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Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream 30mL

4.4 of 227 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream is a high intensity corrector used to nourish and hydrate. Suitable for all skin types.

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream

Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream

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4.4 of 227 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good eye cream


Love this eye cream. I have been using it for 2 years! It is so hydrating and goes well under makeup. Also, it can be used all over the face if your skin is extra dry!

Most Helpful Criticism

Firming eye & neck cream


This cream helps reduce dark circles under your eyes tightens the skin also! you can feel it become tighter when you put it on!
  1. Nice and affordable


    verified purchaser
    This is my first eye cream. It's feels great and is certainly moisturising, not sure about firming though.
  2. good eye cream


    verified purchaser
    Love this eye cream. I have been using it for 2 years! It is so hydrating and goes well under makeup. Also, it can be used all over the face if your skin is extra dry!
  3. Love this product


    verified purchaser
    Definitely delivers! Have been using this for a couple of years. Has softened the lines around my eyes. Would recommend for sure.
  4. Feels nice on. No difference in lines reduced yet

    Emma J

    verified purchaser
    This feels really nice and sits well under makeup. I haven’t noticed it reducing any lines under my eyes yet, I think for someone with puffy eyes and wrinkles underneath the Eye believe is more of an instant fix
  5. Not as moisturizing as I hoped


    verified purchaser
    After reading such good reviews, I had high expectations. Unfortunately it isn’t moisturizing enough for my skin.
  6. Firming eye & neck cream


    This cream helps reduce dark circles under your eyes tightens the skin also! you can feel it become tighter when you put it on!
  7. Moisturising


    verified purchaser
    I don't feel like I've seen any reduction in my fine lines, but it is really hydrating, so I enjoy using it. I can tell at night if I've forgotten to put it on as my skin feels tight and dry around my eyes, so it's obviously doing something. I haven't used on my neck much as it almost seems a waste of product.
  8. A goodie


    verified purchaser
    This is goodie. I like the texture, thick enough to feel hydrating but very absorbent for the delicate eye area. Not an overpowering scent. Will buy it again.
  9. Silk feeling eye cream


    verified purchaser
    I love this product! I will admit I tried it on my neck and it got a little bit itchy but that’s just my skin. I use it around my eyes and it feels lovely and almost like a silk feeling.
  10. Amazing product


    verified purchaser
    I have been using this product religiously for 2 years and I love it. Am in my mid thirties and am often mistaken for being 24-28. Awesome product.
  11. Great value


    I love that it is a neck and eye cream and comes in a 30ml bottle which is uncommon for an eye cream. Great value and versatile.
  12. Good for Price Point


    I have actually found this product to be the least favourite of the skinstitut range, however, It is not a bad product overall. I find the cream to be very soothing and hydrating on the eye, but I have not noticed an overall difference in dark circles or any kind of fine line defence. As for the neck component of this product, I am not sure if it is working or not.
  13. seems amazing


    i got this as a gift for my mum and she loves it so much! she says that she has definitely seen results and recommends this product to everyone
  14. Not bad but not great


    I've been using this product on my eyes and neck and to be honest I haven't noticed any difference. I find other products look and feel better on these areas than this. The good thing is that my skin didn't react badly as it can do with some products. I've stopped using this daily, and I may or may not finish the tube. Just not a product for me.
  15. Hydrating and effective


    Have been using this product for a year or so for my neck, but have not tried the eye area. I am about to try another more expensive product to compare effects. However must say the price is very good for this product and may come back, if the more expensive product does not have any significant advantages.
  16. Not sure


    I used this tube up and I’m not sure if it did anything for me. I solely used it on my eyes, not neck and as moisturising as it is I didn’t see much of a difference in the skin around my eyes. For that reason I probably wouldn’t repurchase.
  17. Hydrating


    Great eye cream if your main concern is lack of hydration. Really great to put on before applying concealer too! Lost a star because I think the packaging is terrible. While its good it is in a tube so there is less bacteria getting inside, when you close the lid more product comes out for some reason which is annoying.
  18. My eyes are thankful!


