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Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation SPF15

Napoleon Perdis Authentic
  • Look 1 (Light -Neutral Yellow)
    Look 1 (Light -Neutral Yellow)
    Look 1 (Light -Neutral Yellow)
  • Look 2 (Medium - Olive)
    Look 2 (Medium - Olive)
    Look 2 (Medium - Olive)
  • Look 3 (Medium - Neutral)
    Look 3 (Medium - Neutral)
    Look 3 (Medium - Neutral)
  • Look 4 (Medium/Tan - Warm)
    Look 4 (Medium/Tan - Warm)
    Look 4 (Medium/Tan - Warm)
  • Look B2 (Light - Neutral)
    Look B2 (Light - Neutral)
    Look B2 (Light - Neutral)
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Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation SPF15


The quickest way to achieve porcelain skin.

An oil-free, lightweight, long wearing luxe liquid formula that combines the benefits of a self-setting foundation and powder in one. Designed for ample playtime before setting to a soft velvet finish that takes you from perfect to precious. This creamy formula provides medium to full coverage with a beautiful matte finish and the added benefit of SPF15.
Perfect for all skin types, and especially for an oily skin, we rate Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation SPF15 as the holy grail of liquid foundation.

Adore Beauty Tip: For complexion perfection, apply China Doll Concealer onto primed, moisturised skin before applying Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation SPF15.

Can't decide on your skin's perfect match? Email our in-house makeup artist at: for some professional advice!


Apply sparingly with a foundation brush. Start with a light coverage, and build up to the coverage desired.

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Reviews (19)
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Didn't quite work for me! - 07-06-2017 by

After being in a bit of a foundation rut I bought this on a whim due to rave reviews and seeing it pop up everywhere for the last few years. It honestly is a really nice foundation. It's lightweight, full coverage and has a great colour range for yellow/neutral toned skin, but unfortunately it just didn't work for me. My skin was dried out extremely because of this, and I have combination/oily skin, but I have never experienced dryness like this before. My skin was flaking and it just sucked every ounce of moisture out, as by the end of the day my face was as matte as when I first applied it. I tried it a few different ways with different primers and powders but to no avail. It is just coming into winter here so I'm not losing hope as of yet, I will retry it closer to summer when my skin won't be as prone to dryness. Hopefully I can learn to love it!

I have been using China Doll foundation since 2010 and I always go back to it! - 18-11-2015 by

Recently I have been using a water based foundation that blends easily into luminous, healthy looking skin - my favourite sort of finish. However, coming into Summer I've realised that I need something a bit more heavy duty. I pulled out my China Doll that I'd only been using for special occasions, thinking that it'd be too much "work" to apply in the mornings. I was wrong! All I have to do after priming is dot some product where I need it - forehead, nose, chin & cheeks, and then buff it into my skin (using a brush like the Real Techniques expert face brush helps). It works like it says it does - plenty of time to work it into your skin before it sets into a matte finish. It's not a dull matte though, there's a sort of healthy glow to it. I get compliments on my "skin" when I wear this! When I look in the mirror before and after applying I see such a transformation, from red, blotchy/patchy to healthy looking, perfected skin. It feels soft and breathable too. I hate the sticky feeling other foundations can have, but I often stroke my skin while wearing this and it just feels powdery and dry - love it! I find that it does last all day or night, even if you sweat I find that it doesn't roll off with sweat beads or go patchy, it's like it keeps setting itself so that your skin still looks quite beautiful - at least that's what I tell myself in the bar bathroom mirrors! If I'm really sweaty I will re-powder, and the build up of powder doesn't go cakey. I would have to call this foundation my holy grail. I have pale skin with pink undertones and the B2 shade is a good match. I also like the inclusion of an SPF. Being so pale, I always want protection from the sun. Honestly, if this foundation is ever discontinued I'd be lost! Thank you Mr. Perdis! The only cons I have: the price tag is quite big, bigger than other high end brands, you can buy a Lancome foundation for $10 less than this! However you don't have to wear a powder with this, so you could save some money there. It does look like a small tube but a little goes a long way and one tube has been known to last me for over a year! You really don't need to cake it on. The squeezy tube is also a good idea because you just get a little bit of product at a time so there's little to no wastage, and you can even cut it open at the end to get every last bit! So with not neccessarily needing a powder, and the packaging, it is quite good value in the end.

