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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner 250ml 250ml

4.5 of 86 reviews


4 instalments of $9.00

Or 4 instalments of $9.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.00

Or 4 instalments of $9.00 with LEARN MORE

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Unlike traditional toners, the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner is an alcohol-free, pH-balanced milky liquid that works to banish remaining surface dirt, oil and makeup after cleansing. This unique formula is gentle on skin, helping to refine skin texture while comforting, hydrating and nourishing skin.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner 250ml Reviews

4.5 of 86 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



It is such an amazing toner that hydrates as well as tones my skin and I have noticed my breakouts don't flare up as much since I started using this.

Most Helpful Criticism

Gets the job done


Personally, I was only like warm on this toner. I didn’t find it to do anything special. I don’t believe my skin looked or felt particularly hydrated after use and didn’t find the experience of putting it on that enjoyable. It’s quite thick consistency wise, whereas I prefer a more watery toner. Giving it 3 stars as it didn’t break me out and it did get the job done, but I wouldn’t rebuy. There are definitely other ones on the market I prefer. (For the record, my skin type is dry to normal)
  1. Gets the job done


    verified purchaser
    Personally, I was only like warm on this toner. I didn’t find it to do anything special. I don’t believe my skin looked or felt particularly hydrated after use and didn’t find the experience of putting it on that enjoyable. It’s quite thick consistency wise, whereas I prefer a more watery toner. Giving it 3 stars as it didn’t break me out and it did get the job done, but I wouldn’t rebuy. There ...
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  2. Impressive


    verified purchaser
    It is such an amazing toner that hydrates as well as tones my skin and I have noticed my breakouts don't flare up as much since I started using this.
  3. Hydration, oh the Hydration

    A Law

    This was my husband’s gate-way product to discover the glorious world of hydrating toners. Beautiful product that is a great match for his sensitive, dry skin, and preps the skin perfectly for serums and creams to follow, making them work hardEr.
    It’s texture is milky and has a little more viscosity that other similar products, which delivers extra moisture as well as hydration.
  4. Good

    Regi K

    Am such a big fan of Keihl's and this product did not disappoint. Very subtle on the skin and not stripping. Leaves skin very hydrated and fresh.
  5. Love the consistency, makes my skin feel clean and plump


    verified purchaser
    I haven't paid much thought to toners recently, but this one is so gentle and calming! It has a creamy/milky texture and a little bit goes a long way! It makes me feel clean knowing that I have a step between cleansing and applying my other products. Good value for the size of the bottle as well.
  6. Reliable choice.


    verified purchaser
    When im running out of ideas, I'll just go for this one. It is pretty reliable. Compare to other fancy products, it does what it should, no less, and very quietly. You can always trust it, it won't cause any skin problem, no risk involved.
  7. hydrating and gentle


    verified purchaser
    Nice price for 250ml, but it works just as a fundamental hydrating toner without any other obvious functions. Overall, it is a good choice for cool climate and dry skin.
  8. good


    Good toner, it's hydrating and comfortable.
  9. Hydrating gentle toner


    verified purchaser
    Very gentle and hydrating toner. Have gone through 5 bottles now and cannot live without. I use this twice daily morning and night and am yet to find something that compares. If you are looking for a hydrating toner look no further!
  10. Does its job


    verified purchaser
    I use this toner day and night and it does its job. Makes my face look fresh and brighter in the morning after cleansing. It is a nice soft toner not too strong on the face so it doesn't leave any burning sensation which is always a positive in a toner.
  11. It works


    After cleansing I use it morning and night before applying my other skincare. It isn't drying or stripping. My skin feels refreshed but not tight like it does when using other facial toners. It leaves my skin with an even texture and prepares it for my serums, oils, essences and moisturizer. Plus, I know my skin is thoroughly clean after use.

