The Best Anti-Aging Routine for Dry Skin

Dry skin showing signs of aging? Here's our ultimate anti-aging thirst-aid kit.

Creating the perfect skincare routine can be an overwhelming process and one that may involve many trials and tribulations. The important thing to remember is that hydration is the key to healthy skin and it’s never too early or too late to help prevent the signs of aging. So to help you on your way to become the glowing goddess that we know you are, our beauty experts have put together a simple and easy to follow skin care routine for dry skin. Plus a few hot tips on what to look for when choosing products if you want to create a more personalised skin care routine.

The Best Anti-Aging Routine for Dry Skin - woman holds skin near eyes - 700 x 420The Best Anti-Aging Routine for Dry Skin - woman holds skin near eyes - 700 x 420

What Causes the First Signs of Aging:

As we get older our skin's natural oil, or sebum, production slows down so does the natural rate of exfoliation or cell turnover. During our late 20s, our skin stops producing as much collagen and this is when we start seeing early signs of aging such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This means that your 20s is the perfect time to start taking your skin care routine a bit more seriously.

Firstly, it’s important to know your skin type. If you have dry skin than your skin probably feels tight after showering and can get flakey, itchy and red. Environmental factors play a big part in impacting your skin and if you live in the city then pollution is an arch nemesis when it comes to drying out and aging skin.

Your Easy 4 Step Morning Routine:

Step 1. Cleanse

This light and milky formula from La Roche-Posay is formulated to gently cleanse the skin of impurities without stripping it of moisture. Perfect for those with irritated skin or those who commonly experience dryness and dehydration, this soothing cleanser will leave skin sort smooth and nourished. This non-greasy and pH balanced formula is enriched with antioxidants to help protect against environmental aggressors and minimise the loss of collagen. Start by washing face with warm water (if the water is too hot it will dry out and irritate your skin). Gently massage into damp skin for approx. 30 seconds. Wash off with warm water or damp face cloth then dry skin by gently patting with a clean towel or cotton pads (avoid rubbing as this can also irritate your skin).

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser

What to Look for in a Cleanser:

If you have dry skin then the best cleansers to be looking for are gentle cleansing lotions or gels as these are better suited to dry or sensitive skin. Avoid foaming cleansers and cleansers that contain irritants such as sodium lauryl sulfate which strips skin of its natural protective layer.

Step 2. Serum

This unique formula containing Amino Peptides, stable Vitamin C, cellular antioxidants, corrective botanicals, and skin-energising extracts, is a perfect addition to your skin care routine. Vitamin C boosts collagen production to hydrate and brighten your skin tone and reduce the signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. This lightwieght and fast absorbing serum is ideal for those with dry or maturing skin as is works to hydrate and firm the skin for improved radiance. Apply a pea-sized amount to entire face and gently rub in an upwards, circular motion. Avoid the delicate eye contour. Allow a few minutes to absorb into skin before moisturising.

Aspect Extreme C 20

What to Look for in a Facial Serum:

For those with dry skin, you'll want to look for formulas that contain hydrating factors such as Hyaluronic Acid. To help prevent signs of aging, you should be looking for products which contain Vitamin C and Retinoids which help to create a brighter complexion and reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 3. Moisturise

Ideal for those with dry, and dehydrated skin this nourishing formula improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity whilst hydrating and fighting obvious signs of aging. Containing key beneficial anti-aging ingredients Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Shea Butter. Formulated to improve hydration, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, as well as working to plump, firm and lift the skin whilst protecting against environmental damage. Apply a over entire face and neck. Finish with SPF during your a.m. routine. Use as last step during your p.m. routine.

asap ultimate hydration 50ml

What to look for in a Moisturiser for Dry Skin:

As our skin ages, our natural sebum production rate slows down which can lead to dryness and dehydration, so it's important to look out for moisturisers with hydrating ingredients. Nourishing oils such as Evening Primrose Oil and Shea Butter help compensate for the natural decline in your skins sebum production. Hyaluronic Acid works to absorb water deep into the surface of your skin and also helps to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Step 4. Protect

With a light and non-greasy formula, this SPF 50+ sunscreen feels comfortable on the skin while protecting from sun damage. Fragrance and paraben-free. Apply every morning and re-apply every 2 hours or where necessary. Allow 15-20 to absorb into skin.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

Our Tip:

One of the most crucial steps to help prevent early signs of aging is to protect your skin from harsh UVA and UVB (especially seeing as we deal with some of the harshest rays here in Australia). So it is vital you use sunsceen everyday. You may want to use a separate sunscreen and moisturiser, otherwise there a few moisturisers with SPF which can be used everyday.

