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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution 240ml

4.6 of 571 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.63

Or 4 instalments of $3.63 with LEARN MORE

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Designed to target textural irregularities and lackluster tone, The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution contains  7% Glycolic Acid, Amino Acids, Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Tasmanian Pepperberry.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

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4.6 of 571 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This solution saved my acne-prone skin


I absolutely adore this product. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid has produced the most amazing results out of every product I have tried on my acne. Low irritation when applying, a little tingly and a little redness after swiping on problem areas with a cotton pad. I immediately noticed an amazing difference after a few days - smaller pores, less pigmentation, fewer breakouts, the fading of acne scars. So cheap and a generous amount of solutions for months of application. I will be recommending this to everyone until I’m blue in the face!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure


I usually do not have sensitive skin but this really stung. I stopped using after trying 3 or 4 times
  1. Good price


    verified purchaser
    This product is really good price but I haven't seen huge difference just yet. I purchased mainly after hearing that Hannah on the podcast uses it for back breakouts and I wanted to try on bum! I’ll keep trying it and hopefully see results.
  2. Not sure


    I usually do not have sensitive skin but this really stung. I stopped using after trying 3 or 4 times
  3. Great price, great product!


    verified purchaser
    I have noticed such a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin since incorporating this product into my night time skin routine. I get regular peels / treatments etc so I did not notice tingling when using the toner initially. Great price, highly recommend.
  4. Great way to start your nightly skincare routine


    verified purchaser
    I love it as the beginning step to my nightly skincare routine. It would sting my face for the first 2-3 weeks, but now I'm starting to see great results and glowing skin! Quality product for a great price.
  5. great value for money


    verified purchaser
    it still stings a bit upon application, even though i’ve used it for the past 4 months (i’ve used the ordinary’s lactic acid 5% and it stopped stinging after 2-3 weeks). nonetheless, it’s an overall great chemical exfoliator, and does what it needs to do. the only downside for me is that the bottle is so big and clunky :(
  6. Harsh, but great occasionally


    verified purchaser
    I use this 1-2 times per week with a BHA more often, as well as the Ordinary’s AHA+BHA once a week and it’s so good! Using it too often can be extremely sensitising, so find your sweet spot. 1-3 times a week seems best, so will last you aaaaages.
  7. This solution saved my acne-prone skin


    verified purchaser
    I absolutely adore this product. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid has produced the most amazing results out of every product I have tried on my acne. Low irritation when applying, a little tingly and a little redness after swiping on problem areas with a cotton pad. I immediately noticed an amazing difference after a few days - smaller pores, less pigmentation, fewer breakouts, the fading of acne scars....
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  8. Easy to use and seeing results


    verified purchaser
    Long time The Ordinary user, always with mixed results. After purchasing this for my partner, I thought I would buy myself a bottle to try. Using it 2-3 times a week especially focusing on my chin area and also chest where I get congestion from exercise. So far, already seeing some results and excited to see more with further use!
  9. Glow!!


    verified purchaser
    Since I have started using this toner I have received so many compliments on my skin! I truly believe it's a game changer for clear glowy skin :)
  10. Gentle on the skin


    verified purchaser
    I started using this product after a AHA was suggested by my laser hair removal technician. So far i love it.. ive had less breakouts and my skin is so soft.. will definitely be trying more of their products..
  11. Love this for my back/shoulders


    I use this mostly for breakouts on my back and shoulders and it works amazing! Have used it occasionally on my face also and it works great. The ordinary has such a great price-point for quality products!
  12. Great glycolic acid


    Product works great and the price is amazing. I like to also use it on any body pimples to help them disappear faster. Does need a few applications but does the job! Doesn't sting the skin or anything like that.
  13. So cheap and good quality


    Packaging is sleek and clean like all of the ordinary products, and you get so much product for the price. It works really well, i tend to get acne on my arms and back and this really helps reduce that. It smells fine, nothing special, nothing awful.
  14. Gentle chemical exfoliant


    I was looking for a gentle chemical exfoliant as I cannot tolerate exfoliant scrubs on my face. This product just lifts the dullness and gives a brighter appearance on skin. Non-stripping, no stinging or irritation, i use it after i cleanse either patting into skin or with cotton pad. I only use it at night and use sunscreen during the day.
  15. Great price as an Alpha-H alternative


    It's definitely no Alpha-H Liquid Gold replacement,. However, for the price, it's a great alternative and it isn't as strong which can be quite good for people wanting something a little less intense. Personally, think it's great value and you get a decent sized bottle.
  16. Great for the price


    It’s effective. Mildly exfoliating, non stinging, and does what it is supposed to. Just use your bottle fairly quickly because mine went off in two months.
  17. Leaves Skin Fresh


    I like this product, but be careful if you sensitive skin like mine, I use it twice a week and that works, its very good value for money and will last for months.
  18. Sticky?


