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Vita Liberata Body Blur 100ml

4.6 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $18.75

Or 4 instalments of $18.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $18.75

Or 4 instalments of $18.75 with LEARN MORE

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Discover the A-list celebrity secret to flawless, high-definition skin with Vita Liberata Body Blur. Like a filter in a tube, this skin-perfecting cream softens and minimises the appearance of imperfections while adding a natural, glowing tint.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Vita Liberata Body Blur Reviews

4.6 of 43 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Makeup artist secret weapon


This product makes you look incredible- it covers so many imperfections and is a must for any makeup kit. I use a mitt to apply over the body and a dense kabuki brush for the face. I love that it conceals my sin damaged décolletage and pink undertone

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice but too costly


Not worth it for the size. I loved how glossy I looked and I seriously felt like I had celebrity skin but it’s just too much money.

You’d only get 3-4 full body uses so for that price I may as well get a spray tan.
  1. Makeup artist secret weapon


    This product makes you look incredible- it covers so many imperfections and is a must for any makeup kit. I use a mitt to apply over the body and a dense kabuki brush for the face. I love that it conceals my sin damaged décolletage and pink undertone
  2. 'Victoria's Secret Angel' in a tube!


    First applying this to my skin I was a little freaked out at how dark and thick the cream was, but once thoroughly rubbed in using just my hands, it blends out into the most gorgeous, bronzy, sunkissed, glow! Looking like you've just come home from a summer vacation in Greece, but also very natural looking.
    Not something I would feel comfortable wearing with white clothing as it did transfe...
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    I love this stuff more than life. It's expensive but so worth it. Kate Beckinsale uses this - that's how her skin looks so good!
  4. So nice


    Lovely product. Makes my skin look incredible especially when it’s a bit dull in winter. The only downside is the price point!
  5. So good!


    A miracle, great for covering scars. I use it on my arms and love it.
  6. Pleasantly surprised!


    I am very conscious of my scars on my arm .. and like a lot of peop I suffer from KP there. I have only used this once on my arms, legs and stomach just to see field the if I would get any reaction.
    And it was all good!
    One thing I LOVED about this was that it was a matt finish. Almost like a BB cream for your skin. Doesn’t hide big imperfections but it does help buffer the skin to a...
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  7. Body glow


    I received this as a sample and was very impressed. Great to give your skin and extra glow and goes on really well.
  8. Glowing


    Great if you didn’t have time to fake tan and need a quick glow or want to look airbrushed for an event!
  9. Shimmery Skintone


    Received this in a sample tube. Wasn't the right colour to match my skin tone. Gave it a try on the more tanned parts of my legs and liquid cream blends well, makes the skin looks all shimmery and smooth and covering up scars or marks.
  10. Latte blur


    I use this to give my skin a warm healthy glow. Lasts all day. Light & smooth to apply.
  11. good blur

    Perfecting Skin

    i got it as a gift with purchase. i have a very fair skin so i think latte was not the best shade for me. however, it does hides the imperfections on my arms. it is good for oily skin too and gives a matte finish.
  12. latte

    Perfecting Skin

    i got it as a gwp and i love it. it hides imperfections from my skin and makes it smooth and hydrated. love it.
  13. love it


    This product leaves my legs looking naturally bronze and airbrushed. easy to apply. It is a bit costly but worth it for special occasions
  14. Perfect


    This makes my skin on my body look flawless!!! In love
  15. Wonder Product


    This product definitely does what it says and your legs will look airbrushed. My only wish is for a bigger tube. It is quite expensive but certainly worth it for special occasions.
  16. Looks gorgeous


    I’m a very pale redhead and I usually use a fake tan but got this for when I forget. I got Latte Light and the colour is perfect on me. Gives lightly tanned glowy skin that looks gorgeous. My only criticism is that it rubbed off on my white bra, which I think is probably impossible not to on a hot day. It came off in the wash though!
  17. Excellent


    I received a sample of this in latte colour which is medium to dark.

    This is excellent for someone who is pale and wants some colour before they go out, a little goes a long way .
    It gives a beautiful glowy light bronze colour on your skin, and it's not patchy.
    Best to apply it after moisturiser so it glides on easily and evenly.
    It has really good staying power and...
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  18. Airbrushed legs in a hurry!

    Elle H

    This is wonderful and easy to put on - over bare legs or less than impressive fake tan. It helps cover my spider veins too. It doesn’t transfer at all once on but easily washes off. A lifesaver.
  19. Great!


    Such a nice product, I love using this when I'm going out to an event as it makes your legs look 1000x better.
  20. The best!


    I bought a tube for myself and my mum and the shade "Latte" suits both fair and tanned skin tones. I am so impressed with this, I love blurring my legs especially to make them look long and lean. The mixture is quite thick so it takes some time to distribute but once its done, you will feel a million bucks! I wish it came in a bigger tube!
  21. It’s pretty good!!


    Don’t mind this! I think it looks so pretty and natural. I’m enjoying it at the moment and think it will be fun for the summer time!
  22. Beyond Expectation


    I purchased this as part of the Vita Liberata Ultimate Summer Travel Collection which includes a 30ml sized tube. I used it last night and I am absolutely in love with it already. I only used it on exposed areas as it's very expensive but OMG it is above and beyond and silky soft and nourishing on the skin. It gives a stunning natural colour and glow and softened the lines on my decolletage, makin...
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  23. Looks Airbrushed!


