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The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F 30ml

4.6 of 102 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.23


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An oil solution for use for night and day, The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F contains a high concentration of Vitamin C that acts as an effective antioxidant, brightening the skin tone and reducing signs of ageing.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

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4.6 of 102 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good Value

Rubber Goanna

Have been using this product for about 18 months now, on conjunction with other Ordinary products. I use this in my AM routine after cleansing and apply the dropper to the palm of my clean hand (about 5 drops is plenty) and quickly rub with other palm and apply to face by gently patting in. The bottle lasts ages even though I know it looks a small bottle.
It feels like it is oily but it sinks into the skin very quickly. I then apply moisturiser and sunscreen and thats it.
There is no smell that I have noticed and I think it is good value and can be layered with other The Ordinary products. If you aren't sure what can be layered with this - just ask or go to the Ordinary website.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great addition to the range... but


This is a great vitamin C alternative to a few others I've tried with The Ordinary, but I still prefer the powder! It just seems to lack the strength of the powder & I haven't seen any real change in my skin pigmentation with this product.
  1. Gentle but not effective for me


    I have freckles and pigmentation and have continued to get them while using this product. I have tried other vitamin Cs in the past and have notice visible brightening and lightening of my freckles whilst using SPF. With this product I don’t get any brightening or lightening. It is gentle, i get no tingling what so ever, but it isn’t working how I want to.
  2. Good Value

    Rubber Goanna

    Have been using this product for about 18 months now, on conjunction with other Ordinary products. I use this in my AM routine after cleansing and apply the dropper to the palm of my clean hand (about 5 drops is plenty) and quickly rub with other palm and apply to face by gently patting in. The bottle lasts ages even though I know it looks a small bottle.
    It feels like it is oily but it si...
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  3. Good Value

    Rubber Goanna

    Have been using this product for about 18 months now, on conjunction with other Ordinary products. I use this in my AM routine after cleansing and apply the dropper to the palm of my clean hand (about 5 drops is plenty) and quickly rub with other palm and apply to face by gently patting in. The bottle lasts ages even though I know it looks a small bottle.
    It feels like it is oily but it si...
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  4. Great Vitamin C for sensitive skin!


    My skin is easily irritated by Vitamin C Products, and I have tested a dozen or so before this one, my search is now over. This is a great resource for Vitamin C, especially if like me your skin doesn't always react well to it. Have been using each morning before moisturiser for almost 2 months, and my skin is brighter for it. Highly recommend this one.
  5. Budget in price, lux in results


    In an effort to save more $$, have been looking for less expensive products that could achieve similar results - this is one of them. It's not quite as remarkable as my previous C - Dermaceutics Tri Vita - and doesn't sit as well under my daily moisturiser (a common thing I've found with Ordinary products), but if you don't have $150+ to spend on serums this is a great option.
  6. It's ok


    It's alright. Didn't really see any results after using it for a while. Make sure you really let it absorb before putting on any other products or makeup as it pills a lot.
  7. incredible


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  8. Amazing


    This has reduced my hyper pigmentation and made my skin more nourished. My skin also looks brighter now
  9. Didn't see much improvement


    I'm not sure if I really like this product. It applies a lot better than the 23% suspension and my skin doesn't react to it at all which is a positive but I haven't really seen any improvement in my skin.
  10. Glowing


    verified purchaser
    Once you get sorted as to how best apply this product, the finish is beautiful. It leaves a lovely glow which when used with other quality products reduces need for makeup.
  11. In love with this serum!


    I have been following a Hyper Pigmentation routine on The Oridinary website under Regimen Guide.

    I was doing both the AM and PM regimen without Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F at first. I found my PM routine to be very drying, I think it was from the Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%.

