Here Are the 8 Best Fragrances for Men (to Suit Every Season)

Are you the kind of man who has only one fragrance at a time?

You might want to think about changing that.

Having multiple options means you’re always covered no matter the season, which makes sense when you think about it.

When it comes to the top fragrances for men, you might want something warm and woody when the mercury drops outside. But this might not suit a summer evening with friends.

So I’ve rounded up the best fragrances for men and sorted them by season!

Best Fragrances for Men_Yves Saint Laurent Y EDTBest Fragrances for Men_Yves Saint Laurent Y EDT

1. The men’s summer fragrance your girlfriend can steal - Calvin Klein CK One EDT Spray 100 mL

Why it's so good: One of the most iconic fragrances in the world, Calvin Klein CK One EDT Spray 100 mL was first released in the ‘90s. This classic remains one of the best men’s everyday fragrances—especially for summer. Because it’s marketed as a unisex fragrance, if you’re not careful, your girlfriend will steal it too.

How it smells: Both bold and youthful, this scent is based on androgynous Amber and Musk. Green Tea, Bergamot, and Violet give an air of freshness that’s ideal for warmer weather. Calvin Klein CK One EDT Spray 100 mL has a moderate sillage, so it's perfect for a summer evening with friends at the beach. It’s clean, fresh, and always a compliment-grabber.

2. Dive into the cooling waters of Creed - Creed Silver Mountain Water EDP

Why it's so good: Inspired by hushed morning breezes and the depth and coolness of a bottomless lake, Creed Silver Mountain Water EDP is an ideal luxury men’s fragrance. Save this for summer date nights, or anytime you really want to impress.

How it smells: This zesty scent has excellent lasting power and is based on Sandalwood for depth. Green Tea and Mandarin quickly come through with an air of crispness. Silver Mountain Water is a green fragrance without being herbaceous. If you want a fragrance that makes you feel cool (figuratively and literally), this is the one for you. A truly exceptional men’s fragrance.

3. Light, fresh, and versatile—the ultimate fragrance to explore - Montblanc Explorer EDP

Why it's so good: Montblanc designed this fragrance with the modern explorer in mind: the man who’s always seeking new challenges and wants his fragrance to inspire. Montblanc Explorer EDP isn’t only a wonderful male fragrance; it may be the best men’s everyday fragrance to match a ‘carpe diem’ philosophy.

How it smells: Italian Bergamot and Pink Pepper immediately energise. And Leather and Cedarwood add an element of sophistication. This fresh fragrance is reminiscent of the promise of a new day, making it perfect for spring.

4. The chic everyday fragrance for men - Yves Saint Laurent Y EDT

Why it's so good: Inspired by the way you feel when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, Yves Saint Laurent Y EDT is fresh, smooth, and ever-so-slightly sweet. This is the best men’s fragrance to reach for when you’re not sure what to wear. It balances a sense of strength with clarity, resulting in an empowering fragrance.

How it smells: It smells like fresh air on a remote tropical island—perfect for turning those workday blues into a midweek holiday. The Mint and Lemon in the head are reminiscent of a blooming spring. The sillage stays close, inviting people in and beckoning endless compliments.

5. Like stepping into a warm, inviting spice market - Memo Paris African Leather EDP

Why it's so good: When the chill sets in and you need one of the best fragrances for men, this is exactly it. It’s perfect to wear to a whisky bar, on a date, or while exploring city streets in the middle of winter.

How it smells: Rich in Saffron, Leather, and Vetiver, African Leather is the perfect antidote to winter. This fragrance is dry and spicy, exquisite and exciting, and exceptionally well crafted. When the temperature starts to drop outside, a fragrance that smells warm, comfortable, and inviting helps take the edge off the chill.

6. The fragrance that’s the life of the party - Penhaligon's Blazing Mister Sam EDP

Why it's so good: Blazing Mister Sam lives his life without inhibitions, speaking loudly and living life in the fast lane. No one can resist the exotic charm of this fragrance or the man who wears it.

How it smells: This fragrance starts out warm before the Cardamon and Cedar dry down to a smooth winter spice. The scent is refined and luxurious—perfect for a man who wants the best of everything. Ideal for winter and best reserved for those times when you really need to impress, Penhaligon's Blazing Mister Sam EDP lets those around you know you mean business.

7. Travel the Silk Road in the ultimate quest - Amouage Epic Man EDP

Why it's so good: This is the kind of fragrance that complements a suit. It’s best kept for the cooler days of autumn. Epic Man has longevity and a strong sillage, so less is more. But if you want one of the best Autumn fragrances for men, you can’t go past

How it smells: A blend of spices and woods makes Epic Man a mature and unique fragrance. Oud, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood add a dry, slightly dark tone to the Frankincense and Myrrh. The result is a fragrance that’s commanding, exotic, and very masculine. Amouage Epic Man EDP.

8. Smooth as the ultimate cup of coffee - Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord EDT

Why it's so good: Autumn is dominated by the fragrance of coffee as everything starts to turn brown. It’s the best men’s autumn scent for any time of day, whether you’re heading to the office or the club. It’s delectable, smooth like a cup of coffee, masculine, and sensual.

How it smells: Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord EDT is an attractive and intoxicating scent. It starts out slightly sweet before transcending into Coffee and Cacao and finally settling down into a dry Wood. This unique combination is perfect for cooler weather.

Are you inspired to build your fragrance wardrobe of the best fragrances for men yet?

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