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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution 240ml

4.6 of 500 reviews


4 instalments of $3.63


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4 instalments of $3.63


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Designed to target textural irregularities and lackluster tone, The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution contains  7% Glycolic Acid, Amino Acids, Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Tasmanian Pepperberry.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

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4.6 of 500 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Game Changer


I got sick of having dry, flaky and generally dull skin. I tried so many products to get rid of the flakiness but finally decided to take the plunge and buy some of The Ordinary products and have been using them for months - the Glycolic acid is the best! My skin looks healthy and I rarely get the dry patches I used to. Can't beat the price either!

Most Helpful Criticism

I’m still waiting..


I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and it’s hard to tell if it’s having any miraculous impact. It’s stings in spots when applying which gives an illusion that it’s doing something, but I still get my hormonal cystic break outs. The rest of my skin does seem to be well behaved for the most part but I don’t know if that is because of this..
  1. Game Changer


    verified purchaser
    I got sick of having dry, flaky and generally dull skin. I tried so many products to get rid of the flakiness but finally decided to take the plunge and buy some of The Ordinary products and have been using them for months - the Glycolic acid is the best! My skin looks healthy and I rarely get the dry patches I used to. Can't beat the price either!
  2. Gentle but effective


    verified purchaser
    I found this product gentle considering it is only suggested to use once daily. I found it has helped clear my skin without drying like other toners
  3. Better than more expensive brands


    verified purchaser
    I have been a fan of glycolic acid toner for sometime now and I have had some more expensive "cult" brands that I love but you cannot compare with this product as it gives the same results but it is some much more better value with pretty much less than half the price of the cult brands. You are not paying for the expensive packaging or fancy marketing and its totally worth it because it is litera...
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  4. Not just for the face - genius hack alert!


    Don't spend $40 on a body lotion with glycolic acid in it - get a bottle of this and mix a splash with your regular body lotion. Hello smooth skin! Gets rid of those pesky little red bumps that show up in annoying places too. You're welcome!
  5. As good as much more expensive products


    I've been using this toner for a year now and love it! Previously I had been using the REN Radiance Toner which was four times the price, and this product is as good if not better.
    I have oily skin so I have no issue using it twice a day. My skin tone has improved a huge amount, I'm more glow-y and healthy looking. I can't recommend it enough! For the price, it's worth giving it a try even i...
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  6. Love this toner!


    verified purchaser
    I have been using this for a while now and feel like it has helped clear up some old acne scaring. It also makes my skin feel super clean and refreshed ready for my oils etc. I do think it is too strong for everyday use though which is the only reason I gave 4 stars.
  7. Your best friend here


    verified purchaser
    I’ve been using this toner for 6 months now and can honestly see a more radiant skin. This toner doesn’t irritate despite its exfoliating quality and the bottle lasts ages!
  8. So good!


    verified purchaser
    I have tried several toners but many leave my skin feeling really dry after using them. This toner doesn’t do that and leaves my skin feeling nice and ready for the next steps in my skin care routine.
  9. Good value for money


    verified purchaser
    Does a great job of toning. Good before a moisturiser that will restore pH. I no longer use this product as my current moisturiser comes with a mini dropper glycolic.
  10. Another amazing product from the ordinary


    I've just recieved my 7% toning solution and use it for 2 days, already my skin has a more even appearance
  11. Another amazing product from the ordinary


    I've just recieved my 7% toning solution and use it for 2 days, already my skin has a more 3ben appearance
  12. A great toner


    I have normal skin type and I like to use this as a first step after cleansing my face. Seems to help keep my skin under control!
  13. Didn't help my issue - Still good value for money


    I bought this toner because I wanted to see if there was a toner that would control my oily skin throughout the day. This didn't really help that, and I wouldn't put it much above any other toners I've tried. If you're someone who doesn't use peels/AHA's though, it would be a good starting point or alternative. It's also huge, especially for what you're paying.
  14. Love the ordinary


