Eyebrow How-To: What Does Brow Gel Do?

Got a case of brow envy? If you want to upgrade your style, you’ve got to upgrade your beauty arsenal. For flawless eyebrows, you need brow gel.

All the waxing and plucking in the world will only get you so far. If you want well-manicured eyebrows, you need brow gel. Like that final spritz of perfume before you walk out the door, brow gel is the finishing touch that you need for a perfect look.

Eyebrow How-To: What Does Brow Gel Do?

How to Choose the Right Brow Gel

When it comes to brow gel, the most important thing far and away is to find the right colour. If you have the wrong shade, your brows will never look natural, and even a perfect application won’t fix that. When you find the right shade for you, brow gel will look totally natural, even with a quick and messy application.

If you have naturally full and thick eyebrows (lucky you!), you just need a clear brow gel. If you have some sparse areas, you want to find a brow gel that matches your natural hair colour.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up is a great pick. This popular product comes in several incredibly natural-looking shades that work for a range of blonde, brown, and red hair colours.

PRO TIP: If you can’t decide between two colours, opt for the lighter shade. Unnatural-looking brows are almost always the result of eyebrow makeup that's too dark.


Eyebrow How-To: What Does Brow Gel Do?

How to Use Brow Gel

It’s important to customise your brow routine to your unique needs. If your brows are 99% perfect, you might just need to comb over them with some brow gel. Just a single coat makes your brows look infinitely more uniform and glossy.

If you're like most of us and need a bit more help in the eyebrow department, you’ll want to use a two-step process. Here’s how.

1. Create definition

Start by drawing in your brows with a pencil, wax, or powder. Use short strokes to create the look of natural hairs. Love pencils? We love Benefit Instant Eyebrow Pencil.

When you're ready to graduate to wax, check out stylist fave Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Apply it with an angled brush, and you’ll have power brows that never fade.

2. Add Brow Gel

Work your way across your brows with a brow gel. A few quick strokes will smooth over crazy hairs and keep them in place all day long. Apply gel in a slightly upward motion to make your brows look thicker. It’s a fast step that makes a major difference.

And that’s it. Two steps and voilà: you’ve got amazing brows!


Eyebrow How-To: What Does Brow Gel Do?

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