    I really wanted to love this toner after reading all these fantastic reviews, but I just can’t get into it. I haven’t read anyone else having this problem, so I don’t know if it’s just the particular bottle I got but I find it really sticky. No matter the amount are use it always leaves my face feeling really sticky? I wait and I wait before putting on the moisturiser and it’s still sticky hours l...
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  19. makes your skin glow

    best toner

    I absolutely love this toner. makes my skin very soft and glowing. It has helped me with my breakouts as well. it is so cheap yet does what it is meant to do perfectly. I use it every night and it has not dried out my skin, I use HA and niacinamide after this every second night, I wake up with really nice even skin. One of my favourite TO products out of many.
  20. tingly sensation


    This is such a great toner, especially for the price. leaves my skin feeling clean without drying out my skin. it helps to remove the dead skin on my face so that all my other skincare can absorbs much better. it leaves your skin feeling a little but tingly at first but i notice the more that i use it, my skin has gotten used to it so its not a big deal.
  21. Great product


    I use this max twice a week, whenever my skin looks super tired and dull ill use this at night and my skin in the morning is noticeably radiant. I don't layer this with any other serums when i use it (niacinimide) .
  22. Best acid toner


    Tones without drying the skin out and leaves my skin looking noticeably clearly the next day. A bit too intense for every day use and can sting sensitive areas such as around the nose and mouth so only use it a couple times a week!
  23. gentle yet effective


    found this pretty good at evening out my uneven skin tone without being too harsh or drying out my skin out
  24. Consistent daily exfoliation


    For the price point I have been very happy with this product. It has a slight 'tingly' feeling when you put it on (I think that's telling you it's working. I use it every few days when I don't have on a stronger AHA/BHA product or mask. It is not drying and can be worn as part of the morning of evening routine. With so many products in my skincare routine it is hard to really quantify the resu...
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  25. Well Done!

    Well Done!

    Such a nice product. Tones well without drying out the skin. It as really help to clear up some breakouts and redness.
  26. Well worth the money


    Leaves skin clean and glowing! I have had alot less breakouts since using this. You also get so much for your money
  27. Leaves Skin Feeling Great!


    I absolutely love this product. Great price and great results. Makes my skin feel good without stripping the moisture. Helps keep my acne at bay too.
  28. Does what it’s meant to

    So far so food

    So far I like this product, does what it’s meant to and doesn’t cost the world. Not sure if I’ll repurchase
  29. My new skin saviour


    I’ve always had trouble with my skin since the good ol’ teenage years and this product is definitely my new must-have. I suffer from blackheads, breakouts (especially on the chin) and acne scars.

    It is very easy to use - simply apply to a cotton pad and then all over your face before bed. I noticed a difference from the very first use. My skin looked brighter, clearer and felt really...
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  30. Good to help refresh skin


    Great acid to refresh my skin. It helps to reduce pores on my skin. Great purchase I made
  31. It's okay


    I've been using this toner for around 2 month now and haven't noticed much difference in my skin condition. Though I've had no pimples and my face does feel softer. My skin is too sensitive to use daily, so I only use it 3 times a week, which could be why I haven't seen much change.
  32. Great product


    You see results with this product- the next morning my skin is smooth and clear. I have had to limit my use to every other night as my skin became a little dry with nightly use. So now I alternate a night of this, with a night with retinol and feel it's the right balance.
  33. Amazing


    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried it, but it’s definitely one of my favourites at night time!!
  34. Good value product


    I bought this product after hearing the girls talk about it on the podcast mainly to use for tan removal. I also read the reviews and saw that some people were finding results with back acne. I haven't had a chance to use it as a tan remover yet, but have found it has reduced and cleared some pimples overnight. Looking forward to seeing more results. Can't fault the price.
  35. generous size


    i love this glycolic acid solution - very generous size and easy to swipe before bed - keeps my skin smooth and untextured
  36. Rock solid exfoliator


    I ran out of my Caudalie Glycolic peel which has been my twice a week go-to for soft smooth skin for some time.
    I've been trying to save a few pennies so I decided to try this super cost-effective Ordinary product.

    I'm impressed! My skin is baby soft and absorbs serums beautifully!

