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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Acne Moisturiser 40ml

4.5 of 131 reviews


4 instalments of $7.99

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4 instalments of $7.99

Or 4 instalments of $7.99 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo: Corrective and Unclogging Care uses active ingredients to fight the two main symptoms of skin with imperfections by reducing the number and severity of breakouts and improving pore size.

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Acne Moisturiser

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Acne Moisturiser

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Customer Reviews

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4.5 of 131 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Loving it!


Received this product as a sample. I use it as a spot treatment and it is amazing! I notice a reduction in swelling and redness straight away and helps prevent scarring. Highly rate!

Most Helpful Criticism



This a simple moisturiser nothing special, it didn’t do much for my occasional pimples. I found this moisturiser was very hydrating and didn’t cause any irritation to my skin, but that was it.
  1. Great for pimples


    This has helped reduce how often I get a pimple and it helps my pimples flatten in a short time but it has not helped my acne scars disappear
  2. Great for pimples


    This has helped reduce how often I get a pimple and it helps my pimples flatten in a short time but it has not helped my acne scars disappear
  3. Loving it!


    Received this product as a sample. I use it as a spot treatment and it is amazing! I notice a reduction in swelling and redness straight away and helps prevent scarring. Highly rate!
  4. Works so well!


    I apply this product to my entire face when I'm having a breakout, not just on the pimples and it works so well. I think it prevents further breakouts as well as making the ones that are already there go away really fast! Doesn't dry my skin out at all
  5. Great acne serum


    This product works! Whenever I start getting a pimple, I apply this product on (before applying moisturizer afterwards) and the next day, the pimple almost always gets smaller or disappears. It’s a great product and works well for me so I would highly recommend it!
  6. a teenagers best friend


    I used this product during the height of my acne (15/16) and it was a miracle product for me. It introduced me to niacinamide. I found that the product spreads very easily and absorbs quickly. the effects aren't immediate but constant use did improve my skin texture and probably reduced breakouts as much as it could've. Only gripe is the small quantity which makes it pricey for a student.
  7. Good


    This is so lightweight and absorbs instantly into my skin in the morning. This has helped with my acne and my old acne scarring have lightened with 3 months of continued use
  8. Amazing


    This is perfect for the day time when i am not wearing foundation. It has helped clear my acne scaring slowly and is very affordable
  9. Effective for breakouts


    This is such an effective treatment for breakouts! My breakouts heal quicker when I use this moisturiser, however, I do find that it's a little too drying to be used frequently.
  10. So much excellence


    Perfect go to skincare product. If you can only choose one from the 10 products you use for your face, it will be this one. Breakout control, hydration, mattfoes, and good primer.
  11. Wasn’t for me


    I was excited to try this product as I had heard a lot of positive things about it. I have very sensitive skin and get acne on my lower jaw and have been struggling to get rid of it for a couple years.
    After trying this product my skin started to “purge” and I’d gotten the worst acne I had gotten ever around my usual jaw area. I read somewhere that if you find the right skin product your sk...
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  12. Amazing


    On some days, I just use this as a cream underneath my sunscreen and on other days I use this as a spot corrector. The tip makes the application very easy
  13. Okay


    This a simple moisturiser nothing special, it didn’t do much for my occasional pimples. I found this moisturiser was very hydrating and didn’t cause any irritation to my skin, but that was it.
  14. Spot Treatment


    I use this as a spot treatment and it works fantastic, within a few days the sit is gone.
  15. Average


    This product takes about 2 weeks to start working, and then you can see a slight reduction in acne. It also depends on what kind of acne you have. I noticed a slight change, which was good, but nothing dramatic.
  16. waited for results, but ended up loving it.


