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Moisture levels are one of the key components of healthy hair, so ensure your hair is hydrated with the perfect conditioner from Aveda! Formulated with Ayurvedic, plant-based ingredients, these conditioners are ideal for anyone looking for professional quality that focuses on not just the hair, but the mind and spirit as well.

So what’s your perfect Aveda conditioner?

For fine hair…
For those looking for nourishment without weighing down fine, thin strands, Aveda’s Rosemary and Mint Conditioner is a perfect choice. Lightweight and nourishing with their signature Rosemary and Mint aroma, this conditioner hydrates and invigorates for healthy hair that’s full of volume. For those looking for some treatment in their conditioner, the Invati Thickening Conditioner helps reduce hair loss with proteins and scalp-stimulating ingredients that thicken your hair from within.

For thick hair…
Conditioner is often the savior of thick, tangled hair, and Aveda’s conditioners are no exception. Try the Smooth Infusion or Dry Remedy conditioners for hydration that can penetrate even the bulkiest of strands, maintaining smooth, healthy locks that will resist frizz, tangles, or damage. To tackle thick hair lacking in shine or vitality, try the Brilliant Conditioner to restore shine.

For damaged hair…
Aveda’s Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner is like a healthy drink of water for hair that’s starving for nourishment. Fortified with plant-based proteins and amino acids to help not only strengthen, but rebuild the hair, you can’t go wrong with the Damage Remedy Conditioner for truly damaged hair.

So check out the options below to find your new favorite conditioner from Aveda!

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Recent reviews on conditioner products

Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner 1000mlAveda Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner 1000ml
Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner 1000ml

Smells amazing and so softening!

I use this conditioner when I use the same shampoo and it leaves my hair extremely soft and nourished. The scent lingers for so long after it dries and I just love how lightweight it is upon application. It does not leave my hair heavy or weighed down after I dry it and in fact, my hair is a lot more bouncy and has more texture.
Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner 1000mlAveda Color Conserve Conditioner 1000ml
Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner 1000ml

Nourishing and protecting conditioner

I use this alongside the colour conserve shampoo and it is extremely nourishing, smells beautiful and very lightweight. My hair feels amazing silky and smooth after it dries and find that a 50 cent piece size is enough to cover the ends of my medium length hair.
Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner 1000mlAveda Color Conserve Conditioner 1000ml
Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner 1000ml

Beautiful scent and great lather!

I recently coloured my hair and got some light balayage. My hairdresser recommended this shampoo to em because it is a lot more nourishing than other brands and the scent is not overly chemical. After about 5 uses, I can definitely say that I am impressed with this shampoo and how beautifully it lathers and smells. I only need a small amount every time I wash and it leaves my hair nourished, smelling amazing and super shiny! My colour has not faded and has stayed true since then so its worth a try.
Aveda Shampure Nurturing Conditioner 250mlAveda Shampure Nurturing Conditioner 250ml
Aveda Shampure Nurturing Conditioner 250ml

Beautiful Scent

I purchased a few of these when they were on sale on the Aveda site. As I'm already a fan of the Cherry Almond variety,I had high hopes for this range.
The conditioner smells so so GOOD! A floral earthy aroma-just beautiful.
I feel this didn't hydrate or soften my thick,dry hair as well as the Cherry one did but it did better than most other conditioners I have used.
Will definitely finish up my bottles as it works pretty good and smells incredible but I'll go back to another Aveda variety after that .

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