Is This New Fragrance an Affordable Dupe for a $440 Cult Perfume?

who is elijah his herwho is elijah his her

Fact: Since we launched this $145 fragrance at Adore Beauty a few weeks ago, it has sold out four times.

That fragrance is who is elijah HIS | HER 100ML and people are saying (me, it's me) that it might just be an affordable dupe for a $440 cult fragrance.

In other words, you're going to want to get it on you ASAP.

So, let's cut right the chase because this is a matter of urgency. Here's everything you need to know about who is elijah and my His | Her review.

But First... Who Is Elijah?

Who is elijah is a unisex Aussie fragrance brand that makes small batches of four chic, completely gender-neutral scents anyone can wear.

Those scents are:

The brand is vegan, cruelty-free and made with ethically conscious ingredients, and each who is elijah perfume is hand made, bottled and packaged in Sydney.

Bonus: Who is elijah perfumes are affordable, with 10ml travel vials from $35, 50ml from $115 and 100ml from $145.

Now, onto THE fragrance that keeps selling out.

Who Is Elijah HIS HER Review.

who is elijah his herwho is elijah his her

Let's start with the description of who is elijah HIS | HER 100ML, because I reckon it's pretty spot on:

"A sweet, spicy and fresh scent that inspires only the sweetest nostalgia, with notes of bergamot, violet leaf, florals, fir needle and musk. A fragrant tribute to the exhilaration of first times."

The combination of head notes (what you smell first), heart notes (what you smell after 20-60 minutes) and base notes (what you smell hours later) makes this fragrance the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and fresh.

  • Head notes: Comforting and clean bergamot, violet leaf and cardamom.

  • Heart notes: Soft florals and fir needle for a touch of greenery.

  • Base notes: Warm and woodsy sandalwood, cashmere, musk, amber and oudh.

Here's a little video of me trying to sum up this indescribable scent.

If I had to write a dating app bio for this fragrance, it'd be: Only showers with premium body oil. Enjoys hiking in the woods. Flowers and chocolate advised.

It's a little bit sultry and sensual, but still very clean, fresh and woodsy. It's also an EDP (eau de parfum), a more highly-concentrated fragrance that holds throughout the day without the need to reapply.

But here's the thing: Every time I've worn who is elijah His | Her, someone has come up to me and asked if I'm wearing Le Labo Santal 33. As in, the cult luxury fragrance with a $440 price tag.

So, is this an affordable dupe?

I'm not *wink* saying that *wink* but it is a very, very lovely fragrance.

P.S. The best part about purchasing a fragrance like this one from Adore Beauty's The Scent Room, is that every full-size purchase comes with a free sample vial so you can try it before opening the bottle. If it's not love at first smell (or you're not into it after wearing it for a few days), you can send it back unopened for a refund.

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