    Have been looking for a great eye cream for awhile and finally hit the jackpot! I can honestly say that i have noticed a difference with the fine lines around my eyes and never go to bed without putting this cream on!
  19. Depuffs amazingly


    I use this daily! Love it, depuffs and hydrates!
  20. Good


    This is a really hydrating eye and neck cream. Not sure on how effective it is though
  21. Really comfortable eye cream!


    I like this eye cream so much I'm onto a second tube! It's comfortable, hydrating, sits well under makeup and the cucumber fragrance makes putting it on every morning feel like a spa moment. It's taken time but definitely improving the texture and brightness of my under eyes.
  22. amazing eye cream


    I love this eye cream and use it daily, I always wake up with firmer and brighter eye areas. I love it!
  23. Decent


    Good eye cream but I definitely wouldn’t use it on my neck as it’s small
  24. On the fence


    Whilst I liked this product, I'm not sure it actually worked for me.
  25. Amazing results.


    The skin around my eyes have never looked so good. Bright, refreshed and more awake. I saw results withing two weeks and they are only getting better. So good in fact I've put my 60 year old mother onto it. I've used alot of eye creams and nothing has come close to this beautiful cream. A little goes along way and certainly lives up to what it claims.
  26. Hydrating


    This eye cream is insanely well priced for how effective it has been for me. Really hydrating which has reduced the appearance of my fine lines (which I did not achieve with a $100+ eye cream) I will be buying this again.
  27. Good


    This has improved how my skin looks over time but there is not much firming effect
  28. Gentle eye cream


    This is a great eye cream. I purchased it after o had a reaction to another I was using. It calmed my skin around my eyes so much. I have not used another eye product since. It’s very thick and soothing. A little goes a long way and it’s great for anti ageing benefits.
  29. not bad, not amazing


    this is pretty hydrating for under the eyes although no major differences other than that.
  30. Worth a try


    I like this eye and neck cream. It's definitely firming, rich and hydrating, and smooths I love applying this at night. I find that this cream doesn't crease when your applying makeup. The only way to correct dark circles is drink more water.
  31. A good eye cream for the price


    This is really good value for money! It feels really nice and hydrating and my skin feels taut afterwards and I think it's made a difference to my dark circles and small folds under my eyes seem less wrinkled.
  32. Not that expensive eye cream


    I like this product, the price and smell. And most of all do the job. I have dark bags under my eyes. I think I noticed my under eyes look better now.
    Also I started use for my neck as well.
  33. It’s okay


    I have been using this for a while and haven’t really notice much of a change, the texture is nice and creamy and feels hydrating.
  34. Awesome


    Caused some milia but I still think it was great during winter as my skin gets very dry and cracks around my eyes and mouth. I like it a lot!
  35. Effective


    I use this daily under my eyes. I feel like it reduces bags and makes my eyes appear brighter
  36. Fabulous neck cream


    I bought this product having previously used other Skinstitut products to address both puffy eyelids (upper and lower) and a maturing neck (age 53). Having now used it for a couple of months, I absolutely love, love, love it as a neck firming cream. However, I haven't found it as beneficial for the eye area, so have replaced it with another eye cream but will continue to use it as a neck firming c...
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  37. Smooth and hydrated


    Excellent product a little goes a long way. Makes the skin around the eyes silky smooth and hydrated. I use this product in the morning as it wears lovely under make up.
  38. Nice eye cream to start with


    I'm quite new to eye creams and so far I've enjoyed this one. It is very moisturising and the texture is soft and creamy. The only thing I would change about this product is the packaging, due to the closure it can be a little bit messy and more product than wanted comes out.
  39. Good firming cream


    I use this cream with the Moisture defence for normal skin in the evening. It’s important to follow a care regimen with these products so stay hydrated throughout the day and take a little bit of time to apply this cream otherwise you will not notice any changes. The cream is thicker than the moisture defence so one can compliment the other. I highly recommend this cream. Only use a small amount i...
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  40. amazing


    great for hydration and firming my skin up. gives a plump look for my aging dry skin
  41. Helped my dark circles


    I bought this product as I have quite deep, dark circles under my eyes. I only use the product under my eyes in the morning and at night. At first, I didn't notice much of a difference however I stuck with it. I am about 3/4 of my way though the product and have now noticed my dark circles are much less noticeable and the bags under my eyes are no where near as puffy anymore. The product is quite ...
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  42. Great as a first time eye cream!!


