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Unico Authentic

Official Stockist of Unico

Melbourne hairdresser Sofia Basile, owner of Unico Hair Salons, felt that something was missing from the haircare market. She embarked on a quest to create sulphate-free hair products in Australia, for Australians. Thus began the Unico story.

High-performing Unico haircare products are formulated with pure, natural ingredients, such as essential oils of ylang-ylang, cedarwood, and orange. Vitamins A and E help improve scalp circulation.

For coarse or colour-treated hair, the Unico Intensive line is a great choice. These moisture-rich products contain a UV filter to help protect colour against fading. Lavender, rosemary, and cypress essential oils moisturise the hair, while five vitamins — including B5 and E — keep dry or colour-treated hair looking soft and healthy.

Is your hair looking dull? Rely on Unica Protein Treatment to restore lustre. This deeply nourishing hair mask contains sesame oil and cocoa butter and is significantly higher in these and other moisture-rich ingredients than traditional conditioners.

Fine, limp hair takes on renewed vibrancy with the Unico Volumising product line. Start with Volumising shampoo to gently clarify and remove product build-up without stripping the hair. Follow with Volumising conditioner, which contains five nourishing vitamins, including vitamin F to promote hair growth and vitamin B5 to help prevent hair loss.

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'Unico' is an Italian word for 'the only one'. This simple word represents the essence of Unico haircare products.


The formulation of the first Unico products took approximately a year. Without compromising on product performance, founder Sofia Basile finally came up with a combination of pure ingredients, enriched with vitamins and nourishing essential oils that would care for hair without stripping it.


Unico's vibrant and eye-catching packaging receives almost as much attention as the product within. The company insists upon environmentally friendly packaging for all its products to reduce the carbon footprint on our fragile planet.

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