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The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane 30ml

4.5 of 127 reviews


4 instalments of $3.18

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4 instalments of $3.18

Or 4 instalments of $3.18 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane is a water-free solution that contains 1% pure Retinol, an ingredient that can reduce the appearances of fine lines, of photo damage and of general skin ageing. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

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The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane

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The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane Reviews

4.5 of 127 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for the price


This is the first retinol I've used and decided to try something cheaper first. Have definitely noticed a difference in my skin from using it over the last month and will continue to purchase.

Most Helpful Criticism

Doesn't work for me


I didn't like this on my skin
  1. Great for the price


    verified purchaser
    This is the first retinol I've used and decided to try something cheaper first. Have definitely noticed a difference in my skin from using it over the last month and will continue to purchase.
  2. Refreshed


    Loved how it removed dead skin and made my face brighter the next day. Highly recommend.
  3. Only been a couple of weeks but my skin is the same


    verified purchaser
    Got this to treat Milia which is a keratin build up under skin that causes small white bumps.
    It's only been couple of weeks but I'm using it every other day and haven't seen a change. I'll keep using as hopefully it more of a long term thing.
  4. Only been a couple of weeks but my skin is the same


    verified purchaser
    Got this to treat Milia which is a keratin build up under skin that causes small white bumps. It's only been couple of weeks but I'm using it every other day and haven't seen a change. I'll keep using as hopefully it more of a long term thing.
  5. Rids dead skin well


    I accidentally bought this product when I meant to buy the one not in squalane but I ended up liking it. It feels moisturising, doesn't hurt. It gets a lot of dead skin off. Still personally prefer the serum texture one fr my routine but this one is great too.
  6. Love love love these products!


    Started using products from the Ordinary a few months ago and my skin has never felt better! They are so affordable but so good! The retinol especially has made such a difference.
  7. Hydrating, but subtle


    I used this over a 4-6 month period. Its easy to apply and feels light It’s one of those things where the rewards are tested in time... Am I wrinkly? No. But I’m only in my early 30s. I’m at the point where I need to be keeping an eye on some fine lines, particularly around the eyes and mouth. Hopefully keeping my skin hydrated with these products will keep them at bay for a bit longer! It’s just ...
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  8. Value for $$$


    Great value for money. I have found that my skin is clearer and brighter since using the retinol each night. I don't find this harsh on my skin at all.
  9. Excellent - moisturising


    This is excellent. I used to use the granactive retinoid but decided to try this as its cheaper and is clinically proven. I love this in the squalane. Very gentle and moisturising. I will keep using this from now on.
  10. Best priced skincare

    G Zhou

    This is sooooo worth the money!! i've used this consistently for 3-4 weeks now along with my skincare routine and ive noticed less redness and smoother skin with natural glow that shows through my makeup!
  11. Affordable Retinol


    I have really dry skin and I love how this retinol comes with squalane. It makes my skin looks refreshed the next day!
  12. It just works and budget friendly


    This just basically does what retinol supposed to do on my skin. not too irritating that my skin peels off, so it is good. it is a great replacement for the granactive retinol one that is out of stock until now.
  13. Fantastic!!


    i have always had a lot of dark spots on my face such as under my eyes, my cheeks. this product is amazing. i only purchased it not even 2 weeks ago and i can already see a massive difference. i have even been getting compliments saying that my skin looks so much better and more alive. 100% going to repurchase. i HIGHLY recommend.
  14. Lovely retinol


    Really nice retinol, soaked into skin well, skin texture looked improved
  15. Worked well


    Did exactly what it was meant to. Worked really well on my skin and left my skin smooth and practically glowing! highly recommend
  16. Love this brand


    First time using retinol. I chose this product over others as it's Vegan & cruelty free. I think this is a very good product, however, it will take a while for you to see results, as opposed to using retinoids. I'll finish this bottle off (as my skin has tolerated it very well with no adverse affects) and then choose a higher strength from the same brand. Price-point was excellent.
  17. Average and affordable


    Currently on my second bottle and use it 4/7 nights. No irritation, excellent for sensitive skin. Overall haven’t notice a huge difference..
  18. Good for first time retinol


    I have oilier skin and was expecting this to make me look oilier but it made my skin look smoother and fresher! I have only used it for 2 months but have seen it calm breakouts I had which i wasn't expecting it too. I also didn't experience drying like i thought i would (I have used harsher products though). I will continue to use it as my family has even noticed a difference in the texture of my ...
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  19. Love this!