    I decided to get this serum for hydration. This is the best thing to hy...
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  12. LOVE IT


  13. Very promising


    This feels very light on the skin, completely non-irritating (which is saying something since I have very sensitive skin) and leaves a very slight shine. There is a subtle odd smell, but not too off-putting. My skin definitely looks brighter and I've only been using this for a couple of weeks. I have a few hyperpigmentation spots that definitely look lighter since using this.
  14. A gentle vitamin C


    This gives you a lovely dewy radiance and absorbs quickly without causing any stinging or redness. If you're using it after a hyaluronic acid make sure it has fully absorbed otherwise a lot of pilling will occur the moment you apply this. As it's quite runny, I found it was best to dispense a few drops in the palm of my hand instead of applying it straight onto my face.
  15. Great for dehydrated skin


    I have been using this product in line with a few other Ordinary products and I’m in love!
    It’s a slightly oily consistency that soaks in super fast and makes the skin feel nice and hydrated!
  16. one I can't go without.


    This product has done wonders for my overall complexion. If I had to use only one product this would be it.
  17. My new favourite


    This is my favourite ordinary product so far. I have noticed my skin is brighter and look forward to using it each day. I have sensitive Skin and this has helped it without any issue. Love, love, love!
  18. Love this


    This has made my skin so so soft and has brightened my complexion
  19. I love this


    So nice, I’ve really enjoyed this. I see some wonderful changes in my skin and feel like it’s been really good!
  20. Bright and soft skin


    I’ve been using this serum for about a month and have been loving it so far. I use it morning and night and don’t find it heavy or irritating for my sometimes sensitive skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and have noticed it’s a lot brighter after adding this serum to my routine.
  21. Good for sensitive skin


    So many products make my skin red or irritated
    This.is.ome that is safe and feels nice
    Leave for a few minutes and finish with.moisturiser in the morning
    I think skin looking more even complexion
  22. Moisture!!


    I’ve only used this twice, however first thing I noticed was that it soothes my dry itchy skin immediately which I didn’t get from other products. Love it! Will see what longer use brings!
  23. Buy this


    Sooo good. Im 42 and just starting noticing my face aging. I have super sensitive skin but I can use this no problem. Skin looks brighter within days of use
  24. Good


    I use it morning & night as a serum. It absorb very fast and can see the skin more brighter after a week using.
  25. Every product makes me smile


    Just added this to my list of products I now use from the ordinary range. Nothing but ordinary. LOVE LOVE
  26. Excellent


    My skin is certainly looking more even and bright. Ive been using this twice daily for a few weeks and I’ll be repurchasing once the product has run out.
  27. Moisture


    This has left my skin looking healthier. It is so nourishing and my complexion has improved so much. Will buy again
  28. Great for dull skin


    Great for dull skin and pigmentation and a great way to get the antioxidant protection of vitamin c without the harshness sometimes experienced with more sensitive skin, or if your using another product that isn't compatible with straight up vitamin c. It's a light oil, that absorbs easily. I only use 3 drops in the morning and the same at night. It gives a lovely glow under foundation.
  29. good for my scars


    Good for dark spots or acne scarring. It is more creamier than other vitamin C serums and doesn't irritate my skin like some others.
  30. The best!


    This makes my skin so plump and beautiful. I use it all the time and see my skin glowing and looking healthier than ever. A definite in my skin routine!
  31. Bit of an addiction


    I LOVE this stuff! If I go to put makeup on without applying this first, everything seems to 'drag' instead of flow on smoothly. I enjoy the texture of this product and use it on my face, neck and decolletage.
  32. Excellent product


    This product is on par with all of The Ordinary skin care. This stuff is rich and nourishing and shows immediate effects of smoothing and plumping/firming skin. Luxurious to apply, I use it every evening and my skin tone has never been more even!
  33. High concentration


    Love this for brightening up dark spots. High vitamin C concentration and the serum formula just soaks right in
  34. Good


    My complexion is so much better after using this product and it is so affordable
  35. Brighter, blemish free skin!


    This serum is the first vitamin C product I have used and I absolutely love it. I use it at night and by morning my skin is so soft and smooth. It is slightly oily but as my skin is on the dryer side it’s perfect for me. I used the online chat and this is what was recommended for my skin type.
  36. Great


    I love it
    I use this in the mornings before moisturizer and it doesn't affect to makeup. It soaks in well if you remember to use the tiniest bit.
  37. Wonderful product


    One of my favourite vitamin c products. I love using this every second morning. Leaves skin very smooth and complexion is improved. Use this with the ordinary Hyaluronic Acid and spf 50.
  38. skin brightening benefits for a clearer complexion.


