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Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum 100ml 100ml

4.3 of 103 reviews


4 instalments of $20.75


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4 instalments of $20.75


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Anti-oxidant rich, daily-use serum moisturiser for dry, combination and sensitive skin types. Enhanced with efficacious Grape and Parsley Seed extracts.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 78% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum 100ml

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum 100ml

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4.3 of 103 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Beautiful luxurious product

Most Helpful Criticism

Light but not super hydrating


Nice serum but very light and doesn't really change the texture of skin after application
  1. Light


    Lovely light serum and absorbs well. Light ‘herby’ scent which isn’t overpowering. My skin felt more hydrated after use.
  2. serum


    Was recommended this as i have oily skin, found that it didn't really do much for me though
  3. Gentle serum


    Very gentle serum, my skin loves it ! For the price tag, I’m pretty happy with the result.
  4. good serum


    Got a sample of this. But I already have the full size product. It's a little bit sticky but easy to absorb.
  5. I like it


    This serum is lighter than I thought it would be! It spreads over the skin easily and a little goes a long way. It also absorbs pretty fast and makes your skin feel hydrated. I layer underneath a moisturiser as it's not hydrating enough for my skin to use as the final step in my skincare routine.
  6. Light serum


    this serum is very light weight! bottle lasts a while as its a serum and spreads out easily.
  7. Hydration during Winter


    I have a couple samples from Adore Beauty and decided to use it during Winter. I love how the serum keeps the face and neck hydrated during the night and wake up with fresh glowing skin! It is slightly sticky at first but then settles after 5-10 minutes.
  8. Perfect


    I've had a lot of trouble with moisturisers making my skin too oily. This is the perfect replacement for a standard moisturiser. Leaves my skin feeling fresh. My everyday go-to.
  9. great smells and quick absorption


    It is very lightweight in texture, I need a moisturizer after applying this serum, even in summer. I have a sensitive dry skin. Hydration of this serum is not enough for my skin, but the smell is nice, very natural and clean.
  10. 2nd bottle!


    Almost finished my second bottle so I will be purchasing my third very shortly. In summer I use this on its own as it's hydrating enough to act as my moisturiser. In winter I apply my moisturiser on top for the extra boost. It took a while getting used to the texture as it absorbs so quickly! I loveeee this serum so much, I use it AM and PM daily. It has improved my complexion as well as giving me...
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  11. Light but not super hydrating


    Nice serum but very light and doesn't really change the texture of skin after application
  12. The perfect serum


    I have dry/combination skin and this serum is enough to keep my skin hydrated but not too oily throughout the day. Love it !
  13. very genlte


    Very nice especially in the cooler months when your skin is feeling drier and less hydrated. This serum is hydrating and can be used on its own at night time.
  14. too light


    I found the texture of this to be too light. While it absorbed fast, my skin was still left looking and feeling dry
  15. Good serum


    I have normal/oily skin and this serum instantly absorbs as soon as I put it on.
    This doesn't make me oily but hydrates my skin well. Make my skin soft and hydrated
  16. Rapidly absorbs


    I have normal/combination skin and this serum instantly absorbs the moment I put it on.
    Serums usually make my T-zone produce too much oil but this one hasn't at all. It has a very subtle scent and I imagine it would go well under an oil-free foundation.
  17. Lightweight gel-like serum


    I purchased this serum because i was eager to see how the aloe vera would work to soothe and soften my skin. My skin is sensitive but also oily in the t zone and dry on the cheeks and I found this serum to be lightweight, however, it did not moisturise my skin as much as I would have liked. I had to use moisturiser on top of it and found that it clinged to my dry patches a lot. I loved the smell a...
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  18. Light on the skin


    Love this serum - feels very light and refreshing to put on. The 100ml size lasts ages which I love (so many others are only 30ml or so)
  19. smells good


    worth the money, my dry skin felt instantly hydrated and so smooth, love using this before bed it smells amazing
  20. Huge! Goes such a long way


    This is such a nice and reliable serum, classic Aesop high quality product. Such a huge bottle, will last me ages!
  21. Such a great smell


    I really like putting this on my skin, it smells incredible. I don't actually think it does much, but I still enjoy using it! Probably won't repurchase but it would be good for skin not as dry as mine, I suspect.
  22. Quickly absorbs but then what?


