I've Got Fine, Thin Hair and This Is the Only Shampoo That Doesn't Weigh It Down


As someone with thin, fine hair, I can tell you good shampoos are few and far between.

Like yes, all shampoos claim to ‘cleanse’ your hair, but if you don’t use the right kind of shampoo, it can actually leave your hair feeling dirtier than before you washed it.

Seriously, I've lost count of the number of times I’ve washed and dried my hair only to have a mini melt-down because it looked flatter and greasier than before.

If this is sounding familiar, good news: I’ve finally figured out what was wrong.

Turns out my hair doesn't have a personal vendetta against me. I was just using the wrong shampoo for fine hair. Allow me to explain...

Wait, What’s the Deal With Fine Hair and Shampoos?

Alright, so fine hair tends to get real greasy, real fast.

This means we have to wash our hair a lot more often than other hair types to avoid looking like, well, Gollum.


But washing your hair isn't always enough to keep fine hair from looking flat and slicked.

Some shampoos are packed with silicone and heavily-moisturising ingredients... which is fine if you’ve got thick, luscious locks. Love that for you. But for us fine-haired peeps, loads of heavy moisturising ingredients can weigh our locks down, resulting in hair that looks and feels flatter than an IKEA flat pack.

Bonus points: Using the wrong shampoo for fine hair can leave you with those rats tail-like greasy clumps of hair at the back. You know the ones.

For all of the reasons listed above, I’ve been on the hunt for a GOOD shampoo that: cleanses fine hair, is gentle enough to allow for frequent washes, helps strengthen to avoid split ends and breakage, and also leaves hair feeling voluminous and fab AF. 

And guys, I think I’ve found The One. Just quietly, things have gotten pretty serious.

Let me introduce you to the Kérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo for Thin Hair.   

You can get more tips and tricks for damaged hair and breakage in our YouTube video below!

My Review of Kérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo for Thin Hair.

So, you’ve probably already realised I really like this shampoo. But here's why Kérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo for Thin Hair is now the best shampoo for fine hair in my eyes.

Firstly, can we take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging? The transparent pink container tells you everything you need to know without even opening the product. It’s a lightweight shampoo, which is exactly what we're after.

Kérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant ShampooKérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo

This shampoo has a gel-like texture - if you have fine hair, you want to steer clear of anything too creamy or opaque because it generally means the formula will be heavy on the moisturising ingredients.

The hydrating formula cleanses without drying, which is really important because fine hair is prone to breakage and split ends. And when you have to wash your hair frequently, it’s important that the shampoo doesn’t strip your hair too hard. 

Before using this shampoo, my hair would get greasy about 0.03 seconds after stepping out of the shower. I couldn’t figure out why and it was just really disheartening when I already had serious hair concerns. (You can read my article on my experiences with female patterned baldness here.)

But this shampoo has 100 per cent made me feel like I finally understand my hair. It wasn’t my hair that was wrong, it was the shampoo I was using! I mean, would you look at this fresh, voluminous hair?! That OOMPF.


The product also lathers up real good and you only need a tiny amount, which means it lasts for a long time. But nobody is perfect. The scent can be a little over the top. But that’s kind of a Kérastase thing. They love big, bold, floral fragrances. Just be prepared to feel like you’re showering under a field of flowers.

Now I’ve found a good shampoo designed for my hair type and hair concerns, it’s made a huge difference to my hair health, my mental health and my water bill. It can’t get better than that! 

The Kérastase Genesis Range.

Even though the shampoo is my favourite child, Genesis is actually a whole new dual anti hair-fall haircare range from Kérastase. It has some pretty impressive stats behind it, including:

  • Reduces intense periods of hair-fall in 6 weeks^.

  • 84% less hair-fall due to breakage*.

  • Boosted hair fibre retention and strength.

The Genesis range includes shampoos for both thin and thick hair, a conditioner, masque, heat protectant, hair serum and treatment ampules. But for me, the other two stand out products from the range you’ll find in my bathroom are:

  • Kérastase Genesis Fondant Renforçateur Conditioner - Leave this in your mid-lengths and ends for two to three minutes after shampooing (be sure to avoid your roots) for hair that feels strong, soft and shiny, but not weighed down.

  • Kérastase Genesis Défense Thermique - This strengthening and hydrating treatment is my new favourite heat protectant. The milky consistency is intensely moisturising but lightweight, and is basically two products in one.

Final verdict on the Kérastase Genesis range?

If you’re noticing your hair breaking or shedding a bit more than usual, or if you’ve got fine hair like mine that gets greasy quickly, I would definitely recommend trying this shampoo and checking out the Kérastase Genesis range in general.

You're welcome.

If you’re concerned about your hair shedding, we recommend speaking to a healthcare professional.

^Cosmeto-clinical study, 99 subjects, after 6 weeks of use .

*Instrumental test on Bain Nutri-Fortifiant + Masque Reconstituant + Ampoule/Serum Aminexil.

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