    The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F has for me brightened my complexion and definitely improved the overall texture of my skin.
  39. Great


    This smells really good and glides on easily, a great alternative to the other vitamin C treatments.
  40. Great vitamin c option


    I have tried a few vitamin c options from the ordinary and this is my favorite. I love the fact that its oil so my dehydrated skin is always appreciative of that. I pop this on every morning and leave it for a few minutes before adding the rest of my skin care routine. I have found my face is looking brighter but I also started using this as the same time as the Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Emulsi...
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  41. The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F


    This is perfect for my slightly dry, ageing skin and really glides on really nicely. I definitely think my skin looks brighter. I am using mostly in the morning, as I have other products for the evening. I feel it gives me a lift each day.
  42. Great vitamin C starter


    I’m loving this little bottle of goodness - super lightweight, and effective... not to mention; it also smells amazing. It’s been super gentle on my skin, which has always been dry and patchy, until switching the THe Ordinary, no more dry patches!
  43. Does the job


    Having never used Vitamin C before, I was worried that this would irritate my sensitive skin, but was pleasantly surprised. It's the kind of product that you have to use over a long period of time to see any benefit, but I have noticed improvement to the evenness of my skin tone and some fading of the brown pigment I've had on my face since pregnancy. It's very slow-going but worth it as it's abou...
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    This is lovely on your skin and a little goes a long way.
    havent been using for long but happy with the results .
  45. Booster


    I used it as a booster for my other anti oxidant and feels nice in skin.
  46. Fantastic Vitamin C


    This was the first vitamin C from The Ordinary I tried, and it has been the best for my skin. Silky, smooth, easy to apply, and genuinely brighten!! Which is what I want - an actual improvement to my skin clarity and diminished dark spots. This product sinks in and sits undetected under my moisturiser/SPF. I have combination skin. After my bottle was gone, I tried the Ascorbyl Glucoside from The O...
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  47. Once again a 5 star for the ordinary


    This is my second vit c from the ordinary. I chose this one as I have very dry and aging skin. It's just beautiful to use! The lightest oil! I do let it absorb slightly before adding other oils and moisture on top, but only if I have time. I have been using it now for around 3 months and just love it! It looks unused! Lasts a super long time as it spreads so far.. bonus! I use 3 small drops in the...
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  48. Beautiful finish!

    Miss E

    This product was recommended to me in a live chat. I am glad I purchased it. It leaves skin looking brighter and feeling (almost velvety) smooth.

    Also, my package from Adore also came with some surprise little gifts that also made me feel super special!
  49. Gentle serum


    I can smell the oil fatty acids but absorbs quickly. Very gentle on my skin. I have dry sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Effective serum!
  50. No noticeable difference


    This product is very watery and can be hard to apply. I tried it over different The Ordinary products and by itself and still could not find a way to make it work for me. I seemed to break out more when I used this product. My skin is fair, dry and very sensitive and it really didn't do my skin any favours. I wish I could have made it work for me.
  51. Perfect consistency for morning moisturiser


    Because of my love for night oils, I use this in the morning as a light oil to act as an moisturiser before sunscreen. It's definitely not ideal for makeup application, so I do need time for it to set into my skin, which isn't a long period of time. I find that I need to pat in this product rather than rub, because it can create a rolling effect of the other products or maybe dry skin? I'm not 100...
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  52. Wonderful for dry, sensitive skin


    I have dry, sensitive skin and live in a very humid city. I had previously been using TO Vitamin C spheres in HA, but experienced a lot of tingling/itching. This product is a lightweight, oil-like formulation that feels sooooo lovely to massage into the skin. It sinks in quickly, no tingling or itching and pairs well with my richer cream products. I do notice some pilling if I use it too closely f...
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  53. Super Soft


    Very soft and soaks into skin very fast. Skin glows the next day.
  54. Great addition to the range... but


    This is a great vitamin C alternative to a few others I've tried with The Ordinary, but I still prefer the powder! It just seems to lack the strength of the powder & I haven't seen any real change in my skin pigmentation with this product.
  55. Recommended for sensitive skin


