Getting brave – the long and short of chopping off your locks

I am sitting in a hair salon with my pony tail in one hand and a pair of scissors in another and my hairdresser is standing behind me watching.  I have to make the first cut €“ it’€™s a cathartic sort of thing. My fingers press into the scissors and my hair falls to the floor. It’s done.

I’ve always had long hair; well, almost always. I’€™d had it cut into a bob once, but I’d never really done what I was both fascinated by and scared of all at the same time  –  I’€™d never cut it really short.

I was feminine and a particular kind of woman at first sight – I had long hair, proper long hair, below the shoulders and all! The idea of a big chop was a scary prospect but exhilarating at the same time. I didn’€™t want to live with regrets – to be sitting in a recliner rocker one day, wondering what it might have been like to lop my (now grey or blue-rinsed) locks off. So there I was, sitting in the hair salon with a pair of scissors in my hand, just two days after I threw caution to the wind and committed to the brave decision.

I didn’t tell anyone and I chose a brand new hairdresser, one that none of my friends went to. I wanted this to be all new and to really make the process my own. When clients and friends saw me after the chop there was a strong and positive reaction – it was mostly disbelief, peppered with praise at my bravery as well as accolades for my new look. Why had I not done it sooner!?

I’d become so identified with the way I looked, but getting my brave on, letting go of the safe-and-familiar, the €˜feminine hair€™, was incredibly liberating.

One of the many pros is that I now do almost nothing with my hair. I wake and it looks pretty good. My hairbrush is seriously neglected these days. Once upon a time my hair was long and fine and now it actually looks thick! All that’€™s needed after a wash is a teeny dash of a simple molding clay and a ruffle up. The cons?€™ You ask.  Well, there’€™s only one really€“ just a cooler neck in winter (but a fuzzy scarf works a treat).  I’m a changed woman indeed!

Top five short hair product picks:

O&M Queenie Hair Spray  this is great for a quick blitz to keep a sweeping fringe and ruffled up hair in place. Tip: If you have a sweeping fringe, a dose of this means you can reverse the fringe backward into a bit of a quiff!

O&M K-Gravel Texture Clay this medium hold clay means you get a little hold without looking like you have helmet hair. It gives a natural look but moulds and holds the way you want it.

KEVIN.MURPHY Gritty.Business  if you want dry and gritty hold, this is your product.  It leaves a matte finish to the hair and gives a pliable hold.

David Babaii for WildAid Fibre Molding Paste this one also avoids the stiff and stick effect of some hair products, giving you flexibility to style without your hair feeling over-done.

Evo Casual Act Molding Paste €“it’s for adding some texture, gives a light hold and leaves a matte finish.