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elf Eyebrow Kit

4.1 of 58 reviews


4 instalments of $2.25

Or 4 instalments of $2.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $2.25

Or 4 instalments of $2.25 with LEARN MORE

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Create brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined!
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GREAT - 84% recommend

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elf Eyebrow Kit Reviews

4.1 of 58 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nice natural brows


I have dark blonde eyebrows, so I use Light, but only the powder side as the gel is too dark. The little brush works well enough for the powder, but is ineffective with the gel. I won't be purchasing it again since I'm only using half the product and could get better value for money from just using a taupe eyeshadow, but overall it's a very nice product for natural-looking brows.

Most Helpful Criticism

Half love it!


I’m not a big brows person but decided I should start. The dark fill in side is really good but the powder side is too light (if your colour suits the dark side) and just looked like a weird foundation powder on my brows. But I’ll use the dark creamy side.
  1. Just use it for the waxy side


    I got the dark shade and I have very dark brown hair/brows and while the waxy side is very nice, the powder side is way too light but works as a good nose contour haha. It is also good for the price
  2. Half love it!


    I’m not a big brows person but decided I should start. The dark fill in side is really good but the powder side is too light (if your colour suits the dark side) and just looked like a weird foundation powder on my brows. But I’ll use the dark creamy side.
  3. Love it!


    Creates nice natural brows and it's cheap which is nice!
  4. just okay


    I don't understand why the wax and powder are not close in color. The wax color is fine for my dark hair but the powder is unusable. The wax side gives decent color. The reason I didn't finish using it was because I didn't like how the wax made my eyebrow hairs stick together which made my eyebrows look patchy in sparser areas.
  5. elf


    easy to use and nicely pigmented for brows. the set is really small and convenient for travel
  6. High quality without the price


    This product is affordable as well as good quality. I really like how easy this is to use, especially as I usually don't usually apply eyebrow powder. It looks natural and stays on well all day.
  7. Good product for the price


    I’ve been having trouble getting my hands on an affordable eyebrow kit & I’m glad to have come across this one. Simple and easy to use, with results similar to those of a much more expensive product.
  8. Nice natural brows


    I have dark blonde eyebrows, so I use Light, but only the powder side as the gel is too dark. The little brush works well enough for the powder, but is ineffective with the gel. I won't be purchasing it again since I'm only using half the product and could get better value for money from just using a taupe eyeshadow, but overall it's a very nice product for natural-looking brows.
  9. Very nice eyebrow duo


    These eyebrow duo are so so nice and very affordable. Would definitely recommend!
  10. Good


    Easy to use and gives a very natural finish. Stays on well throughout the day.
  11. So good


    Such a good kit, such an awesome price! Just as good if not better than ones double it’s Price
  12. Great starter kit


    Such a great starter kit. Easy to use and looks good on. Such a cheap price for what you get.
  13. Just like high end kit


    Great formula, colours and textures. Feels like a high end product for such a cheap price.I highly recommend.
  14. Great affordable option


    I definitely enjoy using this product! The powder side is a nice colour, and the gel is great for shaping the tips of the brows. It can last all day too. One criticism is that sometimes the tails of my brows become oily after long usage.
  15. Brow + Contour!


    I purchased the 'Dark'. As someone of East Asian descent, the shade on the left is just right and quite natural on me without being too red for my dark hair. However, I find the shade on the right unusable for my brows as it is too red. HOWEVER, I use it for contouring my overall complexion and it works really well! Really natural contouring shade for my light skin tone!
  16. Value


    Good value product but must use own brush rather than the one included
  17. Lovely!


