This New Fake Tan Is the Best I’ve Ever Tried... and I’ve Tried Them All

Hannah Tuscan Tan reviewHannah Tuscan Tan review

Winter is not my vibe. I know this because:

A) I’m on a mission to move to Thailand once international travel is back on the cards.

B) I don’t use aircon when travelling to humid destinations. I LOVE waking up all hot and bothered!

C)  I don’t ski or go to the snow. I’ve never been on a winter holiday. Ever

Oh, and I am never not tanned. Well, fake tanned. I’m like a fake tan connoisseur.

Imagine me, pouring fake tan into a wine glass, swirling it around, taking a sniff and commenting, “Red notes. Full bodied. Intense. Long-lasting. Hints of coconut.” 

So, I'll be honest. When a bottle of Tuscan Tan’s Self Tan Foam was delivered to my door, I thought, “Oh, yeah. Another fake tan.”

I imagine this is how a sommelier feels when he gets delivered another bottle of red wine. 

But a few days later, I stood half naked in my bathroom, utterly blown away. 

Don’t believe me? Here's my work Slack conversation with our fake tan buyer (yes, that’s a job!).

tuscan tan reviewtuscan tan review

So, what exactly is this sorcery? Here's everything you need to know about our newest fake tan brand, and my honest Tuscan Tan review.

What’s So Good About Tuscan Tan Self Tan Foam? Here's My Review...

I judge a good fake tan on three areas: 

  • Streak factor 

  • Colour 

  • Smell

Tuscan Tan Self Tan Foam is a 5/5 on all fronts.

Hannah Tuscan Tan reviewHannah Tuscan Tan review

Let’s start with the streak factor. EVERY fake tan says it’s streak-free…. but in my experience, streak-free doesn’t always mean 100 per cent streak-free.

But this one is truly streak-less, and it fades pretty evenly, too. Even the wrists, where I find tan tends to streak more than other areas, are immune to streaking with this formula. 

I'll say it again. Sorcery. Now, let’s get onto the colour.

This tan uses MultiBase® Colour Technology (yes, it even has a fancy “R” symbol!), which means all the usual tan colour bases of violet, green, red and blue are combined in one formulation to counterbalance all undertones of the skin. So basically, the tan adapts to your skin tone for your own personalised fake tan colour.

There’s also only one colour depth, and you leave it on depending on how deep you want your tan. One hour for a light tan, two hours for medium and three hours for dark. Of course, I leave it on for four

Here’s what the tan left on for three hours looks like, on two separate occasions to prove it wasn't a one-off fluke. (Also, how typical is it that the first piece of clothing I bought post-lockdown was a gold sparkly bodysuit?)

Hannah Tuscan Tan reviewHannah Tuscan Tan review

Finally... we need to talk about the scent.

Fake tans can have an overpowering smell caused by the ingredient DHA, which is short for Dihydroxyacetone. This chemical reacts with the skin to give you the tanned colour, but it also has a yeasty smell when the tan is developing. 

In my experience, good quality tans have come a long way in the scent department. This one has a subtle scent and isn't overpowering at all, so you won’t have that fake tan stink following you around all day. 

My Fake Tan Tips for Beginners.

Any tanner knows the application is just as important as the tan itself, and I’ve learnt a few tricks in my many years of fake tanning. Here are my top tips for applying a foam faux tan like Tuscan Tan’s Self Tan Foam.

1. How to Prep for Fake Tan.

Shaving your legs is a great way to exfoliate, but make sure you do so at least 24 hours before fake tanning. Otherwise, the tan will settle into your pores, which can result in little brown dots. Similarly, don’t wax right before applying fake tan. Yes, I have done this, and it resulted in a red rash. 

I personally exfoliate using The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution - I replace the screw lid with a spray nozzle and spray my entire body a few days before fake tanning. You can also use the Tuscan Tan Removal Mitt to remove residual fake tan that needs a good scrub. 

Before you start tanning, apply a moisturiser on the dry parts of your body like your knees and elbows to prevent build up of fake tan in those areas. 

2. How to Apply Fake Tan.

I always use a dedicated tanning mitt like the Tuscan Tan Luxe Tan Application Mitt to apply my fake tan. Add one pump of foam to your mitt and start applying in a circular motion. I do this pretty vigorously - the quicker, the better to make sure you blend the tan before it dries.

I use a kabuki brush for my hands and feet, and I pop the mitt on a wooden spoon to get my back using the excess tan on the mitt. Also, don’t forget your ears and the back of your neck!

I prefer not to use a body tanner on my face, so I use self tanning drops instead. Add a couple of drops of the Tuscan Tan Tanning Drops 50ml to your serum before bed. Another option, which is recommended by my dermal therapist James Vivian to reduce blackheads, is to colour match your foundation to your fake tanned body. 

Next step: actually wait for the tan to dry. Then, I usually dress in loose black clothing until I’m ready for a shower. Something strapless like this number below is perfect for avoiding strap marks.

fake tan tipsfake tan tips

3. Tan Aftercare: How to Make Your Self Tan Last Longer.

When washing off the tan, just jump in the shower for 30 seconds and rinse, no body wash needed. This is not the time to do a 20 minute hair mask!

When you get out of the shower, pat down your body and do not apply moisturiser over the top. Wait for at least 12 hours before applying moisturiser to extend the life of your tan - The Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Concentrate 240ml is my favourite.

To make your tan last longer, you can also use a gradual tanner to top it up as the days go on. If you have an event in between your fake tan schedule, do not fear! I recommend using Vita Liberata Body Blur to even out any fading tan, and to boost the colour.

If you’re more of a visual person, you can watch all my fake tan hacks in this tanning YouTube tutorial below.

Whilst I can’t move to Thailand at the moment, I am spending the next few months in Byron Bay, escaping Melbourne’s four-seasons-in-one-day weather.

I’ve already been slathering myself in SPF50+ and Tuscan Tan Self Tan Foam - clearly you can’t tell it’s fake because someone already commented on my Instagram pic at the beach: 

*Puts on serious mum voice* I hope you’re wearing sunscreen.

Always, mum. Rain, hail and shine... otherwise known as Melbourne summer.

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