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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution 240ml

4.6 of 270 reviews


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$3.63 x 4

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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

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4.6 of 270 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Smooth and spot-free skin!
At first I thought it was too good to be true, seeing reviews compared to the price. I used it to improve texture and help with PIP (post inflammation pigmentation) from acne, and to a lesser extent freckles.I saw improvement with my PIP almost immediately, and am still waiting on freckle fading, although I know it will be slight if there is any due to the nature of freckle pigmentation vs PIP.

The product itself is easy to apply, slightly tacky and moisturizing, and you are able to layer on top of it. You may notice a slight stinging or warmth the first time you use it but it didn't bother me at all.

I've been using for a week and my skin is so much smoother and my PIP is fading by the minute! Highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

didn't notice much difference
it doesn't do much in terms of skin texture or minimizing the pores. it does removes dirt of the face and it stings a little bit. apart from that i haven't seen much of a difference. I have used it for more than a month now.
  1. Smooth and spot-free skin!

    At first I thought it was too good to be true, seeing reviews compared to the price. I used it to improve texture and help with PIP (post inflammation pigmentation) from acne, and to a lesser extent freckles.I saw improvement with my PIP almost immediately, and am still waiting on freckle fading, although I know it will be slight if there is any due to the nature of freckle pigmentation vs PIP.

    The product itself is easy to apply, slightly tacky and moisturizing, and you are able to layer on top of it. You may notice a slight stinging or warmth the first time you use it but it didn't bother me at all.

    I've been using for a week and my skin is so much smoother and my PIP is fading by the minute! Highly recommend.
  2. Good even on sensitive skin.

    I really like this toner. Was worried it may be too harsh as I have dry, sensitive skin and mild rosacea, but I was wrong. I never felt any tingling or burning and in fact it feels quite calming. I did break out slightly more for a week or two but now I use it every night after cleansing and my skin is smooth and glowing. Would definitely recommend.
  3. Heaven on Earth

    I have noticed a reduction in blemishes and spots in just 1 week... This has never happened. I thought it would be like every other product I buy and you have to wait 3 months of religious applying to see any difference
  4. My New Favourite Product

    This is the first time I’ve tried an exfoliating acid and I didn’t know what I was missing. I tend to get dry scaly patches and this cleared that up after only a few days using it. My skin looks brighter and it’s definitely smoother. It finishes of cleansing your face at the end of the day, perfectly, and the price is amazing too. Will be a staple for me from now on.
  5. Another a must product.

    This is another a must product to achieve flawless skin! Another the ordinary win!
  6. good for oily/acne prone skin type

    I have acne prone/oily skin and I have bought this toner for a while now. It is awesome as an additional cleansing step to your skincare routine. If you do not like the fragrant product, this is totally for you! but I personally like a hint of a good scent to my skincare products.
  7. My favorite toner

    I am nearly on my second bottle, surprising because the bottle is HUGE and I only use it at night. I highly recommend this toner! It makes the size of my pores shrink and it gives this nice tingling feeling all over my face, goes away after 10 seconds but you can really feel it working right away!
  8. Love this brand

    I’ve struggled for a long time with my skin & at 36 I wouldn’t expect to still be having ‘breakouts’ this brand is very good for the price
  9. Oh so smooth!

    Wow, the toning solution is a game changer!! My skin feels so smooth and it really helps to control the oiliness. Excellent money for value, as this bottle will last you ages!
  10. Worth it!

