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Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Lotion 200ml

4.4 of 45 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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For intensifying curls, taming frizz and heightening shine.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Lotion 200ml Reviews

4.4 of 45 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect for my curly hair!


I bought the larger tube after testing the smaller one as I loved it! Ive never had such beautiful curls before I am so happy with this.

Most Helpful Criticism

smells so good!


enhancing curling lotion - i put this on my hair after i towel dry it! gives it that natural curl look! smells nice too!
  1. Natural looking hold


    Perfect for curly hair. Holds nice and looks natural.
  2. Perfect for my curly hair!


    I bought the larger tube after testing the smaller one as I loved it! Ive never had such beautiful curls before I am so happy with this.
  3. best curling product I've tried


    It creates nice small curls on my frizzy wavy hair and soaks in really nicely, it is super light so it barely feels like its there. Cant go a wash without it now, love it!!!!
  4. Love it


    My hair is growing out from a super short pixie cut. I am finding I have some curls now there is a bit of length to it. Honestly my hair isn't insanely curly, more thick & coarse + more than a wave but less than a curl. This tames the frizz & boosts the curls - pretty happy with this product.
  5. Light, defined waves


    An Indian friend asked me to bring her this for her gorgeous hair when she was working overseas. I tried it and I loved it for giving my wavy hair extra bounce, shine and definition. It does not weigh hair down and seems to leave no residue.. I am no hair expert and probably distributed it unevenly through my hair, but there are never any sticky clumps. I have been buying this for several years an...
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  6. So moisterising!


    verified purchaser
    I've battled with hair creams for long curly/wavy texture. I've also never stuck to the one product - perhaps reason for my battle. After seeing this product all over curly girl pages I had to try it out. Love that it's a clean product and smells fantastic. I've now implemented it as part of my routine with the Denman brush, I've tried air drying and diffusing and both leave soft results. Still no...
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  7. Would buy again


    This product helped define my curls without making them feel crunchy. I recommend getting the bigger tube, as I purchased the smaller one and it was much smaller than I was expecting, it will get used up pretty quickly.
  8. Great for defining curls and limiting frizz


    verified purchaser
    I have tried a lot of curl defining creams without luck and I don’t like the “crunch” mousse gives. I was super surprised and delighted that this product worked to create a lovely curl with just a 50c piece amount - I have shoulder length hair. I apply it after I’ve towel dried and combed my hair - super quick and easy. It’s a nice texture without a distinct scent. I always get asked if I had my h...
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  9. Finally found a product that gives me great clumping


    I started my journey to revive my curly hair about a month ago. So far this is the best curl cream I’ve used. It’s moisturising and gives me the best clumping I’ve had. I use it and finish with the Aveda Confixor gel and I’ve had the best wash day and day 2 hair so far... twice. I’m so impressed with it!
  10. Curl heaven!


    I run this through my towel dried hair and let it air dry. It definitely helps to define my curls and reduce frizz!
  11. Best curling product, ever!


    This product is the absolute best. I have naturally curly hair which often feels unruly, and this is the only product that gives me the bounciest curl, no crunchy or sticky after-effects. It's such a gorgeous product, and a permanent in my cabinet.
  12. Good Product


    I love this product. It gives great curl definition without being heavy. Love it
  13. the slipper fits!


    I didn't expect to like this product as much as I have. Firstly, the size! I hadn't realised how much you get for 200ml (I was impressed when I unboxed it). Secondly, its a very lightweight but nourishing formula- Its almost akin to a gel I would say (I haven't experienced much 'crunchiness' with it compared to most gel formulas). Best used with a diffuser, as it takes a little while to dry, howev...
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  14. Great


    Really nice product with a nice natural feel and smell.
  15. lovely curls


    makes lovely curls in my hair. use it often. great price. highly recommend
  16. Great product


    This lotion is great for curls. It helps to tame and hydrate the curls.
  17. Quality


    this product does what it says it does. Lovely fragrance and best used with the leave in treatment.
  18. Hydrates curls


    Definitely recommend for those with unruly, untameable hair. This smooths and hydrates dry curls so well
  19. LOVE!


    Lovely defined curls to the Gods. LOVE this curling lotion. Pair it with the Prep creme and you are gold. I'm a CGM girl, long 3C curls, this creme has replaced every Deva Curl product in my drawer. Convicted and converted, thank you Aveda!
  20. Tamer


    Definitely like it for taming the frizz and getting those defined curls, but not sure if I'd say it's exactly an enhancer. You need some natural curl for this
  21. Perfect curls


    I have naturally curly hair but mostly straighten it but sometimes like to leave it natural and this product is the perfect serum to create and enhance my natural curls while reducing frizz. Love it
  22. smells so good!


    enhancing curling lotion - i put this on my hair after i towel dry it! gives it that natural curl look! smells nice too!
  23. Curl enhancing


    i put this on my hair after i towel dry it when i get out of the shower! smells good!
  24. good