    I use a lot of The Ordinary products and this is one of my favourites. I use this every morning, and also in the evening if I am not using the 23% vitamin C product. It feels like a light oil when it goes on, but soaks into my skin really quickly. It brightens my skin and feels like it has some moisturising qualities. If you have had stinging from other vitamin C products, then this is the one for...
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  56. Good vitamin C


    This product is easy to put on and feels great on my face. It has definitely dulled down the red tones in my skin.
  57. Great Vitamin C


    This is a nice thin oil that is absorbed quickly and skin looks instantly brighter.
    I prefer this consistency to their other vitamin C options too.
  58. Skin is clearer


    I'm in my fifties with good skin. This product has made my skin slightly more clear and bright. No reaction. I may try the stronger vitamin c next time.
  59. Great!


    It really works well! The oil is super thin and non greasy and is really nice for my dry skin! Helps my hyperpigmentation especially because I can use it night and day.
  60. Lacklustre


    Initially I thought this was AMAZING, but then I went a few days without using it, and my skin seems to have deteriorated even further. It feels more rough and damaged than before I had begun using the product.

    So I reapplied myself to the regimen, and again, skin felt amazing when I was using it daily, but as soon as I stopped (late nights out/holidays), then my skin seems to not re...
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  61. Too early for results but I do like it


    This product was recommended to me in Chat on the Adore Beauty site as I was looking for anti-ageing products and had heard about The Ordinary. I have used this product for just over a week so far and although it's too soon to really see results, I do like how it feels. It's a really light oil infused with the ascorbyl additive and it feels luxurious going on. You don't need much so use sparingly....
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  62. Ordinary


    This product I used in addition to other The Ordinary products to help brighten my skin. I am unsure how much of a difference I saw however it is quite gentle for people who have sensative skin. I personally prefer something more stronger such as the VItamin 23% as I felt like this really worked well. This however is very strong so it maybe good to start off with something like this product first....
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  63. A great product


    I tried this product as the VITAMIN C SUSPENSION 23% + HA SPHERES 2% did not work for me. I absolutely love it! It aborbs quickly and leave my skin feeling soft. And it works well under other face creams and suncreens. Will definitely re-purchase.
  64. Great


    I use this as a serum before my moisturizer in the mornings.... early days yet
  65. Just repurchased


    This was the first higher potency vitamin C serum I've tried and I was pleasantly surprised to notice a difference! I cannot compare it to using pure l L-Ascorbic but I have dry skin so I've just repurchased this along with the powder to try because I just love the way it doesn't dry my skin out at all. If you have dry, sensitive skin I would recommend.
  66. Just repurchased


    This was the first higher potency vitamin C serum I've tried and I was pleasantly surprised to notice a difference! I cannot compare it to using pure l L-Ascorbic but I have dry skin so I've just repurchased this along with the powder to try because I just love the way it doesn't dry my skin out at all. If you have dry, sensitive skin I would recommend.
  67. Best !


    Love this so much ! The feel on my skin is great and absorbs so quickly
  68. LOVE this product


    It takes a while to notice a difference for brightening products but now, a month later after using this product every night, I can really see a change in my skin. I have combo skin with issues with redness and my skin has become so much more even after using this product, a little goes a long way too. I like the 'dry oil' kind of consistency and wear it underneath my serum before bed. Definitely ...
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  69. Good for dry skin


    This very light texture helped keep my skin moisturized during cooler weather and the Vitamin C really lightened! No side effects and my acne scars started fading after 2-3 weeks. This light jojoba oil-based Vitamin C also has tomato extract which is an excellent antioxidant against sun exposure!
  70. Yes!


    I would recommend! Skin looks brighter. Texture is little bit oily.
  71. Skin looks brighter


    I have only been using this roughly 2 weeks, before my moisturizer at night.
    my skin looks brighter.

    I have very clear skin anyway, however get spots on my chin.

    I haven't had a spot while using this product, which i usually would when using a new product.

    I will definitely be slowly moving my beauty routine over, i have just purchased the caffeine seru...
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  72. Improved skin tone


    I have started using this with a few other the ordinary products a couple of months ago. My skin seems more even toned and clear now. So I will keep using. One bottle goes a long way too!
  73. A bit too runny...