    I have oily and acne prone skin and my pores are easily clogged. I use this at night time and I've only been using it for about less than a week and although it doesn't clear some of my stubborn blackheads, my pores already look much clearer and my complexion is brighter and smoother. Love this product!
  11. Amazing Product

    When I use this product, the next morning my skin is so clear and smooth. I can't live without it now. I have a really oily T-zone and it also helps to control the oil and the appearance of pores. Highly recommend this one!
  12. Another fabulous The Ordinary Product

    i ordered this as it was recommended in the regime i wanted to try. Not only does it leave my skin feeling fresh and clean but also makes my pores appear smaller but doesn't irritate my more sensitive areas. Large size bottle so excellent value for money also.
  13. Great product

    This is a wonderful addition to my beauty cabinet. After cleansing sometimes I feel not quite done but this toner finishes the process perfectly, making my skin perfectly clean and ready for next step.
    The price is amazing too. A must have.
  14. didn't notice much difference

    it doesn't do much in terms of skin texture or minimizing the pores. it does removes dirt of the face and it stings a little bit. apart from that i haven't seen much of a difference. I have used it for more than a month now.
  15. Best

    My skin feel so soft after using this product. Loving it
  16. nice toner

    I have combination oily skin and this has worked great for my skin
  17. Makes my skin glow

    My acne prone skin has been dry and tired with lots of scaly patches. This toning solution has made my skin brighter and glow after just a few applications. I use it every evening a little goes a long way, the bottle size is so generous for the price. It's an awesome exfoliater and gentle too. I can't be without it after trying it!
  18. Amazing

    I love this acid so much, will continue to repurchase, it is comparable to alpha h liquid gold
  19. My favourite toner

    I have combination (more oily) skin, and this toner works beautifully. It has a light, pleasant scent, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dried out like a lot of toners do. I use it after cleansing my face and before my serums. Would recommend!
  20. Secret to the glow!

    This product works well in resurfacing the skin. I was using physical exfoliants before and noticed such a huge improvement in the smoothness of my skin after switching to glycolic acid. It can cause a tiny bit of stinging if you haven’t used acids before but that goes away after a few days. You get such a generous amount of product as well. Overall, a great purchase!
  21. Favourite product

    Love love love this is my ultimate can’t live without product! It’s so adorable and it works!
  22. No Complaints

    Another great product from The Ordinary. I read other reviews and decided to give it a go and it is as good as others have mentioned. I found if I used too much it would sting my face, but easily solved not being so liberal with it. All up I love it.
  23. Dupe for Pixi Glow Tonic

    One of my favourite AHA and The Ordinary's products -- amazing ingredients, smells great, and not harsh on skin. The fact that this comes in a toner formula also means that you'd have control over how much or how intense you'd like to apply it at a time. This means that there won't be risk of over-exfoliation. There are some days you want to just have light-exfoliation without stripping more skin barrier than necessary, just do a quick gentle swipe across skin and continue with your skincare after! As what an AHA ought to accomplish, this indeed does make the skin glow the next day.
  24. GREAT

    Cant fault this toner. Its so cheap and works so much better than toners I have spent a fortune on. I love that it has Glycolic Acid because I get little blind pimples on my chin occasionally and its the only thing that seems to sooth/remove/bring to the surface and stop it getting worse. Its such a large size for the price and comes in a convenient bottle. It can dry the skin if overused so I like to use this only on days where I have a blind pimple/break out or can feel one coming on and then use hydrating serums and facials the rest of the week.
  25. My skin looks great !

    I bought this product after I saw a post by Adore Beauty. I have break outs and naughty skin in my early 30's so I was looking for a product that was going to help. I use this at night before my serums and already I have noticed my skin is looking a lot better within a couple of weeks. It can be a bit burny at the start, so make sure you slowly introduce it into your regime with other products so your skin can get used to it. Very cheap for such a great product!
  26. Clean smooth tight skin

    I used this right after cleansing my skin and doing a facial. My skin felt so clean and tight. I use this once a week and mainly only on my chin and nose area. I always do a facial the next day or use a serum so my skin doesn't feel dry.
  27. will keep using

    only use 2 or 3 times a week as I use vit c and retinol on my slightly sensitive skin and love the smooth feel it gives my skin, so worth the money
  28. Great toner!

