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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution 240ml

4.6 of 704 reviews


4 instalments of $3.63

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4 instalments of $3.63

Or 4 instalments of $3.63 with LEARN MORE

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Designed to target textural irregularities and lackluster tone, The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution contains  7% Glycolic Acid, Amino Acids, Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Tasmanian Pepperberry.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution Reviews

4.6 of 704 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing Amazing Amazing


I recently got into chemical exfoliants and this was the second strength I used and was an incredible step up, highly recommend

Most Helpful Criticism

It's alright


The toner doesn't feel like anything too exceptional. It makes my skin feel somewhat cleaner and refreshed but also stings quite a bit and is sometimes unbearable on my skin. On the plus side, it's a large bottle and will last you forever.
I will probably not be repurchasing.
  1. A Great Addition to the Toner World


    verified purchaser
    This is one of the first 'The Ordinary' products I have invested in after some research. Although this toner is not for frequent use, I do love keeping it in my PM Routine when possible. It absorbs quite well and makes my overall skin appearance a lot more even colouring wise. I recommend this product if your looking for something on the stronger side like I was, and something that will last you a...
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  2. Amazing Amazing Amazing


    I recently got into chemical exfoliants and this was the second strength I used and was an incredible step up, highly recommend
  3. Rivals the high end chemical exfoliants!


    I’ve always been a fan of glycolic acid as a chemical exfoliant but I’ve never found such value for money! This product makes my skin feel clean and smooth and keeps congestion at bay. It also feels gentle enough for daily use. I will continue to use this product.
  4. very drying


    This product kinda stings when you use it especially if you have dry or broken skin. I feel like it has helped in clearing up marks but also my skin flakes off quite a bit when i use it so no for everyday usage.
  5. Soft skin heaven


    I love this product. I use it after cleansing before acid serums. Makes the skin really soft. I have been using it mostly daily for a few months and have a quarter left - it lasts a while a I find. I have also read it works well for stopping BO and I have also used it to soften foot skin which it works for too. Occasionally it can be a bit painful on my sensitive skin but is usually fine. Recommen...
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  6. Can only use in PM


    verified purchaser
    I like this toner, you can only use it at night so I feel as though it might be more effective but you would need another toner in the AM as well. Haven't seen any noticeable difference in my skin but I have enough faith in The Ordinary to keep going with it.
  7. Results are HUGE.


    verified purchaser
    I've been using this product every second night for almost a year.
    The results have been huge!
    My skin is clearer, smoother and brighter.
    Push through the initial stinging feeling as you're skin will quickly build a tolerance.


    This product is incredible! It got rid of texture and any little bumps I had on my skin. I use it every day with a cotton pad and can definitely notice when I go without. My skin is so smooth and soft! Will never not use it. 10/10.
  9. Leaves skin smooth


    I started using this on my back instead after listening to the podcast and i love it!
  10. Best glycolic Acid


    I use this product every evening. When I first began to use this product, it stung a little bit but not anymore unless I have active pimples. This product has been magically in reducing the redness in my pimples and overall really cleared up my skin. Love this!
  11. I wanted this to be holy grail


    I really wanted this to be my be all, end all product. My skin is, uncomfortable at most times. I find this works quite well on a once a week basis for me, if I get too excited at the results and use it more than once a week, my skin doesn't like it. I like to keep it as a slow progression for me and hopefully one day my skin can use it more than once a week; but the results are really good for me...
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  12. Bacne cure


    I don't use this on my face but I took Hannah's suggestion on the podcast and attached a spray nozzle and use this on my bacne and it is so effective! I only apply it about x2 per week because it is quite drying (I have no idea how people use this on their face it would be extremely harsh) and moisturise liberally on the other nights. This is the only thing that has truly made a difference in my b...
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  13. Good for the body


    I don’t need a toner on my face, but I got this for my arms and bum for when I get this little bumps, couldn’t say no for the price, great product for the body, as recommended by the girls on the podcast
  14. It's alright


    The toner doesn't feel like anything too exceptional. It makes my skin feel somewhat cleaner and refreshed but also stings quite a bit and is sometimes unbearable on my skin. On the plus side, it's a large bottle and will last you forever.
    I will probably not be repurchasing.
  15. Calm toner


