Do I Need to Set My Under-Eye Concealer?

Under-eye concealer can work miracles, diminishing the appearance of dark circles, evening out skin tone, and even highlighting gorgeous eyes. Setting concealer under the eyes—whether with powder, setting spray, or some other product—is the subject of some controversy in the beauty world.

If you don't set your concealer, you might end up with a smeared mess that melts away before lunch. But if you do, the products you use could settle into creases, creating a haggard appearance.

So what should you do? As with most things in the cosmetics world, it begins with knowing your skin type.


Do I Need to Set My Under-Eye Concealer?Do I Need to Set My Under-Eye Concealer?

Why Skin Type Matters

Your skin type affects how your complexion reacts to your makeup, including your concealer. Here's a quick recap:

Combination skin may be oily in some areas and dry in others, or dry in the morning and oily in the afternoon. This skin type's reaction to concealer may vary as well. If your concealer looks greasy or has melted away by the end of the day, it might need some assistance staying put.

Dry skin tends to be flaky, tight, and irritated. Because the delicate skin under the eyes is thin and prone to irritation, it's often among the driest parts of your complexion. Setting concealer on dry skin can make your skin look flaky.

Oily skin tends to produce too much sebum, skin's natural lubricating oil. Your oily skin may cause your concealer to run during the day, particularly if you use a cream formula. Most people with oily skin need to set their under-eye concealer.


Do I Need to Set My Under-Eye Concealer?Do I Need to Set My Under-Eye Concealer?

Priming Instead of Setting

Want to lock and load your makeup for the day without having to shop for the perfect setting powder? Try primer instead. Select a face primer designed for your skin type, and apply it to your entire complexion, including your eyelids and the skin beneath your eyes.

Alternatively, use a primer designed specifically for the delicate eye area. Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer Light/Medium  won't run, settle into lines, or dry the delicate skin under your eyes. Gently pat the primer to blend, but don't worry about blending all the way. Your concealer will cover any visible lines.

Try This If You Need to Set Your Concealer

What if primer's not enough, or you'd prefer to be able to periodically set your makeup throughout the day? Loose powder is the ticket to a flawless appearance that's neither dry nor ashen.

For a perfectly flawless finish, try this genius trick: after applying your concealer, dampen a makeup sponge or beauty blender, pausing to wring out any excess water. Dip the sponge in loose powder and shake off any excess. Then gently dab on top of your concealer. Your look is instantly set for the day, without a powdery finish.

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