    I’ve been using this toner in an effort to get my skin care routine right pre and post partum. Quite gentle in its exfoliating nature, no stinging sensation for me. Seems to have helped to brighten and even out skin tone.
    Excellent value for money, large volume pack with only a little needed each use.
    No particular fragrance - good for sensitive sense of smell while I was pregnant! Would recommend!
  29. Still amazed by Ordinary

    I never taught a toner with this price will do better than any other expensive brands.

    I have been using it for 2 weeks every night and it feels great.

    I have open pores, combination skin, very emotional and irritated moody skin I better say.

    It has been calming and balancing my skin before any serums.
  30. OMG Amazing!

    Absolutely love this product. I use it every night, and my skin has never felt so smooth!!! and it clears up blemishes on my skin really quickly. Highly recommend it.
  31. Great Alpha-H dupe

    I bought a bottle of this months ago and have been using it every night after I cleanse and I still have half a bottle left. Amazing value and I feel it does the exact same job as more expensive brand glycolic acid solutions.
  32. A great introduction to exfloiants

    I really enjoyed this toner it’s such a large bottle for an amazing price and I can see the gradual improvements in my skin after a short time using it. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with chemical exfoliates and see if they’re right for you.
  33. Excellent exfoliation

    This toner makes my skin feel super soft and just melts the rough and dry bits away. I use it 4 times a week at night, either I just use it on its own or follow with a couple of drops of the rose hip oil. I wpuld give 5 satrs, but liquid gold by Alpha H is still a bit more effective for me, if waaaay too pricey.
  34. Great Stuff - Really Delivers Results

    I did not like this at all when I first received it.
    I followed the instructions but just was not a fan....
    I put it away in my cupboard & forgot all about it.
    However, recently I ran out of one of my exfoliating serums and whipped this out of the cupboard & low & behold I am LOVING IT!!
    Noticing my pore size is improving, my oils are balancing out much better, my skin is much much smoother & I am not experiencing any harshness or sensitivity from it.
    Great product, will continue to use it now that I am obviously using the right serums& moisturisers with it aswell.
    Very happy, The Ordinary is the only skincare brand or serums, toners, primers & moisturisers I will use from now until forever :)
  35. If you like a toner that packs a punch, this is for you

    I use this when I feel my skin needs a bit of a kick, but I don't want to go as far as using my 10% lactic acid. My skin feels instantly that little bit smoother and ready for serum and moisturiser to be applied. Like all of the ordinary products, it's such a steal too.
  36. Amazing Toner

    I use this product every night and it works well to remove any residue and makeup from my skin. Does not sting at all, and leaves my skin feeling super fresh and looking brighter!
  37. Amazing blackhead remover

    I’ve never seen so many blackheads on my cotton pad until I started using this toner! The pores around my nose have significantly shrunk and I’ve got next to no blackheads on my nose, something no other toner I’ve tried has been able to do! You can feel the toner working on your skin, would highly recommend!
  38. gentle but effective

    I used this about four times and didn’t really notice any difference (I think I was used to the strength of Skinstuit glycolic scrub) I put it away in my cupboard for weeks and forgot about it and then one day just decided to persist with it as I’d run out of Skinstuit. The glow that hit after about a week of daily use was amazing! Texture flattened, scars (I have plenty) nearly disappeared. And it wasn’t drying my skin out at all. Sometimes I’d just pay it on instead of moisturiser before doing my makeup. Beautiful toner!
  39. Gentle on the skin but effective

    I've been using this on alternative nights for 3 weeks now. For the most part, I have normal skin and this did not irritate me at all. A very gentle tingle when you apply it (which makes you feel like it's doing its job), and then it soaks in immediately. I'm really liking this and will likely buy again when I finish the bottle.
  40. Not for me

    The product maybe can be great but not for me, the size is perfect. But I have no reaction, nothing has happened, I bought it for my pigmentation and if my skin looks brighter, I did not see any change. I used it for more than 3 months at night.
  41. Love it!