    I’ve been using this to prep. My skin before epilating, and to exfoliate after. I’m prone to ingrown hair and this helps a lot.
  15. Best products


    cheap and good size
    every night after shower I use it , better at acne control and blighting with other products
  16. Great


    Although when I first started using this, I did not like it since it made no difference to my skin. However it has been 6 months now and my hyperpigmentation and fine lines have reduced and this takes off the dead skin really effectively
  17. Affordable glycolic acid


    This helped smooth my skin texture and give me glowy skin!
  18. Affordable toner


    I have used a lot of different brands of toner. I want to give a try this toner because of the price. So far, I have not noticed any dramatic difference but I am using it for 3 weeks and during night time only. I have combination type of skin and this toner stings a little after application. It has slightly sticky consistency. I did not have any breakout and I will continue using it.
  19. I’m still waiting..


    I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and it’s hard to tell if it’s having any miraculous impact. It’s stings in spots when applying which gives an illusion that it’s doing something, but I still get my hormonal cystic break outs. The rest of my skin does seem to be well behaved for the most part but I don’t know if that is because of this..
  20. Refreshing & effective


    This is my first ever chemical exfoliant. I am 40 yrs old and my skin is not sensitive. This product made my skin feel very fresh and it definitely absorbed other serums better after using it.It has also controlled break outs on my combination skin. On my first application I had mild stinging although this may have been because I towel dried my face a little too vigorously before using it. I haven...
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  21. Does the job


    I used pixi glow toner for my first chemical exfoliant but I read good reviews on that one and to save some money i ordered thos one. It is amazing and great for chemical exfoliation.
    I hope it will suit my skin forever.
  22. Love it.


    I have been using this products for a few weeks now, and I love it. I don’t use it everyday, normally switching among TO lactic acid 5% and retinol. When the night I used the glycolic acid toner, I always wake up to a smooth feeling in the next morning. And also noticed my dark spot from previous pimple are disappearing. Will continue to use.
  23. Good Balance


    I have sensitive skin that is prone to reacting to new skincare products and breaking out. I did not feel any iritaiton with this product. This is changed my opionion on toners. The price is a gret deal.
  24. Great


    After I use this, the dead skin on my skin is gone. Immediately after my skin can get red but after a few days, the hyper pigmentation on my skin decreases
  25. Not the best


    I’d been through a couple of bottles but towards the end my skin really started to burn. My skin is in no way sensitive and really liked this product but when I started my 3rd bottle my skin HATED it. It was really painful and made all my pimples a lot worse and even caused some new breakouts. I really loved this product but the benefits it had given me prior, were not worth the pain
  26. New Holy Grail!


    I picked this up to try as an alternative to the Pixi Glow Tonic. Whilst I love PGT, have used for year and recommend, I was looking for a similar product at a lower price point - and I found it! This is a highly effective AHA exfoliant that I use every morning after cleansing and before moisturiser and my skin has no problem tolerating. Highly recommend to everyone! You
  27. Irritated my skin


    Sadly my skin appears to be too sensitive to use this. I used it for a few weeks and any sore I had on my face took much longer to heal than normal. I have stopped using it.

    I have adult acne due to PCOS. My skin is not normally very sensitive (i can use retinol).
  28. Amazing


    I usually use witch hazel as a toner but I’ve become a fan of the ordinary and thought I’d try this product out. In comparison to witch hazel this product is more effective at cleansing dirt. I use this twice a day and have noticed a lot of change in my skin tone and pore size. Will definitely Re purchase


    Love this, so simple to use and so much impact. Will never let myself run out of this
  30. Bang for your buck


    First of all the bottle is HUGE you can get the same amount of of 7% glycolic acid at this price for 30-50ml with other brands. It does the job as an AHA exfoliator and leaves your skin nice and smooth after and the day after. It's a bit strong though so for those with sensitive skin that get easily irritated the concentration may be too high. Since it comes in a huge bottle and lasts forever it's...
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  31. Great


    I really like this and this takes off the dead skin but it can irritate my skin sometimes
  32. The best toner I've used