    I absolutely love this product, after reading previous reviews I knew I had to buy! I was a bit nervous as I had never used retinol before but wow! My skin is looking great, it’s made a noticeable difference to my redness and appearance of those pesky left over acne/pimples that I haven’t had budge in months. I’ve only been using for a week or 2 and am so impressed, can’t wait to see what it will ...
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  20. great product for an even better price


    I have dry skin and this is my first time using retinol. I've only been using in on alternate nights for the past week but feel that my skin is benefiting from this product! I'm yet to have any dry skin around my mouth which I've read retinol can cause. Would buy this product again, but might try the higher % of retinol next time
  21. Lovely product for price


    I’d been looking for a retinol to address some pigmentation and slight scaring on cheeks from teenage acne and this works quite well.
    I noticed my skin was soft, smooth and with a glow the next morning but I started to see more better results in my skin texture with a couple of weeks using it. I didn’t experience any tingling as my skin is quite tolerant but still recommend using it every s...
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  22. Super affordable


    I upgraded from another The Ordinary retinol and was hoping I would experience some peeling so I know it's working but I didn't so I'll have to try a different brand next time. It's great for the price and a little oily so I'll stick to using it when I have dry skin in winter.
  23. Great


    This is my first time using a retinol, so wasn't sure what to expect or what my skin would do. But I love the product. Makes my skin glow and radiant
  24. Major value for money


    I LOVE this product. In saying that, I jumped too quickly to this strength as a first time user, however it always left my skin feeling great prior to the side-effects. The formulation is easy to apply, its pleasantly scentless and I never find it greasy on my skin. After week 2 I broke out in a rash on the sides of my face and felt quite sunburnt. Luckily I am surrounded by plenty of seasoned ret...
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  25. Ok product


    I had been using The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2% and decided to upgrade to this product. I have to say I am not that impressed with it and feel it is a bit oily, I much prefer the consistency of the Emulsion compared to the Squalane. I haven't any real improvement to my skin & will go back to the Emulsion.
  26. Amazing


    This is the retinol that I use a few times a week as it does not irritate my skin. It gives my skin a gentle exfoliation and helps with texture
  27. Try before $pending big buck$ on other products!


    I was a little reluctant to try this product being so cheap, as previous Retinols I have used in the past range from $45-$140, I was worried it wouldn't be effective at all.
    Though I am so glad I purchased this product and have recommended to all my friends!
  28. Not completely sold

    Still Waiting Results

    I have been using this product for 4 days/ I have sensitive skin and the tingling as well as red blotches in skin has been a little uncomfortable.
    I have used retinol before and have never had these side effects.

    My skin does feel softer the next day after using.

    May need to wait a few more weeks
  29. Amazing!


    I've been using this product for a week and I am absolutely in love. It's honestly such a fabulous product, easily affordable and makes my skin feel delicious by the end of the process. Definitely going to be a regular order for many years to come!
  30. Affordable


    Great price for a retinol. I do not experience any tingling or burning when using this product, however, I feel that my other retinol products are more effective. The texture is like a facial oil and overall this is a great product.
  31. Not for sensitive skin


    I wanted to love this product as I've read so many good reviews. I liked how it felt on the skin, I'm a fan of facial oils so Retinol with squalane is right up my alley. I have dry sensitive skin which means my skin reacted badly on this serum. It didn't appear after the first use but it slowly did after a few days from the first use. I slowly introduced this to my routine with just once a week bu...
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  32. Great product, great price!


