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ghd Platinum+ Black

4.6 of 42 reviews


4 instalments of $87.50

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4 instalments of $87.50

Or 4 instalments of $87.50 with LEARN MORE

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A smart, precise hair styler to straighten and wave your hair without excess damage. Black colour. 

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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ghd Platinum+ Black

ghd Platinum+ Black

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ghd Platinum+ Black Reviews

4.6 of 42 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth the money


This straightener is everything! It goes beyond doing the job in every aspect. It heats up fast, is really simple to use, and style hair with, and the overall quality and feel of the straightener is perfect. It always leaves my hair really straight, and beautifully sleek, with no frizz. I would absolutely recommend this.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not as good as the original


This isn't as good as my old faithful GHD from 10 years ago but still does a decent job - the product quality is still A1
  1. Worth the money


    This straightener is everything! It goes beyond doing the job in every aspect. It heats up fast, is really simple to use, and style hair with, and the overall quality and feel of the straightener is perfect. It always leaves my hair really straight, and beautifully sleek, with no frizz. I would absolutely recommend this.
  2. Finally took the GHD plunge - it did not disappoint!


    I had never owned a GHD straightener before - I'd always made do with straighteners in the the $50-$80 price range that did the job but were nothing special. After my most recent straightener died I decided to finally take the plunge and try a GHD straightener. I was apprehensive about it only heating to 185 degrees, as my hair is quick think and I've typically used temperatures of 200+ degrees. T...
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  3. What I have been longing For!!


    verified purchaser
    so I have stubborn but straight wonky hair - sometimes I think it has a mind of its own.... Until I bought this straightener. Firstly My hair is still in great condition, Secondly without apply holding products my hair stay styled until I wash it..... Where have you been all my life.
  4. LOVE IT


    So I brought this for myself as a birthday gift and I've got to say I love. It expensive but its one of those item that is worth the money. I have really long and curly hair. I needed one that makes my life easier. Makes my hair sleek and smooth.
  5. Great for smooth straight & wavy looks


    Expensive but makes my hair so sleek and smooth so definitely don't regret the investment. Heats up almost instantly & includes a very long cord!
  6. So good!!!


    This is suchhh an incredible hair straightener, I have frizzy, curly hair and it worked like a charm. Best one I've ever used!!! :))
  7. worth it


    I got this straightener as a present and I really love it, it straightens my hair and doesn't make it feel dry door stop. I really like how it doesn't get too hot like some cheaper straightener, so this won't damage your hair. I also really like the automatic turn off function in case you forget to turn it off which is super handy
  8. Not as good as the original


    This isn't as good as my old faithful GHD from 10 years ago but still does a decent job - the product quality is still A1
  9. Ghd has done it again


    Another amazing hair styler from the fabulous Ghd! Works way faster than my old thick plated Ghd that I bought 7 years ago, doesn’t damage my hair, looks amazing, what more can I ask for!? Highly recommend this amazing hair styler
  10. Good but probably overkill for me


    This is a great product but if and when it eventually dies, I will probably replace it with something cheaper. It hasn't let me down and there are lots of things I love about it - super smooth, fast heat up and I actually like the single heat setting - its the max that's safe for most hair so its a good level. It's overkill for me thought because I haven't really used it that often and I could pro...
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  11. Opt for a different straightener


    I was given this straightener as a replacement from GHD as the thermostat kept giving out on my previous models, I really wish I wasn’t given this one as it absolutely horrible it rips my hair out as I’m straightening it gets caught in between the plates and it just frys my hair I honestly have never had such frizzy unruly hair before using this model it really isn’t worth the price tag
  12. Love it


    Love this straightener. It’s the first GHD I’ve owned so it’s a world away from others. No risk of burning neck which is great cos I’ve got shoulder length hair. Heats up fast and my hair seems to be fine after using it. Others I always felt like it was singeing my hair.
  13. Amazing


    best hair straightener i’ve ever owned
  14. The best!


    High tech straightener that straightens hair and makes it look smooth and glossy. Love the sleek design and that it switches off automatically after 30 mins.
  15. As good as advertised


    A really great product, definitely a step up from pervous older versions. My hair certainly feels softer and in better condition even with daily use - something that previous straighteners haven’t managed.
  16. Great hair days


    I’ve been using GHD for products for years and love them. I’ve tried other brands but keep coming back. Was given the platinum straightener as a gift and I love it. Haven’t noticed a huge difference between this and the standard one but it’s great for curly or straight styles.
  17. Best hair straightener


    This is the best hair straightener on the market. Effective, fast and easy to use. One pass is usually enough without having to go over hair multiple times and waste time. Does not burn your hands when using it which is an added bonus. Well worth the money and this is a superior product to all other straighteners on the market.
  18. Happy with decision


    I was really undecided whether to continue buying GHD straighteners but I am 100% glad I did! Super light weight, easy to use, especially for curls which is how I style my hair almost every day! Worth the money!
  19. So quick and easy


    I bought this over the ghd glide as I figured I could use it for both curls and to straighten and it is just amazing! Doesn’t burn my hand like my old ghd and is so lightweight, easy to use and super quick! I have medium length and medium thickness hair and I can curl my hair in less than half an hour and straighten my hair in 10 mins using this! Hands down the best hair straightener I’ve owned
  20. So good for curling