    I have very oily and acne-prone skin, which means that I tend to get a lot of hyperpigmentation and/or scarring, especially after a breakout. Within 5 or 7 days of using this toner, I noticed significant differences in the texture, evenness, and pigmentation, of my skin. I must note that I also started applying sunscreen every day with this product (as per the instructions), so I suppose a combin...
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  33. very gentle


    This toner is very gentle, but i didn't see much of a difference in my skin tone, so nothing special.
  34. Great toner

    Linh nguyen

    After a time i used this product, my skin becomes better, smooth.
  35. Good toner


    This toner is quite good, it dries out any blemishes or breakouts I have, and at the same time leaves my skin very soft, so for the price it's quite exceptional.

    However, I got a sample of another Glycolic Acid based toner type product with my purchase, and after using that one I was completely blown away. I will continue using this one, but when I'm done I'll be switching to Alpha-H ...
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  36. Goes a long way


    Have been very keen to try a glycolic acid toning solution. I love the results but don't particularly like how it feels on my skin, a little sticky. I can tell the bottle is going to last forever which is good!
  37. Works


    Sets my skin up well for moisturiser and is a light daily exfoliant. Will sting on sensitive days though, and dear god don’t use it after hair removal. Really inoffensive light chemical scent that I can deal with despite being very picky with smells.
  38. Not Harsh on Skin

    Rubber Goanna

    Thought this might have been a bit too harsh on my middle aged skin but not so, although I had been using a weaker glycolic acid on a regular basis prior to purchasing this one.
    I had no problems using this, it did not sting, did not cause any skin irritation or redness. The bottle makes it easy to apply - I just squirt some on a cotton pad applicator and it is enough to do my face and neck...
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  39. Great toner


    It helps with acne scarring i use it twice a week it keeps skin unclogged and bright
  40. Good value glycolic toner


    This toner is great, it smooths over skin and wipes away leftover impurities/ make up and works the same as more expensive brands at a much cheaper price! I use it with a cotton pad every morning after cleansing. It lasts forever too!
  41. Great AHA, especially for the price.


    Great AHA, especially for the price. Cleanses the skin and works great on large pores. A bit tingly when you start using it, but that's expected. Another great product from The Ordinary.
  42. Amazing


    Absolutely love this product, found it was best to use alone without a moisturiser. Helped to lighten some of my acne scars.
  43. Affordable, Effective & Exfoliating


    The Ordinary believe manual exfoliants are old school and the Glycolic Acid Toning Solution is a better option for exfoliating, refining and retexturizing. I'd have to agree, doesn't sting and easy to apply with great results.
  44. perfect for texture problems


    I have been suffering with small bumps on my forehead and cheeks for a few months and using this product every night has cleared it up entirely, so happy I found this product!
  45. Effective

    Hannah Anthonia

    I've got congested skin but the changes from using this a few days a week (it can burn slightly as I have very sensitive skin) over the last 4 months have been phenomenal.
  46. Wake up with a GLOW!


    This is one of my favourite The Ordinary products. I use this every night and wake up with beautiful glowy skin. I have noticed my scars have lightened slightly and my texture has improved dramatically. I stopped using this for a few days on a holiday and noticed my skin was so much worse without it.
  47. Smooth skin


    Leaves my skin feeling smooth and helps with pigmentation. Doesn't irritate my skin at all, however I am not prone to irritation. An easy way to incorporate Glycolic acid into any skincare routine.
  48. Staple AHA


    This product goes a long way and given the price and the effectiveness I'd be silly not to keep this in my bathroom all the time. Yes it tingles, its an AHA, do your research and do a test patch. I always wake up with a beautiful glow and my pores are decreasing incorporating this into my regime.
  49. Liquid Gold Dupe


    Good dupe for liquid gold (but not as good). Definitely notice my skin looks clearer and has a natural and nice glow the next morning. Only use it a couple times per week. Great value for money
  50. Simple and effective


    Love it! Does what it says with very little fuss. I have sensitive skin and can control the application quantity and frequency so I have no issues.
    Has helped with pores being cleaner and smaller.
  51. Dupe for Pixie Glow