    I have oily skin and I've been using this product every second night. I find it helps smooth my skin, prevent break outs and I find my makeup is very easy to apply the next morning. This product doesn't dry out my skin at all, which I was worried about prior to trying. Would definitely recommend!
  42. Great product

    I use to use Mario badescu glycolic acid toner but once I saw this toner had a higher percentage of glycolic acid I thought I would give it a go. Not only is it cheaper but I’ve noticed my skin has cleared up and looks brighter. There was a bit of stinging but it was not bad and figured it must be doing its job. Will definitely be buying this product again
  43. Incredible toner

    AMAZING.AMAZING.AMAZING. I have baby soft skin and the bloody price point?! Are you kidding me??? I think this is my top pick from the brand. I use it every other day and it's gentle but the results are just incredible. If you buy anything from the ordinary, let it be this. Highly recommend
  44. Bright bright skin

    I've been using The Ordinary for almost 3 months. I alternate nights, using one night Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid and the other night Retinoid + Matryxil. I can see my skin more hydrated, soft, brighter. I had been under a lot of stress for over a year and my skin started to suffer, looking dull and dehydrated. Using The Ordinary has brought my skin back to life, I can get away with not using any make up at all. I had tried a wide variety of brands from all price ranges and non has worked as effectively and quickly as The Ordinary.
  45. Great Toner

    This is a great toner. Plus a fantastic price for the size. I have only been using it for a few weeks and i see a real difference in my skin complexion. I suffer from small blemishes and this product is great for light exfoliation to help clear these tiny imperfections. A great recommendation.
  46. A great toner

    This toner has been making my skin feel amazing in the morning , have started off just using it by itself each night to see how well it works my face is so smooth and seems to be removing excess oil. Stung a little at first but now no sting at all
  47. Amazing toner

    I wanted to buy an exfoliating acid but use way too many serums so I thought I'd try the glycolic acid toner rather than the lactic acid serum. I have been using it for 2 months now and I absolutely love it! I use it 3-4 times a week (PM) and my skin is visibly smoother and brighter. Would definitely recommend this product.
  48. Amazing Toner

    I use this product every night and it works well to remove any residue and makeup from my skin. Does not sting at all, and leaves my skin feeling super fresh and looking brighter!

    I am a first time user of a glycolic acid as I thought I couldn’t use one because of my sensitive skin. I’m so glad I tried it! It makes my skin so soft and smooth. My skin is quite normal but I have little bumps across my forehead and this certainly helps smooth them out. Highly recommend!
  50. great product

    This is a really great product for the price, last forever and skin feels really clean and slightly tingly after using. Good for when you feel the need for an extra cleansing before continuing with other skincare routines.
  51. Great for the price

    I had previously used Liquid Gold and it literally lives up to its name. I was hoping this would compare, but I don’t think it’s quite as good. Having said that, it still leaves your skin feeling noticeably cleaner and smoother and is incredible value for money. It’s really big and is lasting me ages. My skin can be dry and sensitive and this hasn’t dried me out. While I don’t think it’s quite as effective as Liquid Gold, the price, size and effects still win me over.
  52. Love Love Love this stuff

    I cant believe how cheap this stuff is for the quality of it. Well worth the investment.
  53. Skin looks luminous

    Bit tingly on apllication but subsides quickly. Helps breakouts, skin looks refined
  54. Gentle Exfoliant

    You can’t beat the price for this large bottle of glycolic acid! It’s not super strong, so it’s ok for everyday use in my opinion
  55. Great product that works

    I've been using this product for a few weeks now and have been impressed by it. IT WORKS! My acne scars look brighter. The price is definitely a big yes to me plus its effectiveness. This is the product that I would highly recommend.
  56. Gentle but effective

