How to Get Flawless Skin: Lancome Visionnaire Reviews

Ask any beauty aficionado what the key to a flawless look is and they’ll tell you the same thing: a gorgeous face begins with a gorgeous complexion. 

Ask any beauty aficionado what the key to a flawless look is and they’ll tell you the same thing: a gorgeous face begins with a gorgeous complexion. In fact international make-up artist Karim Sattar recommends women spend 80% of their grooming time on skincare. If somebody compliments you on your foundation, you know that something’s gone wrong!

Lancôme Visionnaire


To get the best results, it pays to use the best products. See your skincare as an investment and you’ll be thankful down the track. Even as little as a month down the track€“ if you’€™re using Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, that is!

The product that we all know and love has recently been made over (yes, after receiving almost 100 international awards and winning over scientists and beauty experts alike, Lancôme decided it could go one step further) and the amazing results must be seen to be believed.

But first let’s backtrack to 2001, when Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector was quite the ground-breaker. The first serum capable of recreating exceptionally beautiful skin, the secret lay with its unique LR 2412 molecule. Created in an eco-friendly way by Lancôme‘€˜s team of researchers, this ingredient has a high affinity with the skin and allows it to permeate evenly into the epidermis.

Now, the formula has been further developed for even more effectiveness. Ever the perfectionists, the French cosmetics house doubled the biological strategy of LR 2412, to create LR 2412-Cx. This is a unique combination of two molecules that allows optimum balance and distribution of Visionnaire. In layman’€™s terms€“ twice the effectiveness!



Lancôme Visionnaire Benefits

  • Lightweight oils, to nourish the skin without shine
  • Optical agents, to leave a powdery soft finish
  • Enhanced blurring, to further erase uneven skintone
  • Fine pearly particles, to give an illuminating effect

Enough of the science talk, what does this mean for the everyday woman? What real-life results can be expected?




“This is a fantastic product! I’ve been using it twice a day (morning and evening) for about 2 weeks now and have already noticed a difference. My pores are definitely less noticeable and my skin is looking much more even. It feels smoother too. I’ve also had a few comments from other people about how good my skin is looking now.”– Susan

“My skin looks great. I feel like I look 5 years younger! The complexion is much smoother and very soft!” – Harley

LR 2412-Cx is patented by Lancôme, meaning that no other brand has this technology. Don’€™t give your complexion second-rate skincare, achieve your flawless look with new Visionnaire [LR 2412 4% Cx] Advanced Skin Corrector today.


Lancôme Visionnaire Flawless Look


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