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  • Full
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Eye Concern:

  • Dark Circles

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.9 of 24 reviews

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Most Helpful Positive

Lost my previous review idk..but again...this stuff is great . I absolutely love that its self setting and non drying!!! It feels like I'm wearing nothing ! Love it

    Lost my previous review idk..but again...this stuff is great . I absolutely love that its self setting and non drying!!! It feels like I'm wearing nothing ! Love it
  2. One of the few concealers with my shade

    I have trouble finding concealers lighter than my skin to use on my under eye area and this is definitely a new favourite. The concealer shade I have is basically white which is a shade down from my natural skin colour.
    It doesn't cake or set into fine lines. It's perfect for a natural every day look but also has quite good coverage. I'm not a massive fan of the consistency but is very easily blended and is perfect for my every day routine.
  3. Great Concealer!

    Finally found the perfect concealer that doesn’t cake or sit in my lines! Great full coverage but never looks cakey
  4. love it

    good everyday concealer, makes me look radiant and glowing, as well as dark spot and undereye free!!
  5. Great concealer

    This wears amazingly. I love how I don’t really have to set it. It’s also really great for spot concealing on pimples.
  6. Great everyday concealer

    I like this for everyday basis. Just slap this on and i dont set it with powder. It is not tacky and it looks good the whole day.
  7. Great everyday concealer

    I like this for everyday basis. Just slap this on and i dont set it with powder. It is not tacky and it looks good the whole day.
  8. Covers dark circles completely! (Shade: Nude Ivory)

    Great concealer for dark circles! I'm very fair so my dark circles are quite obvious and I usually have to use a colour corrector to conceal them effectively. Such a small amount goes a long way, definitely recommend.
  9. Amazing!!

    Beautiful and hydrating! Not super full coverage but because it sits so well it’s easily blendable! Love it!
  10. Great coverage and covers dark circles really well

    I purchased this to cover up the very dark circles under my eyes. I would highly recommend this product as it’s full coverage and very flexible. The only thing would be my colour choice, I purchased pearl which is very light for my skin tone next time I will get a darker colour
  11. Ultra HD Concealer, my new best, universal friend

    Make Up For Ever makeup is totally underrated, and they're definitely upping their game with the newer formulations and products they've launched recently. I struggle with concealers - some are too cakey and drying, some don't offer enough coverage, some are great for under eyes but not universal enough for covering spots....enter: Ultra HD Concealer. The format with the applicator is clever in terms of controlling how much or how little you want to use. It has a a suction or magnet-like opening/closing feature that makes me feel like it's an airless and hygienic product. The coverage is medium-full but the finish is very natural, meaning I can use this in a full make up look, or just for those problem areas on low-key makeup days.
  12. Beautiful concealer

    Love this product, it has a nice creamy texture. Doesn’t cake. Great selection of shades to.
  13. Be careful with your shade

    I’m a MAC NW25 and they recommended 21 cinnamon, which coincidentally is a match for my current MUFE concealer. It’s a teeny bit too light so go a shade up, or buy two and mix them together.

    Formula is lovely and the staying power is great. I used it on my jawline scars and under eyes and was really happy with it. It wasn’t drying, creased the tiniest bit but all concealers will after many hours so no issues there.

    I was happy with the coverage and didn’t bother adding a high lighting concealer/brightener when I used this.
  14. As good as the foundation

    I'm so glad MUFE have not only upgraded this formula, but improved the packaging of their Ultra HD concealer. It's so much easier to apply with the doe foot wand, and the formula itself is smoother, more blendable and longer lasting in my opinion. There's also a fantastic shade range.
  15. Love it

    Finally found the perfect concealer that doesn’t cake or sit in my lines!
  16. My new everyday concealer

    This is such a great concealer - I use it on my no makeup days for spots and also under my eyes for maximum brightness. It's easy to apply, and honestly, if I have no room in my handbag, I will just take this concealer with me because I know it will do the job.

    It's also self setting, which for a lazy girl like me is PERFECT! It also doesn't crease or cake around the eyes, which I've found with other concealers and isn't ideal for those under eye fine lines!
  17. Everything you could want in a concealer

    A no brainer for me, this concealer ticks all the boxes.
    Firstly the packaging is great, the double sided applicator makes it easy to apply as much or as little as you want, no fiddly little brush to keep dipping into the bottle.
    The formula itself is suspiciously lightweight. I kept expecting my dark circles to show back through because I couldn't even feel the product on my skin but it held up all day, which is such a win.
    I would say it starts off as medium coverage, but feels very buildable with no caking in sight. It is another testament to Make Up For Ever's fantastic base makeup formula's and tones.
  18. My new go to!