    Im no expert but I hope it’s doing magic and really takes away any dirt or oils. It doesnt sting my face and feels pretty good, absorbs very well.
  16. Good Toner


    Nice, Sensitive friendly toner. Didn't break me out or turn my face red, Worked well!
  17. Beautiful Product in Ordinary,MUST HAVE


    Absolutely it's a great toner, and it is the only toner in the ordinary products. This toner with AHA 7% can be easily removed the old surface of the skin. Everyone knows the ordinary is not a good at the feeling of the products, but this one would charge your mind surprisingly. A gentle toner with berry smells would be the best feeling product in The Ordinary. If you like this brand, you should t...
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  18. An absolute must have!


    I’ve struggled with breakouts since my teens, I’m now 25 and hadn’t found a solution until finding the whole the ordinary range bIt this one in particular is one of the ones i see myself using again and again and again!
    I wouldn’t recommend for sensitive skin but if slowly introduced into your skin routine this baby will work wonders on your complexion!
    I’ve been using it for about 3...
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  19. Love, love, love The Ordinary!

    Miss Brittany

    Considering the price of The Ordinary products. You would think that they would not be so great however I am so please with all my purchases of their products. My skin looks and feels amazing after doing a morning and night routine!
  20. Works well for me!


    I really like this toner! I was unsure when first moving to a chemical exfoliant having preferred scrubs etc but I have been pleansantly surprised with this! I think a lot of my past struggles with breakouts has been over exfoliating my skin - using this toner, I have seen decreased breakouts and better skin texture and no side effects from not using a scrub exfoliant so I am a happy camper!
  21. It works but irritated my skin


    I don't really have the most sensitive skin. But every time I use this for two days in a row, I always get a little bump around my face. I think it is a bit harsh on my skin, so please beware!
  22. Fantastic product and affordable price! Highly recommend!


    I've been using this for a week and it is definely helping my skin to be more glowy and brighter. But you have to be careful if you have sensitive because it is a quite strong product. I have a dry sensitive skin and even though It can stings a bit specially if you apply a lot, it doesn’t cause any redness or dry patches.
    This is an amazing product at affordable price.
    I would also...
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  23. does what it sais it does


    Definately does what it claims to do. I needed much less on my face than I did on areas of my body where the skin is tougher and able to handle it more. The first application to my face made it sting and get really sensitive while it was working its magic but its worth it for the noticeable effects two days later.
  24. Not overwhelmed


    I loved this product when I first started using it. It was my introduction to chemical exfoliation so I didn't have anything to compare it to, but since finding other products that do the job a lot better, it doesn't appeal to me anymore and I wouldn't purchase again. I much prefer some of the Korean exfoliating toners I've found. Was also a bit disappointed to learn that this has some fragrance i...
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  25. Fantastic!!


    This is a HUGE bottle at such a good price. I used this product only once as it was too strong for my skin (using the lactic acid instead). Even though it was too strong, after my skin had peeled it revealed supple, clear skin. I ended up giving it to a friend who has acne and dermal scarring and is experiencing positive results.
  26. Feel the clean!


    I bought this product because I was concerned that I wasn't getting all of my make up off in the evenings. I was right. A few rubs over the face with this product on a cotton wool pad and so much extra make up that I can't even see comes off! It's a bit abrasive for my skin, so I only use it on days when I've worn makeup and always follow it up with Buffet or the Moroccan Argan Oil to soothe my sk...
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  27. Great product for the price


    The product sinks into my skin without leaving any residue which I really like.
  28. Good product- but think I need to cycle different toners at the same time...


    Really liked this when I first started using it- noticed a brightness in my skin and felt that tingle..feel like now that I am towards the end of the bottle I don't feel the tingle any more or see as strong results? think my skin has gotten too used to it, I thing I will try a different toner when I run out of this, and then come back to this after....
    Good product- but think I need to cycle...
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  29. Great price !!


