave up and opted for a blending sponge.

That was until Vanessa, our resident makeup artist, gave me her insider tips on brushes – so I thought, why not share her insight with you…


Powder Brush

Vanessa recommends: Nude By Nature Finishing Brush 05

Nude by Nature has fantastic quality brushes. The bristles on the Nude brushes are made with high-quality synthetic fibres, which feel so soft and gentle on the skin. This brush is perfect for any powder product that needs to cover a large area. This brush sweeps beautifully all over the face and leaves an airbrush finish.

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Contouring Brush

Vanessa recommends: Nude By Nature Angled Blush Brush 06

This brush has slightly firmer bristles, but it’s as soft as any other Nude By Nature brush. The design of this brush makes it the ideal shape for gliding over the contours of the face. This one is perfect for contouring, bronzing and applying blush.

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Foundation Brush

Vanessa recommends: Kryolan Smoothing Brush #3

The Kryolan Smoothing Brush is a flat top buffing brush, which is designed for applying liquid foundations or any other liquid product that needs to cover a larger area. It provides a full flawless finish with any foundation.

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Lip Brush

Vanessa recommends: Kryolan Premium Lip Brush Pointed

This brush is perfect for a really precise lip application. It’s also designed not to build up product, which means you waste less product. This brush is also perfect if you’d like to clean up the edges of your brows (or lip line) using a concealer.

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Eyeliner Brush

Vanessa recommends: Sigma E11 – Eye Liner Brush

Personally, I like a really fine pointed brush for my eyeliner. With this brush, it gives me steady control over the brush and helps me create the perfect wing. This brush is made with SigmaTech Fibers – these fibres are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

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Eyeshadow Brush

Vanessa recommends: Sigma E40 – Tapered Blending

This is my all time favourite eye blending brush. It blends out the eyeshadow effortlessly and is gentle on the eyes. You could also use this brush on the high points of your face to highlight. The hair from this brush is stronger than animal hair, and created to retain its shape and to maximise durability.

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Setting brush

Vanessa recommends: Real Techniques Setting Brush

I love using this brush to set RCMA No colour powder under the eyes, or any smaller areas that my Nude By Nature finishing brush might not be able to reach. It glides across the skin so smoothly under the eyes and the bristle is really soft, and won’t irritate!It’s made with super-soft Taklon bristles.This brush is fantastic for highlighting the high points of the face, it distribute the product evenly.

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