    I bought this as my first eye cream I’m only 20 so I didn’t need anything too extreme.. this is definitely it!! It hydrates my under eyes perfectly, although the formula is quite thick and greasy, it feels nice, smells nice, and a little goes a long way. I only need the tiniest bit for my neck too! As for firming, it doesn’t have that “tightening” feeling most eye creams have but that’s fine by me...
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    Love this affordable eye cream. Nice and hydrating and not too thick. A little bit goes a long way!
  44. Moisturising


    This cream is very moisturising. It adds hydration to my under eye and neck. Definitely recommend.
  45. Loving this


    A fantastic under eye cream for a very affordable price. I have noticed a nice difference to my fine lines and dark circles, nice and hydrating and can be worn easily under makeup, doesn’t rub of like some under eye serums. Definitely feeling fresher in the eye area after just a couple of months of use.
  46. Has helped my eye bags!


    I have honestly noticed a big change in my under eye area. I have been using this product for a couple months now and my under eye bags have definitely minimised. It also helps to moisturise the area as well which is amazing. I use this morning and night and only need a half pea-sized amount for both eyes.
  47. feels great


    I really like the feel of this cream around my eyes. It feels soothing and refreshing. I probably wouldn't buy it again myself as I wanted something more targeted to the dark under eyes and wrinkles but this product is more for hydration. Still love the feel though.
  48. Solved my baggy eye issues


    This product has completely solved my baggy eye issues and fixed the crepe skin on my neck. It feels nice to put on, absorbs quickly and leaves me feeling moisturised. Also sits well under makeup. Will definitely purchase again.
  49. Small but mighty


    As I suspected, this cream arrived in quite a small size but it does wonders. A lovely clean smell, and only the smallest needed to completely cover the under eye area. Moisturising and thick, I noticed a difference within 2 weeks, and along with microneedling my under eye area has become a lot softer, less dark and more hydrated.
  50. Wish it was in a bigger size!


    I love this but I wish it came in a bigger size! Makes your skin feel sooo hydrated and soothed
  51. Finally an eye cream that does something


    I have been looking for an eye cream that actually does something and I am so happy to report this actually works, it has lightened my dark circles and my eyes look hydrated and plump. I recommend this eye cream to all my friends, it may be a bit pricey for an eye cream but honestly if you don't waste money on cheaper creams (like me) that literally do nothing than this is a steal. I use this ever...
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  52. Lovely eye product!


    I’ve used this product for a week. I’ve suffered bad allergies coming into Spring - my eyelids, and skin around and under my eyes were red, dry and flaky. My old eye cream seemed to inflame it also. Within a few days of using this product, the dry flaky skin healed and completely disappeared. The skins is now smooth and plump and well hydrated. I think I just found my new favourite!!
  53. Plump n hydrated


    This is my first time using an eye cream and it’s fair to say this is implemented to my routine moving forward!
    I love this product. I use day and night and can notice a difference in the hydration under my eyes.
  54. A good first eye cream


    I’m in my late 20’s and I purchased this as my first eye cream as I’ve just started to notice some fine lines around my eyes. It is definitely a firming eye cream and my eyes feel tighter and more awake. I have dark circles around my eyes and it hasn’t really done anything to fix this.
  55. hydrating


    I have sensitive skin and this didn't irritate my skin
    i put it on at night before bed and wake up and feel my skin in super hydrated
    i didn't feel it helped very much with my fine lines though
  56. Good


    I think this product is ok, just too thick for me. The packaging I don’t like it. Once you will close it a little product will come out every time and is really annoying.
  57. Good


    I think this product is ok, just too thick for me. The packaging I don’t like it. Once you will close it a little product will come out every time and is really annoying.
  58. Gorgeous under makeup


    I love this cream. If I over apply this it can irritate my eyes but if I'm sensible in applying it, it works beautifully.
    Very hydrating and I feel like smoothing too.
    I use this day and night. :)
  59. Great eye cream for tired Mum ryes


    I bought this in the hope it would hide the ‘my kids don’t sleep’ dark circles under my eyes.