    I have been using this serum since the summer and have to say - I'm not sure I see any benefits.
    Although it has a nice consistency and absorbs well without leaving any tackiness on my skin - I can't say I have noticed any changes I can attribute to this product.
    However I haven't had any reactions but also in a serum and for this price - I would like to feel that there are some active...
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  23. good serum


    Doesn’t leave skin feeling oily! Nice and light. makes skin feel soft and moisturised after using
  24. Great product


    Doesn’t leave skin feeling oily! Nice and light!
  25. Light and smells good


    It's light and smells great. Just make sure this isn't the only thing you put on, even if you're oily skinned like me. More like liquid than cream so defs need to layer up with other moisturisers after using this first.
  26. was ok


    I was told this can be used alone, however while it's meant for dry skin, I didn't find it hydrating enough The serum is incredibly light
  27. light texture and nice smell


    Very light when using my skin, and easy to absorb. Fresh herb smell, nice and calm my skin and my mood. i use it as my regular routine. i have sensitive skin but it never irritates my skin.
  28. not impressed


    It's a bit much for my combination skin to be used alone, but also a bit too rich to be used under a cream. I find the consistency too thick as well
  29. Beautiful, earthy serum


    I love this serum and it’s a regular in my routine. It has a beautiful consistency and absorbs quickly without any residue. The earthy smell is divine if you love natural skincare.
  30. Good!


    Helped my skin a lot. Smells really good but I found sometimes that I didn’t reach for it as much as my ASAP products. Definitely good still!
  31. very good product


    This serum is super fast absorbing and lightweight! I have typically oily skin and I find that it never makes me look oily during the day. Definitely recommend!
  32. beautiful


    love this it absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave your skin oily
  33. Really Nice


    It works well for my skin and leaves that glow despite the sticky feeling. In the end, what matter is the result and I see an overall improvement in my skins texture and hydration.
  34. LOVE


    Beautiful serum absorbs into the skin very quickly and I adore the smell of the parsley seed range, do find it really hydrating too. My skin always looks really moist when I use this.
  35. light but efficient!


    i love aesop's all parsley seed anti-oxidant products for they are very efficient to my no balance skin. it's better to use this face cleaner, toner and serum at the same time to make your skin in a balance condition and decrease your dark spot on skin. smell so good that like herbal to make you feel calming down. and easy spread
  36. Good serum


    Good serum, absorbs quickly. I prefer moisturisers but this serum is good for a light weight option, especially in summer.
  37. Too light


    I have combination/sensitive/acne prone skin but found this was too light and not moisturising enough to use on my face. I actually ended up with slightly flaky skin due to lack of moisture. It worked well as an accompaniment to my moisturiser but for the price seems an unnecessary additional step.

    On the positive, it was beautifully soothing on my sensitive skin but I would not repur...
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  38. Light


    Light serum/oil consistency. Had a lovely natural herbal scent to it just like all of the other AESOP products. Skin felt lovely the next morning.
  39. Super lovely


    This serum is light and perfect for my combination skin as it leaves very little residue and I can feel my skin soak it up. Sometimes I use it on its own, but if my skin is feeling a little dry or lack-lustre, I use it with a touch of moisturiser and mix together. I always use an eye cream after. I feel my skin looks more even-toned by morning.
  40. Absorbs super fast.


    This is the fastest absorbing and thickest serum i have ever used. Not too sure how i feel about it to be honest. But it is hydrating.
  41. LOVE


    Such a good product, use at night before bed. Just makes the skin so hydrating and feels amazing
  42. Easy, luxurious and effective


    This Serum makes my skin feel and look amazing. it absorbs so quickly and does not interfere with any other products i use. It smells amazing, wakes me up in the morning and is so calming to put on before bed. I love it
  43. Nice, but not sure it does much


    This product has all the usual Aesop benefits - packaging is gorgeous, smells amazing, feels amazing. Beautiful to use. Does it actually do much? Not sure. I swapped my rose hip oil for this for a change, I did feel super moisturised. Not sure it’s really worth the price, other than it being really divine to use. One thing - it certainly did no harm, I didn’t have any unusual break outs, or irrita...
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  44. I like it


    The serum is like a gel and at first I find it to be a bit sticky on my skin, but after it has totally soaked in my skin feels moisturised and supple, I love the smell and feel this serum would be great to use in the winter.
  45. perfect for combination skin


    This serum is light and perfect for my combination skin as it leaves very little residue and I can feel my skin soak it up. Sometimes I use it on its own, but if my skin is feeling a little dry or lack-lustre, I use it with a touch of moisturiser and mix together. I always use an eye cream after. I feel my skin looks more even-toned by morning.
  46. Works well but is overpriced


    I'm not sure about this one. Like all Aesop products, it is high quality, smells great, and feels good on the skin. I'm just not sure how well it works, particularly compared to other serums that are much cheaper. I think the price is the real downfall with this particular product.
  47. Good


    It works well for my skin and leaves that glow despite the sticky feeling (the stickiness will go once you apply moisturizers). In the end, what matter is the result and I see an overall improvement in my skin texture in which it looks balance and calm as well as even tone
  48. An oldie but a goodie