    Being an ex acne sufferer, I've always known Glycolic acid was your friend. I was looking for a toner that would gently clean and shrink my pores. It has ticked all the boxes for me.
    The best thing is it doesn't have that cheap, harsh feeling, alcoholic smell some toners have and my skin has had absolutely NO redness or dryness with each use.

    totally recommend to anyone looking for a gentle but effective toner.
  57. really great product

    i love this toner, have only been using it for a couple weeks and i see a real difference in my skin! a lot of dark spots have faded and overall a more radiant complexion. plus, so affordable!
  58. Gets Results

    I still can't believe how cheap these products are, and how effective they are - I love trying new products from The Ordinary and this one is definitely worth a go - leaves skin feeling fresh and exfoliated. Would highly recommend.
  59. Very affordable

    I'm really happy I brought this because of how affordable this is and it's a big size that will last a long time.It doesn't make my skin too red and gives it a glow.Because it's so big I use it on most of my body helps soften skin.
  60. Not at all harsh

    Based on a glycolic exfoliator I have, I was expecting a leave-on serum to be really rough. But it was actually fine, I didn't have any kind of reaction at all. And my face the next day felt really nice, very fresh. I would absolutely recommend it. And have you seen the price? It's ridiculously cheap compared to every other glycolic acid I've seen!
  61. Cheap but not sure if it's working

    Similar as many other The Ordinary products, the price is decently priced for the amount of product you'll get. Apart from stinging my face a little bit when using, I am not sure if it's working, Ended up giving 3/4 of the bottle away.
  62. Price is right but nothing special

    Switched from Pixi glow toner to this due to price but I have since switched back, I did feel it was a touch harsher but performs well for the price. I prefer more luxe products for my face, but I have started using this on shoulder and back areas where I break out and on my heels to deal with dry and hardening skin and it's quite effective.
  63. a good product

    I'm using this and I like it. I can't see a miracle but it's a good product.
  64. Great for gentle exfoliation

    I've been using this for 2 months everyday and my skin is so much smoother. I can use it twice a day but it might be too strong for some.

    It does exfoliate as there are times my skin would peek ever so slightly particularly around my nose, but that just means it's working.

    It's quite mild but stings a tiny bit on pimples, but I just assume it's drying it out and cleaning the area before I continue with my regimen.

    2 months and not even a quarter used up. Lasts long and definitely worth the price.
  65. My skin looks fab!

    I tried this because I wanted to try the Pixi toner but this was cheaper, and I’m not disappointed. This isn’t too harsh on my skin, but seems to make my skin look a bit more fresh
  66. Not sure about this

    I have wanted to try this brand for a long time. I don't know if it's just not right for me, but this product often stings my face like putting salt on my legs after shaving. I don't have particularly sensitive skin. However because of the price etc I don't think I can complain too much.
  67. Essential part of your routine!

    Every night without fail I have been using this for the past months and I must say it feels incredible right after a face wash. I feel like it helps with skin renewal. I used to try the Pixi Glow Tonic but found this much more affordable and with better ingredients in my opinion.
  68. made me pour my other toners in the sink!

    after trying this for a couple of nights, I got rid of my other toners! My skin just love this brand and always deliver quick results. My skn is used to AHAs like lactic acid toners, and it's my first time to try glycolic acid. I use this nightly and does not sting nor dry my skin, it actually feels hydrating. Skin texture is getting smoother and it gives me that glow! It's on my holy grail list now especially with the price, I can bathe in this! :-)
  69. Fantastic price, works well

    This is an amazing toner - and works well at exfoliating. At this price I am happy to use on rough skin on backs of arms etc too. Be careful though, I have definitely noticed my skin has been more sun sensitive since using. Best to apply at night and use good quality sunscreen during the day.
  70. In Love!