    After a week of use, I feel like my dark circles are slowly shrinking and becoming lighter. My kids haven’t started sleeping yet so it must be the cream!

    It’s a thicker cream so good for overnight use.
  60. Has worked well under my eyes


    I've been using this one for over 6 months now and I have found that it's really tightened the skin beneath my eyes. It's definitely worth a try, it's affordable too, which is great.
  61. Great for dry skin around the eye


    Great eye cream for night time use as it is a lot thicker than your usual eye cream. It did not cause any irritations.
  62. Good product


    If you are looking for a good hydrating cream that helps with wrinkles and is easy to apply, give this one a go. I especially like that it can be used as an eye and neck cream. Good product!

    I am in my mid-thirties with fair, oily prone skin.
  63. Love it !


    I'm a mum to 2 little sleepless boys and I haven't slept through the night in almost 4 years and can see the havoc this has wreaked under my eyes. They are dark, puffy, dry, thin and now some pesky little fine lines are forming, unsurprisingly.

    I decided to give this product a try after sampling and I loved the rich hydration this gave my eyes due to its thickish and creamy consisten...
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  64. Great product - a definite must have


    I am 54 and bought this product as I noticed my fine lines becoming more prominent around the eye area and needed something to prevent the situation from becoming worse. I have been using this product for almost two weeks and not only have those fine lines become a lot less prominent, but the dark circles have almost diminished. A definite winner and must have!
  65. One of my favourites


    I love this and use it every night. Really thick and moisturising.
  66. Favorite eye and lip cream currently


    Price is reasonable. I feel my under eye area feels taut on regular use is this (am in my late 30’s). Not greasy. Not too thick to gently spread on under eye area. I also use this on my
    lips and once in a while all over my face.
  67. Super rich, hydrating eye cream


    I love this as an eye cream! My eye area feels plump and hydrated. The texture is rich and creamy and doesn't disappear into my skin once applied giving me moisture all day. Best value for money!
  68. Best eye cream


    I have been using this for over 5 years now. I often get comments "You don't look that old". You don't need much of this product to go a long way and lasts ages!
  69. I have been using this for years


    This is the only eye cream I have seen actually make a difference to the puffiness under my eyes. It is very moisturizing and has made my skin brighter and reduced the appearance of my fine lines
  70. I do like this


    Really thick cream. It has caused some milia which is annoying! But my skin looks great under the eye and also really helpful over winter. I like it
  71. good for wrinkles


    This is very light weight compared to most of my eye creams and it does dry pretty quickly. I would prefer something more creamier because I have dry under eyes but other than that it does a great job at firming my under eye lines and sagging
  72. Great for hydrating


    I'm not sure about this one. I find it super moisturising/hydrating but a little bit oily, great for overnight but not for during the day. I haven't noticed any difference in the fine lines around my eyes and I don't feel like it is tightening at all. I like the consistency of the cream, its like a thick cream moisturiser and it absorbs quickly.
  73. Perfect for everyday use


    I certainly feel that this eye cream has firmed the skin under my eyes up. I've been using it for about 3months now. I recommend giving it a try.
  74. Great soothing cream.


