How To: Choose The Perfect Brow Shade

A well groomed brow can will help to enhance your features, and choosing the correct shade is an important factor. Do you ever look back at old photos and cringe at your brows? I know I definitely do. If you are on your journey to the perfect brow, here are some tips to help!

Top Tip: Try not to do match your eyebrows with your hair colour, as you will look too monochromatic (with an exception). It’s safer for light hair to go for a shade one or two darker and one or two shades lighter if you have dark hair. Don’t forget it’s very complimentary to your hairs undertone.


As Blondes have softer features, you want to go for a colour and product that won’t make you look too harsh. You will want to just fill any sparse areas, and not go too crazy with the product. Shades that would compliment you are ash blonde tones and light taupe shades.

Benefit Ka-Brow! has a rich buildable colour, it’s simple to use and can easily fill in any spaces. It comes with a built in angled brush, which is perfect for travel and allows a precise application.  It’s a cream gel product that lasts up to 24 hours and is water resistant. Shade 1 is the lightest colour in the Benefit brow collection, which means it’s perfect for anyone with Platinum, Light Blonde, or Grey hair.


Auburn haired people brows are either lighter or darker than their natural hair. I’ve seen Auburn haired clients with light brown brows, red brows and blonde brows! For Auburn or Red Heads, you want something that will compliment the red in your hair. Go for shades like Ash Blonde, Caramel or Auburn.

For an easy to use product I’d suggest the Nouba Waterproof Brow Powder. This product has a tapered sponge tip, with is perfect to touch up any sparse areas in your brows, without looking like they’re too filled in. It’s a simple and easy to use product that adds volume to your brows.

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Brunettes generally have quite dark brows, therefore their brows more pronounced and prominent. You will only need to go for a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour. I’d suggest only filling in the areas that require a touch of colour, and focus most of the product towards the tail of the brow. You will also want to avoid getting a scouse brow. Go for either chestnut or ash brown.


Here is the exception! If you have black hair you can most defiantly use a black pencil. Just lightly fill it in and it won’t look too drawn on. Otherwise, if you don’t want to match go for a chocolate or dark brown. 

Garbo & Kelly’s Retractable Brow Perfection Pencil is perfect to create a natural brow. It has a very fine tip with is perfect for a more precise application and comes with a spoolie brush to groom your brow hairs with. Try shade warm brown or sable from this range.

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Final Tip: Gel brows are fantastic at taming unruly brows, and also helps your brow products stay in place. There are tinted brow gels that are perfect for someone with stray grey hairs or if you have very fair hair. 


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