    I think I'm onto my 5th bottle but it never gets old. Every time I use this my skin drinks it up and the smell is so natural and calming. I typically opt for no fragrance but this is an exception! I use this straight after a shower and my skin loves it, absorbs straight in- no residue and no weight.
  49. Good for under makeup


    I dont find this serum particularly moisturing on its own but I absolutely love wearing it underneath foundation. I put it on with a serum brush, let it dry and it keeps my makeup on all day without feeling dry.
  50. too light


    It's a serum that is meant to be used alone since it should be hydrating enough, according to an aesop assistant, but I found this way too light.
  51. Light


    Really light serum - has an oily serum feeling. Loved the scent (Natural herbal)
  52. Value for money


    This 100ml bottle lasts a very long time. Im not a fan of the smell but the product is nice on the skin.


    Slightly sticky texture however this absorbs like a dream. Highly anti pollutant particularly if you are a city dweller. Leaves skin fully hydrated, smooth and soft. Use this morning and evening for maximised results. Definitely a top seller for a reason.
  54. Good serum


    This isn't the best serum I've used, but it is quite good and a nice step before creams when my skin is feeling extra dry. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated
  55. Converted


    Recently bought this and I’m obsessed! Love how it makes my skin feeling extremely soft and clear
  56. Awesome Product


    This is the first time I use this product. Feel really moisture after use and make me feel my skin smooth and tight. Definitely a good experience.
  57. love


    Great serum. Makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised and doesnt break me out
  58. Awesome


    loveeeeee this product makes my skin feel amazing and moisturised
  59. Good product


    Having been a big fan of Aesop for many years, the first and best product I would recommend to all of my friends!
  60. Light and smooth


    Having oily skin, this product doesn't add to my shine, and good in the morning or at night
  61. For my husband


    I purchased this for my husband and it works well for him. He works out in the sun all day, so good for his dehydrated skin. A little goes a long way.
  62. a good product


    I use it every night for almost one year. I love this product.
  63. Good


    Although I am oily and combination skin, I do not feel to sticky, since it can quickly be absorbed. I love this "nature" smell. The price is reasonable
  64. Good


    I have fairly sensitive skin and i can say that this works very well with my as it hasn't caused any irritation or breakouts. The main ingredient in this product is aloe which is why it is so calming on the skin and hence my favourite product for when i have redness and irritation. Highly Recommend.
  65. Good occasional serum


    When I first bought this serum, I tried to use it every day but it just didn't complement my other products. I now call it my 'Sunday Serum' and use it exclusively on days when my skin needs a break from active ingredients and makeup. When used by itself, my skin feels calm and nourished. It's very gentle and would be great for people with sensitive skin.
  66. Perfect for a lite summer serum


    I love this product and have been using it for years! I have oily, problem skin (spots and redness) and I find this serum super calming for my skin. It feels lite-weight allowing your skin to breathe + the bottle lasts forever. It also smells delicious!
  67. Great


    Makes my skin feel moisturized but feels slightly sticky. A little pricey, wouldnt repurchase at this price
  68. Good face oil


    I have combination skin and really like this face oil. It's hydrating, not too greasy and I've noticed my skin looks healthier after using this for a few months
  69. Love it


    I have oily/combination skin and the serum is perfect for my skin type. It is light weight and leaves your skin so soft, and at the start it took a bit of getting used to as it was sticky and didn't feel like a normal moisturiser, but I could used to it fairly quickly. This goes wherever I go, I have been searching for the best moisturiser for my skin and I have finally found the one. Thank you, A...
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  70. Amazing


    This product is very light weight. Although when applied, it may feel a bit sticky, after it absorbs into the skin, it feels superb on the skin! Definitely using this for a long time!
  71. Absorbant and light


    Love this product. Friend got me onto it and I've been using it for around 8 months now. It is light and absorbs right into your skin, takes some getting used to as it feels different to a normal moisturiser but would definitely recommend. I've noticed it has cleared my skin too.
  72. Exceptional


    I love this serum.

    It’s non greasy, smells great, goes on perfectly after layers of other serums (HA, peptides, vit c) and absorbs really quickly. It balances the moisture requirements of combo dry skin excellently and is a great prep for makeup.

    Can’t recommend it highly enough.
  73. very light


    the serum is a bit sticky and it's very light. it was nice but for the price i didn't see a lot of results on my dry skin
  74. Great for sensitive skin


    Nice soothing serum that's great for sensitive skin.
  75. Good for sentitive skin


    love this product and good for dry and sensitive skin.
  76. Soothing serum


    I have sensitive skin and this serum is one of my favourites. It's very soothing and hydrating.
  77. Recommend very nice!