    First time using Glycolic Acid and I’m in love! Woke up with visibly smaller pores. Now my skin is purging a little bit and it tingles when applied but I’ve read that it’s normal. I will continue using it and hope to see even better results when my skin adapts more to it.
  71. amazing toner

    Takes a little patience at first (which is always hard!), but I've have never tried AHAs before, so didn't want to burn my face off in the first week of using it. Once I've build up the tolerance, this toner has been really good to my skin. I'm The Ordinary convert. This gets used in both my AM and PM. It has also helped me to build up tolerance for AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution. I use that once a week. I've built my routine to target first signs of aging for oily combination skin and it works for me. Best skin game in years.
  72. Gentle and effective

    This toner feels very light and gentle on the skin, but it still does a great job at toning the skin at the same time. It's at a great price point, especially since you get quite a lot of product as well.
  73. Fixed My Bump Skin

    I have combination aging skin. I use this as my final swipe to remove make up after cleansing. My skin was looking very bumpy and since using this it is looking so smooth!! For the price this is actually a great product.
  74. Good toner

    I use this at night which is all I feel my skin needs. It is a nice toner that doesn’t dry my skin too much but keeps my skin from getting too oily. I am happy with this product.
  75. Affordable

    I'm happy with this product, I used PIXI glow toner before and moved on to this one for its affordability. I have combination skin and this works fine for me, it helps with my cracked dry lips too.
  76. Would buy again

    I don’t use toner much but it does the job, it can sting a bit if you have a cut on your face but overall nice product for the price!
  77. Good price good product

    One of the best toners. Doesn’t break me out and so gentle in my skin. Doesn’t dry my skin. Will definitely buy again and continue using it.
  78. Great value for money!

    I love all 'The ordinary' products. I really like this toner, I just felt it didn't really do anything for my face. I do however get annoying Keratosis Pilaris on my arms, and I really think that the Glycolic acid applied daily to my arms has made a big difference. I know that it's probably not what this toner was meant for, but the large bottle and the price make it worth using long-term. I think it was just a bit 'meh' on my face, I didn't notice a whole lot of improvement in comparison to other facial toners I have used in the past. X
  79. Has helped control cystic acne

    I was recommended this by adore beauty support, I’m 33 and suffer from extremely painful hormonal cystic acne. It’s only been 3 weeks and the inflammation has reduced, and the pain is nowhere near as bad. After feeling like I’d always have skin like a teenager I’m so happy I found this product, there’s been a huge improvement.
  80. Very effective product

    I have never been a great fan of toners but have had great results using the glycolic acid and Hyaluronic Acid toners from The Ordinary. I have mature skin and initially had some concerns that this product might be too harsh. Not the case- helps to keep my skin smooth and clear looking.
  81. Great for stubborn texture on my nose!

    I have struggled with stubborn texture on both my nose and chin for a long time. As I've gotten older it has become less inflamed and red, but under makeup becomes very obvious, particularly with any glowy products over the top. This solution has completely removed this and my skin is the smoothest it has been in years! I am more confident both not wearing makeup, and when I wear makeup!
  82. Fantastic and a great price

    This product is another great no-frills product from the ordinary. I have dry, sensitive skin prone to eczema, and after using some lactic acid and retinoid from the ordinary I was able to build myself up to this toner! I would only use it maximum of twice a week, with other hydrating products. But it is a fantastic exfoliant, huge size, great packaging - what's not to love? There are other toners that contain some more hydrating ingredients in them, but you pay a premium. This gets 4 stars as it does require extra hydration afterwards, but it's a great staple to put in your exfoliation routine on a budget.
  83. Glowing!

    My skin is clear, glowy and plump! It takes a bit of getting use to but for that price so worth it.
  84. Bit harsh

    This product isnt for anyone who has sensitive skin , my face stings for a while after. I only use it once or twice a week.
  85. Great value for money

    I'm new to this product, only used it for approximately one month but so far I love it and will continue to keep as part of my regular daily routine. The exfoliant toner has been gentle enough on my skin and feels hydrating. Overall I believe it to be assisting with reducing my pores and refining my skin. A thumbs up for me.
  86. Great toner

    Love the packaging it arrived in, looks way more expensive than it is and has a lot in it. When I used it for the first time, it took off a lot of makeup and didn't feel harsh. My other favourite toner is Aesop brand, which is a lot more expensive and smells nice but this one compares well as a toner I can use as well in between. This is my first The Ordinary skincare product and I'm keen to try others.
  87. Excellent!