    As the other reviews here, it has a mild stinging sensation the first few times. I ...
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  37. Great product


    Bought this on the recommendation from the Beauty IQ Podcast for a chemical exfoliant. I have raised red bumps on my arms and thighs. Using this a few times a week after showering has drastically reduced the redness and bumps. You also get a lot of product for the price. Definitely good value.

  38. Instant results!


    My skin texture is rather uneven and I've been using this product for only 4 days (along with the other The Ordinary products) and I love it! My forehead is much smoother already. A very cost effective but results driven bunch of products. I'm hooked.
  39. Athletes best friend


    I purchased this after listening to the podcast were they discussed backne and using this product to help manage it. I am a very active women and spend 5 days/week in the gym and find the constant sweaty-ness causes little bumps and breakouts on my back. This product has basically cleared my skin. I apply it morning and evening across my back and it's cleared those sweaty bumps completely!
  40. Mild toner option


    Doesn't tighten skin or tingle the way my previous toners have. Also doesn't dry out skin. Have been using it foe 2 weeks now and have noticed mild differences in my dry areas, but oily T-zone can be a problem.
  41. Bang for Buck


    Boy does this bottle go a very long way. Great for exfoliating skin - I use it on my face, neck and décolletage even the bottom of my feet. Excellent dupe for liquid gold - I alternate it between the two and haven't noticed a lot of difference.
  42. Very good


    overall is a pretty good toner, does what it needs to and is very affordable. It was a bit strong for my sensitive skin though.
  43. Fave!


    Favourite skin care product I own, has gotten rid of all the texture from my forehead and helps with oil control. However makes my skin more vulnerable to the sun.
  44. Ticks all the boxes


    This has really improved my uneven texture and congestion and it’s so affordable! So happy with it
  45. Great-ish


    This is a great product if you don’t have sensitive skin, leaves your skin really radiant and soft, but as I started using retinol I can’t use this anymore as my skin is just too sensitive.
  46. Great Buy


    I am really liking this toner, it doesn't make my skin tight like many other tones I have tried. I also feel the texture of my skin has become a little softer and hoping with continued use the texture will be greatly reduced.
  47. The perfect toner!


    I’ve always struggled to find the right toner and this ticks all of the boxes!
  48. Excellent Toner


    I've used this now for over a month, twice weekly and love this product. Gives a deep clean and helps remove debris from pores. Doesn't have any overpowering smell and isn't too harsh.
  49. Great toner


    Really good toner, does what it's meant to and amazing price point!
  50. Best product I've used in years!


    I started using this a few weeks ago and literally saw an improvement in the texture of my skin after ONE USE! I couldn't believe it! I used it every night before using my face serums and now that my skin texture has improved greatly, and I have skin breakouts very little (if at all), I now use it every second night to avoid over-exfoliating my skin. I couldn't be happier with the product and the ...
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  51. Good so far


    Just brought this, good so far as it helps removes dead skin. Curious to see how it helps with uneven skin tone long term.
  52. Love this product!


    Great toner for my skin. I use it once a day, after cleansing at night. My skin is the best is has been in years!
  53. Like it so far


    I really like it so far. I definitely notice a difference in my skin after using for a couple of days. Would buy it again
  54. Great for breakouts and congestion


    I've been trying to get my hands on this for awhile but it always seemed to be sold out, and now I know why! This toner is great for pesky spots, congestion and exfoliation. I have sensitive, dry/normal skin so I don't use this every night, but when I do I wake up with glowing, toned skin and any spots are greatly reduced in size. Be careful not to use too much on sensitive areas as it can cause r...
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  55. Tone’s baby


    What a great way to tone your face
    Easy screw lid
    Feels like my face is clean and its doing what its ment to do
    Face looks great in the morning
    Glowy fresh skin
  56. Great Toner


    I use this every second morning. A bit stingy, but really clears the skin. I use it every second morning because I also use a derma roller and find it’s a bit too much for skin to have this toner the morning after a nighttime roll.
    Good product, great price point - just great value all round.
  57. Powerful toner


    A fantastic 2nd step after cleansing, this toner lifts away any dead skin cells, to amp up your glow, and leave your skin clear for whichever serum you choose to use next. Fun note - also fantastic at getting hair dye off my hands. Use the gloves, kids!!!
  58. Great!


