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Serums & Treatments

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Ultimate Guide to Serums & Treatments
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Luxe Serums & Treatments
We'll let you in on a little secret—one you may already have suspected but couldn't believe to be true. The majority of skincare products contain ingredients in concentrations too low to have real, measurable effectiveness. Although you may be shocked, there's no reason to be alarmed or feel deceived. Because there's one standout skincare category that features sufficient concentrations of actives: serums and treatments. Serums and treatments are deceptive in package size but powerful in activity. Found in small laboratory-style vials and amber-coloured ampules, these concentrated powerhouses provide tangible, visible results. Where you once had fine lines, smooth skin now resides. Where you once experienced hyperpigmentation from adult acne, a lightened and brightened skin tone now beams. Where you once saw age spots, a flawless complexion has now reappeared. This may sound like just a dream, but with the right serum or treatment from our Luxe range, these results are possible. Achieve the complexion you've always wanted with one of our specially selected products below!
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Professional Serums & Treatments
A professional skincare routine is incomplete without a professional serum or treatment—a concentrated formula that's easy to integrate, fast to absorb, and highly effective. Whereas many skincare products are only active superficially, serums and treatments can reach layers of skin not yet visible. At these deep levels, real changes can be made within your skin. Wrinkles can be abated, hyperpigmentation can be corrected, and resilience can be built. This efficacy is achieved due to a serum's or treatment's lightweight formula and potent concentration of proven actives. It's simple to incorporate one of these products into your existing skincare regime: Decide your most crucial skincare concern. Pick your tailored, targeted serum or treatment. Our Pro range of serums and treatments has been carefully curated to cover any and every skincare concern imaginable. From brightening, refining vitamin C treatments to moisture-boosting, fine-line-fighting hyaluronic acid boosters to revolutionary wrinkle-reversing vitamin A serums. Whether you have dark spots, an uneven skin tone, chronic dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, or another complexion complaint, our pro range boasts effective treatment for all.
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Essentials Serums & Treatments
Although cleansers and moisturisers form the foundation of your skincare routine, serums and treatments are the crowning pièce de résistance. With serums and treatments, you can absolutely tailor your skincare routine to target your personal concerns. Do you wish to reverse hyperpigmentation? Have you recently noticed fine lines or sagging? Are you looking for effective blemish control? Cleansers and moisturisers can tackle skin concerns, but only in a generalised way. A cleanser's first priority is always to remove pollution and impurities. A moisturiser’s first priority is always to hydrate and condition. A serum's first priority is always to address your selected skincare concern. Whichever skin concern you wish to target, you'll be sure to find the perfect partner in our Essentials serums and treatments range. So go ahead and choose yours!
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Ultimate Guide to Serums & Treatments

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