    I have dry skin and want to get rid of my sun spots and blemish scars. I use 2 other The Ordinary products before this one: Buffet and Niacinamide + Zinc. I find that the ATS pills after using these products and the consistency is just like water so it is very hard to get it even around my face. I try to get it mostly on my sun spots and just pat it in with my fingers, not rubbing around as this w...
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  74. not the best vitamin C the Ordinary has to offer


    I've tried quite a few different vitamin C brands and products and found that this was my least favourite! I found the oil interacted with other skincare I had on my face and created a weird texture. I also hated the smell. However I did purchase this as it's one of the more stable and therefore effective formulas of vitamin C. It does work however I would not be buying it again.
  75. Works!


    Skin definitely seems brighter. Texture is great! No reaction with my sensitive skin and a little goes a long way!
  76. Love this Vit C oil - noticeably brightens and feels wonderful on skin

    Miss Marlborough

    To be honest I was a bit reluctant to try this product as I already use about 6 skin care products and was trying to simplify my routine. But I couldn't resist giving this a try as I had been using TheOrdinary's Arbutin for hyperpigmentation and wanted to give my 40+ skin a bit of a boost. It's only been a few weeks but already my skin looks clearer, brighter and more even toned, better than I exp...
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  77. Very good hydrating and brightening product


    This has been great as a combination hydrating and brightening product. The ascorbyl solution is really gentle. I haven't notice dramatic brightening since using it, but I do think it is gradually contributing to more even skin tone.
  78. Great Product for Price!


    I purchased this to see how it went as I am a big believer in vitamin c in your skin care routine. It is a light oil and easy to apply, I apply it at night before my moisturiser and can certainly see the difference again after not using something similar for a month. I think it a great product for the price and works well, especially considering the vitamin c I previously used but still prefer is ...
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  79. Not for me


    I am a fan of the Retinol 1% bottle from The Ordinary and decided to try out this vitamin C product as it is a price catch. However, I don't think this product works for me. When I applied this oil on my face, it seems like it also rubbed off former skin care products (my skin care routine is cleansing gel, lotion, water-based serum and this oil) and it's worse in the morning when I applied sunscr...
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  80. Love it!!


    I added this product into my the ordinary routine to give my skin a boost and this surely did. I use it over the top of buffet and I am loving the result. This is a quarter of the price of the last vitamin c serum I was using and I would prefer the results this one has given me. Another product in the range that gives fantastic results for a fraction of the price compared to other active skincare ...
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  81. What a great item


    Silken feel and absorbs really quickly. Have only been using for a week and while I haven't noticed any anti-ageing effects, it is certainly a welcome addition to my slightly dry skin care routine. Will continue to use for sure.
  82. Really light dry oil


    This is a really light dry oil that spreads really well and absorbs nicely intense your skin. I use it in rotation with other serums and I would say there’s been a noticeable difference in my skin since using it.
  83. Awesome


    This product is amazing due to the fact it is so cheap and works exactly the same (if not even better) then other Vitamin C products that I have used that are 3 times the price.
    I use it in the Morning either on its own or mix into my moisturiser to keep my skin fresh and bright and its also helped with acne scarring.
    Love all the Ordinary products.
  84. Excellent serum


    I had originally used the "ascorbyl glucoside" vitamin C by the Ordinary, but found that that balled up my makeup/ any other skincare I put over it, so I mainly used it at night.
    I prefer the texture of this by a mile. It's such a light oil (which is not "oily"), sinks in so quickly. My only complaint is the slight smell which doesn't linger at all.
    I noticed brighter and more even com...
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  85. SO. GOOD.


    I have never, seriously never, used a product that has made such a huge difference to my skin. I've always been willing to spend money on good skincare because I have pale, sensitive English skin, and I know I'm going to age badly if I don't actively care for my skin. I'm 45 and this product has dropped years off my skin in under two weeks. I use it morning and it has taken the place of Estee Laud...
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  86. Great Vitamin C


    I purchased this product so that I would incorporate a vitamin C into my skincare regime and this product did not disappoint! I use it before T.O. rosehip oil and find my skin to be super soft, smooth and makes my skin glow...love it!
  87. Instant results


    Love love love this vitamin c formula. I use it at night and the first morning after use my skin looked so much brighter and my acne scars looked lighter too! It'll will need continued use to get more benefits, however it's a favourite of mine. It does smell a little weird, but that goes away after a minute or two so I don't mind. Love the pricing of this, as I could get about 5 bottles of this co...
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  88. Amazing & affordable Vit C


    Love this product! After spending months (and significant amounts of $$) purchasing Aspect Vitamin C I eventually swapped to this product to help with my acne scarring.