    I love this retinol! This is bottle #3, such a good product for a budget price!
  33. Awesome everyday retinol


    This is a great every day retinol that doesn't cause tingling like others I have used with a higher percentage. Nice and light and no fragrance, which is always good!
  34. Great intro to retinol


    This is a gentle introduction to Retinol - it is gentle on your skin, and is not likely to cause flaking or dry skin. If you want to build up your skins strength prior to moving to a stronger dosage, this is a great option. However, it wasn't until I started using a prescription strength trenitonin that I really started seeing the benefits of retinol.
  35. Good value for money


    I wish I could love oils on my face at night, but I feel like the moment my face touches my pillow all the product is gone (doesn't sink it my skin/maybe i'm using too much). If you love oils, I would try this retinol before more expensive versions to get your skin acclimated and find your routine before investing in something pricier.
  36. 100% the best


    I can highly recommend this product over the more expensive versions. Delivers results. Consistency of the product is great only requiring you to use a few drops. Has results.
  37. Strong for first time users


    This was the first retinol I used and was intially confused by all the different types the ordianry offered and so satrted with this. My skin was irritated and red and cuased a few breakouts. I then after a week switched to the granactive 2% which was a better choice for my sensitive skin
  38. Reduced acne


    I started using this in addition to The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and my skin is the best it has ever been!
  39. I love this retinol!


    I love using this product. I much prefer vitamin A in serum form rather than a cream based product and this one ticks all the boxes for me. For a relatively higher strength retinol I am surprised that the irritation is fairly low. The product sinks in quite well and the addition of squalene makes it soothing and a nice balance in a product that traditionally gives a lot of irritation. While I find...
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  40. Good


    Easy to spread on the skin, a bit oily if you have a oily skin. I use it after the toner at night and followed by other serum. Need to use before the ordinary hyaluronic acid serum so it absorbs better.
  41. Blend with moisturiser!


    Initially I reacted to this - so I then started using it alternate nights blended in with my moisturiser and it's AMAZING! I can wake up and see the difference. I have really sensitive skin and it didn't react at all when blended with the moisturiser.
  42. Clear smooth skin


    This is an update on my earlier review, now that I’ve been using this product for about 6 weeks. Such good results, especially considering the price. I use every 2 or 3 nights & I now don’t have any sensitivity to the product, & my skin definitely seems to have improved. I’m 48, my skin is medium-sensitive & occasionally still gets a few pimples but since using this retinol I’m not getting any. My...
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  43. Great retinol


    I've found The Ordinary retinol to be just as good as an $80/$90 comparison. I have oily acne skin and have been using a 1% for a few years before I found the ordinary and I found no difference which was great, it is just as effective. I have no experience to give advice but I would definitely recommend doing your research on what percentage to start with, especially if your skin is sensitive as t...
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  44. YESSSS! :D

    Emma Loves Skincare

    This is a good way to introduce your skin to Retinol. As a weaker strength, it is a great way to ease your skin into this ingredient before increasing the strength.
    I liked the results I had with this product and the price point is of course fantastic in comparison to some Retinols on the market.

    For reference my skin is oily/combination skin and I am 30 years old
  45. Good retinol, great price


    I used the 1% retinol. I first used it 2 days in a row and my skin got quite dry & a bit flaky, since then I’ve used it twice a week (for a month now) & it seems to have a good efffect, my skin feels smoother but need to use for longer to see real result. My skin is moderately sensitive but twice a week causes no irritation as long as I use a rich moisturiser or facial oil on top once it has soake...
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  46. A great everyday retinol


    I've always wanted to try a retinol after reading how good they can be to fight the signs of aging, but have been scared! The Ordinary's Retinol 1% is great way to introdice retinol into your skin care regime, and it's gentle enough to use everyday.

    I have tried higher percentage retinols, and can feeling the 'burning' sensation after applying, but I haven't experienced that with the ...
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  47. incredible


    This is essential for us oily skin ladies out there, keeps my oiliness at bay!
  48. Love this especially for the price!


