The 6 Best Neck Creams in 2021

When we think of anti-aging skincare, we normally focus on the face and often overlook the neck.

Our neck is a part that shows the first signs of aging: it’s often exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants for long periods. Also, as we age, collagen production decreases in the body, creating wrinkles and a loosening of skin. These factors can affect the neck’s texture and produce sagging, deep lines, and pigmentation.

Adore Beauty - anti-aging neck and chest creams - close up of decolletage with hand applying neck cream across collar bones - 1200 x 800Adore Beauty - anti-aging neck and chest creams - close up of decolletage with hand applying neck cream across collar bones - 1200 x 800

Integrating neck cream into your anti-aging skincare routine

Similar to your moisturiser, neck cream can be applied morning and night, and layered with your favourite serum.

Because neck skin is much thinner and more delicate than your facial skin, when applying neck cream, be careful not to pull. Sweep on your neck cream in gentle, upward motions to discourage sagging and avoid stretching the skin downwards. Don’t get too rough! This is a delicate area, so be gentle with your neck. As neck creams have a thicker consistency than facial moisturisers do, allow time for the product to sink in before getting dressed.

Men who shave need specialised care for their complexion. Moisturisers for men are formulated with men’s skin in mind.

Remember that neck creams aren’t just for mature skin. Starting preventative measures in your 20s is a great way to ward off future deep lines or sagging.

Adore Beauty - Sodashi Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser - 1200 x 800Adore Beauty - Sodashi Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser - 1200 x 800

Our favourite anti-aging neck and chest creams

If you’re new to the realm of neck creams, Sodashi Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser is a great place to start. This ultra-lightweight facial cream nourishes without heaviness and offers both protective and anti-aging benefits. The formulation includes Rosewater, Hazelnut Oil, and Lavender Spike Oil, which have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects to help control acne. Perfect for anyone with oily skin, this cream should be applied every morning and night to cleansed skin.

If your neck and décolletage are in need of a little love, give them a boost with the latest reformulation of the cult classic Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream. The ingredients in this updated formula specifically target horizontal and vertical neck wrinkles, slackened skin, and dark spots that may have appeared over time. In addition, your neck is protected by Clarins’ Anti-Pollution Complex, which stops free radical damage. To be applied after your day or night cream, and suitable for all skin types.

Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream has been developed to tighten and lift the neck area as well as improve skin texture and tone. The star anti-aging ingredient in this neck cream, which is suitable for all skin types, is Matrixyl 3000. This peptide is powerful enough to increase collagen production in the skin by up to 33%, making skin feel softer and look younger. The skin is nourished by Seaweed-Derived Collagen, a highly moisturising extract that assists in collagen production to soften the skin and reduce fine lines. This 2-in-1 cream can also be applied to your eyes to fill in fine lines under the eyes, crow's feet, and deep wrinkles.

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Neck + Décolleté Cream is specially formulated to meet the needs of mature skin. This nurturing formulation incorporates essential fatty acids and antioxidants from Coconut, Argan, Jojoba, Sesame, Sweet Almond, Macadamia, and Sunflower oils to smooth and protect the skin. Apply after cleansing and your favourite serum.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold 24-Hour Moisture Repair Cream is a powerful night cream for aging and mature skin. This emollient moisturiser refreshes and revitalises your face and neck with a cocktail of active ingredients. These actives include Argan Stem Cells, Vitamin C, and the signature Alpha-H Glycolic Acid. This repair cream is ideal for brightening the skin and softening the appearance of age spots and sun damage. Use this cream at night only. Follow with a sunscreen the next day to protect the skin from heightened UV damage.

PCA Skin Perfecting Neck & Décolleté is an anti-aging neck- and décolleté-perfecting cream that strengthens, firms, and evens the skin’s tone. Active ingredients like Retinol, advanced Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid target lines, sagging, and the discolouration that comes from environmental damage. Because this product contains strong active ingredients, use it once a day in the evening and be sure to apply SPF the following day.

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This article has been updated on 15/02 to replace discontinued products with our recent product recommendations. Hannah from our Customer Service team has helped to bring you our most recommended products and up-to-date information.

Let’s recap the 6 best neck creams to help anti-aging

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