    This product is amazing, I was using Pixie Glow tonic which was working ok but has a lower concentration of Glycolic Acid (5%), this is cheaper with no fragrance and a higher concentration of the active ingredient that works even better! I use this at night at the start of my skincare routine, and my skin instantly looks brighter and clearer. I even use this as a spot exfoliate on ingrown hairs on...
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  52. Great value


    This is a great value glycolic toner that you can use both on the face and body! It's not too harsh for my sensitive skin and helps to refine pores!
  53. Instant results!


    I’ve been using this product for three days now and it has given me instant results - my skin looks and feels so amazing. I like the toning solution much better than a scrub as I find these too harsh. Highly recommended!
  54. Perfect for reducing breakouts


    This is such a good product for it's price, it helps reduce my breakouts on my forehead and gives me super soft skin!! It is so gentle but please DO NOT use this everyday, it may be gentle on the skin but the effects of using glycolic acid everyday will catch up on you!!! So use every other day and wear SPF. I highly recommend and it comes in a huge bottle
  55. Just didn't play up to the hype

    Emma Loves Skincare

    Sadly I just did not get to see the hype that it around this product. I have used so many products from The Ordinary now but this one just didn't match expectations or reviews I've read. I didn't see too much of a difference adding this product into my skincare routine, and I found it paled in comparison with my absolute Holy Grail Glycolic product - Alpha H Liquid Gold. My advice if you're readin...
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  56. Great for the price


    I have been using this toner consistently for about a month and a half now and I can see some improvement in my uneven tone. Unfortunately I haven't seen any difference regarding the texture of my skin but hopefully with more time I will notice a change. It's a super affordable product and I'm pretty happy with my results.
  57. Great


    This product helped chemically exfoliate my skin very well! I noticed differences in my skin a couple days later!
  58. a perfect chemical exfoliant


    I began using this toner to replace the manual exfoliation I was doing, and the existing toner I was using too. It leaves your skin feeling clear and squeaky clean, and gives you a lovely glow. Absolutely would recommend for someone in need of a good night time toner!
  59. Great value


    This is great value for the size of the product, it is quite strong (and my skin can handle some VERY strong products) although with that in mind I have been using this at night WITH the 1% retinol. As long as you stick to only using this once a day though it does work well, and will last FOREVERRR. This makes my skin really soft and has helped to shrink pores and brighten my skin.
  60. Only product that keeps acne at bay


    Using this product straight after cleansing at night when the face is totally dry (otherwise it burns) has been the ONLY product keeping my acne at bay on my forehead and chin as i used to get little bumps all over my face and also whiteheads but all gone since i started using this product. Very cheap for what you are getting as the bottle is huge and lasts me about 6 months even after using every...
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  61. Like a face peel but not actually peeling skin


    I love this brand. Very reasonable price.
    I use this toner when I’m not using retinol. At night only.
    my skin get so smooth like new skin. I think serum after this toner get absorbed better.
    You need to use 50+ sunblock in the morning.
  62. Game changer


    Great price for a toner and leaves skin feeling clean and smooth
  63. minimal improvement to skin


    I use this on my problem areas where i am break-out prone or have blackheads. I first tried 3x a week but that resulting in my skin feeling like sandpaper then i took a break for 2 weeks and my skin returned back to normal so i use it only once a week now, however there isn't a huge improvement in my skin. my forehead and nose still look dull and have blackheads and large pores. I am in my 20s so ...
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  64. Helps clear skin


    When I am congested I use this as a toner after cleansing. It definitely clears up all the little pimples on my forehead and makes me glow. However it is strong so don't overdo it like I did in conjunction with other acids as you will end up with dry itchy skin. Great if used in moderation!
  65. The best toner

    Gouda Grace

    I have always just used over the counter toners or none at all. I recently got the lactic acid on its own but this is a game changer. The first day using it made my skin feel so smooth and glowy. Excited to see further results!
  66. Tonic cleanser


    Good to use as a tonic cleanser after your normal cleanser. Place a few drops on your cotton pad and wipe face. Because its an AHA solution, it will cleanse and exfoliate as the last stage of your cleaning regime
  67. Love the zing!