    In the first few days of using this product I didn’t see much of a difference to my skin at all but after persisting with the product I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. I began by just using it at night but then tried using it twice a day, morning and night, and that’s when I noticed a positive difference. I have sensitive skin and this product didn’t cause any irritations or reactions which wa...
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  17. Great as a spot treatment only


    This can be drying for my skin so i only use it as a spot treatment when a pimple pops and it dries and minimises them
  18. love it


    I love this product. I was recommended this product by my dermatologist. I have hormonal acne on my cheekbones and using this product helps clearing up my skin so much! I have once stopped using this product and i got hormonal acne all over again ( i guess it was cystic acne as well). I thought this was because of wrong food choices, or something else i did. So for three years i was trying to clea...
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  19. Reduced pores and spots


    Super happy with this product I’ve noticed a reduction in my pores around and on my nose and I haven’t had any break outs. It definitely seems to be doing good things to my skin.
  20. Nice


    This product absolutely helps to improve my acne. This is my second bottle.
  21. Best spot treatment I’ve tried for acne


    This spot treatment is incredibly effective without drying out your skin. I apply this over The Ordinary Niacinamide serum and between the two products my acne is usually cleared or significantly reduced the next day.
    The best thing about this treatment is that it doesn’t dry skin out around the pimple either or lead to scarring from drying out the pimple.
    Highly recommend for anyone t...
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  22. Calms, lightens and inhibit further outbreaks


    I have very acneic skin with frequent hormonal outbreaks. I see this product as a lighter substitute for the harder stuff. It’s three main ingredients aim to calm, lighten and inhibit further outbreaks... so for me, it’s a great tool to keep outbreaks at bay. I do however think (for my skin) it needs to be used in conjunction with a stronger blemish treatment. Great product!
  23. its okay


    Not too sure about this one, some days i found my skin clear and but other days it was bleh. Dont know if it does much to be honest
  24. Great


    This has helped out with my acne but I find that it dries my skin
  25. Spot/ Blemishes best friend


    My skin has recently broken out, and this has really cleared things up. I tried it as a day moisturizer, as adore beauty team suggested, and surprisingly it works! not only smoothing my skin but keep it hydrates and not even feeling any layers on it. Additionally, as a targeted spot treatment, this is brilliant, I applied this overnight to a stubborn acne, and by morning it was almost gone.
  26. Ok


    I have not noticed too much of a difference in my skin with this product. My acne scarring is still there but it has only been a couple of weeks since i have used this. However, I find that when I apply this underneath my foundation, my foundation starts to get dry looking and cracks after a few hours
  27. Controls oil


    This product controls the oil and moisturises my face without making it oily as well as smoothing out my complexion
  28. so far so good


    Just bought a second tube for my 19yo daughter with monthly hormonal outbreaks and some scaring from teen acne. Noticable difference within one week which is good because she keep up the treatment. After 6 weeks the scaring is lightening and outbreaks less. She is convinced this is a good post puberty product and is effective on two things. Pimple reduction and scare minimisation
  29. Calms breakout


    I think the thing that this does most effectively is to calm breakouts. It hasn’t necessarily prevented them but whenever I get a pimple if I put this on at night I will wake up with it being less red and inflamed in the morning. I also find that it is quite gentle. I haven’t had any flaking or noticeably drier skin while using it.
  30. mild acne


    Helps a lot with mild acne (Hormonal spots around mouth and chin for me). Doesn't do very much for the cystic bigger pimples though. Convenient tube. decent price.
  31. Pretty good!


    I bought this product as I often get little pimples or under the skin bumps. It definitely doesn't work instantly but after using the whole bottle I could definitely see a difference. I got less aggressive pimples. The scent is a bit strong but quite nice if you don't mind that kind of thing. The bottle doesn't last very long, which is disappointing given the price. But it's definitely worth it if...
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  32. Gets rid of pimples fast


    I use this once or twice daily over my whole face and within a week of using it the pimples I had became a lot smaller or completely gone. When pimples do come up they stay small while I’m using this product and prevents them from getting worse
  33. Sorcery