    I was really torn between getting the 1% retinol or the 5% retinoid from the Ordinary and I went with the retinol just because of the reviews on the retinoid saying that the consistency / oiliness wasn't great. So glad I did, I love this stuff!

    For a 1% retinol I have had absolutely no irritation, which at first made me wonder if that meant it wasn't working / wasn't strong enough, b...
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  49. Got compliments on my skin after using this


    After using this for a month, I got compliments on my skin and it’s clarity and radiance. My pores appear to have reduced as well. I’m excited to keep using it and see more benefits.
  50. Nice but strong


    Found it a little strong for my skin, but I changed to lighter concentration retinol and have not had any issues since. Will definitely go back to this once my skin has gotten used to the retinol.
  51. Keeping my skin clear


    I’ve been using this for a few weeks and have noticed it’s helping keep the acne away. No longer am I getting the deep acne. It’s quite runny so you only need a drop.
    Note: Definitely do not use this in the morning. I accidentally put it on and was out in the sun. My skin got very burnt.
  52. Great


    This is very effective and it makes my skin look amazing with no irritation. Amazing retinol
  53. Big Fan


    I have moved on up in the retinol world and this is fantastic. My skin looks and feels great since using this level of retinol. Highly recommend.
  54. Not harsh


    A great retinol that your skin quickly gets used to. I love alternating it in my microneedling routine and find that it is a great addition to my skin routine, and now a staple to keep my skin nourished.
  55. Soft Nourished Skin


    No redness or irritation occurred to me as I’d been using other retinoid cream for a while. I may find more powerful retinoid product on the market, but I like this one as I can use it on the whole face every night without irritation. Squalene gives me a soft nourished skin and It seems to be helping speed up my skin turn over. Good serum to include in evening skincare routine to expect long term ...
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  56. Great Stuff


    I purchased this product after it being sold out for ages and having tried the 2% needed the extra strength. Wow. You wake up with incredibly soft, baby like skin. Unfortunately my daughter managed to spill the bottle down the sink, but grabbed as much as I could and slathered it all over like a mad woman and even put it on her dads skin. Even he couldn't believe how soft his skin was after jus...
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  57. Great!!


    I’m happy I found Retinol, I’ve been using this product for a month, every single night...my skin feels different, it looks the best it has in years, softer and it’s helping my acné too. Highly recommended
  58. Effective, gentle and delivers the Retinol-magic results we all want!


    This is a wonderful serum for those wanting the results that Retinol promises to deliver WITHOUT irritating your skin. Once your skin has become accustomed, it is super tolerable to use every night. Reduced fine lines, brighter complexion and plumper skin. I think something more potent would be better for mature skin.
  59. Lightweight and effective


    First time user of retinol on combination to dry skin. The formula is very light, easily absorbed and leaves skin feeling smooth overnight. It has been a few weeks since use and I have noticed skin is looking brighter in the morning. I did have to introduce this product slowly as I did experience tingling sensations upon application and peeling the next day. I would use facial oils on alternate da...
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  60. Good entry level retinol serum


    Zero negative side effects. Appears to help even out skin tone.
  61. Overall skin texture improved


    New user of the product , alternating it with hyaluronic acid and after 3 weeks a huge difference in skin tone and texture, skin feels hydrated and the lines appear less noticeable. A couple of drops of the product provides ample coverage and good value for money. I didn't have redness, irritation or peeling as stated may happen.
  62. Overall skin texture improved


    New user of the product , alternating it with hyaluronic acid and after 3 weeks a huge difference in skin tone and texture, skin feels hydrated and the lines appear less noticeable. A couple of drops of the product provides ample coverage and good value for money. I didn't have redness, irritation or peeling as stated may happen.
  63. Lovely in your face


    This retinol is so nice and smooth on your face. I have just started using it all over my face in the evening. One recommendation is to put in on early in the evening or it will leave marks on your light coloured pillow cases.
    I highly recommend this product.
  64. Lovely Product!