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+ is a great moisturiser with SPF. Containing a nourishing combination of Pomegranate Seed Oil and Mango Seed Butter to boost hydration, this unique formula is designed to substitued your morning moisturiser as it work to hyrdate and protect at the same time.

What to Look for in a Moisturiser with SPF:

Most moisturisers with sunscreen are usually not hydrating enough for dry skin so you want to look for formulas with hydrating factors such as Vitamin B & Vitamin E.

La Roche-Posay SPF 50+ - Woman in front of light purple background applying sunscreen to face with fingers - 700 x 410La Roche-Posay SPF 50+ - Woman in front of light purple background applying sunscreen to face with fingers - 700 x 410

Your Easy 4 Step Night Routine:

Step 1. Cleanse

There’s no need for separate makeup remover, eye-makeup remover, cleanser, and toner when you have this 4-in-1 cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. Those with dry skin may struggle to find cleansers that don’t strip skin of moisture. Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser is the perfect choice, as it has a rich and creamy formula to nourish skin and lock in hydration and promises to moisturise dry and sensitive skin while gently breaking down oil and makeup.

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml

Our Tip:

Although it's not always necessary to have a separate cleanser for morning and night, you may want to include one into your routine depending on your skins specific needs. For example if you are wearing a fair amount of make-up most days then you may want to invest in a separate night-time cleanser which helps to remove makeup.

Step 2. Toner (Optional)

This unique milky formula is designed to be gentle on all skin types, while still working to refine the skins texture and cleanse the skin of remaining dirt, grime and makeup. Created with key beneficial ingredients such as Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, this alcohol-free toner will leave refine the skin texture and prepare it for moisturiser. Apply by using a cotton pad and gently dab onto dry skin, avoiding the areas around your eyes.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner 250ml

What to Look for in a Toner:

Toners assist in removing any excess traces of dirt in your skin as well as working to correct and refine the pH balance in your skin. When it comes to dry skin, you want to look for a hydrating toner with moisturising properties such as Vitamin E. You want to avoid toners that contain alcohols such as ethanol isopropyl alcohol.

Step 3. Night Serum

This lightweight, oil-based concentrate contains Evening Primrose Oil to help repair skin, Squalane to replenish the skins moisture barrier leaving skin soft and supple, plus added Lavender Essential Oil to soothe skin and even skin tone. The restoring serum is formulated to fight visible signs of aging by improving the skins elasticity and firmness. Apply 2-3 drops of facial serum on skin. Gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead and chin to evenly distribute before massaging into skin. Can be worn alone or under moisturiser.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml

Our Tip:

When it comes to creating the perfect skincare routine it is definitely worth splurging a little on a good quality serum. A little goes a long way as you only need to use a few drops at a time.

Step 4. Moisturise

This rich moisturiser is formulated for it's anti-ageing benefits for dry and mature skin types. Improves the texture of your skin and promotes collagen production for firmer skin. Hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA work together to bind moisture into the skin. Can be used as morning or night moisturiser.

PCA Skin Collagen Hydrator 48g

Our Tip:

Depending on your specific skin care needs, you may want to include a separate moisturiser for the night time into your skincare routine. If you choose to use the same moisturiser for mornings and night, it's important to remember to apply a sunscreen every morning after moisturising.

Best Anti-Aging Routine for Dry Skin - Woman in front of white background with her fingers touching her cheeks - 700 x 410Best Anti-Aging Routine for Dry Skin - Woman in front of white background with her fingers touching her cheeks - 700 x 410

Remember: Drink plenty of water! Hydration is the key to healthy skin.

Here's a Quickview Recap,

Morning Routine:

  1. Cleanser - La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser

  2. Serum - Aspect Extreme C 20

  3. Moisturise- asap ultimate hydration

  4. Protect- La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Cream SPF 50+

  5. Moisturiser with SPF (Optional to substitute separate moisturiser and sunscreen) - Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+

Night Routine:

  1. Cleanser- Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser

  2. Toner (Optional) - Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner

  3. Serum - Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

  4. Moisturiser - PCA Skin Collagen Hydrator 48.2g


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