    Sticky at first however VERY fast absorbing and once it sinks into your skin, it feels very light and moisturising. Great before moisturiser :)! Smells good and I highly recommend! If you have dry skin, I recommend using a face oil or essence before!
  78. Great Serum


    I have dry skin and try to find solution for a while. I heard so much good thing about Aesop product so give the first try with this Serum and wow!! Really make a difference. It hydrate skin well and smoother. My face is much brighter and can notice less wrinkles. It is quite pricey but this is will be my long term investment for skincare.
  79. my daily go to


    I have normal to dry skin. This is a lightweight serum that is more suitable for me in the summer and humid weathers. The texture is slightly sticky but absorbs into the skin very fast. As I am more on the dry skin side, this serum is a little too lightweight and not nourishing enough for me in the winter, so I would use this after an essence and under a moisturiser in the winter and on its own or...
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  80. Good


    Quite expensive as is normal for Aesop but I think it does a really good job of moisturising the skin. Got this as a sample at the shop once and had to buy it for myself because I feel like it really works.
  81. Nice, but not overly moisturising


    I have combination skin and purchased this to help with dryness during the winter.

    I used it underneath my daily moisturiser, and after going through my first bottle, I came to conclude that the serum didn't make a huge difference. I wore the serum on its own for a small period just to see how it would fair by itself, and I found dry spots on my skin after a week. This makes me think ...
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    This is such an essential serum if you live in a city as it provides a perfect layer of protection against pollution! Also, it really hydrates my skin without leaving it sticky and instead my skin looks smooth and healthy!


    This is such an essential serum if you live in a city as it provides a perfect layer of protection against pollution! Also, it really hydrates my skin without leaving it sticky and instead my skin looks smooth and healthy!
  84. Great! If you're not on a budget


    This is a great product if you have the money to splurge.

    This serum soaks into the skin very quickly and leaves a little bit of a tacky residue on the skin.

    It does require quite a bit of product however, so it does run out quickly if you use it every day.

    I really do love this product and how it feels on the skin, but it is a little overpriced for me.
  85. Pricey but not a bad product


    Like most Aesop products this is on the pricier end of the spectrum. It worked just fine, if you don't mind the smell. The fragrance can be a little overpowering.
    This did leave a bit of a oily/sticky residue on my skin. Seemed to be somewhat hydrating but not anything too amazing. For the price, I've tried much better products by Bobbi Brown and more budget-friendly serums by The Ordinary t...
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  86. Winter


    I find that I use this most during winter. My skin needs a lot more moisturizer and help during winter.
  87. Great


    I use this serum when my skin is in need of a little extra hydration without feeling too heavy it's so nice
  88. Not as thick as some HA serums


    It's definitely less gluggy as some HA serum I've used but I'm not sure if I'll buy it again because of the price... I didn't think it did anything different to other cheaper antioxidant serums.
  89. Beautiful texture and scent


    It is not gluggy like some serums and it smooths on beautifully. I LOVE how it smells... so clean and pure... the staff informed me that whatever scent that is in the product is what is naturally there as they don't add any fragrance which is great! I used up a bottle and didn't feel the urge to purchase another mainly because there are other options that are cheaper. But in terms of texture and h...
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  90. Takes a while to soak in


    This product takes a while to soak into the skin but does the trick. It smells really nice too, which is a bonus.
  91. Awesome


    This is really great for the colder months! Just make sure you let in sink in properly because there is a bit or residue that you can feel on the skin after you apply it!
  92. Not big fan of sticky texture but works fine


    Its really sticky when first apply, can't use loose power or face cream straight after, needs time to absorb, but it works fine.
  93. Worth every penny

    Mel M

    So glad I picked this up! Easily absorbed and light weight, I love how this feels on the skin without any residue! As my skin is dry combination in the colder months, I do need to use a moisturiser over the top, but I'm so glad this doesn't break me out as so many other products do! My skin looks much brighter and hydrated! Would definitely recommend!
  94. Now one of my essentials


    My skin always does better with light moisturisers rather than thick or heavy ones, which tend to break me out. This serum is great. It smells beautiful, is refreshing and is perfect in the warmer weather. It moisturises well, while leaving you feeling like you have nothing on your skin. If you need more moisture, you can add some drops of the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil.
  95. Makes my skin feel amazing


    Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum not only smells great but leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth! You don't need to use a lot and it works well under your moisturiser or alone. Really happy with this product
  96. Glowing, smooth dewy skin


    Fantastic product, hydrates, clarifies and smooths. leaves the skin looking dewy and fresh. I will be purchasing the whole range as soon as I can.

    I recived a sample of the Parsley seed serum at the Aesop store and loved it!!
    Certainly worth every cent.
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