    I use it in the evenings around my chin & cheek around (plus some under the eyes as it's supposed to help w. plumping); can't say much for my under eyes BUT the skin around my cheeks and chin is mostly free of scars. ...
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  89. A little goes a long way


    Loving this product. I have relatively normal skin and from day one using this product my skin looked brighter. A little bit goes a long way with this one, I use it at night onto of my other products inplace of a night cream. The smell doesn’t bother me as it’s clearly not fragranced
  90. Amazing product!


    I have used this product for 2 months regularly now, mostly before I go to bed and sometimes in the mornings as well if I feel like it ( happens more regularly now that its getting colder ) In the first couple weeks I have not noticed much in my skins appearance but then all of the sudden my skin texture got so much better, my skin is much more even and I don't have to worry about my skin not bein...
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  91. Undecided.


    It seems to absorb well. The smell is okay and I like the texture (thin and spreads evenly). The downside is that I don't notice much of a difference in my skin. Vitamin C products seem to take a long time to show their benefits though, so I will keep using this.
  92. Works for me


    I can see this product won't work for everyone it's quite runny but it works for me I use it daily in the morning, it dries quickly and light enough to layer with makeup. I feel it's improved my skin texture
  93. Not sure about this


    I have combination oily skin and this is a oil. My skin usually likes oils but this one sits on top of my skin. I haven’t noticed any effects from using it either. Not a huge fan of the smell either. I love lots of other products from this line but it’s a no for me on this one
  94. Fabulous serum


    I love this serum, it is a little oily however I find this texture fine. As with all Ordinary products - the price is fantastic for serums that really work.

    No more $$$$$$ serums for me including Sisley which set me back hundreds.
  95. Good serum if you can handle the texture


    I have combination skin, and love oils and vitamin c, so thought that I would love this product; however, I found the texture and smell off-putting. This product is a thin oil, which never properly absorbed into my skin, causing issues when I tried to layer products on top of it. Despite its flaws, this product does have great brightening benefits.
  96. Like a dry oil


    I love this. Well, I hate the smell. But i love the texture and effect. Helping with my post-ance hyperpigmentation, and helps my skin glow. I use in the morning with marula oil, the natural moisturizing factor and my spf.
    Don't be afraid of using oils if you are oily. One of the biggest improvements to my skin has been using oils and oil-based products, including two to five oil skins every...
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  97. Skin brightening and very hydrating!


    As someone under 25 with sensitive/oily/dehydrated/acne-prone skin, I was skeptical of whether this would be effective or disastrous considering this product is oil-based. To my delight it has done wonders for my face and has helped brighten and hydrate my skin without leaving me an oily mess, in fact I think I'm less oily now than before I incorporated this in to my skincare routine. I use it bot...
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  98. My first Holy Grail product!


    This is the very first review I've every been motivated to write about any skincare product.
    I have used many Vitamin C formulations in the past - from Skinstituit, Medik8 & Ultraceuticals to name a few.
    This is the first time my skin has responded so well - it is softer, firmer and pigmentation is gradually lightening. I'm extremely surprised and pleased that such an inexpensive produ...
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  99. Oils are oily


    In my quest to try one of the Vitamin C serums from The Ordinary, it seems I bought the wrong one. Easy to get Ascorby Tetraisopalmitate confused with Ascorbyl Glucoside, right? I have oily skin so this oil-based product didn't work wonders at all. I'm now using it on my hands and arms before bed in a desperate attempt to defy ageing in other parts of my body. Those parts seem happy. No oily resid...
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  100. Hidden gem!


    I think this is the underdog of the ordinary skin line.
    I much prefer it over the other vitamin c product as it's less irritating to the skin.
    Brightening and hydrating :)
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