    Before purchasing this toner I was somewha...
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  12. Nothing Special


    This is a fairly good cleanser, but nothing exceptional. It definitely does what a toner does but I found that it does leave my skin a drier than normal. I will say that my mild acne has cleared up by using this product with the combination of a cleanser and moisturiser, however, can't say which of the products helped my skin become clear.
  13. Amazing product, nice consistency


    Nice simple toner which does exactly what a toner should do. Leaves skin feeling clean, and removes any traces of makeup left after cleansing. Great value for price, I love the milky consistency of the toner and find it perfect for my sensitive skin and has helped reduce the likelihood of breakouts.
  14. Something for everyone


    I think anyone could use this product. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and i wouldn't think it would irritate anyones skin. I use it to get any excess dirt off after cleansing. Although slightly pricy
  15. Good


    Good toner, does what it needs to.
  16. Great toner


    Received a sample of this from AB and love it. It's a great toner, that isn't harsh on my sensitive skin. It's a somewhat milky/ light consistency and feels great. My skin is really prone to drying out when I use toners but this doesn't do that. Will be buying it once I run out of the sample.
  17. Average toner


    Does as a toner should, no need for the extra price tag in my opinion.
    Leaves skin feeling clean and dry
  18. Gentle toner


    I received this as a sample a while back and use it at least times a week.
    I was a bit turned off at first with the milky texture but once it started taking off makeup that didn't get cleaned by my cleanser, I was impressed!

    Definitely a small amount goes a long way!
  19. Love this product!


    A staple now in my skincare routine. This is one product I will continually buy - I think I am onto my 4th bottle. Love it.
  20. GWP


    Got this as a GWP - works well.
  21. Good


    I received this as a free gift and it's pretty good. It has a good consistency and cleanses well and gives my face a subtle glow.
  22. Love this gentle toner


    If you’re looking for a simple toner to add hydration this is great but if you want more effectiveness than hydration I would try a chemical exfoliant toner. I love how gentle this product is on my skin though and how it makes my skin feel clean and hydrated.
  23. Milking


    Recived a travel size of this. Its got a nice milky texture and it definitely gives your face that extra clean. Also feels really nourishing
  24. Nice feel on my skin


    I received a free sample of this. Wasn't sure what to expect as I have never used this brand before. It is so nice. Easy to use, it has a light scent- nothing too overpowering. It made my skin feel and look really nice. I would definitely consider purchasing this once the sample runs out. Having said that, I think the sample will last a while- a little goes a long way.
  25. Nothing special


    It was my first product I tried from this brand. It was not impressive my friend gift it to me because it did not work for her either. Disappointing
  26. Not the greatest from KIEHLS.


    I used this for a couple of weeks after showering as directed and it didn’t respond well with a dry skin patch so I stopped using. It did however really clear things up.
  27. very good


    it is very nice, and just buy it you won;t be regret.
  28. it is a nice lovely toner


    it is so nice, and my mom used this toner, the she buy another for her at night. gentle, keep my skin looks very healthy all day
  29. My favourite


    I bought my second bottle. This toner is not too dry not too oily and too sting on skin. Love that milky texture.
  30. Amazing


    This toner is amazing! I have noticed a huge change in my skin. It makes my skin feel clean, but it is also very moisturizing.
  31. Great


    Highly recommend and definitely work it to try it out! This is a great cleanser for oily and sensitive skin.
  32. Smells great but not cleansing


    My dry skin did not respond well to this toner, and began to break out. I also found the toner did not successfully remove any excess makeup after cleansing.
  33. Lovely toner


    This is my go-to toner. I have very dry and sensitive skin and it's very gentle and non-stripping so I can use it twice a day. I use it right after cleansing and press it into my face using my hands and it feels so soothing and hydrating.
  34. A nice gentle toner that can be used daily


    A nice gentle toner that can be used daily, I like that it doesn't feel like it's stripping my skin. I think the key is not using too much at a time and applying a thick layer of moisturiser after.
  35. Impressive


    This toner leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight or dry. The bottle also lasts forever, mine has been going for six months now and still isn't empty.
  36. Lovely gentle toner


    I have been using this toner every single day, twice a day, and I love it. It's super gentle and nourishing on my skin, and removes the last traces of my makeup. It's scent-free, which I really like in skincare products. Before this, I never used a creamy cleanser before, but now I've been converted as this has become one of my holy grail products!
  37. the greatest


    I find this so hydrating, especially in winter! Makes my skin feel nice and plump
  38. the best


    Another great product from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  39. really great


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  40. Love this


    Love this. Doesnt give you that dry feeling after some toners. Super hydrating. Now onto my 3rd one
  41. Great toner


    This is an excellent hydrating toner. I prefer to apply it by putting a few drops in my hands and pressing them onto my face rather than using a cotton pad, as it seems to be far more effective this way. Adds an extra layer of moisture for dehydrated skin and helps other products absorb more quickly.
  42. a soothing toner


    a soothing toner that also hydrates
  43. Divine


    The only toner that I tried that doesn’t sting my skin. This milky formula that gives supple finish feels moisturise all day
  44. Good on oily skin