    This product is great to define my natural curls. love using in wet hair as it make hair dry with curls
  25. Only curl creme/lotion I will use


    I wanted something to layer under my mousse during the winter when it needs a bit of extra moisture. I haven't had much success with curl cremes or lotions and find that they usually contain too much oil and weigh my hair down - my hair dislikes oils despite the perception that curls love it. This creme ticks my boxes: film-forming humectants, a bit of protein and is oil-free from what I can see. ...
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  26. Great for curls


    I love Aveda products and this curl enhancer never lets me down. I have medium length soft curls and using this product stops them from going fizzy, but it's not heavy or greasy. A bit pricey bit worth it.
  27. Nice and natural


    This product performs well to define my naturally curly hair without feeling too producty. My hair is uaually not a fan of natural products but Aveda’s curl line works well.
  28. Great with Aveda Curl Prep


    I think this product "performs" the best with Aveda Curl Prep (which is amazing) and only used from mid lengths to ends. Together I get great shiny waves. On it's own...I am not a fan. I will use it and probably repurchase only in travel size. I have medium to thick fine hair.
  29. There’s a knack to getting this right


    I have a lot of lightly curled hair, and i have recently started to wear my hair curly on a regular basis rather than straighten it, so i’ve been using lots of new products. It took me quite a few goes to get the hang of using this, but now I have I think it’s great. I run some through the lengths of my hair while it’s still soaking wet, then sort of scrunch out the excess water. Really does defin...
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  30. Curly Hair Essential


    I have very long thick hair that is prone to frizz. this product defines curls, and keeps frizz at bay without feeling greasy. Gives great control and texture.
  31. Great


    I love this product for styling my curly hair. Depending on the climate/weather, sometimes I mix it with an equal quantity of light gel to give additional smoothness and hold when humidity is high.
  32. Nice and natural


    Smells amazing and pretty good for my curls! It's not the best I've used but nice to know it's healthy for my hair
  33. a must for curly/wavy hair


    Never fails to give me curl definition without frizz. I am never without this product.
  34. Very heavy for fine-haired girls


    I really wanted to love this, but I found it so heavy on my fine curly hair. Even with the tiniest pea size amount, I felt like I needed to wash my hair the next day. Not for fine haired girls but I think would be lovely on very thick hair.
  35. I almost love it!


    Lovely natural fragrance, and helps define my very curly hair! I find it reduces my frizziness. However, my hair does need more moisture and this product doesn't provide full moisture.
  36. Holy grail product


    I've been using this for years and I'll never use anything else. It conditions my waves whilst setting them in place without the crunch a mousse would offer. It feels like a lightweight deep conditioner, but never feels heavy. Smells amazing too.
  37. GREAT


    I have been using this for over a year now and I love it. A little goes a long way and it makes my curls look bouncy and full! Could not recommend enough.
  38. Too heavy for fine hair


    I have to say, I really wanted to like this but have not had much luck! I have fine hair with a medium curl, and I find that while if I use this the curls are defined, even the tiniest amount weighs my hair down so much that the next morning my hair looks so dirty and oily and I have to wash it again. Such a shame as I was told it was great for fine hair but it was just not meant to be. An expensi...
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  39. Wonderful hair cream!


    I have fine, knotty, wavy, shoulder length hair and this product actually worked for me!! I normally find most products weight my hair down and look greasy, but this was really lovely. Smells great and feels really good and it made my hair look great!

    Would definitely recommend and I will be repurchasing when I run out!
  40. Works well for fine wavy hair too!


    I have finer, more wavy (than super curly) hair and thought this product might make my hair less curly. However it's brilliant. My curls look more natural and soft without losing volume or definition. I only have to apply a small amount to clean, washed hair. I use the size of a 10c piece for short, just above the shoulder length hair. Just make sure you squeeze all the water out of your hair and ...
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  41. All curly haired people need!!!


    I have thick curly hair that is extremely frizzy, especially when it's humid. This product calms down the frizz and keeps the volume manageable throughout the day, without being too greasy and thick.
  42. a must for thick curly hair


    I have very long thick hair that is prone to frizz. this product defines curls, and keeps frizz at bay without feeling greasy. it provides the perfect amount control without weighing curls down.
  43. A great addition to my routine!

    Felicity Kate

    This works great, it keeps my curls soft and frizz free. It doesn't add volume or body at all, but it pairs great with heaps of different products so I always find myself using it in addition to my other products. I can't find anything else that keeps my curls looking natural and not "crunchy"
  44. Natural Curls


    I have used this over two years now..thou get the most natural looking curls with this one, however you have to pair it up with a volumising product as it adds zero volume. It is a great product if you have voluminous hair and need a quick fizz free solution.
  45. great


    I have fine curly hair. When used with the aveda style prep the be curly gave uniform frizz free curls.I live in north queensland (high humidity) and these products perform well in these conditions
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