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The mark of a powerful man isn't an expensive watch or a well-tailored suit. It's his scent. While the watch, suit, shoes, and sleek hygiene are, of course, essential, those are simply visuals. They don't mean much if the man is drenched in the same cologne as every other guy on the street or his teen son's body spray. You need a men's fragrance that says exactly what you want to say. A rich, nuanced scent speaks volumes before you ever get the chance. Luxe scents for men speak of strength and intelligence. There's nothing more valuable than the refinement of a well-chosen scent when it comes to making an impression. So check out our Luxe men's fragrance shop to make just the type of statement you want to make—without ever having to say a word.
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Creed Silver Mountain Water 100ml
Creed Silver Mountain Water 100ml

Fresh scent

Typical Creed quality, it lasts all day and smells amazing.
Aesop Hwyl Eau de Parfum 50ml
Aesop Hwyl Eau de Parfum 50ml

BEST blind buy of the year

Reviewing perfumes is, for me, a challenge - I enjoy many fragrances (I own hundreds of perfume samples) but rarely love something enough to buy a full bottle (though I own about 10 full bottles).

My tastes definitely run into the oriental style, usually I gravitate towards woods, ouds, incense. I checked out the reviews for this and it ran the usual gamut - "smells like Aesop", "I pr...
Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume EDP Spray 7.5ml
Juliette Has A Gun
Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume EDP Spray 7.5ml

Stunning scent

Got this scent as a gift-with-purchase from Adore not long ago. Loved it so much that I decided to purchase a full sized perfume a week after. Really loving it!

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