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Although your face may be a priority where skin care is concerned, taking proper care of the skin on your body too is paramount to overall skin health. Lancôme treats the body with exceptional care, using top-quality nourishing ingredients to smooth, nourish, and perfect every inch with the luxury touch the brand’s become treasured for. Treat yourself to beautiful skin from head to toe with Lancôme body care.

Give your skin a stunning bronze glow—without the burn—with Lancôme’s sublime selection of body-bronzing sun protectors. Both Lancôme Soleil Bronzing Milk SPF 30 and Soleil Bronzer Protective Oil SPF 15 offer broad-spectrum sun protection whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin on the body. These nutrient-rich formulas allow you to develop an even, long-lasting tan without experiencing the harmful effects of the sun. Lancôme bronzing sun care takes the sting out of long beach days and gives skin a stunning, non-greasy finish.

Once you’ve protected and perfected, nourish your skin with Lancôme Nutrix Royal Body Butter. This rich, luxurious body cream is formulated with reparative oils and butters to hydrate, smooth, and comfort dry or irritated skin. Reach for Nutrix Royal Body Butter after sun or for daily nourishment. Or use it to spot-hydrate particularly dry areas like elbows, knees, and ankles to transform skin from irritated to extraordinary. This truly emollient cream penetrates deeply and also protects on the surface. Nutrix Royal Body Butter boosts skin’s natural barrier protection to prevent dehydration, irritation, and signs of aging on the body.

Why does skin need nourishment after time in the sun?

Sun exposure can cause skin to become dehydrated, particularly if you’re also spending time in chlorinated pools or salt water. UV rays can cause burns, irritation, and drying, so ensure skin is properly nourished after sun exposure to minimise damage that can lead to signs of aging on the body.

When is the best time to hydrate the body?

Skin that’s freshly cleansed and damp absorbs product best. For best results and maximum absorption, exfoliate regularly and apply body moisturiser after bathing, when skin is still slightly wet from the shower. This technique locks in fresh moisture and helps your lotion or cream penetrate as deeply as possible.

Your skin is your largest organ, and it doesn’t end at the décolletage! Treat your entire body to a luxe skincare experience with Lancôme body care.

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Lancôme Nutrix Royal Body Butter

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