    Cute little palette perfect as a stocking filler or just for travel. Surprisingly good considering it’s inexpensive! Definitely recommend :)
  18. Great affordable product


    I think this product is awesome for the price. Like others have said, you definitely need your own brush as the one included doesn't do the job and too annoying to use, but the product itself is great. I have very dark brows and this is one of the only few more affordable products that is dark enough for my almost black hairs. It's also such a great little compact.
  19. LOVE


    This is perfect for those who have naturally thin brows, it fills them in perfectly. I wouldn't use this product to 'define' or carve brows but for the price, this does an amazing job at darkening and shaping MY brows. I have the one in DARK and it's the perfect colour for my very dark brown hair
  20. Brows that work


    This is an inexpensive way to define brows in a second. I have super pale brows so defining my brows is important to get definition for my eyes and facial features generally. Stays put. I would use again
  21. I don't really rate this product


    I think this is meant to be a dupe of another more expensive product. I find the shades are so varying that there would not be an option for everyone. The quality is average especially when I compare it to other ELF products I have I used.
  22. Great for the price


    This is a really good product for the price. It creates a soft fluffy brow and look very natrual
  23. Use your own eyebrow brush


    Firstly chuck the brush they give you and use your own. This product is cheap and effective and lasts for ages! I have dark brown hair and eyebrows and find the medium shade to be perfect.
  24. good price


    This is a decent eyebrow kit
    The colour is good for me
    compares well to more expensive brands
    i use my own brush instead of the one included
  25. really greasy


    i would avoid if you have oily skin as the product itself is very oily and thick. the colour itself also isnt dark enough
  26. Such good value


    I have been using this for years and have used others but always go back to this. It’s SO cheap and looks so high end and the formula is perfect for my brows giving a nice natural look!
  27. Decent starter


    Product applies easily, the small brush included is pretty stiff so you need to use a very light hand when applying. Limited colours so it's hard to get a decent match. Decent and cheap choice for beginners.
  28. Works better without their brush


    I thought this product was woeful until I used by own eyebrow brush, then I loved it,

    The brush included is too long in the bristles and too flimsy so you can't make a defined line.

    Using my own eyebrow brush with a spoolie on the end really helped make the product work.

  29. My key brow product for years


    I first picked up this products years ago on a whim and I've just kept using it since. I have very fine and light brows but dark hair so need a lot of product. This one lasts all day, looks natural, feels good. I've tried products at a much greater price point but I always come back to this one!
  30. Cheap but works


    Funnily, I recently tried the Benefit Browzing and love it but this one is so well priced decided to give it ago to compare and see if I can find a cheaper dupe. I actually slightly prefer the colour match than the Browzing. I will happily use both until it runs out but for the price point, will be repurchasing the Elf alternative.
  31. Good value, suitable for beginners


    This is an excellent eyebrow kit for the price, you get powder AND pomade at once! However the brush is quite terrible in my opinion, i suggest getting a better brow brush.

    Great for beginners who want to start doing their brows but don't want to dive into higher end brow products (such as ABH) straight away.
  32. Good value for money


    Does a pretty good job, easy to apply and includes a handy applicator brush. Fantastic value for money.
  33. Great


    I've been using this for years -- usually the wet pomade side. It darkens my sparse aging eyebrows -- giving them a fuller look. I have never needed to pluck my brows -- due to the natural fullness and shape but the years have thinned them and this item made them whole.
  34. Great


    I bought this a little bit ago and I use it every single day. It really fills your eyebrows and last a long time! I have darker hair but I use the medium brown because the darker color is way too dark. I'm in love with this. I have to purchase another because mine is almost gone. I do reccomend this !
  35. Not great.


    Not that pigmented and difficult to blend. The brush that comes with it is also awful so if you do decide to purchase this use your own.
  36. Cheap and effective


    I got into this product after watching a Shaanxo review and thought it was good value and simple yet effective. The taupe colour is perfect for most blondes and does a decent job at defining brows without being over the top. Fan.
  37. Nothing special, yet good value


    If you purchase in the correct shade, the gel and powder can be great for your brows. However, the pigment is average and probably harder to use than other products out there.
  38. powder shade in Light is good for contour on fair skin


    I bought this as a contour after Thataylaa recommended it on her channel. It’s the perfect cool toned light brown for fair skin.

    I love multi purpose products!
  39. Even the lightest kit is too dark


    I didn't mind the formula of this kit as it went on easily enough and stayed in place for the day. My main issue with this kit is the shade range. I'm fair with blonde hair and found even the light kit to be too dark for me. There doesn't seem to be much difference between the 3 shades. If elf were to introduce a lighter shade, I would definitely give it a go.
  40. My everyday fave for the past 2 years!