    This product was my first experience with a Glycolic Acid. I felt that the product gave me a fresh glow and I loved the zing from the light acid effect. I would definitely recommend as a good regular toner. It is not a super strength toner so the overall appearance of my skin was fresh and bright without out makeup however I didn't notice a dramatic change. Nice everyday skin care product.
  68. Cannot fault


    My face feels nice after I use this product.
  69. Lots of product for money


    super affordable toner especially considering the size of the bottle. This product does not dry out my skin and leaves it looking super glowy and reduces appearance of my pores. Does sometimes sting a little on application
  70. Great value!


    I love this toner, the price is so good and the bottle is huge. I am currently on my second bottle and 1 bottle lasts like 6 months. It has definitely improved the texture and tone of my skin and leaves me feeling super clean. Will definitely keep purchasing
  71. Top toner.


    Friends, I’m not going to lie, I was scared of this product. I was so scared my delicate sensitive skin was going to peel off in huge chunks and I’d be disfigured forever.

    I am still beautiful! Yay! Some might say even MORE beautiful! This toner is amazing. It does have a light stinging at the beginning and I would NOT recommend that you immediately put an AHA on before it’s dried be...
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  72. Night time routine staple


    This has become a nigh time staple for me. I use it every night and have seen a definite improvement of skin complexion and less oil. I use it every night after cleansing, and am always amazed at how much deeper it cleans my skin. Tingles a little, but it’s gentle and never a burning sensation. I always follow up with moisturiser or what ever retinol or vit c serum I am using. Works in great with ...
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  73. I want to love it but I'm not sure


    This is neither here nor there. I usually purchase Aesop toners and wanted to give this a try. I'm sure it's doing what it's meant to but I can't really tell the difference. I say, good for the price, but there are nicer toners out there.
  74. Nice, but nothing amazing


    Cheap toner with minimal results. Used this for about 4 months and didn't notice any difference to my skin. It certainly didn't improve the overall tone or redness of my skin... but an easy and cheap toner for someone who isn't burdered by troubled skin!
  75. Great


    Recently started using this product and by far it’s been amazing
  76. Lovely on Mature Skin


    I really love this exfoliating toner and the size of the bottle means it's going to last for months. At the moment I use it every other night before applying The Orindary's Retinoid 5% in Squaline. I sweep it over my skin with a cotton pad and I like the tingling sensation as it means it's working :) As we go into Summer, I'll reduce the use to once a week. Love it Love it Love it.
  77. Nice toner


    Only stings for the first few days of use. Feels nice on the skin and slightly improves tone.


    I have used many toner's in my time and this one has been the absolute best! I have combination skin and am very prone to breakouts. Not only has this product kept my acne at bay, it has also worked great for my confused combination skin. It leaves my skin feeling super moisturized and clean! Definitely recommend!
  79. Quite nice

    Holly C

    I like this product quite a lot. Comes in a huge bottle so gets a lot of uses out of it, and I think it really lessens the redness in my skin while toning it effectively as well. Would recommend alongside other The ordinary products!
  80. Toner


    This toning solution is reasonably gentle on skin, with minimal stinging on application. The product is helpful for scarring, and I feel some of my acne scar/pigment on my cheeks has decreased with use. Also seems to settle down active low grade acne. Doesn't feel heavy on application and works really well under other serums without feeling heavy or like they don't mix well. Very cost effectiv...
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  81. Good exfoliant


    At first, I use it as leave on product, it burns my skin, so it has stayed in the shelf for a while. Now I washed it off after a few minutes after applying, it's amazing for clear blackheads!
  82. Smoothing


    Very surprised, normally don’t like Toner’s but I thought I’d try as I love this brand.
    Skin feels amazing after using. Have not had any issues with sensitivity
  83. Made it a staple in my routine - can't live without.


