The Best Foundation for Oily Skin

The wrong foundation can trigger breakouts and shine on an oily face, but you don't have to go bare. Here's how to choose the perfect foundation.

It's an experience just about everyone with oily skin has had: you diligently apply makeup, leave your house looking fabulous, and then look in the mirror a few hours later to see a disaster.

Foundation can interact with the oil on your skin and turn orange through oxidation. Makeup may also move as your skin secretes more sebum, creating patches of pigment and bare spots. And of course, there's the dreaded shine that seems inevitable with oily skin.

You can't change your skin type, but you don't have to. The right foundation—coupled with a few tricks of the trade—can look great from dawn till dusk.


The Best Foundation for Oily Skin


Choose Oil-Free Foundations

Makeup for oily skin really is different. Free of oils and other substances that can clog your pores and make your face look greasy, these formulas work with your complexion instead of against it.

If your skin is very oily or prone to breakouts, consider an acne-treatment foundation. This type of makeup works to improve your skin as it conceals blemishes. Your skin might look better after you take your makeup off than it did before you put your makeup on!

The Best Foundation for Oily Skin

Consider a Primer

Foundation is just one ingredient in the recipe for a long-wearing makeup base. Primer for your face is just like paint primer: it smooths the surface and evens out imperfections while giving your makeup something to adhere to. Try a primer formulated specifically for oily skin.

If you have overall or blotchy redness, try a primer designed to tone down the high colour. Green-hued primers can counteract the redness of rosacea and acne. Try Mirenesse Professional Makeup Base Skin Primer.

Don't Forget Powder

Powder is the finishing touch for fresh, oil-free skin all day. After your foundation dries, dust it with a light coating of pressed powder. Then use powder on an as-needed basis for touch-ups throughout the day.

Because makeup sponges and gunked-up puffs can smear oil deeper into your skin, try using a brush to apply powder rather than the applicator in the package.


The Best Foundation for Oily Skin