    I have tried my fair share of toners and always ended up stopping using them as they got too harsh for my skin or I just couldn’t put up with the stinging anymore. (Most of them had alcohol in them) This is amazing! Slight tingles around my nose which is where I’m usually sensitive too but not bad! After I cleansed and exfoliated I wiped this bad boy over my face and was surprised of the little di...
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  59. Good


    Active product that is effective at clearing up and improving oily, congested skin types
  60. Amazing


    Favourite skin care product I own, has gotten rid of all the texture from my forehead and helps with oil control. However makes my skin more vulnerable to the sun.
  61. Maybe yes maybe no??


    I feel like for the first 1 month or so this product really did its job. My skin did purge in the beginning but eventually went away.

    However, after the first month, it didn't really do much? So I'm a bit conflicted on how I feel about this product.
  62. The only way to exfoliate daily


    I love this product, its best value for money that you will find in a toner, it may take a week or so for your skin to get used to it if you haven't built up a good skin barrier just yet, but I now use it morning and night! I use this with a gentle cleanser (sometimes I double cleanse) and you can just feel how it takes your routine to the next level before adding your serums and makeup etc. It's ...
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  63. pixi toner better


    i thought pixi toner is better than this one
  64. Great value!


    This toner is great, it smooths over skin and wipes away leftover impurities/ make up and works the same as more expensive brands at a much cheaper price! I use it with a cotton pad every morning after cleansing. It lasts forever too!
  65. good toner


    i use this product on a cotton round first thing in the morning, i find it really gives a nice glow to my skin
  66. Great product


    It’s great! Works just as well as other expensive glycolic acids however this one is actually affordable! Love it
  67. Exfoliation dream


    This product is the best form of exfoliation/toner I have ever used. Works well with other product lines as well


    I have been on Yasmin the pill since i was 13 years old i was put onto it as i had terrible acne as a teenager but did not want to go on roaccutane, of recent i went off the pill as me and my husband want to start a family soon, my skin has broken out and after NUMEROUS of trying different brands to name a few ... ocosmedics, skinstitut and dermalogica THIS BRAND 'THE ORDINARY' TRUMPS ALL for anyo...
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  69. Not a fan


    This was too active for my skin and I developed redness. I like the texture of it but unfortunately it didn't do anything for my skin.
  70. Love it


    I love this toner! It really works well for my skin but doesn't dry it out. The price is so good too!
  71. Game Changer


    I got sick of having dry, flaky and generally dull skin. I tried so many products to get rid of the flakiness but finally decided to take the plunge and buy some of The Ordinary products and have been using them for months - the Glycolic acid is the best! My skin looks healthy and I rarely get the dry patches I used to. Can't beat the price either!
  72. Gentle but effective


    I found this product gentle considering it is only suggested to use once daily. I found it has helped clear my skin without drying like other toners
  73. Better than more expensive brands


    I have been a fan of glycolic acid toner for sometime now and I have had some more expensive "cult" brands that I love but you cannot compare with this product as it gives the same results but it is some much more better value with pretty much less than half the price of the cult brands. You are not paying for the expensive packaging or fancy marketing and its totally worth it because it is litera...
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  74. Not just for the face - genius hack alert!


    Don't spend $40 on a body lotion with glycolic acid in it - get a bottle of this and mix a splash with your regular body lotion. Hello smooth skin! Gets rid of those pesky little red bumps that show up in annoying places too. You're welcome!
  75. As good as much more expensive products


    I've been using this toner for a year now and love it! Previously I had been using the REN Radiance Toner which was four times the price, and this product is as good if not better.
    I have oily skin so I have no issue using it twice a day. My skin tone has improved a huge amount, I'm more glow-y and healthy looking. I can't recommend it enough! For the price, it's worth giving it a try even i...
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  76. Love this toner!


    I have been using this for a while now and feel like it has helped clear up some old acne scaring. It also makes my skin feel super clean and refreshed ready for my oils etc. I do think it is too strong for everyday use though which is the only reason I gave 4 stars.
  77. Your best friend here


    I’ve been using this toner for 6 months now and can honestly see a more radiant skin. This toner doesn’t irritate despite its exfoliating quality and the bottle lasts ages!
  78. So good!