    This is a HUGE bottle at such a good price. I used this product only once as it was too strong for my skin (using the lactic acid instead). Even though it was too strong, after my skin had peeled it revealed supple, clear skin. I ended up giving it to a friend who has acne and dermal scarring and is experiencing positive results.
  30. Amazing brand, great product


    I love almost all the products I’ve tried from TO and this was no different. Effective and affordable! Found this is great for exfoliating the skin without leaving it dry and helps to improve skin texture, reduce pores and prevent breakouts.
  31. Great chemical exfoliant!


    This is a great solution for gentle exfoliation. Leaved my skin feeling soft and fresh without being drying. Would recommend for all skin types.
  32. amazing for acne


    This has been amazing for both my skin and body acne. It took a few days to begin to show results but I haven't had a breakout now for 3 weeks! I use it after the ordinary cleanser and have noticed greater smoothness of my skin.
  33. Great for body acne!


    I'm using it on my back and chest, prone to mild acne. After an initial short purging period, I could notice that my skin was visibly clearer. Also it hydrates, always a plus in winter. I've started to use it on my bum too, to get rid of the small bumps - success, my skin is much smoother now! (no one cares but hey)
    I tried it once on my chin, but my face skin is really sensitive, so it was ...
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  34. Effective for my oily skin


    I have a very sensitive and oily skin (not a good combination) so my skin can react unpredictably to different products. However, this toning solution has been really effective for my oily skin but only in moderation. I only use it every other night and so far, it has keep my skin clean and free of breakout.
  35. Skin has never been better!


    I've struggled with Milia my whole life - and have noticed such a dramatic difference in my skin since using this daily before bed. Milia and notoriously hard to get rid of/ and I've never had a product that worked better than this without hurting my skin. Love it!
  36. Unsure


    After using this product for around three weeks, I have seen no real improvement to my skin. However, I first began using this every day and it make my skin very dry and flakey. I recommend using this ever second or third day
  37. Very effective but go easy if you have sensitive skin


    I've been using this for about 3 weeks now and while my skin definitely got brighter and softer, it seemed to get even more sensitive than usual. If you have even mildly sensitive skin and/or rosacea, I'd suggest using this only once a week at the most.
  38. a great toner


    this is a really good toner, its a bit strong on my skin so I only use it a couple of times a week
  39. Burning sensation


    This toner gave me a burning sensation, no matter how little I used or how infrequently. I had to give to someone else. I'm going to try a lower percentage glycolic acid to begin with.
  40. Quite strong but effective


    Add serums immediately after using this toner, as the skin will dry very quickly & this should only be used after getting your skin used to more intense products.
  41. Instant Results


    This product is great. I saw instant results after using it a couples times, made my skin so much smoother and softer.
  42. If you have acne you need this!


    This product has cleared up my skin so well! I would recommend it to anyone with acne or oily/combination skin. Out of every toner I use this is one of the best. You get plenty of product for an extremely low price. The only reason I am rating it 4.5 stars is because it stings when you first apply it. I use this once a day during the pm. If you have sensitive or dry skin are are wanting to use thi...
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  43. Fresh skin texture


    I love using this product to help with my acne bumps, it helps to exfoliate the skin to allow the texture to improve, I use it in the morning before my moisturiser and sunscreen. Ive also found it useful on ingrown hairs on my legs.
  44. So effective!


    I really love this toner as it makes my skin feel clean, fresh and ready for all my moisturisers, and it's so cost-effective as a little goes a long way!
  45. Amazing!


    I'm happy that I discovered this and other The Ordinary products. I've been using it for the past 6 months. It works. It is also very inexpensive. I purchased 2 bottles initially and I'm just on the second bottle now. Prior to using this, I exfoliated with "gentle" scrubs and brushes. That was not working out well for my skin. My skin tone has greatly improved. In the first few months of starting ...
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  46. brighter skin


    After 1 month using this product, my skin looks brighter and glossier. I heard it may cause irritation but I didn't have any irritation at all. Skin looks stronger day by day.
  47. The best toner!

    Tash B

    This is hands down the best toner I've used, and far more reasonably priced than others on the market. It settles into the skin beautifully, and helps the skin absorb moisturiser so much better. If you have super sensitive skin it might sting quite a bit at first - I'd recommend using a small amount every second day and building up your skin's tolerance.
  48. Love this product! Made my skin feel so soft!