    I have recently switched to The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane. This product is lightweight, non greasy and a few drops makes my skin look smooth, soft and supple upon waking. I haven't suffered any irritation, sensitivity, flaking, itching - nada. Just noticeably nourished skin when I leave on overnight. I do apply the Natural Moisturising Factors + HA on top for added hydration. I had never...
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  65. good for breakouts


    Great at helping my break outs and scarring, my skin looks so much clearer after using this. Once I finish this bottle though I will look for a stronger alternative in this range,
  66. 10/10


    Great product. I’ve seen an overall improvement in my skin texture and it’s one of the best priced retinols on the market
  67. GREAT


    This is a very effective and affordable retinol that I use about five nights a week. It helps a lot with hyperpigmentation and fine lines.
  68. Good


    This retinol has helped with my hyper pigmentation and fine lines. It also leaves my skin smooth and toned.
  69. Good formula


    Love this retinol and it has helped with my pigmentation and fine lines. So affordable as well
  70. it is working for me


    I recommend you apply this only at night. It gets the skin to start peeling gradually in a few days. You will start seeing the slight flakiness on your skin and it wouldn't look nice with make up but be patient! Once the peeling is a little settled, you will see radiance and glow on your skin! The price is great and very affordable to be used on regular basis. I like to keep using this one as at h...
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  71. Like it


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  72. Like it


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  73. So far, so good.


    I'm new to retinols but my skin is hardy and has been through benzoyl peroxide for 10 years as a teenager as well as AHA's and BHA's. I hope I didn't jump the gun too much but I went for the highest strength. I have applied it 3 nights in a row to a mild tingling which goes away but I haven't gotten any dry, inflamed or sore at all. I'm thinking it's the Squalane to help buffer the retinol to be m...
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  74. Good


    Really good
    I apply it at night, and that is the requirement. Honestly makes you glow, and makes your skin feel lush. Your skin does peel, but that normal.
  75. Great


    I love that I can have retinol for this price, and it works the same as more expensive brands.
  76. The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane


    I really really like this product. I have mature skin, so retinol is a good product in general for me. I get no irritation at all and find the Squalane gives it a very soft, lovely texture for applying. I use it every night without a doubt and can see good results. My skin looks smoother and I will continue using this product.
  77. Don’t use hot wax near your face haha


    I’m new to using retinol and made the super rookie error of going and getting my eyebrows waxed. Should maybe come with an explanation / warning in the product description to not use hot wax for people like me who aren’t as aware of its effects :)
  78. Results with just a few uses


    I used this product over-night for a few nights in a row and I am already seeing results. My skin feels significantly smoother and softer. I don't have many lines/wrinkles yet as I am only 25, but will continue to use this product to see if it makes a difference to the few fine lines on my forehead in the long-term.

    I got no peeling or irritation with this product, but I have used ot...
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  79. Amazing


    Seeing such a difference in my pigmentation on my cheeks with using this.
  80. Didn’t work for me :(


    I have sensitive skin and have found suddenly with the change of season, my previously retinol-accepting skin has gotten dry, sensitive, irritated, red and flaky suddenly. I have heard this effect described for skin unused to retinol, but I was fine for ages with retinol, and previously another brand’s retinol serum. Took me a while to identify this as culprit, and the damage was uncomfortable and...
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  81. Didn't see a difference


    Started using this and didn't have any effect on my skin (no drying, redness, irritation) and didn't notice any difference in what it was doing long-term. Moved onto another brands 1% retinol and noticed an immediate difference. Not sure if this one just isn't as potent but didn't love it. Also hated that it takes forever to sink in and as its suspended in an oil, makes it hard to layer with other...
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  82. Great Product, Great Price Point


    Goes on smoothly and absorbs into my skin beautifully. I apply on alternate evenings and this helps with acne scarring and my face feels lovely and hydrated in the morning. I wash it off in the morning and apply sunscreen after using this. The squalane makes it spread smoothly on the skin, a little goes a long way.
  83. Delightful