    For reference: I have quite thick, dark brows with a defined shape quite naturally and what I look for in my eyebrow products is something to fill in the sparse bits of my brows/make them more even and longevity.

    The elf eyebrow kit (I tend to go for the 'Dark' shade however I once accidentally bought the Medium but I could swear it was exactly the same as the Dark) has been my go-to...
    Read More
  41. You get what you pay for


    Wouldn't say it's the best eyebrow kit I've ever used but for bang for your buck 100% would recommend. Lasts a long time and its effective but can get dangerous if you don't know what you're doing as the cream is very pigmented but that's not a bad thing!
  42. Ok


    Doesn’t apply all that well. The brush that comes with is awful so use your own. Cheap and a decent product if you’re new to eyebrow makeup, but I find it doesn’t stay on for too long. Perhaps because I have oily skin, but not impressed.
  43. Great


    I love the pomade for my brows as it’s the perfect colour and holds hairs in place. The powder looks too light on me so I don’t use it
  44. Affordable


    I used to love this product 2 years ago, used it everyday. Now when i look back to my old photos...geez, my eyebrows looked so unnatural in the squarish shape! It's like i applied one of those peel-able eyebrow products but forgot to peel them off. The price is very friendly for an eyebrow kit though, perhaps don't use the brush that comes with it.
  45. Cheap alternative


    I used this everyday when I was first starting out with makeup! It provides a clean, defined brow that is quite pigmented. I suggest using the tinted wax first and then applying the powder on top, it will not move!
  46. Affordable


    This is a great natural brow product for the price!
  47. Best affordable eyebrow kit


    Super affordable!!! was the first product I used when started doing my eyebrows, Super long lasting never had an issue with it coming off, Excellent value for the price am a repeat user and will be using this product until the end of time or they stop selling it.
  48. Very good


    This eyebrow kit is amazing. It's everything you want in a brow product. Good amount of pigmentation. Applies and blends smoothly. Doesn't smudge. Have repurchased a few times. Amazing product and super affordable.
  49. Great and affordable


    This has been my go-to for years as it is so affordable and it really does go a long way! Very to easy to use the brush with this and the formula is very easy to blend in to the eyebrows for a natural look. My only con for this is that it does not last through out the day, so maybe another setting product is needed on top.
  50. Affordable brow kit


    This brow kit is my go-to. I use it more frequently as it is affordable, and save my high-end products for more 'special' occasions. It performs really well. The pomade part is very pigmented, and the powder sets everything nicely. I really enjoy this product, and think it is amazing for the price. Lasts a while too!
  51. great for beginners


    i used this for many years - a good intro in the pomade game. i wouldnt recommend the lighter kit as the colour is so light it doesnt really define my brows. however, the darker kits are pretty good.
  52. Best affordable brow kit!


    Such a good formula, the wax side is super smooth and does not budge + the powder side blends so easily. Price is absolutely amazing!
  53. For the price you can't go wrong


    Good for $9 and if you're starting out, start here.
  54. Amazing


    So, so affordable for two great formulas. Powder is nice and soft and pigmented. Wax side is also pigmented and can be used as a pomade.I would ditch the little brush included and use your own tools as it makes a huge difference. it lasts all day on me since I have dry skin, and I occasionally set it with clear brow gel as well. Packaging is nice and sturdy and for $9 you can't go wrong - one of t...
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  55. Amazing for the price!


    For $9 you seriously can not go wrong with this! I use this paired with a tinted brow mascara and it looks awesome! Definitely does what it needs to!
  56. Great Alternative for the more expensive brands


    This is a great, compact little product that does the job of most of the higher end products I have used. Colour and consistency are pretty good.Comes with a mirror and a little brush too!
    Great for those in the market for a cheap and great product!
  57. Good product


    Has everything u need in the one compact. Colour works well and it stays on well.
  58. So easy to use!


    I am in love with this brow kit, It's so simple to use! The brow pomade is so thin yet pigmented, it can easily be built up or worn quite naturally. It's one of the best brow products I've used - and by far one of the most affordable!
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