What Do We Really Think About This Frizz-Smoothing Brush?

As someone with dead straight natural hair, I admire those who flaunt their natural curls (and wish that I too had curly strands) - BUT everyone wants what they don't have, right?

Curly hair isn't a walk in the park. It can be incredibly hard to manage, and not to mention temperamental. But when you're used to having so much volume, a dead straight sleek style might not be your vibe - and it also might be too hard to achieve without little flyaways around your hairline.

So, if you've got unwanted frizz, or you just want to softly smooth out your curls into more of a bouncy blow wave, ghd's Glide Professional Hot Brush might be made for you.

Tell Me More:

This heated brush is designed to tame and smooth the hair quickly - eliminating frizz, while retaining some body and natural movement in thicker, curlier hair types.

  • It's great for second-day styling & refreshing existing styles like blowwaves

  • It tames unwanted frizz, leaving the hair looking glossy

  • The Glide Professional Hot Brush features ceramic & ionic technology for optimum smoothing

  • The brush has a combination of high density short and long bristles

  • It heats up to 185ºC, limiting excessive heat damage on the hair during styling

How Do You Use The Glide Professional Hot Brush?

The best thing about this styler is that you can take larger sections of hair to be styled at once, making it ideal for thicker, hard to style hair that'd usually need to be sectioned into tiny handfuls to get a smooth result.

Firstly, ensure you've prepped your hair with a heat protectant - this tool heats to 185ºC (which is less damaging than some tools that go to 210ºC, but you should still protect your hair pre-styling).

  • Place the hot brush under a section, about an inch deep, with the bristles of the brush facing upwards

  • Smooth the brush slowly through the hair, gliding it down the section of hair to the ends

  • Repeat on the same section of hair, with the bristles facing towards your head

What Kind Of Result Can I Expect?

It's important to note that while this tool is designed for smoothing, it's not a straightener. Yes, it will give you a straighter, smoother style, but if you're looking for an absolutely dead straight finish, you're better off opting for a ghd platinum +.

So what can you expect from using the Glide Professional Hot Brush?

Defined curls with frizz: a blowout style finish still with natural movement and body, with minimal frizz.

Boofy, frizzy hair without defined curls: smoothed out frizz still with fullness & volume

Straight to wavy hair with some frizz: an almost straightened result, with no frizz

What's Everyone Saying About It?

Game changer


I have super thick and long Filipino hair. This GHD glide brush is a game changer for me. Instead of taking the time to straighten my hair with a straighter which takes so long that I often just stick my hair up in a mum bun. I haven’t done that since I’ve had this GHD glide brush. It’s so quick and easy to use in the morning. The result is not as slick as the straightener for me, it’s more a fres...
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Quick and fast


I love this hot brush! It was actually an impulse buy as my GHD straightener was starting to die (had it for 10+ years) and I decided to give this a go. I have thick, oily and frizzy hair and boy oh boy does this hot brush help that frizz! It smooths and adds serious shine, all in a few minutes. It’s not great if you’re after an extremely slick and straight look but I personally prefer the fuller ...
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Love it


I have thick, frizzy shoulder length hair and the only time it ever looked nice was after a professional blow dry. Even my GHD straighteners won’t do the job. But this brush is amazing! I can my wash my hair in the evening, let it dry naturally overnight, wake with with a mass of curls and frizz, put the brush through it and ten minutes later I have smooth straight hair with no frizz. Love it!