    This eye and neck firming Skinstitut cream is my go to regularly. It feels so comfortable and soothing on the skin, doesn't dry the skin out and feels so velvety and with regular use my eye area and neck look younger and softer.
  75. Amazing product with visible results


    Another fantastic Skinstitut product. I have been using this for a month and the fine lines around my eyes and on my neck have diminished. Great price and Australian made, will definitely continue to purchase this.
  76. Good everyday eye cream


    I love this eye cream and have been using it for about 2 years. It is super moisturizing and goes well under make up!
  77. Great moisturiser for the eye area


    I had extremely dry under eyes for a while to the point where I would get microtears in the skin (incredibly painful) so I decided to purchase this product. It was revolutionary. I use it morning and night and even under makeup. Definitely a holy grail product
  78. Love My New Skinstitut Eye & Neck Cream


    I've only just started using Skinstitut products and I'm so happy I have. I mainly use this cream on my eyes and it's lovely and silky smooth. It does't irritate my eyes and just glides across my skin. Such a lovely product that I'd recommend to anyone.
  79. Don't expect quick results


    I've been using this every night for about 2 weeks now. It is definitely very moisturising, has a nice texture and dries quickly. I am not sure if it has made a difference to the firmness of the skin on my neck and eyes, however I wouldn't expect instant results with something like this. I will definitely continue using this every night and hope for long-term results.
  80. Beautiful eye cream


    This is a lovely eye cream. Feels beautiful on and sits well under makeup.
    Very hydrating and I think smooths because it’s so hydrating. Will definitely purchase again especially at that price!
  81. Works


    After having both under eye bags and dark circles I was so surprised to find a product that treats both. Pleasantly surprised and delighted. I found I still needed to use a light concealer to match my foundation, but overall a great product. So much cheaper than the high end cosmetic brands too!
  82. On to my 3rd tube


    The first eye cream I have really loved, my only complaint is the tube spits out too much and when it gets down to the end I have to decant into a little screw top pot.
  83. Not bad


    Undecided on this one.. the texture is nice, but I dont really feel it does much other than moisturise.
    I've mostly stopped using it as it pills with some of my other products.
  84. Fine lines BE GONE


    I have hereditary hollow under eyes, that are showing the signs of aging at only 24 so I'm always chasing an amazing eye cream. This is one of the best I've found! Great for day or night. Let the cream sink in for a few miy and it will sit well under make up. Will definitely buy again!
  85. Hydrating!


    My under eyes are so hydrated when I use this and gets rid of the crapey look.
  86. Definitely recommend!!


    I love this product! I’ve only been using for a week but I can tell the difference already! My dark circles are gone and my crows nest is visibly disappearing! You only have to use a small amount as well so it will last a while. Very cute packaging!
  87. Not great improvement


    I used on my eyes and neck morning and night, just feel a bit hydrating after using this product. It can't see any improvement in firming.
  88. Little goes a long way


    I love this product, so easy to dab under eyes and spreads so well down décolletage; a little goes a long way. And the price point makes me love it even more.
  89. A little goes a long way


    As said; A little goes a long way and it delivers results leaving the skin smooth and plump.
  90. The under eye cream of my dreams!


    Bought this product on a whim to fill my basket for express shipping (we all know the struggle). It is incredibly lovely on the skin. Really feels gentle, rich and calming. I've used Estee Lauder under eye cream for years and this is an incredible alternative, the first I have found in fact. Could not recommend this product more!
  91. Not for me


    After reading so many positive reviews, decided to give this eye cream a go and its ok, nothing amazing. I find the cream is very thick, yes its hydrating but was not firming. Did not notice any firmness in the neck or under eye area. Will not continue using this product.
  92. Felt more of a difference than what i saw


    My under eyes did feel a lot more hydrating after using this product but i did not see much of a difference with fine lines or darkness
  93. Nice texture


    I like a thick eye cream and this is better than I expected - feels hydrating. However, I feel like the packaging needs some getting use to - the first few times I got out WAY too much product.
  94. Very moisturising


    The eye cream works well under concealer and provides long lasting results.
  95. Great eye cream


    I think you have to use it twice per day to see a difference. It makes eye area look more hydrated, definitely less puffy ness and fine lines.
  96. Hydrating and lasts forever!


    I love this! A little goes a long way and my eye area feels so well hydrated and better!
    I use this day and night and notice a difference if I don’t
  97. Only need to use a tiny amount!


    Lasts for ages, really firms up those areas! Works well!
  98. Great eye cream


    I love this eye cream. My eye area is so much more hydrated since I started using this product. I love that you only need to apply a tiny amount to the eye area. It is lasting so long which I love.
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