    Having dry and very fair skin means concealer has ALWAYS been a struggle for me. If I manage to find one that matches my skin tone - it always picks up on dry patches and sits weirdly on my skin. FINALLY a concealer that I can rely on. This product blends beautifully into the skin, and I mean smooth as silk! I love that it brightens my under eye area and seamlessly conceals blemishes without looking like it's even there at all!
  19. Break up for ever with all your other concealers

    I first fell in love with the original version of this concealer, and I was initially really sad to hear that my favourite concealer was being replaced, but this one has improved on an already amazing formula!

    I tested the new version against the old one, and this concealer lasts longer, has more coverage and is easier to apply thanks to the applicator.
    The texture is ultra thin and sort of stretchable, which makes it really easy to blend.

    It's great under the eyes especially, but I also use it to cover blemishes and even all over my face. It's so good it makes me want to throw out every single other concealer I have!

  20. Criminally underrated!

    OK before I start with an actual serious review: it big. This tube is huge. You could totally carry this with you and have an adjustable foundation/concealer combo on the go and it'd be way handier than a BB compact or whatever.

    ANYWAY - on to the actual serious review ----

    My HG concealer is a cheapie Korean one and I didn't really think this would top that, but I'm finding that I use my cheapie in a really different way to how I use this.

    I use the shade 11 in the MUFE Ultra HD Concealer, which is about a MAC NC05-07. It's a spot on match for me, in fact it's almost too fair - which is fantastic, this NEVER HAPPENS. It means I finally have a concealer that I can do that Instagram/Youtube/Kim Kardashian under eye highlight technique! I mean, if I wanted, which on a day to day basis? No thank you. Haha.


    So where this really excels for me, is just how adjustable and how flexible this is. Very literally, this is a really flexible formula and seems to sit undetectably on the skin. Compared to my other fav concealer this is way thinner, and has less of a siliconey moussey feel. It reminds me of a CC cream in how thin it feels, but it's completely flexible in how much coverage you want - from sheer and thin, to full coverage without looking like you're wearing coverage. This builds up well, and blends out like a dream - as I've come to expect from MUFE.

    How I've actually been using this on a day to day, is putting it where I need a bit of coverage - under my eyes, around the redness around my nose, any breakouts, and then blending it out. This way, it's more like a BB cream and it's just flawless.

    There's so much product in this little tube that you'll never run out even if you're using it all over - and I do indeed recommend doing this!
  21. My new holy grail concealer!!

    You know how you don't even realise what you're missing until you start using it, and then it's like HOW DID I SURVIVE WITHOUT THIS?
    That's how I feel about this concealer.
    I turn to this concealer every. single. morning.
    I wear it alone, or with my Ultra HD foundation, and it instantly evens skin tone, and wears so comfortably throughout the day.
  22. Dreamy

    I'm someone who isn't the best with makeup and have only had bad experiences with concealers - they either break me out or dry out my skin and leave me feeling crusty.

    After many failed attempts at trying to find the concealer that was right for me, I eventually gave up as it was becoming too costly and wasteful.

    Recently, I was given the MUFE Ultra HD Concealer to test and was really impressed! It's creamy, easily spreadable and doesn't dry out my skin or give me those horrible little pimples that I was used to getting.
    *Bonus! My under eyes didn't get those little creases either (and I don't bake).

    Would definitely recommend this concealer for people like me who aren't great at makeup. It's been covering up my red spots around my nose just fine and has brightened up my eye area too.
  23. My new everyday concealer!

    I like to keep things natural during the day, so I only pop on a bit of concealer where I need it and set my T-zone with powder. I really like this concealer because it has great coverage for redness, breakouts and dark circles and it blends in so quickly with a small fluffy brush. Considering I wear it alone, it's undetectable on the skin and lasts all day - 10/10 from me!
  24. I never knew concealer could be this good!

    I have never been a concealer fan, I think it gets stuck in the lines under my eyes and ends up making me look worse, but not with the Ultra HD concealer!

    It has a really silky texture, and a very subtle luminescence to it, so it is ideal for lightening up under-eye dark circles. There is enough pigment that it covers spots well, without being too heavy.

    It's actually so lovely that I have been wearing it alone with a bit of tinted moisturiser. Will buy again!
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