    I don’t know how they do it, but this tube of gold treats and unclogs problematic skin, but feels like a nourishing moisturiser not a harsh drying serum. Whatever this magic is - I like it!
  34. Gentle to apply over existing pimples and acne scars


    I recently suffered cystic pimples and found that tea tree oil was drying my skin out. I opted to try this product which is gentle on the skin. I feel comfortable applying it over existing pimples and acne scars knowing it will not further aggravate the skin.
  35. Yes


    This product is just amazing. I helps me to clear up my acne and blackhead, make my skin softer. I use it everyday before my moisturiser and my skin is much more clearer than before. Definitely recommend.
  36. clears skin


    This is one of my holy grail products. It clears decongestion on my forhead, and pimples that pop up. I've gone through so many tubes, and will continue to buy more!
  37. Effective spot treatment


    I used a few different drying lotions to combat acne in the past and I’m never going back to those! I love how this can be applied over my normal moisturiser over spots and it kills the bacteria from the pimple this way- not drying the surrounding skin. This is great stuff
  38. Effective spot treatment


    I used a few different drying lotions to combat acne in the past and I’m never going back to those! I love how this can be applied over my normal moisturiser over spots and it kills the bacteria from the pimple this way- not drying the surrounding skin. This is great stuff
  39. Works fine


    I got a sample of this product and have been trying it for two days. I didn’t have any bad reaction from it and have notice my skin become a bit more softer in the morning. The texture is light and it absorbs easily. So far it works fine.
  40. Great lightweight day moisturiser!


    Love this. I can't wear anything too heavy during the day in Sydney Spring/Summer/Autumn due to humidity and this is great! Goes on easily, absorbed quickly and doesn't make me sweat! Perfect before the SPF step!
  41. Not suitable for sensitive skin


    Skin type: combo oily/very sensitive

    Purchased from the chemist and recommended by my GP. Unfortunately after 5 days maximum I threw this in the bin and had to go back to see my GP. Everyone's skin is different but I am surprised that this range is recommended for sensitive/breakout prone skin as it contains perfume/fragrances. I suffered a very bad reaction to this and broke out real...
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  42. Didn't work for my skin


    I bought this product to help reduce breakouts and pores and no matter what I do even if I just use this product alone, it pills like crazy. Just not right for my skin I think.
  43. Can notice a difference!


    When I first started using this I couldn't really tell if it was the duo that was helping my skin as I bought the 3-step system, but once I ran out I realised just how much it works! My skin looks clearer and brighter!
  44. ok


    I got this as a sample, I like the light texture and doesn't feel greasy.
  45. Perfect for acne prone skin


    This stuff is amazing if you have hormonal acne prone skin. I use this daily and I can noticeably tell my skin is not as red and irritated and my acne is significantly reduced. Definitely recommend!!
  46. Love it!


    I use this everyday during my monthly cycle as it perfect for helping me reduce any hormonal pimples, not only does it take the redness out but it also helps shrink them so they aren't as painful. I like to also put this on my nose once a week before my clay mask as it helps draw out any clogged pores.
  47. Great


    This product has helped my acne and pores so much and it is amazing. Love the other la roche posay effaclar products too
  48. Better skin


    I have very oily and acne prone skin and this product has helped control my breakouts. Will buy again
  49. Amazing!!!


    In the first two days it cleared up my skin and has prevented further breakouts. This product is amazing, I have tried so many others with no results. It can make your skin a little dry so I use asap B serum over the top. It's a must have now!
  50. Light and effective for pores and acne control


    I have pores and fine lines and use this every morning over my whole face to wear under my sunscreen or my makeup for the day. It’s so light and sinks in easily. I noticed a reduction size and appearance of pores and the redness has also reduced. After a month or so of use I won’t do without it now.
  51. Good so far


    I haven't used it long enough to see the effects of clearing, but it's mild and gentle I can see myself using it everyday. I use it only on the area where I have breakouts, not my entire face.
  52. Good for clearing skin