Great looking skin! Not mkaeup - 26-09-2015 by

I have a birthmark on my face that Ive struggled to cover for years! Then I found Chinadoll. A little concealer beneath the foundation and I can go all day with no touch ups! Im a busy person, out of the house at least 12 hours a day.
With this I spend the whole day looking flawless and smooth. Unfortunately Napoleon discontinued in NZ. I went to MAC and even their recommended foundation doesnt match up. This MAC stuff has a cakey finish.
I adore Chinadoll. It honestly looks like perfect skin, not makeup.

Love the matte finish - 05-08-2014 by

I love the matte finish Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation gives. As an older client this is much preferred to a liquid foundation, followed by a powder. It may not be super long lasting but I find it very easy to touch up. Plus, this foundation blends beautifully.

I love it! - 12-01-2014 by

I have recently been introduced to China Doll by a colleague, and I am so grateful. Although very lightweight, this product provides perfect and natural coverage. I use this foundation over the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Primer for a healthy glow and long-lasting wear. A massive thumbs up!

Love my Chinadoll! - 19-05-2013 by

I have been using Chinadoll for the past few years and i absolutely love it! I have tried others, but nothing compares. It gives me long lasting coverage and leaves me feeling confident all day. I love that Adore Beauty offer this product for $10 cheaper than the RRP, this means that i can pay the $10 express postage and receive this fabulous product as well as two free samples without even leaving the house.

All time fave! - 02-01-2013 by

I absolutely adore my china doll! If you want to achieve a flawless look just use china doll. I love how it will matte after application so there is is no need for powder. When I use this foundation I constantly get commented on how good my skin looks and how I look like a doll. I say it's well worth the money with the amount of time you save.

Perfect skin - 22-11-2012 by

I am giving this 4 stars because it is kinda pricey but still $10 cheaper than RRP on this site! I was recommended this by an ex NP employee and was skeptical because I haven't liked other NP products. But I am a complete convert and recommend this to people whenever I get the chance! This foundation can be described as follows: Other foundations might make you look like you have perfect makeup, This foundation will make you look like you have perfect skin". There is something special about the formulation that makes it blend into and stick to skin and look like skin. I love the shade Look 2 because it is yellow toned for my Asian skin. It is medium build-able coverage and photographs so beautifully I got some for my friend's wedding makeup. Overall, this is a fantastic addition to any foundation collection, and highly recommended for foundation lovers :)

Flawless and fabulous! - 01-10-2012 by

Napoleon Perdis China Doll foundation - just flawless! It is the only foundation that actually stays on my skin all day long, and covers everything from pimples to dark circles to "I was up all night with the baby" eyes. It gives great coverage, with zero cakieness & the SPF 15 is such a bonus, because let's face it (excuse the pun) who wants to smother sunscreen all over a newly done face? The smallest amount is all you need, and for someone that uses foundation everyday, that's exactly what I need. In love with China Doll, will keep using it for sure! xxx

Preeeetty good - 24-09-2012 by

I quite like this foundation. It goes on smoothly and blends in with my skin really well. I use B1, cos I'm quite fair & it's a good match (I have fair skin, but not it's not really pink or yellow). I've found that I can just wear it on certain patches of my skin, rather than all over (& let my freckles show through!). For years I have used Estee Lauder's Double Wear in Fresco, which is a fair bit darker than this one, which I always preferred, but I've had compliments on my skin since I started wearing this one.

The reason I've changed from EL is that I've made the decision to stop using products that have been tested on animals.