    How could you not love the ordinary!
  49. Best glycolic Acid


    I have brought this product recently as many YouTubers were ravishing about the product. so I thought of giving it a try. I have been using this for more than three weeks now and I should say its definitely done wonders. This is perfect for all skin types.
  50. Smooth skin


    I recently bought is product after a recommendation from a friend. My face feels smoother and with less enlarged pores. Great value for money too!
  51. Highly recommend


    I have purchased this product for the 3rd time now, it’s an essential part of my skincare collection. I use after cleansing to get rid of extra make up to make sure my skin is perfectly clean. Such a great price too!
  52. Really great


    I never used toners growing up but i thought I would give this one a try after a recommendation from my sister and I am so glad I did. I have noticed a considerable difference in my skin since using this.
  53. Good Value for Money


    This solution comes in a pretty big bottle and lasts for a while, especially since you only need to use it once or twice per week at the most. It is not the most elegant formula, but it works well to exfoliate the skin.
  54. great for chicken skin


    I bought this for my chicken arms and legs. It works well! I will say the high concentration might be too much for face, at least for starters. But it does work well for improving the smoothness and slowly reduce the red spots on my skin. Be sure not to use on broken skin because it burns!
  55. Glycolic acid


    Absolutely adore this! Such a great, gentle chemical exfoliant for a low price. The bottle lasts ages and I like using this every other day to renew my skin. My skin looks brighter and clearer since using this. I feel like it plays a role in keeping those hormonal pimples at bay.
  56. hate it


    this is too strong it burns my skin every time I use it, if you have sensitive skin, not for you!
  57. Great chemical exfoliant


    Although I've heard glycolic acid can be quite harsh on the skin, I've yet to experience any irritation after 2 weeks of using this product, albeit I have cut back to using it every other day. It's really started to even out my skin's texture, and it's reduced the flakiness that normally occurs throughout my T-zone in winter. I've also started mixing it with a moisturizer so I can use it on my bod...
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  58. Smooths away rough skin


    I have always assumed a toner is not useful but this is on the long term use list for me. I have quite dry skin with sensitive cheeks. The toner significantly reduced the rough skin around my jawline and forehead. I recommend using it every other night because it can irritate. I avoid putting it on my cheeks. I eased into the ordinary products one at a time so I could really tell the difference. I...
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  59. Glycolic acid


    Love this toner. Use it every morning as part of my double exfoliation, ie wash with mild cleanser applied with a soft facial brush then this toner.

    My skin feels great. Would recommend this to anyone.
  60. Great in Moderation


    I absolutely love the results of this product, its leaves my face feeling fresh and a nice glow! While i love the results you do have to be mindful if you have sensitive skin i found using this only 2-3 times a week was perfect for me but probably couldn't tolerate anymore as I found can leave the skin abit dry, if not adding enough moisture.
  61. Cheap and Sweet!


    Absolutely love this product. It doesn't sting or tingle on application but leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. I can't go without this in my bedtime routine anymore! Very affordable and great for blemishes and smoothing the skin
  62. Budget friendly, highly effective!


    This has changed my skin. I have been using it for about 2 years and won't be stopping! My skin is clear and daily use has significantly reduced my hormonal breakouts. It has kept my skin consistent and balances it out perfectly at the start of each day.
  63. Budget friendly, highly effective!


    This has changed my skin. I have been using it for about 2 years and won't be stopping! My skin is clear and daily use has significantly reduced my hormonal breakouts. It has kept my skin consistent and balances it out perfectly at the start of each day.
  64. Good price for a great product


    Have been using this in conjunction with a selection of other products from the Ordinary. Found my skin to be brighter and my scaring is reducing. This is the added step I needed in my routine. Love.
  65. Great Product


    Affordable, effective and love the size/volume of the product
  66. Surprisingly impressed


    I have been using this toner for a week now, it purchased after being recommended by a friend.
    It is a little stronger than other toners I have used before, so I tend to use it every 2 or 3 days.
    I purchased other products from the same brand at the same time and my skin had quite a negative reaction - but my skin loves this toner!
    For the price and the results I would defiant...
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  67. Not your ordinary toner

    Regular Guy

    Really nice exfoliating toner, probably can’t replace a daily toner, but great to use when you feel like you need a deeper clean for other actives. Great value for a glycolic toner, it doesn’t have any scent, and texture is a bit thicker than other toners meaning it doesn’t absorb as quick. No adverse effects on oily/combination skin.
  68. Could not recommend this more!