    When my skin started playing up (in my mid 30s) I used this. It definitely helped to calm things down and I would recommend for people with mild breakouts. I have since moved on however- I found it wasn’t moisturising enough for my skin and I’ve found using AHA/BHA cleansers and leave on treatments with a regular non comedogenic moisturiser better for me. I imagine this would be quite good on teen...
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  53. I use it everyday for almost 10 years now


    I use it everyday for almost 10 years now. Not a single time it makes me break out and I'm acne prone skin. It's so light so can't use it on its own in winter, but it's just so great as my go-to.
  54. Unsure about this


    I have been using this for about 2 months and I'm not sure if it is doing much. I bought it to help with congestion but I'm unsure if it is helping with that. But congestion does take a long time to clear so I will give it more time as it is one of the few acne treatments I have tried that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and hasn't irritated it. It does seem to be helping with hormonal brea...
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  55. Am I missing something?


    I've seen so many good reviews of this product, but it doesn't seem to work for me at all, not even bad side effects. Like, many people have said it dries the skin and makes it a bit irritated in the first few days of treatment but my skin didn't react at all. Literally nothing changed on my skin. The only thing I can say about it is that it is an alright light moisturiser.
  56. Great


    it is a light cream, perfect for summer.
    worked really well with the makeup and keep shin look radiant and healthy.
  57. Really effective product that lasts a long time!


    I'm lucky to have quite clear skin but I occasionally get horrible hormone related breakouts or if I don't cleanse properly before bed, and this product is so useful in those times! The tube is very big considering the amount needed, making it quite cost effective. I find this product helps dry out blemishes while not drying out the surrounding skin- the pimples tend to be less inflamed and heal q...
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  58. staple in my skincare


    i always use this if my skin freak out or clogged. it just works and help my skin tremendously during those freak out time
  59. slightly disappointed


    I didn't notice a huge diffference while using this and I wasn't a fan of the smell.
  60. Game changer


    I use this every night and I can't live without it! The tube looks small but it lasts a surprisingly long time. My oily/acne prone skin is less red after using this, my pores look smaller and it helps with breakouts!
  61. hands down one of the more effective products I've used


    This is hands down one of the more effective products I've used for my ugly pimply skin, I think prescriptions are the only thing that does a better job. It might seems a bit expensive upfront at 30 bucks a pop for a tube but it's well worth it. Though the Clearasil and Clean and Clear equivalent are half the price they are much smaller. One of these La Roche-Posay tubes are more than twice the si...
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  62. So Happy!


    Used this on my face every night for a week and honestly saw a massive difference in my acne prone oily/combination skin. It was less red and I had no breakouts, still using it now and I have only had the rare spot or two.
  63. Great product


    This is a great product to try if you struggle with acne and blemishes , really helped to improve my skin
  64. Lifesaving Product!


    I have spent years and years trying to treat cystic acne and just when I was ready to give up, I stumbled upon this product. I was using the Effaclar Gentle Cleanser and thought it might be best to try this product alongside. Within 24 hours my skin was calmer and my really sore pimples eased in pain. By a week my skin barely had any pimples. Now I only try to manage my scarring. I LOVE the matt f...
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  65. Holy Grail.


    I have used this product religiously for the past few years (I want to say 5 years?). I've used it so much that recently I have had to stop because I think my skin isn't as responsive to it anymore. While using this along with some really gentle products it has evened out my skin tone and prevented any spots/breakouts. Since I've stopped using this I have had numerous breakouts and pigmentation. T...
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  66. Does the job!


    I use this very sporadically, when I'm having breakouts, but I've found it is amazing at calming the skin. Makes your skin super soft too which is a great bonus! Only negative is that I don't find it hydrating. Worth the money!
  67. Pleasantly surprised!


