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Make your eyebrows look naturally thicker, fuller, and more arched with these amazing brow pomades. These eyebrow correctors, creams, palettes, and liners will whip your brows into shape, adding definition, shape, and colour.


We all dream of sculpted and defined eyebrows, but they’re not always easy to achieve. Thankfully, these products are your valiant ally in correcting over-plucked and wispy brows.


These brow products help colour, re-draw, re-shape, and fill in eyebrows and fix up stray hairs for a symmetrical, streamlined look. All while nourishing and conditioning your eyebrows.


Our range covers every type of eyebrow corrector, with a focus on high quality tools that promise easy application, waterproof and smudge-proof formulas, and long-lasting wear.


Take the popular MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow. This unique, waterproof gel enhances and shapes eyebrows and keeps them tamed all day long. The liquid gel consistency makes it easy to draw fine brows and adjust the colour intensity. Plus it won’t budge, so it’s great for workouts and combination or oily skin.


The Garbo and Kelly Brow Pomade will convince you never to return to brow pencils again. This long-wearing creamy pomade glides on to volumise brows and contains beeswax so it stays in place. Choose from 6 natural shades to complement your skin and hair tones.


Combine your brow pomade with an eyebrow pencil and draw attention to the area with some natural eyeshadow.


See how these brow pomades blend with your brow and build definition for impressive, fuller eyebrows every day. Shop the collection online at Adore Beauty and now you can pay later with Afterpay.

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Benefit Brow ZingsBenefit Brow Zings
Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Brow Zings

Does the job

This shaping brow kit works alright when drawing and shaping eyebrows. However, I found it to be a bit too much when being applied, only a very small amount is needed. Some parts ends up way to dark sometimes and it's hard to correct. You just have to be mindful when using this product, to not grab too much. The price tag is a bit pricey, there are cheaper eyebrow products on the market that does ...
Benefit Ka-Brow!Benefit Ka-Brow!
Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Ka-Brow!

Great pomade!

This is a great pomade by benefit, it does everything a pomade needs to. It is easy to use and I love their colour selection. It doesn't dry out too quickly but even if it did I just pop some duraline in it and it is good as new. The brush that comes with it is handy but very small so I rarely use it.
Benefit Brow ZingsBenefit Brow Zings
Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Brow Zings

Another love!

i just love all my benefit brow products and the brow zing is no exception! I love that it comes with the powder and the wax! It is a perfect tool to do your brows with. I like using this on days when I want a more bolder brow :)

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