    Super effective, leaving skin super smooth. As part of my nighttime routine I apply this every other night when I am not using a retinol treatment. After cleansing I while all over face. Dries down beautifully feeling skin feeling hydrated and super smooth. I layer with HA and Niacinamide followed by moisturiser. I feel the next morning, my day serums absorb like a dream.
  84. Works Well


    Great size for the price and easy to apply. Cleared up some of my hormonal acne, the strength of it isn't that strong but still works. I use it every second night or when i see some breakouts forming and it helps to stop them in their tracks


    After testing loads of different Glycolic acids out this has been straight up my favourite. From the quality of the product to the size, packaging and of course the price! This product also doesn't have a chemical smell like other glycolic acids!! It has completely removed the gross bumps from all over my face making my face all the same texture *insert love heart eyes here*.

    PLEASE ...
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  86. Great chemical toner


    Be ready for the sting! I purchased this an an alternative to Alpha H Liquid Gold I finished using around 6 months ago. It is great. I use it at PM to remove the dead skin, and I feel my skin is looking brighter. Great size; feel it will last a long time.
  87. Nice!


    I really like this, it's refreshing, not drying for an acid toner and actually works to brighten and smooth without irritating!
  88. Very strong toner - use sparingly

    Sharon V

    I only use this three times a week, and find it quite harsh on my skin. Not my favourite product from the Ordinary, and not sure why it's such a huge bottle, as it's going to take a really long time to get through. Would prefer a smaller size at a lower cost.
  89. Good exfoliate


    This toner has helped with my hyper pigmentation from my acne scars and the little pimple like bumps on my forehead. It has subsided after using it for 3 months. It can slightly give a little sting when first applied to the skin, but that feeling quickly goes away. I would recommend for people looking for a chemical exfoliation and have too sensitive skin to use and salt and sugar scrubs on the fa...
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  90. Nothing more than a simple toner


    Large bottle size which lasts a long time, really haven’t notice anything different with this product but I still use it if I feel my skin is dirty, be careful with sensitive skin as it can lightly burn some times
  91. Great


    This takes my dead skin off and leaves my skin looking glowy
  92. Must have for glowy skin


    I've been using this toner for a few months now and I love it! It's affordable, heaps of product in the bottle, clears away pesky impurities like blackheads and it leaves skin with a natural, megawatt glow. For those with sensitive skin though, it does sting a little on application so you might need to take that into consideration before trying it out. Otherwise, The Ordinary have once again deliv...
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  93. Great chemical exfoliant


    Generous amount in the bottle that lasts for ages. Aftera few weeks my skin is more refined, and the texture is more even and smooth. Love The Ordinary products.
  94. Effective but stings


    I love this toner. It's definitely very effective in exfoliating, but a drawback is that it does sting quite a bit. I suppose that means it's doing its job. The stinging does subside after a few seconds, so it's not so bad. I love the size of the bottle, it's quite a bit of product for such a great price.
  95. I like it!

    Taylor D

    Gives me that extra clean feeling after cleansing. I try and use it twice a week and my skin always feels great when I wake up!
  96. There are better options


    I didnt love this product. I found it irritated my skin which in the long term increased by breakouts.
  97. Great Product!


    I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was one of the products that was recommended to me when I initially questioned another product. I am really loving this one! I can feel a difference straight after using it! I only use 2-3 times a week at the max and my skin is loving me! Didn’t have a bad hormone breakout this month!
  98. Great price/quality ratio


    I have used this product every night for over 6 months now. I really like it, it's inexpensive and the bottle last for a long time. It has helped to even my skin texture and makes my face feels fresh. I use this product while traveling in very polluted countries and I felt like it added that extra exfoliation/cleaning that I need it. I have combination skin and even though I double washed my face ...
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  99. As good as high-end

    Chloe Rose

    This is a wonderful alternative to Pixi's Glow Tonic. Completely evens out the texture of my skin, makes the rest of the skincare go on & sink in like a dream. Excellent!!!
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