I've read that a lot of people find it heavy & that it has excellent coverage, but I don't find this particularly (probably as I'm used to more 'heavy duty' makeup). I get problem skin at times and find that I still need to use concealer & a powder to set it (I also use the primer). And I still need to touch up at the end of the day if I go out in the evening. I'd say the coverage is medium, which is good for every day wear for me. I also find that sometimes it can dry out the skin on my nose and chin a little.

I'm still looking for an ethical foundation that gives me better coverage, doesn't come off easily & doesn't dry out my skin... The hunt continues!

Great stuff - 27-06-2012 by

I really like this foundation. It was my first experience using any Napoleon product and I was recommended look B2 from the sales assistant. It has great coverage but I will say that can be drying. It's not a foundation for daily use since it is quite thick but it would be good for daily use to even skin tone for problem skin link pigmentation or blemishes. I would recommend using an illuminator when using this foundation though because it is quite matte. I have repurchased this since buying it the first time around and I'll most likely keep it in my makeup kit permanently for when I need a good full coverage foundation for formal occasions.

- 09-09-2010 by

After decades of dealing with a super oily skin type with breakouts and large pores and trying to find a foundation that could also deal with these issues was impossible to find-until today.After researching many foundations for oily skin types i decided to try this foundation based on other positive reviews(all the while not really believing it would work).OMG-this is the absolute best foundation ever for those of us with oily skin,open pores and other issues.The results are outstanding and worth every cent.The foundation is a dream to apply and sets to a smooth ,flawless finish with no oil slick at the end of the day.Buy it!

- 19-04-2010 by

I am 23 and haven't worn foundation for years as I haven't needed to. However I decided that I wanted to find something light to wear just for those nights out especially with the girls taking so many photos. I LOVE China Doll B2. It is light and I can barely tell that I even have makeup on but gives that nice flwaless touch which is perfect. Highly recommended!!

- 06-09-2009 by

I love this foundation! Great coverage and lasts all day, especially when applied over Napoleon Primer. I use a foundation brush to apply and a little goes a long way.

- 07-04-2009 by

Best foundation ever, i love it! Great coverage with matte finish, makes me look flawless and lasts all day :) also matches my skin tone perfectly. I wouldn't recommend it for dry flaky skin though. Definitely worth $65

- 02-04-2009 by

I like this cream to powder foundation. It has great medium coverage, especially if applied with a brush. It makes my skin look really even and lasts all day. Love the packaging - the cherry blossom print inside the box was a nice surprise!

- 28-03-2009 by

great coverage, leaves skin looking great and natural, light weight, love it

- 31-08-2008 by

China Doll is a great foundation for those who want a quick liquid to powder finish. The new shades are now designed to offer more colour choice to consumers and I quite like Look B2 as I found Look 2 very yellow on my skin.

- 29-07-2008 by

Thank bob they finally brought out some decent pale shades in this! The texture is just gorgeous (a velvety creme-to-powder) and the coverage is a natural sheer-to-medium. I wear Look B2 which is a fair neutral. Be aware that Look 1 to Look 4 are all very yellow-based shades.

Q & A
2 Questions Ask a question
  • From Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation SPF15 at 23/02/147:39 PM
    • Q: How come there is no Look B1?
    • A: Hi Grace,

      Unfortunately, the Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation SPF15 - Look B1 has been discontinued and is no longer available.

      As an alternative product, the closest match is the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream SPF30 - Light to Medium:

      Please don't hesitate to contact me should you require any further assistance.

      Kind Regards,

    • Do you find this question helpful?   Yes  No
  • From Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation SPF15 at 23/09/141:30 PM
    • Q: I have Asian skin (Chinese descent). I'm not very fair but not dark either.

      Not quite sure which look/colour to get. I feel that Look 2 is too yellow, although I haven't tried the product.

      What do you reckon?
    • A: Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for your question.

      I would suggest using our website, It will accurately match you to the perfect shade!
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