    I have tried several toners but many leave my skin feeling really dry after using them. This toner doesn’t do that and leaves my skin feeling nice and ready for the next steps in my skin care routine.
  79. Good value for money


    Does a great job of toning. Good before a moisturiser that will restore pH. I no longer use this product as my current moisturiser comes with a mini dropper glycolic.
  80. Another amazing product from the ordinary


    I've just recieved my 7% toning solution and use it for 2 days, already my skin has a more even appearance
  81. Another amazing product from the ordinary


    I've just recieved my 7% toning solution and use it for 2 days, already my skin has a more 3ben appearance
  82. A great toner


    I have normal skin type and I like to use this as a first step after cleansing my face. Seems to help keep my skin under control!
  83. Didn't help my issue - Still good value for money


    I bought this toner because I wanted to see if there was a toner that would control my oily skin throughout the day. This didn't really help that, and I wouldn't put it much above any other toners I've tried. If you're someone who doesn't use peels/AHA's though, it would be a good starting point or alternative. It's also huge, especially for what you're paying.
  84. Love the ordinary


    I’ve been using this to prep. My skin before epilating, and to exfoliate after. I’m prone to ingrown hair and this helps a lot.
  85. Best products


    cheap and good size
    every night after shower I use it , better at acne control and blighting with other products
  86. Great


    Although when I first started using this, I did not like it since it made no difference to my skin. However it has been 6 months now and my hyperpigmentation and fine lines have reduced and this takes off the dead skin really effectively
  87. Affordable glycolic acid


    This helped smooth my skin texture and give me glowy skin!
  88. Affordable toner


    I have used a lot of different brands of toner. I want to give a try this toner because of the price. So far, I have not noticed any dramatic difference but I am using it for 3 weeks and during night time only. I have combination type of skin and this toner stings a little after application. It has slightly sticky consistency. I did not have any breakout and I will continue using it.
  89. I’m still waiting..


    I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and it’s hard to tell if it’s having any miraculous impact. It’s stings in spots when applying which gives an illusion that it’s doing something, but I still get my hormonal cystic break outs. The rest of my skin does seem to be well behaved for the most part but I don’t know if that is because of this..
  90. Refreshing & effective


    This is my first ever chemical exfoliant. I am 40 yrs old and my skin is not sensitive. This product made my skin feel very fresh and it definitely absorbed other serums better after using it.It has also controlled break outs on my combination skin. On my first application I had mild stinging although this may have been because I towel dried my face a little too vigorously before using it. I haven...
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  91. Does the job


    I used pixi glow toner for my first chemical exfoliant but I read good reviews on that one and to save some money i ordered thos one. It is amazing and great for chemical exfoliation.
    I hope it will suit my skin forever.
  92. Love it.


    I have been using this products for a few weeks now, and I love it. I don’t use it everyday, normally switching among TO lactic acid 5% and retinol. When the night I used the glycolic acid toner, I always wake up to a smooth feeling in the next morning. And also noticed my dark spot from previous pimple are disappearing. Will continue to use.
  93. Good Balance


    I have sensitive skin that is prone to reacting to new skincare products and breaking out. I did not feel any iritaiton with this product. This is changed my opionion on toners. The price is a gret deal.
  94. Great


    After I use this, the dead skin on my skin is gone. Immediately after my skin can get red but after a few days, the hyper pigmentation on my skin decreases
  95. Not the best


    I’d been through a couple of bottles but towards the end my skin really started to burn. My skin is in no way sensitive and really liked this product but when I started my 3rd bottle my skin HATED it. It was really painful and made all my pimples a lot worse and even caused some new breakouts. I really loved this product but the benefits it had given me prior, were not worth the pain
  96. New Holy Grail!


    I picked this up to try as an alternative to the Pixi Glow Tonic. Whilst I love PGT, have used for year and recommend, I was looking for a similar product at a lower price point - and I found it! This is a highly effective AHA exfoliant that I use every morning after cleansing and before moisturiser and my skin has no problem tolerating. Highly recommend to everyone! You
  97. Irritated my skin


    Sadly my skin appears to be too sensitive to use this. I used it for a few weeks and any sore I had on my face took much longer to heal than normal. I have stopped using it.

    I have adult acne due to PCOS. My skin is not normally very sensitive (i can use retinol).
  98. Amazing


    I usually use witch hazel as a toner but I’ve become a fan of the ordinary and thought I’d try this product out. In comparison to witch hazel this product is more effective at cleansing dirt. I use this twice a day and have noticed a lot of change in my skin tone and pore size. Will definitely Re purchase


    Love this, so simple to use and so much impact. Will never let myself run out of this
  100. Bang for your buck


    First of all the bottle is HUGE you can get the same amount of of 7% glycolic acid at this price for 30-50ml with other brands. It does the job as an AHA exfoliator and leaves your skin nice and smooth after and the day after. It's a bit strong though so for those with sensitive skin that get easily irritated the concentration may be too high. Since it comes in a huge bottle and lasts forever it's...
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