    It’s so lovely, not strong on my skin at all but soothing, and the retinol effect is noticeable within a short period of time
  84. A great place to start when experimenting with using Retinol


    A great place to start when experimenting with using Retinol, the results aren't as noticeable as when you use the 5%, but it's worth starting with the 1% to see how your skin responds.
  85. Beautiful consistency


    Beautiful consistency I can tell my skin is loving this. Doesn't clog or feel heavy. Just skin food!
    Will certainly order again...
  86. Good product


    I find the product quite oily but very hydrating. I have not had any issues with breakouts or dryness using the 1%, and can use it all over my face. I use it under moisturiser at night and my skin feels lovely and hydrated. I will go to a higher strength retinol next time.
  87. Lovely product


    I’ve only just started using this product and have never used retinol before. It goes on really well, skin feels great after use and I have had no Irritarion at all.
  88. Soothing


    It’s not strong on my skin at all but soothing, and the retinol effect is noticeable within a short period of time
  89. Skin changer


    I absolutely love this product. Goes on beautifully before bed and you wake up with fresh looking skin. Be careful not to overuse it though as your skin can feel tender and flake a little. After using retinol for a few weeks I can already see a difference in the texture and overall tone of my skin.
  90. too oily and gave me pimples


    I wanted to love this product, but when i put it on i felt like i was drowning in oil, the next morning i would have a very angry face with a lot of new pimples and my skin was peeling. i left it a month before trying it again but it did the same thing. I gave away my bottle.
  91. Love!


    I wasnt sure which The Ordinary Retinoid would be good for my skin (due to the varying percentages) so i bought all of them as a trial/comparison. I can say my aging combination skin responded better to the higher percentages, however this is a great retinol product - it produces great results and hasnt given me any breakouts. My skin is smoother and brighter than before. A great price point.
  92. Good


    I have combination skin. This dry my skin a lot. I'm almost finished with one bottle but haven’t seen any difference on my skin aside from getting more dry skin when using it. Will continue using the bottle, but maybe not purchasing it again.
  93. This is real active skincare


    This is another non negotiable item in my skincare regime. I have been using this since it came out. I was acclimatised to the original silicone based 1% so I had no irritation from this but this is REAL skincare. This WILL irritate you if you have never used retinol - and will cause dryness and peeling over the acclimatising period. Persevere and use it once a week then twice a week, then every o...
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  94. Strong- pace yourself


    This is a pretty strong solution and makes my skin super flakey and dry each time I use it. Pace yourself and start with a weaker solution. I will try using it next time with a gentler serum underneath to see if this helps as well.
  95. Great Priced Aging Combat


    This product was recommended by a friend who is a beauty junkie and obsessed with ageing.
    I have not been disappointed. This improves the skin and has done what it promises to do. I have found other expensive products do not provide the results I have seen from this product which is not expensive at all.
  96. Great price


    I'm in my fifties and have combination skin. I'm concerned about wrinkles and pigmentation. I bought this because it was over $120 cheaper that the brand I was going to buy. I use it every night after my hyaluronic acid and have never had any irritation or reaction. I haven't noticed any major difference to my skin but it has only been 2 and a half weeks so may need more time to see results. I'll ...
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  97. Takes some time to adjust to


    I have previously used The Ordinary retinol and decided to step up the strength. After a few nights my skin was red and a little tender. That has now settled down as my skin is adjusting to the new strength. I am looking forward to seeing my skin after a few weeks of using this. So far I am liking what I see and see my skin improving and looking more plump and clearer. My foundation is looking bet...
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  98. Great- for the price


    For the price this is a GREAT product. I have only been using for a few weeks now (after increasing my retinol does from another retinol product) but can definitely see an improved appearance of my skins texture.

    If you’re new to retinol products this may be too intense. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way, and I find using every second or third night is better for my skin. If t...
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