6 Best Sunscreens Recommended by Dermatologists

Shield your skin with our top rated sunblocks, recommended by dermatologists.

In 2021, you know how important sunblock is to your skincare routine. Sun exposure can rapidly increase the risk of long-term health issues as well as speed up the process of photo-ageing.

Especially under the harsh Australian summer sun, you need to protect yourself against aggressive sun damage.

Best Sunscreens Recommended by Dermatologists - Woman sitting on a wicker chair wearing a bath robe with her hair wrapped up in a white towel. She is smiling and blocking the sun out of her eyes with her handBest Sunscreens Recommended by Dermatologists - Woman sitting on a wicker chair wearing a bath robe with her hair wrapped up in a white towel. She is smiling and blocking the sun out of her eyes with her hand

Sunscreens come in many different textures and types: sprays, lotions, creams, gels, and sticks.

The formula you choose may depend on your skin type, whether you wear makeup, or how you like to apply the product.

Because some sunscreens can cause irritation, allergies, and acne, it’s important to determine what ingredients your sunblock contains.

Side note: You can watch Michelle from Lab Muffin Beauty Science join us to answer all our questions on SPF in the video below.

Sunscreen can work in two ways: first, by reflecting or blocking light from the skin; and second, by absorbing ultraviolet energy and preventing it from entering the skin cells.

No sunscreen will give you 100% SPF protection, but products with SPF 30 and SPF 50+ can shield your skin from 96% to 98% of UVB (burning) rays.

We spoke to LeeAnne, a Trainer at Alpha-H about the sun and it's after effects: "There is no escaping the fact that unprotected UV exposure is by far the single most ageing thing we can do to our skin and causes visible negative change.

It degrades both Hyaluronic acid and Collagen production as well as directly stimulating the Melanocyte to produce (most often unevenly) pigment, resulting in hyper-pigmentation. Human skin is also an excellent record keeper and stores every moment of sun exposure to manifest at a later time."

Best Sunscreens Recommended by Dermatologists - woman with long red hair and striped button up shirt smiling as she applies sunscreen to her faceBest Sunscreens Recommended by Dermatologists - woman with long red hair and striped button up shirt smiling as she applies sunscreen to her face

Sunblock has an important impact on the appearance, health, and quality of your skin. For this reason, we’ve asked some dermatologists and skincare experts to recommend their favourite sunscreens.

These experts have recommended a range of high-quality broad-spectrum and noncomedogenic sunscreens that work effectively without irritating your skin.

Find out more about keeping your skin protected from harmful UV rays in our Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen.

These sunscreen recommendations are based on scientific research and clinical experience, and aim to remove marketing jargon by focusing on ingredients and their effects.

This way, you can choose a sunscreen that will carefully protect your skin, because it’s too important to take for granted!

If you’ve already experienced sun damage, it’s never too late. We also have a guide on how to fade pigmentation caused by sun damage.

Plus, we carry a wide range of sunblock for face and body. Discover our favourite cosmeceutical face sunscreens in our guide Best Sunscreen for Your Face. If you're looking for a natural sunscreen, be sure to check out our guide Best Natural Sunscreens for Summer

Check out the video below as our Senior Beauty Editor, Amy explains how to reapply sunscreen over makeup...

Now here's the 6 Best Sunscreens Recommended by Dermatologists

An elegant, lightweight facial sunscreen with solid UVA/UVB protection. Using cutting-edge technology, this sunblock contains a range of UVA/UVB filters, which offer broad-spectrum defense. Never heavy or uncomfortable, this sunblock layers well with other skincare and makeup, providing a natural satin finish. Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50 sinks in easily and won’t clog your pores. Suited to mature skin types, this sunblock targets dryness and dehydration, and prevents the breakdown of collagen for plumper skin. This is a truly effective sunblock with excellent coverage, and it feels luxurious to apply.

An outstanding physical sunscreen that provides strong broad-spectrum protection. Formulated without nanoparticles and fragrance, this sunblock is good for sensitive skin and suitable for everyday use. Instead, this formula uses a blend of Zinc Oxide and Titanium, trusted physical blocks that deflect the sun’s rays. Highly hydrating ingredients in this fast-absorbing, sheer formula leave the skin feeling moisturised and fresh. While preventing photo-ageing, Physical Sunscreen SPF 30 also contains anti-pollution technology and Anti-A.G.E Technology to protect against environmental aggressors while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

A gentle sunblock that offers by advanced sun protection. This small stick applicator makes it perfect for sensitive areas such as your lips, eyes and mouth. Dr. Luis Luis, Medical Director of mesoestetic Pharma Group explains that: "The mesoprotech range uses the most innovative technology to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and in addition, has an effective anti-ageing action. The collagen pro shield is an advanced antioxidant complex that helps protect the skin cells from free radicals produced by UV, visible light and IR radiation, helping to prevent the visible signs of premature aging." Dr. Luis Luis reccomendsmesoestetic mesoprotech sun stick 100 4.5g for sensitive skin as it "incorporates rosehip oil to help boost skin repair mechanisms."

A dual-action sunscreen, perfect for daily use. This sunblock is designed to deliver broad spectrum protection while lightly moisturising the skin, providing a matte finish. Pomegranate and Pine Bark Extract increase hydration and defend against free radicals. When discussing their products with us Alpha-H Trainer, LeeAnne explained that: "The inclusion of Enzogenol, a natural anti-oxidant obtained from NZ pine bark gives it a slight colour and provides a light blurring effect on the skin. Especially great for normal to dry skins as it contains natural emollient and antioxidant-rich Mango Seed Butter". This 2-in-1 moisturiser is also perfect for sensitive skin, as it helps reduce irritation and nasty flare-ups.

Offering serious sun protection at an affordable price. While providing the highest level of sun protection, this sunscreen leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish that works extremely well under makeup. This noncomedogenic formula is ideal for oily and combination skin, as it doesn’t clog pores. Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF 50+ prevents moisture loss and dehydration with Glycerine and Thermal Spring Water. XL-Protect Complex combines UV filters with antioxidants that protect against pollution and infrared light. This light, fluid formula is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to feel as if they’re wearing sunscreen, but still wants advanced protection.

A great choice for those that struggle with chemical sun filters. Perfect for reactive skin, this mineral/physical sunscreen is packed with 20% Zinc Oxide, which protects against sun damage and reduces inflammation. Not only does this lightweight sunscreen mattify the skin, but it also soothes and balances with organic Green Tea and Cucumber. This invisible sunscreen also sinks easily into the skin and layers well under makeup, without leaving any trace or white tint. An amazing cruelty-free and environmentally friendly sunscreen formula that won’t irritate acne, rosacea, eczema, or dermatitis!

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