After Years of Trial and Error, Here's How I Add Texture and Volume to My Asian Hair

dyson airwrapdyson airwrap

When it comes to beauty, some people spend most of their time and money on skin care. For me, it's my hair.

In its natural state, my hair dries really straight. Like, poker straight. Some may say I’m lucky, but I’d do anything to have naturally bouncy hair full of texture and volume!

Something about always wanting what we don't have, right?

Asian hair typically looks straighter than Caucasian or Afro hair because it features wider cuticle cells. When you see a cross-section of Asian hair, it looks round, whereas Caucasian hair appears more oval. This cuticle shape makes Asian hair like mine appear thicker, but it also makes it harder to add and hold onto shape and texture.

One of the best ways to boost texture and volume in Asian hair is with a bunch of hot tools and hair styling products. But... which hot tool? And what's the best product for Asian hair?

As a beauty editor, I've been lucky to trial hundreds of products over the years so I can tell you which ones work. I also think I've nailed my blow wave look.

So, here are the products, tips and tricks I use to boost texture and volume.

How to Add Volume to Asian Hair.

To get my look, you’ll need three products:

I’ve tried many hairdryers, styling tools and hair sprays, but I continually go back to these three products.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is pretty lightweight and easy to use, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty in my bathroom, too.

As for the Dyson Airwrap™ Styler Complete - to be completely honest, I had a hate-hate relationship with it when it first launched.

I was so used to using a curling wand or hot tong, and I couldn’t figure out how to use it. So I put it down for a few months and came back to it after watching a couple of YouTube videos… and I was hooked.

Speaking of YouTube videos, you can watch our Dyson Airwrap tutorial below!

Now, I can’t imagine my life without it and it’s so easy to create waves and curls once you learn how to do it properly. I usually use the largest curling barrels for my longer hair length.

Finally, KEVIN.MURPHY BEDROOM.HAIR is one of my favourite hair sprays because it's a fool-proof beginner's hair spray.

It’s so lightweight, but won’t make your hair look crunchy. You almost can't use too much of this product, but even if you do, it's so easy to brush out.

Kevin Murphy Bedroom HairKevin Murphy Bedroom Hair

My Fine Hair Styling Routine.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how I create a bouncy, long-lasting blow dry look.

1. After washing my hair with shampoo and a hair mask, I like to towel-dry my hair by squeezing all the water out.

2. Next, I brush my hair and rough-dry it to about 90 per cent dry with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. You’ll know when to stop when your hair looks almost dry, except for a few areas that have clumped together from dampness.

dyson hairdryerdyson hairdryer

3. I like to divide my hair into four sections - a left and a right, then a top and a bottom section - and clip it away with section clips until you’re left with one of the bottom sections.

4. In each section, I take an even smaller section (say, an inch thick) and wrap the lower third of hair around the Dyson Airwrap tool, then bring the tool up higher to my mid-lengths.

5. Repeat for all smaller sections, then larger sections, and you’re almost done. You’ve been warned - your hair will look REALLY curly after this step. Bear with me, we’re not finished yet. 

6. To boost the longevity of my look, I pin my hair up in little buns with my section clips once again as my hair cools down.

how to volume to asian hairhow to volume to asian hair

7. After 15 minutes (in this time you can make yourself some breakfast, watch some TikTok… the world is your oyster), take the clips out and shake your hair out with your fingers. The trick is to not use a hairbrush here - you don’t want to ruin all your hard work!

8. To get rid of frizz and add further hold, spray a small amount of hair spray in your mid-lengths and ends. Hold the hair spray can at least 30cm away from your hair to prevent an aggressive hit of hair spray landing in the one spot; you want the product to disperse all over your style.

And there you have it - Asian hair that boasts lots of texture and volume.

how to add volume to asian hairhow to add volume to asian hair

I typically can get two to three days of wear with these tools and techniques.

By day two, your hair will still look full of texture, and on day three, your hair still won’t look straight. Instead, it’ll have a slight bend to it.

Oh, and one more tip for you back sleepers: Try and pull your hair away from your pillow when you’re snoozing. The heat from your neck will ruin your style, quick smart.

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