    I’ve experianced adult acne breakouts over the past two years which has left me with acne scarring. This product had dramatically reduced the appearance of the scarring and redness. I use this all over my face after cleansing, Morning and night. I also apply it to directly to any blemishes and it pretty much gets rid of them over night! I am so happy I found this product!
  68. Finally something that works!


    I am so happy I started using this! My Dermatologist recommended it to me for my folliculitis, acne, big yucky pores and cysts (big and painful in my chin on a regular basis). It has helped with everything and I noticed the difference in 48 hours! It has reduced my pores and they aren't black, it helps kills my cysts and prevents them, hardly any acne from my folliculitis which is also so much bet...
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    This product honestly lives up to what is claims!! I am one of those unlucky ladies who tends to get hormonal break outs around 'that time of the month'. However, with this baby in my life breakouts are reduced! This is my 'go-to' product when my skin just isn't cooperating and needs a bit of a pick me up. It is super lightweight and gentle on the skin. This is the fifth time I have repurchased an...
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  70. The best!


    I am absolutely obsessed with this product. I have very reactive skin that goes red very easily. I don't suffer from acne, but I do get an occasional pimple. It is so soothing and calming. I use it with the Serozinc spray and my skin has never looked better. I think that this product is designed for oily skin, but it works beautifully on my dry skin!
  71. Noticeably smaller pores!


    Great for use under a night cream. I used when I had very congestion skin and within a day noticed a difference.
  72. Love this stuff!


    I have naturally oily skin and large pores, this stuff has worked to well for my skin. The the texture is lovely and my skin feels so smooth after applying it.
  73. Unsure about this product


    I tried this thinking it may work for the occasional bad hormonal breakouts I get and used it pretty regularly in my routine for both day and night. I didn't see much difference in my dry to normal skin at all, but it didn't make it worse so...
  74. Good chemical exfoliant


    I find this product a really effective exfoliator, ever if you don't have acne prone skin! Exfoliates in a gentle manner to resurface and smooth out skin. Used once or twice a week it was great
  75. Very mattifying and great for combination skin


    I have oily/combination skin and mostly break out in my T-Zone and the tops of my cheeks. I never had breakouts until I turned 20, and after doing some research about hormonal acne I stumbled upon this product.

    I started using this moisturizer along with the rest of the La Roche-Poasy Acne 3-Step system about a year ago and I absolutely love it! Always leaves my skin looking really ma...
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  76. Reduces discolouration and evens out skin


    Such a great product that I have been using religiously for about 2 years. I have not found anything like it, especially in this price point. I like to use it after my serums and before an oil. But even if I’m travelling and all I have is this and a cleanser - I’m set!
  77. The best product I know of for problem skin


    I’ve been using effeclare duo for years of and on, I’m 46 now and as my skin gets older I need it less. My skin does still clog though. Since I’ve been using this I haven’t had any real problems with breakouts or blackheads.
  78. Great acne product


    Love this, feels like a cool gel going on..always reach for this when my skin is unhappy.. does a good job of clearing pimples and the little whitehead bumps under the skin I sometimes get around my chin. Wish I'd found this sooner.
  79. didn't clear my skin


    I bought this a few years ago when I had a terrible bout of acne and I didn't notice this clearing my spots at all. thankfully the acne went away after I stopped using this and switched to a medication instead
  80. My favourite acne product


    This product is one of my fav to treat acne! Get rid of pimples and helps get rid of scaring. Highly recommend!
  81. Highly Recommended


    I am 47 and still have problems with congested skin. Love this formula and my skin is def better with it than without it. I have tried other creams and this is by far the best. Highly recommend.
  82. Good for acne


    My skin is noticeably clearer after using this, it has a lot of good ingredients to keep skin healthy.
  83. ok


    not the best, didn't find it really did too much for me, but on the other hand my breakouts didn't seem to get worse while using? not too sure about This product to be honest.. it didn't help clear blackheads but my skin definitely didn't get worse while using
  84. Give it a try


    For years I’ve had congestion on my forehead and the only thing hat got rid of it was proactive but I hated how dry my skin got. And hot it bleached my towels!