    I find this works great on acne prone skin - doesn't excessively dry it out but doesn't irritate the skin
  45. Gentle and effective


    Very gentle on the skin. It is a thicker texture so doesn’t
    Absorb immediately onto cotton pad so makes it a bit annoying to apply sometimes
  46. Awesome


    great toner and feels very moisturising on the skin, i find it typically does get very dry after cleanser but this is after to re balance my skin
  47. The BEST toner I have ever used


    I purchased this on a whim, and glad I did! Most toners make my skin feel dry and tight, this hydrates without adding extra grease to the skin. It helps to reduce the bit of redness I suffer from on my cheeks. Sits well under any product I apply afterwards. I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin, particularly those with acne. it helps to sooth acne flair ups and for me seems to reduce the...
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  48. Good I think


    Kind of irritated my skin but also did help with breakouts. Sort of hit and miss.
  49. Nice for sensitive skin


    I have quite dry and sensitive skin. I found this toner not too harsh compared to some other brands I’ve tried. It’s quite creamy and removes all traces of makeup after cleansing. I would definitely purchase again.
  50. decent


    decently priced for the brand, gentle and love using this to clarify my skin in the morning before the rest of my skincare routine
  51. love


    It is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  52. Hydrating


    The ingredients of this product are really hydrating my skin. Works amazing under moisturiser.
  53. So Loyal to This


    AMAZING. Just buy it.
    On about my third bottle of this...
    Don't think I will ever switch toners now.
    I have combination skin, and this product works no matter what my skin is doing...
    It absorbs quickly and nicely. Feel hydrating and nourishing, but never oily or clogging.

  54. love this


    great sized toner that works well and makes my skin feel fresh and revived
  55. Great!


    Really hydrating and gentle on the skin. Helped my skin a lot!
  56. Nice and gentle


    Nice, no strong smells. Gets rid of last makeup residue before serum and moisturiser
  57. SO gentle and hydrating!


    Usually all the toners I’ve ever used leaves my face super dry and almost burning! But this toner is amazing! Not oily and very hydrating. Gets rid off all the dead skin and has overall left my skin feeling super refreshed and soft. It also is great to use after washing makeup off - it definitely helps get all the leftoverer residue!
  58. Super gentle and hydrating


    I love this toner, it’s quite thick and milky, and very hydrating. Not at all harsh or stripping like many toners can be.
  59. Hydrating but not too oily


    I’m new to kiehl’s but I fell in love this toner.. The reason I love this toner is that I really feel like it cleans my skin thoroughly and evens out my pores every time I use it, and it’s very hydrating, locks moisture in. Absolutely love it..
  60. Love!


    I bought this toner for the first time a few months ago, and I love it. It doesn’t dry the skin out at all, the texture is nearly milky - soothes the skin and feels wonderful. My teenage daughter is impressed with it too. 5 stars!


    I bought this product after a store associate convinced me it would be good for my skin. I kind of thought the "water" was a scam, but I really love it. I have seen a major improvement in my skin, I have a lot of discoloration and acne scarring and this has definitely helped. I'm a student so this is a little pricey for me, but you only need 2 or 3 drops to cover your whole face.
  62. Wouldn't be Without It!


    Firstly, I love the formula of this toner! I find it to be very hydrating and is a great addition to my cleansing routine by applying this straight after cleansing to remove any last traces of make up. It instantly nourishes my skin and makes it super soft, making my moisturiser absorb alot better!
  63. Love the texture mix up!


    I’m used to toners being a watery consistency, having an alcohol smell to them and being super drying. This is completely different! It has almost a creamy consistency and feels so nice and refreshing on the skin. It leaves my face feeling smooth and hydrated.
  64. Best toner


    I started using this only recently and hands down best toner I’ve ever used. Leaves your skin feeling great
  65. 110% would recommend


    So in love with this toner, the creamy texture helps with dry or sensitive skin. I had really bad breakouts and it was so soothing for my skin and not drying thank god. My skin was a smoother texture as well as hydrated.
  66. Sensitive


    This is great for sensitive skin
  67. Must have for sensitive skin


    This is the best toner I ve ever tried in my life. I've been using many brands for calming water and toner, this one changed my life. My skin is very sensitive, I can't use any products with alcohol. I have to put on make up everyday due to job requirement, therefore I have to do thoroughly cleansing including make-up remover. After trying Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner with Kiehl's ultra facial Clean...
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  68. Hydrating and soothing


    I've got dry skin and I love this toner because it's non-greasy but very hydrating and soothing. Works great and left my skin feeling very soft.
  69. amazing


    skin feels nice and hydrated
  70. Really gentle


    It does feel a little odd at first to use a milky toner like this. It feels very gentle though and sinks in quite quickly. Be warned, it isn't a toner that will also remove makeup but it sure helps the skin feel more nourished.
  71. Great product!


