Let Me Show You How This $89 Auto Curling Wand Literally Does Your Hair for You

mermade spin reviewmermade spin review

There are two types of people in this world.

People who can curl their hair with their eyes closed. And the rest of us, who would rather parallel park in peak-hour traffic than attempt manoeuvring a curling wand.

If the later resonates with you, get keen because I've found what is, without a doubt, the easiest curling tool I've ever tried.

What Is the Mermade Spin?

Mermade Hair Spin Curler Black 25mm is an auto hair curler. Having vivid flashbacks of getting your hair sucked into a 90s hair braider? Stay with me.

Your hair won't get stuck in this $89 rotating curling wand. In fact, the tool actually does your hair for you. I know. So thoughtful.

This 25mm ceramic wand with ionic plates spins 360 degrees left and right, rotating your hair around the barrel for perfectly glossy waves, every time. Think: the motion of an Airwrap, but without the air (and degree of difficulty).

Mermade Spin also has variable temperature settings between 100-200 degrees, a cool tip you can hold onto when styling, and it comes with a heat protection glove.

How to Curl Your Hair Using Mermade Spin.

Promise I'm not bullsh*tting you, this automatic curling wand is super easy to use.

Watch my Mermade Spin tutorial video to see how it works, or follow the steps below:

1. Gently brush clean, dry hair to remove any knots, then section and secure the top half with Mermade Hair Grip Clips or a hair tie.

2. Apply a heat protectant spray - Mermade Hair Mist is a great budget option.

3. Grab a section of hair to curl (larger sections = larger, looser waves and smaller sections = tighter curls). Hold the wand with the buttons facing away from you and press down on the clamp to open it and secure the section of hair at the base of the wand, leaving about an inch on the end that will remain straight.

4. Press the left or right button and hold down to rotate the wand, curling the section of hair around the barrel and away from your face. Hot tip: Press 'L' when curling the right side of your head, and 'R' when curling the left.

5. Lift your finger off the button before the wand reaches too close to your scalp and hold the curl for around 10 seconds.

6. Release the curl by pressing down on the clamp. Press the 'set' button to bring the wand back to the starting position, then repeat until your whole head is waved.

7. Brush your curls out using fingers or a wide-tooth comb for a tousled look or a brush for a glossier finish. Set with your chosen styling product and go live your life!

Here's my Mermade Spin before and after shots. This look took about 10 minutes on my short hair, which left me with plenty of time to attempt (and inevitably stuff up) a winged eyeliner afterwards.

mermade spin before and aftermermade spin before and after

Final verdict on this auto curling wand?

This is a very nifty hair tool for anyone (like me) who wants quick, easy waves, without the effort. The affordable price tag is also quite lovely.

If you can already wave your hair in 12 seconds with your current curling wand, you probably don't need the Mermade Spin. But it's OK to want it.

You can learn more about different types of curling wands in our 'Top 5 Curling Wands' YouTube video below!

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