    I tried this after a pharmacy rep recommended it years ago and I haven’t looked back.
  85. Skin is so clear


    I'm prone to breakouts and touch my face far too much when I'm stressed, but this product has changed everything. I barely breakout anymore and if I do my skin clears up much quicker. I use this once a day and follow with a moisturiser. I did have a slight reaction too it in the beginning but only lasted about a week and my skin cleared up very quickly. Recommend!
  86. go to product during break-outs


    I have normal to dry skin and I usually do not need this product in my skin care routine, though, when exposed to sunlight, my skin becomes slightly sensitive even with a spf on - this is when this product reduces oil and sebum formation on the skin, and even fades blackheads time to time.
    Would recommend this to all combination skin types and dry skin in summer/explosed to sunlight weathers...
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  87. Not for me


    Unfortunately this product didn’t work for my skin. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to redness and this irritated my skin. It could’ve been that I wasn’t using the product correctly as I’m used to applying a decent amount of product on my pimples. If you try this make sure you do a patch test beforehand and only spread a thin layer on the skin.
  88. Excellent


    I used this product for twelve months to tackle the symptoms of a mild case of hormonal acne (several blemishes on the jaw-line). This product was beneficial in reducing the break-outs and now that my hormones have calmed down, I effectively have no scarring.
  89. Didn't do anything for me


    I have combination skin with hormonal acne that is not particularly sensitive and not prone to irritation or redness. I have heard so much about this product and so many people swear by it, but I found it did not help me at all. It does feel very nourishing and I ended up just using it as my moisturiser, but it did not diminish my breakouts at all. The best I can say is that at least it didn't mak...
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  90. Wonderful Product


    I've been using this for many months now. At first I couldn't really see any visible results. However when I stopped using it, I realised how important this was to my beauty regime. It has significantly reduced the number of outbreaks I get (hormonal acne) and my skin looks so much clearer and more even. I use this everyday: morning and night under a light moisturiser and will continue to keep thi...
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  91. Helps diminish blemishes and clear pores


    This really helped my skin when I had a bad breakout, I used it as a spot treatment for.a few weeks and it really helped clear up my skin and minimised scarring aswell.
  92. Definitely helps with hormonal acne


    Sometimes I wonder whether products are actually doing anything after a while of use so I put this stuff to the test I stopped using it for a week because my skin was a little dry and I thought it was this stuff... within this time I got a big hormonal breakout (from monthly’s) a lot of little red bumps and two big white heads and I started to notice some around my neck area that were deep and pai...
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  93. Great product for sensitive skin


    This one has become a new staple in my regime. Super impressed. My little pimples around my hairline have disappeared and I feel the redness has also gone down quite a lot. Is a great light moisturizer. Just make sure you use an spf with it.
  94. Helped with spots but not clogged pores.


    This really helped clear up spots that I had but I didn't find it did anything for clogged pores and blackheads, not sure If I would repurchase or not in the future, I still recommend people try this for themselves because alot of people seem to have great success using this product on acne and breakouts.
  95. Not worth it


    I didn't really notice any difference in using this product, It seemed to not cause any more breakouts but I don't think it helped clear existing spots.
  96. Not sure if it works for me


    I had pretty bad hormonal acne before I tried giving this a go. I can say for sure this won't make my acne worse but I am not sure if it helps with my acne at all. I still use this whenever I feel like when I have acne cause I know it won't make it worse.
  97. Does the Trick


    I buy this for two of my three daughters, one 15 and the other 19, and they love it. Since using the whole Effaclar range they have both seen a marked improvement in their skin (especially things like small hard bumps under the skin, so it obviously works well at unclogging). We're fans!
  98. not bad.


    nothing special. I purchased because I saw the hype online but to be honest I didn't see anything really different after finishing the entire tube,. but could work better for others :)
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