    I have combination/ sensitive skin. My main concern with my skin is that I will break out in pimples on my chin if I am not careful with the products I use! I heard from a friend about Kiehl’s products & thought I would give it a go. After approx 4-5 days of using their toner, my skin started to clear up & oily/ dry parts start to even out! I recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, w...
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  72. Favourite toner!


    I’m used to toners being a watery consistency, having an alcohol smell to them and being super drying. This is completely different! It has almost a creamy consistency and feels so nice and refreshing on the skin. It leaves my face feeling smooth and hydrated.
  73. Great toner


    Not drying which i love
  74. hydrating


    this toner is comfortable and refreshing to apply, I've only used it a few times so far and it hasn't dried out my skin like some toners do
  75. routine stable


    I am always amazed how much more makeup this product finds to remove from my face even after I have removed it with another product. Doesn't dry me out either :)
  76. Hydrating


    This toner is really different from most I've tried. It has a thicker more milky texture and feels lovely on my skin. It does not dry out skin at all and keeps it soft and hydrated. It would be really nice if you have sensitive or dry skin. However I found it was not as effective as managing oily/acne prone skin as other toners.
  77. Very hydrating and gentle enough for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive combination skin, I get very dry on my chin area sometimes and have to be very careful of which products I use on my face. This Kiehl’s toner is fantastic. It’s like applying a hydrating milk twice a day. I bought this toner because of the product description and reviews - I wanted something that toned but left the skin feeling nourished without stripping the skin’s natural oils a...
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  78. Ideal for dry skin


    Having older, dry skin I had struggled to find a toner that didn’t exacerbate my dryness. This toner is brilliant. It removes any makeup residue and leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated. Highly recommended.
  79. Love! Doesn’t break me out and it’s hydrating


    This stuff is great! It doesn’t leave a residue behind. It doesn’t make me breakout, which is important because I have grade 1-2 acne on my forehead and cheeks/hormonal acne on my chin and jaw. I have combination oily skin and it really helps add moisture back into my skin without making me super oily in my t-zone. I feel like my products penetrate more deeply into my skin since I’ve started using...
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  80. A nice toner!

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm not one for toners mainly because I don't find them to serve a purpose to my skin type or condition. But this has changed my option on the "Whole Toner Thing".
    I find it to be super hydrating and I really notice when I skip using this product.
    It's perfect for all skin types and defiantly works on making the skin feel comfortable, hydrated and ready for all your serums in your nex...
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  81. Great toner


    I needed a simple yet effective toner to use in the am and pm after cleansing. I have now found it. It is soft yet hydrating. My skin feels prepped and ready for the rest of my skincare regime.
  82. Improves Skin Texture


    I use this toner in combination with the Ultra Facial Cleanser as I find Kiehl's products suit my dry sensitive skin. This toner is so lightweight and refreshing without feeling tacky on the skin. It makes my skin feel very smooth and my moisturiser sinks in really well post application. I have noticed an improvement in my skin texture and my face feels less dry than it used to be!
  83. Perfect AM and PM Toner


    I love this toner! I use it in the morning and at night after I've washed my face. It's not too sticky or greasy after applying.
  84. Not too heavy, not too light!

    Stella via kiehls.com.au

    Stops that tight-just-washed-skin feeling without being too thick/oily. I use it religiously now!
  85. Ciara via kiehls.com.au

    Best toner I have ever used

    This toner is amazing!! So gentle & hydrating on my skin as well as doing a great job removing excess dirt!! My skin feel so clean and soft after i use it!!
  86. Must have toner

    Sally via kiehls.com.au

    Started using Kiehls toner and moisturiser this year after having used Korean ones for a long time.

    This toner is absolutely wonderful - I have very dry and sensitive skin and this toner is very refreshing on my face without the stinging sensation that some alcohol-ingredient toners can leave.

    I use it with a cotton pad morning and night after facewashes and leaves my s...
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