    Just do yourself a favour and buy this, I cannot fault it! I wear this when I have a special event, mainly legs and sometimes arms if I'm not wearing something with sleeves, and this deadset makes your legs look airbrushed to perfection! No chunky glitters or shimmers either, just the right amount of glow! I applied it with a kabuki brush but you can easily apply with a mitt or your hands. It does...
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  24. Looks great!


    So gorgeous in the summer! I burn easily and don’t get much colour from the sun so this is a fantastic way to keep a healthy glow!
  25. Great wash off tan


    I love this product. Yes it is a little expensive but a little goes a long way. I use the colour Latte and I have light to medium skin. At first it looks dark but rub it well in with a mitt and you will never have streaks. So natural and easy to appl. If you leave it fir a 10mins or so before you put clothes on it won't stain unless you wear white I guess. I use it on my neck, chest and arms ...
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  26. Great


    My body looks amazing in dresses when I wear this. Cannot recommend it enough
  27. Nice but too costly


    Not worth it for the size. I loved how glossy I looked and I seriously felt like I had celebrity skin but it’s just too much money.

    You’d only get 3-4 full body uses so for that price I may as well get a spray tan.
  28. Blurs as stated


    This product I can chuck onto my legs or arms and be ready to go fairly quickly if I have forgotten to tan or have unevenness. Works and does its job. Stays on til it's washed off.
  29. Good but didn't quite meet my expectations


    I had read that this product totally blurred out imperfections on your legs and that was the premise upon which I purchased this product.

    Now - it didn't blue out my imperfections totally. So I was a little disappointed.

    But - it is a really nice product. it is easy to apply. Has a nice colour and glow to it. Easy to remove. Feels like a really nice and good quality pr...
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  30. fantastic


    Fantastic fragrance for a tanning product. Must be applied with a mitt and worked in quickly but the results cannot be faulted.
  31. Good


    Great for a last minute tan, gives you a nice glow. Only downside is it dries quickly so you have to work quickly! and make sure you wear a glove or wash your hands straight away as it can stain
  32. Lifesaver


    This product is your best friend for those times where you've suddenly found yourself on a date with the man of your dreams in one hour. The best way to describe it is like foundation for the body... the blending aspect is perfection and the colour (latte) is super natural and flattering. My go-to for a last minute dress to impress.
  33. Love it


    Skin: Very very pale (pasty white)
    Colour: Latte Light

    This is a very good product, especially if you are just looking for a light glow. I apply with tiny dots and build it up slowly to the colour I am looking for.

    Won't give you a deep tan but it will definitely even everything out and bring a very nice warm glow to the skin.

    Was expensive but it is...
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  34. Good but not special


    Creates a nice subtle glow over the skin but it’s nothing too special and for the price you can create the same look with a fake tan and a bit of highlighter.
  35. Great Product


    I am naturally tan, but sometimes you need a bit of boost so I tried this product and I have to say it gave me what I wanted to achieve a natural looking deep tan. application is easy. definitely worth a try.
  36. Literally 50/50


    I have a medium/olive skin. So i purchases latte dark as i always want to have a European tan look. It is literally only slighlty a shade darker though. Very subtle.
    Pros: gorgeous glow, very subtle shimmer/glow, def blur out imperfections
    Cons: transfers easily, expensive, satined my hands and if left on the body and not rubbed it quickly enough it will stain and not spread
  37. Subtle glow


    I wanted to try this as it sounded like a good way to even out the skin tone on my blotchy legs. I dab tiny dots on my legs then quickly rub it all over. It disappears quickly. I wash my hands immediately and it doesn't stain them. It subtly evens out my skin and disguises the bruises. But it is very very subtle. The colour is a little dark but I mix it with body lotion and it helps make it easier...
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  38. Omg


    Really good. I am very pale and products always look fake on me. This leaves a beautiful colour and is natural appearing and very glowy. It’s far and away the best product of this sort I have tried.
  39. One step closer to being a Victorias Secret Angel!


    So apparently this is what they use on the catwalk, which is what made me try it, and oh my goodness it's AMAZING. Beautiful natural glowing tanned skin. I love that I can wash it off because I cant be bothered with maintaining a fake tan that lasts a week. What a perfect glow this gives. Not too shimmery, not an awful colour, no horrible smell. This is the best body bronzer I have tried. The cons...
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  40. Loved


    Really loved this product, was originally hesitant about spending that much but after using it have decided it was well worth it. Does seem very sparkly when applying but gives your skin a radiant look, especially in photos. Receieved a lot of compliments and plan to continue using for future events.
  41. Great product

    Joanna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Didn't have time to fake tan before an event? No need to panic, this product has you covered - literally. Body Blur is like foundation for your body, but you can also use it on your face too. I like to apply it to my legs (over the top of my tan) to give them a smooth, flawless appearance. Honestly the perfect back-up if you forget to tan or have something on last minute!
  42. I'm recommending this to everyone!

    Tamara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    After trying out the Vita Liberata Body Blur I can honestly say I'M OBSESSED! This product goes on easily, giving an even, instant and streak free glow. It conceals imperfections but looks natural enough that I got many compliments on my 'natural glow'. The most exciting thing for me is this product smells like nothing (!!!) After using so many different tans I actually couldn't believe that there...
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    This product blends seamlessl, it's easy to apply and looks amazing on. It really does blur and a little goes a long way
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