    This product has noticeably improved the texture of my skin, and it great at removing any residual makeup/dirt left on your skin after a cleanse. Stings slightly on application but not too badly at all. Will definitely be repurchasing!
  69. Very effective toner


    I started using this toner a few weeks ago and it has stopped so many breakouts. I really enjoy using this toner I have had great results. My skin isn't sensitive and is dry to normal. If this is your first time using exfoliating acids such as glycolic, I would apply small amounts and make sure to patch test before using on your face. I also always make sure to use this at night because your skin ...
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  70. Strong but it works


    I have not tried this on my face but it works a treat on my heels then followed by Egyptian Magic a la the podcast recommendations. Works well on cleansing my back too.
  71. Love it


    I saw lots of people recommending this on social media and I wanted to give it a try to see how it actually is. I love it so much! I have just been using a few drops at night and my scars are fading so much. 10/10 recommended this product.


    Best toner ever, helped with my textured skin and always gets the extra bit of dirt off after cleansing
    onto my THIRD bottle !!
  73. Fantastic chemical exfoliant


    I love this product for face and body! I used it on my face twice a week at night as an exfoliant and always wake up with bright refreshed skin. I also use it on my chest area which is probe to sweat pimples and it clears them up super quick. I put the product onto a cotton pad and then onto the skin. It is such good value. You can't go wrong with the glycolic toner.
  74. A bit stingy


    I find this product stings upon application and leaves a burning sensation for a couple of minutes afterwards. Reading the good reviews I am determined to keep at it and going to cut down to only using it once every few days. I haven't seen any immediate results yet but my skin definitely feels tighter and dryer after use (definitely needs following up with hydrating serums and moiturisers)
  75. Total refresher


    I’ve only previously used the Mario Badescu Toner which I loved and wanted to give this a try, read up on it and found out I should only be using a glycolic toner at night time and so far very pleased with The Ordinary toner. Don’t need a lot at all and unless it was just me being lazy and not researching, there seemed to be more info on what it does and how best to use this product. Very mild odo...
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  76. Great product so far, still trialing it though!


    I have fair-tan & combination skin. I got this product mostly for the KP on the backs of my arms though for chemical exfoliation. I’ve noticed quite a difference in the appearance of my KP. It’s not as dark and has gone down a little bit. I’ve also noticed that my pores are slowly starting to be less noticeable as well which I love! Great toner for the face and also a good product for those with K...
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  77. Amazing!

    Isi Slater

    Love this! Perfect concentration of Glycolic Acid, doesn’t irritate me and does a great job. Also the bottle is enormous so it lasts really long!
  78. Holy grail- Always have a bottle!


    There is heaps in the bottle. I use it on my bikini line to keep the skin smooth and sometimes even under my arms. It’s gentle enough for me to use in the AM which is awesome! Helps makeup go on smooth. Such a good product
  79. Holy grail- Always have a bottle!


    There is heaps in the bottle. I use it on my bikini line to keep the skin smooth and sometimes even under my arms. It’s gentle enough for me to use in the AM which is awesome! Helps makeup go on smooth. Such a good product
  80. My pits best friend


    Soooo I bought this as someone recommended it for use a DEODORANT!!?? And heck it actually works! I use it about 3 times a week to help support my daily natural deodorant. The acid apparently helps keep bacteria at bay and I can vouch for this, no smelly pits to account! Still yet to use it on my face as I already use another chemical exfoliation product and want to avoid over exfoliation. But ser...
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  81. Strong. Be cautious


    Alot of people assume they have acne/pimples but they have rosacea. This isn't the best for sensitive ski either. However it is great! I don't use this for my face but for my body.
  82. might be too strong if u have dry sensitive skin


    all over all good toner, especially if your pores feel clogged or you dont double cleanse enough..... great match for blemished oily skin types i would say!
  83. Not a fan


