Are You Using the Right Highlight For Your Skin Tone?

To achieve that ultimate glowing skin look, you want a highlighter with a vibrant finish that will also still look like a ‘glow from within’.

If your skin is lacking a naturally healthy glow, or it’s simply looking dull thanks to the dreary weather, then the right highlighter might be your solution to adding radiance, dimension, and brightness to your complexion.

As with many other makeup products, there aren’t many highlighters that are one-size-fits-all. So I’ve picked out my favourite highlighters for fair, medium and deep skin tones, so you can find the right one for you.

If you have fair skin:

I recommend: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

If you have very fair skin, opt for the lightest possible highlighter. A lot of highlighters can be too pigmented for fair skin, and might leave a peachy tone. To avoid this, go for a more pearlescent icy highlighter, as this will compliment your skin tone, and act like a ‘glow within’ rather than a blusher.

– theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is perfect for lighter skin tones

– It has a pearl finish, infused with a slight touch of gold

– Its finely milled formula glides onto the skin

– It diffuses light, which gives your skin a softer appearance.

Apply small amounts of product at a time to build up your desired look. If you go too heavy handed with this product, you may end up looking like the tin man because it’s quite pigmented!


“I have heard nothing but good reviews about this highlighter thought i would purchase the Mary Lou and it does not disappoint absolutely stunning you can wear it as a subtle highlight or a BAM in your face highlight very pigmented. A MUST in my make up bag.”

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If you have olive skin:

I recommend: Erin Bigg – Illuminating Powder 24k Peach

As medium skin tones have more of an olive undertone, you may find something like Mary-Lou too frosty on your skin. You want to amplify your natural sun-kissed glow, and lean towards highlighters with more of a peachy or gold tone.

– Erin Bigg Illuminating Powder has an ultra creamy texture

– The shade 24K Peach has a beautiful finish on medium skin tones

– You can wear it as a subtle highlight or build up for an intense glow

– Very fair skin tones can also use this shade as a light bronzer & blush


For precise application, particularly on the brow bone and down the nose, try using a small blending eye shadow brush. If you’re wanting a more intense finish, lightly spritz your brush before applying your highlighter. The dampness will intensify the effect of the product.

★★★★★ 24k GOLD!  Ronnie

“I’ve tried and tested A LOT of highlighters in my time, and this is by far my favourite highlighter I’ve ever used! The powder is so finely milled it feels so creamy on the skin. It’s beautiful also as a daily shadow! I’m just so surprised it doesn’t have the hype around it like other highlighters. It’s Erin Bigg’s best-kept secret!”

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If you have dark skin:

I recommend: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector – Rose Gold

Deeper skin tones are a little harder to find an ultimate highlighter shade for. Frosty shades will make your skin appear dull or ashy. You want to use a product that is rich in pigment and will compliment your skin tone with a subtle colour throughout the highlighter.

– A gold toned highlighter will brighten your complexion

– BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector is a rich buttery powder formula

– It has multi-toned luminescent gold undertones to reflect light

– This highlighter has a beautiful soft velvety finish.


I love using highlighter on the body for a beautiful natural-looking summery glow. Simply run your highlighter down the centre of your legs, starting from under your knee and following your shin to your ankle. Also dust some product on the shoulders and the collar bones.


“I have a deep skin tone and this highlight is beautiful!! Love this so much. Definitely recommend to any one as a beautiful highlight or a bronzer topper.”

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