    I love this tool so much, the rounded edges make it perfect to curl hair. The plates keep my hair smooth and silky! Love GHD products especially their straighteners.
  21. Was expecting more


    It does the job but cannot say that I'll be buying again if need be. I can always go for a cheaper which will just do the same job.
  22. Major upgrade


    I finally upgraded my GHD that was probably 10 years old, and I could not be happier! Sleek smooth result that last days with only minor touch ups needed in the morning after a shower or exercise. Heats up ridiculously fast. Can't fault it!
  23. The best


    You really can't go past this straightener. It's simple to use and effortlessly straightens, curls, crimps, you name it. Heats quickly and glides through my hair.
  24. GHD forever


    I cannot rate it highly enough. It works so well with my thick, long hair, styling it quickly and at the perfect temperature. I've owned many GHD's and ill stay loyal forever.
  25. Love this styler!


    Love this product! The plates heat up super fast and automatically turn off when not in use. The design is very sleek and is easy to clean.
  26. I will only buy GHD


    The platinum straightener glides over my hair effortlessly without causing any breakage. I have thick wavy hair but the ghd gets perfect results. I wouldn’t use another brand.
  27. Straightener


    I had an old GHD for many years and have upgraded to the platinum and absolutely love it! I have thick wavy hair and this makes my hair so straight and silky smooth!
  28. Worth upgrading your old ghd


    It was absolutely worth upgrading my old (and still working) ghd for the platinum+. The new straightener is light and easy to handle, hair doesn't snag and runs smoothly through the plates. It took fewer passes to straighten hair, and also didn't seem as hot as my old model, which is great as I'm trying to reduce breakage. My hair was smoother and glossier after the first use.
  29. YES!!



    So my GHD platinum broke after 2yr suddenly (wouldn't heat up), I was left in a situation where I didn't have a straightener. I brought this on the fly and I'm SO happy.
    I have shoulder length blonde coloured thick curly hair (african roots) and this straightener works so well for me. It eliminates the frizz, makes my hair feel soft and shiny. This is in...
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  30. Strong, sexy scent


    Love this scent, fell in love with it after a taster in the shop then brought it. It is strong and bold so I wear it when I'm going out or want to make a statement. It does last a good few hours too which I find is a problem with a lot of perfumes.
    It's costly but I think its worth it, it has so far lasted me a good 6 months with 2-3x week usage.
  31. ghd.... Worth every cent!


    This is by far my favorite hair straightener. They have updated the new technology so that the heat is evenly distributed throughout your hair. Which in turn cuts the straightening time in half and less damage to your hair. Makes it so soft and straight. Highly recommend!!
  32. Silky smooth hair


    Love this for smoothing out my hair, but find it hard to get a good curl with it, so definitely made for straightening.


    This straightener has a built-in system which detects your hair type and adjusts its heat settings accordingly, which gives you straight, shiny hair in a matter of seconds. Even though my hair is bleached, dry and damaged, this straightener makes it look super healthy with no split or frizzy ends.
  34. Worth the $ for good hair every day


    I am very late to the heat styling party and previously started with a cheap heat styler that fried my hair. In comparison this is a dream! Beautiful smooth plates, heats up in record time and actually really helps with second day hair. I use it to add volume through waves / curls in my very fine straight hair - previously never possible - and it is so much easier to manoeuvre (the cord is long an...
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  35. Not worth it


    I curl and straighten my hair a lot and was recommended ghd as they are the best in the market. I have to disagree. It works well and it's a good straightener but it's just not worth the price. I've bought other stylers for a quarter of the price that work just as well
  36. Cheap straighteners really suck!


    I had been using cheap straighteners my entire life, and finally decided to take the leap & spoil myself with a good one. My gosh do I wish I did it earlier!
    I had no idea they would be so different! The cheap straightener used to rip through my hair & pull it out, the ghd glides straight though with no pulling & no hair loss, my hair is smooth & shiny and I absolutely love using the ghd!!!
  37. Not like the old GHD's


    I used to love my old GHD, but when it finally broke I was committed to investing in another one! This one is okay, look, nothing fantastic, though the heat doesnt get too hot which is meant to be better for your hair, but my theory is - you're already destroying it by straightening it so an extra few degrees won't hurt me. Your hair is left soft after, but it isnt the same GHD I am used to. Will ...
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  38. Love everything about it


    I have extremely thick curly hair, this is so lite and easy to use. It just glides through my hair.
    I love how the cord swivels makes getting to tricky places easier.
  39. Love everything about this


    I have extremely thick curly hair. It’s lite and so way to use. I love the swivel cord it gets to the tricky places easily.
    It glides through my hair I love it
  40. Worth every cent


    I have extremely thick curly hair. This is so lite, the swivel cord makes it so easy to get to those tricky spots. It heats up quickly and glides through my hair with ease.
    I’m so glad I purchased this worth every cent.
  41. Great product


    I've been using GHD for years and have never been tempted to try anything else. They just work well, look professional and last for years! If you want something with controllable heat settings this isn't the product for you though, the default setting is quite hot.


    GHD does not disappoint with its latest model, and the straightener is worth every cent in my opinion! I upgraded after my previous hair straightener broke and I couldn't be happier with the results. Heats up quickly, and hair is left silky and not damaged like most cheaper stylers. It also provides very even heat and I feel like my time in the bathroom has been reduced!
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