    Been using this for almost two weeks. The first time my face was burning and extremely red. This happened the second and third time but not as badly. My skin has now gotten used to that. But this product leaves my skin feeling sticky for some reason. Too acidic for my skin...I do not have sensitive skin. Won’t be buying again unfortunately.
  84. Good chemical exfoliant


    This is a great, affordable chemical exfoliant. I just apply to a cotton pad and swipe all over the face 2-3 times a week, and find it helps with my skin texture, and helps keep my skin smooth and glowy. I also appreciate the easy way to squeeze out of the bottle. Very easy use product.
  85. love it


    i love this toner it’s cheap and never runs out, had my old bottle for 6 months and i still had a quarter left i just accidentally tipped it all out
  86. Perfect toner


    Gentle on my skin, but it keeps me clean and fresh for my moisturiser and serum.
  87. Top 5 product from the Ordinary

    Ally J

    This is honestly one of my top five products from the Ordinary. You cannot find a high quality product like this on the market for the same price point. This helps reduce my oiliness however I only use at night time 3 times per week and always use a sunscreen during the day.
  88. a great toner


    this is a really good toner, it is a bit strong so I only use it every second day or so
  89. Active ingredients for less


    This exfoliates and brightens my skin and is gentle enough to use most nights. It works well with my other products and it is an absolute steal for the price. Rivals some of the more expensive brands out there.
  90. Definitely recommend.


    I've never really invested too much time into toners but I gave this one a try after recommendations from a friend. I love it! I use it at nighttime and believe it has improved the texture and unevenness of my skin. Also, like all of the ordinary's products, it's extremely affordable.
  91. amazing value for money


    such a great price for something that will probably last me a year. this product helped to smooth out my skin in a gentler way than a physical exfoliant would.
    I had to be careful when I first started using it as my skin was quite sensitive to it. first only used it once a week and now two-three times a week with just a few drops onto a cotton pad.
  92. Good but don't use too often if sensitive!


    Loved the fresh feeling this gave me when using it. I find it a little more rough and intense than I would prefer... It is definitely stronger than other chemical exfoliating toners I have used like Mac Softening Lotion. Probably would only purchase this again if i was to use it on my body (to remove fake tan, thanks to the Beauty IQ podcast haha).
  93. Gentle daily exfoliation


    I use this every night and I love it for my acne prone skin. Works gently to exfoliate and you wake up with beautiful soft skin!
  94. Cheap and effective!


    This huge bottle is great value, I love the point tip you get included with it so you don't waste any product. I use this in the pm a couple of times a week, it noticeably brightens and smooths skin, not to mention the anti-aging benefits that will come with the long term use of it. The concentration of glycolic acid is great and I believe this product competes very favourably with many much more ...
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  95. Too strong


    I was using The Ordinary Lactic acid 10% but didn't think it was doing much so thought to try this to step things up. I think this may be too strong for my skin though as it made me break out. My skin is sensitive though and reacts to lots of things. This product gets lots of other good reviews though and the bottle is huge and it is very cheap, so is definitely worth trying if you don't have sens...
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  96. Multi-purpose use


    I go through this stuff like crazy. I started out using this just on my face a couple of times a week and it was fine, didn't see any noticeable difference. But then I after seeing someone on Insta use this in other ways I started experimenting . I know use this once a week on my scalp as a detox treatment and everyday on mumy armpits in place of deodorant ( and it actually works!)
  97. Good choice


    This is a great choice for an inexpensive Acid. I wouldn’t say it helps much with skin brightening but it definitely helped the texture of my skin. Love it and still use it as one of my acid toners.
  98. first toner I've purchased and so glad I chose this one!


    This was the first toner i've ever purchased and I couldn't be happier! Don't let the price fool you, this is not an average toner. It is AMAZING. I use this every night after cleansing my face in the shower and am amazed how much dirt this toner gets off! Love it. Leaves my face feeling clean and slowly! Only thing I wish it had was a pump as I find really difficult to get the product out of the ...
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  99. ok


    got this for my body acne, specifically my back and it didn't do much, helped a little though.
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