    This product is so great for the price! Not as good as Alpha H Liquid Gold in my opinion which I also use. But considering the price difference, this product is a no-brainer. Lightly exfoliating and can use everyday.
  88. Ordinary Toning Solution

    AMAZING! it takes off all the little fibers and bits of dirt that my face cleanse doesn't get too. Its amazing what still remains on the surface of our skin. I would highly recommend, and definitely price attractive

    I have been suffering from acne since I turned 18 (I’m now 30), I have tried everything! From pro-active - taking orals meds - going to derma every month! I did however managed to use one specific product that has a Glycolic Acid but its a bit expensive that cleared my skin. Hence, I research other brands that have it ... and the Ordinary’s Glycolic works
  90. Oh Yeah, It's Good

    So much product for the price! I love it! Makes my skin very glowy and healthy looking. It also has evened out my skin texture and my skin is so smooth now. It's so very good. Just don't overuse it!
  91. love the packaging

    my favourite thing about this toner is the price & size
    I love the packaging.
    As for the actual toner itself, it's good. Theres nothing amazing about it, but for the price its a good product.
  92. Amazing value for money

    This is an excellent exfoliating toner! The product was unexpectedly moisturising too!

    I use this at night before my TO moisturiser and it helps even out my oiliness and general skin tone. Super refreshing and helps take off any leftover makeup that hasn't been removed when I cleansed my face.
  93. Great and affordable!

    This product works great on my skin, I apply it morning and night before bed and it helps keep my skin clear.
    Tingles as you h apply it at first but you get used to it eventually
  94. Love it!

    My skin has been needing some TLC and after researching The Ordinary products this was a must have! After a week I can already see a difference and love how this product helps my skin feel and look. Clear, smooth and glowy. Love, love love!
  95. Perfect chemical exfoliant and great price

    I've been using this solution once a week for about 6 weeks now and I love it. I'm fairly new to chemical exfoliation and had tried AHA Gold which was also good but has a lot of alcohol so it was a bit harsh. The Ordinary is mild enough to use liberally and leave on all night, I use it every Sunday in the evening. I like the bottle with it's 'sauce bottle' like cap and you get plenty of product for your dollar. Will definitely purchase again.
  96. Not suited to my skin type

    I have combination skin, prone to the occasional breakout, and I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but a few pimples popped up within a couple of days of starting to use it, so I discontinued.
  97. Improved the texture of my skin!

    Glycolic acid has been such a game changer for my skin. I have oily/combination skin prone to congestion (white and blackheads, pimples) and using glycolic acid consistently has changed the texture for the better and is so much more smoother than before. I am breaking out less and have found less of a need to use physical exfoliants. This product is gentle enough for me to use twice daily, and I can't recommend this enough!
  98. Immediate Results

    I use this every day at night, and by a week of use i could definitely see results. My texture on my forehead went away, and my skins overall tone was improve. Breakouts also did not happen as frequently. I have combo-sensitive skin and this did not irritate or dry my skin out.
  99. It's my once per week exfoliant

    I love this product but only need to use it once a week! I don't believe it's good to over exfoliate. It's very gentle and a good starter for people who might be new to AHA.
  100. Skin Adjusted to the Toner

    I have dry skin and I occasionally use make up. I had previously never had a skin care routine.

    I began using this product and I had barely broke out with pimples. After a while, i found that my skin had adjusted to the toner.

    I had read previous comments, so I only use this product at night time.
  101. Review & Earn

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